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James Kirtley's memorable diving catch at Lord's
Have you seen anything to rival this Kirtley catch?

We picked out our top three but then asked you which catches in world or county cricket had really caught your eye.

We were also keen to know if someone in your school or club side had taken a brilliant catch.

Here's what you said.

Marty, 31, London
This is the ultimate outfielder's catch! Dyson misjudged the flight of the ball, but then flew backwards and caught the ball behind his head in mid-air.

Rob, 28, London
Mark Ramprakash caught Phil Simmons at point during the Headingley Test of 1991 - diving full length in the air - it won catch of the series that year.

Richard Morgan, 37, South Woodford
My favourite catch was one taken by Mike Brearley in the 1979 World Cup Final.

Nowhere near as athletic as his modern day counterparts, Brearley ran a good 40 or 50 yards towards the boundary to catch a very high skier from Andy Roberts off Mike Hendrick and caught the ball coming down over his shoulder from behind.

A brilliant catch but unfortunately one that had no effect on the outcome of a game dominated by Viv Richards in his pomp - 138 not out and 0-35 off his 10 overs!

Paul Deighton, 36, Yeovil
At 16, I played cricket for my village team, Barlby, in the West Riding League in Yorkshire. I was fielding near the mid-wicket boundary when the batsman hit the ball as high as I have ever seen a cricket ball go - he really got under it.

It must have been in the air for 8 or 9 seconds, which if you do the sums shows it went over 100 metres straight up.

It came down like a meteorite, and I held the catch, Aussie fashion, over my chin. I've never come close to such a catch in the 20 years since.

Will Simpson, 16, Tavistock
I caught former England Batsman Mark Lathwell for 79 in the 43rd over for in my debut for Tavistock first team. I sprinted 30 yards and took it safely with two strong hands.

Robert Creech, 29, Reading
Sachin Tendulkar v England in 1990. On his debut visit to England, aged just 17, he took a low one-handed catch having sprinted around the boundary. If I recall, it was the same Test where Gooch got his landmark 333.

Rod Chamberlain, 56, Newbury
Richie Benaud at silly point (no helmets then) catching Colin Cowdrey at point-blank range off a full-blooded square cut. It's illustrated in Don Bradman's "The Art of Cricket" and epitomises instinct, athleticism and pure guts.

Ian Rutherford, 27, Barnard Castle
My good friend Ian is a modest young man, but I feel it is my duty to let you know about this catch. Fielding at a deep gulley position in a somewhat lifeless match the ball was edged furiously towards fourth slip from an excellent Kearton (Paul) delivery.

With movement and agility that seemed to defy his somewhat cumbersome frame Ian took a few strides to his left before taking off in a Supermanesque style and taking a one handed catch that the great Jonty Rhodes would have marvelled at. Words just don't do it justice.

Mike Binns, 39, Tunbridge Wells
Jackie Bond's one-handed catch at cover from a full blooded drive to dismiss Asif Iqbal turned the Gillette Cup Final on its head (it must have been around 1971). Asif was flying on 80 at the time, but that stunning catch turned the final.

John Jones, 36, Ireland
Ian Botham v Australia in the 5th Test in 1985, catches Geoff Lawson off Les Taylor - high fast moving edge full stretch above head one handed, while standing forward at slip.

Alex, 14, Barnt Green
I was fielding at point, and the ball was about 4 metres to the side of me. I dived for it one handed and took a great catch. This catch won the game for Barnt Green.

Neil Bennett, 27, Bristol
Roger Harper catching John Emburey at backward point in a 1986/87 World Series Cup match. The ball was cut hard and Harper was about four or five feet off the ground as he held the ball. High fives all round. Emburey in disbelief.

Tim Dart, 17, Morchard Bishop
Mark Ramprakash v South Africa, Headingley 1998. Jacques Kallis had scored 40 and was looking dangerous when he tried to pull a delivery from Dominic Cork. Ramprakash dived at mid-wicket to take the catch two handed but had to re-adjust to take it one handed.

He held the catch and it turned out to be the turning point in the Test, as England began to outplay the South Africans and went on to win the match and the series.

Kiran Urs, 36, Darlington
A catch by Yuvraj Singh of India in the recently concluded ICC Championship.

He took two bilnders - one against South Africa when he caught Jhonty Rhodes in the leg slip and another airborne at point.

Stuart McLaughlin, 33, Sydney
Simon O'Donnell in a Day Night series back in the early ninties.

He ran behind the sight screen to catch a sure 6.

Sushil Chatur, 60, Jakarta, Indonesia
Kirtley's diving catch.

A superb one-handed catch that shows the alertness of the fielder in anticipating the catch

A world class performance. Fitness and agility the key criteria.

The youngsters should learn from this.

S.Narendran, 32, Colombo
Though I cannot remember the tournament (may have been the Singer Cup final, at the Ketharama International Stadium) , this brilliant catch was taken by Roshan Mahanama, in a match against Australia somewhere around 1996/1997.

It was the final dismisal of that match. He was fielding at short midwicket and ran to his left to take a full length diving catch. Brilliant indeed!

Bijal Parekh, 25, Warwick
India v S.Africa in the ICC Champions trophy. Yuvraj Singh catches Jonty Rhodes amazingly.

Mohammed Rasheed, 32, Omaha, USA
Mohammed Kaif v England at Oval 2002

Louis Harris, 26.
The West Indies' Ramnaresh Sarwan taking the 4th wicket off the bowling of Jermaine Lawson in the 7th and final ODI against India in November 2002.

Yvann Young, 15, Sydney
Mark Waugh, in the World Cup 1999 final to dismiss Wajahatulla Wasti.

He was flying horizontal at least a metre away from the ground.

Or, Matty Hayden in Melbourne 26 December 2001 to dismiss Dippenaar?

Caught it right-handed (he's a leftie) behind him, while flying through the air.

Andrew Freshwater, 15, Uppingham
Jonty Rhodes is the best fielder in the world, but as I am English I will choose Michael Vaughan's superb outstretched catch as the catch of the day.

Stephen Smith, 37, Sweden
Probably the best catch that I can remember is Derek Randell's catch in Australia.

Can't remember the year. I think he was at mid wicket and took a screamer. It was one handed and in a one day match.

Ritesh Shrivastava, 27, Bhopal
Yuvraj Singh's diving catch at fineleg to dismiss Jonty Rhodes in ICC Champions Trophy Semi-final '2002.

He took it with his right hand, not his natural left , diving one-handed.

What's more, this changed the course of the entire match with SA , once coasting along for victory, falling short by a good 20-25 runs.

Richard Mitchell, 22, London
Jacques Kallis (Middx v Lancashire, Sunday League, Uxbridge, 1998).

Kallis sprinted 40 metres from mid wicket to fine leg (left hand batsman) before taking a forward diving catch with the ball coming over his right shoulder.

Simply breathtaking and the match ended in a tie.

Zepton, 60, Toronto, Canada
I was the bowler and surely thought this was six when Andrew my midwicket fielder ran about ten yards, jumped up facing the pavilion and took the ball over his head.

He kept his body in that position with his foot about two inches from the boundry line, then waited until the Umpire got there and confirmed the out.

One of the amazing catches I have seen.

Nitesh Mistry, 16, London
Yuvrag Singh catches Jonty Rhodes in the semi final of the ICC Champions Trophy 2002 in Sri Lanka.

Nilesh Jain, 35, Droitwich Spa
I think the catch that is most fondly remembered by supporters of the Indian cricket team is the one that Kapil Dev took to dismiss Viv Richards in the 1983 World Cup final.

It signalled the start of a collapse which ended in West Indies being bowled out for 140 chasing a modest 184 to win their third successive World Cup.

Matt Leech, 27, Hemel Hempstead
Jack Richards' catch for England v Australia in the 86/87 Tour during the third or fourth Test.

Jack made a run of around 30 yards to catch a hook shot making a running diving catch. Brilliant!

Mark Chinery, 21, Canterbury
Picture the scene... a dramatic Sunday Cup match poised for a moment of true genius to win the game.

Burwell were underdogs coming into the game, but had given themselves a chance to win.

In the 35th over of a 40 over match the on stike batsman clubs the ball to what he thought was a certain boundry over the fielder at points' head.

But this was no ordinary fielder. Not one to give up he charged towards the boundry in what most people thought was a vain attempt to collect the ball, performed a full length dive and the ball stuck as if by magic.

It was decribed as "Total cricket genius" by many respected local players. And yes, the fielder in question was me.

Matthew Jaffa, 21, London
Matthew Hayden, many years a ago in a one-day match against England.

The ball went high and appeared to go over his head before he managed to back track and fly backwards and catch it behind his head (in glaring sunshine).

Duncan Ellis, 16, Taunton
Nasser Hussain's catch against Pakistan in last summer's ODI.

He was fielding at short cover and he was in mid air and he caught it with what looked like the wrong hand.

Alex, 15, Cheltenham
Dick Southby at an Eton v. Harrow limited overs match at Lord's.

Harrow with 6 to win off the last ball.

The ball is 6 feet off the ground flying into to the stands, Southby sprints round, dives and looks as if he will land the wrong side of the rope but manages to compose himself and fall in a heap, ball intact on the non-scoring side of the boundary.

Beburg, 22, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada
At Hobard in 1999 Mark Waugh took an amazing catch off the bowling of Shane Warne.

The unlucky batsman was Inzamam-ul-Huq who blasted a square cut and standing at the first slip, Mark Waugh responded to it by diving to his right and took a wonderful one-handed catch.

I still wonder how he managed to spot the ball at that thunder-like speed. An unbelievable and unforgettable catch indeed!

Ralph Sunley, Perth, W Australia
John Dyson's catch from Sylvester Clarke's bat at the SCG in 1982. One of the best ever.

Richard Smith, 19, Nottingham
It was Mark Ramprakash fielding at quite close midwicket a year or two back.

I forget which Test it was, or where in England it was, but it was a stunning catch when he just threw himself to his right and clung on to something that most people wouldn't have got near to.

Greg Marshall, 26, Barbados
Ramaresh Sarwan to dismiss Rahul Dravid in Vijayawada, India - West Indies vs India 2002.

One handed right arm catch at short mid-wicket off Jermaine Lawson. From a full blooded front foot drive off the middle of the bat, Sarwan comes up with a one handed stunner to his right.

Removed the in form India captain and put the hosts on the back foot for the rest of the match.

West Indies went on to win and clinch the series.

Mona Rasheed, 18, Edmonton, Canada
One of the best catches I have ever witnesed was by Pakistan's Shahid Afridi against England in the 4th ODI during NatWest Series 2001.

He got Marcus Trescothick out when he was on 137. Saqlain Mushtaq was bowling and the ball went over the two players at mid-wicket and then Shoaib Malik reached out to get it but Afridi got it instead resulting in a collision with Malik.

But Afridi still managed to take the catch and caught the key batsman out.

Manfred, 37, Bristol
Derek Randall, at mid-off/mid-wicket (ish), high and to his left, in a Test near the end of the 70's but no more details (but all cricket fans old enough I've spoken to can remember that catch!)

Misbah Hussain, 28, Jeddah
A catch by South Africa's Kirsten v India Adelaide Oval, 15 March 1992 World Cup.

A top edge by Kris Srikkanth while trying to hit Allan Donald over midwicket only managed to find Kirsten fielding at mid off.

Kirsten jumped high in the air and just caught the ball with one hand - it was the catch of the tournament.

Martin Rowden, 33, London
John Dyson at the SCG West Indies v Australia, January 5, 1982.

Mark G, 42, Perth, Australia
I still think Glenn McGrath's recent effort deserves the accolades it is getting.

Remember whilst one of the world's finest bowlers, his batting and physique do not make him a natural sportsman (unlike Jonty Rhodes for instance), making his effort even more remarkable.

Luc, 26, Dublin
I can't remember the opposition, but in the last One Day World Cup, Jimmy Adams from the West Indies made a fantastic catch running towards the ropes diving headlong for the catch as the ball came over his head.

Bryce Bentley, 16, Panania, Sydney, Australia
I was fielding at short midwicket when a short ball was pulled off the splice and floated overhead.

I ran 10 metres diagonally left and dived full stretch to take the ball behind my body with my left hand.

It's known as the "frog leap" catch and was taken in a representitve match for Bankstown against St. George.

Adeel Akhtar, 24, London
Natwest Series 2001 Lords - Afridi catches Trescothick after colliding into team mate Shoaib Malik who fractured his arm.

Yasar Saffie, 14, Pickering
Ramnaresh Sarwan took a diving catch to his right off a flick of the pads to dismiss Dravid.

I think the ball caught him! As he dove fully the ball jus about went in his hand.

It was not only an amazing catch but in my opinion it's one major factor why West Indies beat India in the final ODI.

Jason Hollis, 31, Ridleyton South Australia
Darren Gough took a one-handed boundary catch, diving backwards playing for England.

What was significant was that he landed heavy and took quite a knock on the back of his head.

I have a feeling that it was the last wicket of the innings.

Jamie Alter, 21, Wooster, Ohio, USA
I recall a brilliant catch during an intercollegiate came between my team, Wooster Cricket Club and Wittenberg University

The batsman pulled a full toss towards the legside boundary.

It was struck with a lot of force, but was flat and travelling fast.

This fielder was stationed at the boundary, and the ball was heading away from him, to his left.

None of us thought it would be out, but this guy ran and dived and plucked the ball out of the air with his left hand.

He must have covered 15 feet in 3 seconds - it was unbelievable - and the ball just stuck.

It was way over his head, but he clung on to it. I have never seen anything like it.

Haroon, 20, Barbados
Yuvraj Singh of India in the Mini World Cup held recently.

He pulled off some of the best catches ever seen. There were two brilliant ones he took inches off the ground, diving full stretch.

Hari Devadas, 28, San Jose, California
Two catches come to mind, both in World Cup matches.

1. Kapildev in the World Cup '83 final against W Indies.

The catch to get out Viv Richards running back around 30 yards from midwicket, keeping his eyes on the back and taking an amazing catch which eventually decided the World Cup.

2. Martin Crowe in the World Cup 87 group match against Zimbabwe.

This great running catch was just amazing , running back from mid on about 20 -30 yards.

Vinod Namboodiri, 23, Charlotte, USA
Ajay Jadeja,1992 World Cup (AUS-NZ).

I don't remeber which match it was but this catch was among the top catches of the World Cup - if not the best.

Ajay Jadeja ran some 20 feet and dived in front of him to pluck the ball.

As anybody can tell,diving forward is more difficult than diving sideways.

David Poulton, 21, Guildford
Darren Gough's superb catch on the boundary a couple of years ago (I can't remember who it was against but it was certainly a Test in this country).

He was so committed to keeping his eye on a lofted slog toward him at long on, an attempted six, that whilst taking a catch high above his head, he could not help but fall onto his back and bang his head against the turf.

He miraculously held onto the ball, and whilst he looked concussed and dazed, his commitment to the team was there for everyone to see, holding that ball of leather tightly in his grasp, offering little celebration.

A true hero.

Charitha, 14, London
James Kirtley v India at Lord's, 2002.

Wonderful catch I reckon. Running and catching the ball with one hand by diving! Great!

Derek, 39, Monash, ACT, Australia
I remember in the early eighties England versus the Windies in a one-dayer.

Derek Randall was fielding at mid-on when all-rounder Collis King was going beserk with the bat.

Randall did exactly the same as Jonty Rhodes did, except against the most vicious pull-shot you ever saw and, if I remember rightly, took it one-handed! Absolutely stupendous!

Rory Alex, 22
How many of you will have seen the catch Adam Bacher took to dismiss Sachin Tendulkar in the Second Test at Newlands in 1996.

Tendulkar and Azharuddin had launched a counter-attack from 50 odd for 4 and blazed away to brilliant centuries.

Tendulkar was the last man dismissed for 169 when he pulled Brian Macmillan to the mid-wicket fence.

Adam Bacher flew in the air, and mid-flight contorted his body to reach the ball heading for the stands.

It was truly astounding. For all you people who have not seen it my advice is - please do!

Asif Kahn, 28, Essex
Sachin Tendulkar v England, Lords 1990 .

He caught Allan Lamb who mistimed a straight hit of Hirwani.

Tendulkar ran full tilt for about 30 yards and caught it one handed a foot from the ground.

Anup Raja, 12, Syston
Ramneresh Sarwan took a brilliant catch against India. I think it was better than Kirtleys 'fluky' catch.

Alex Downey, 15, Pocklington
I was watching our local club when a ball was skied and underneath it were the worst pair of hands you would ever want under a catch, (sorry John Latham!)

But John took the catch whilst in mid-air and twirling around mid way through a 360 spin.

Absolutely amazing and hilarious!

Kaushal Patel, 26, New Jersey, USA
Yuvraj Singh from India who took a brilliant catch in short mid on against South Africa in the semi-final of the Sri Lanka ICC Trophy in 2002.

Asim, 18, Preston
Tony Gregg, against Australia.

Caught it on the boundry - one of the best catches in the world with one hand.

Claude Dewerse, 34, Auckland
Can't remember the year or who NZ was playing sorry, but it was a catch by Mark Greatbatch at Eden Park.

Not a small man, I will always remember the day he was fielding in the covers and managed to dive to his right and stretch for a 1 handed catch that appeared to be about chest height.

The amazing thing was that he seemed to be horizontal in the air at that height at the moment he made the catch.

Paul Trott, 43, Berkshire
Sachin Tendulkar at Lord's to catch, I think, Allan Lamb in 1990 (the game in which Gooch got his 333).

It was the best day's Test cricket you could ever see, and 18-year-old Tendulkar caught it inches off the ground, one-handed, sprinting, right in front of me in the old Mound Stand.

Rene Ribeiro, 29, san Fernando
Ramnaresh Sarwan of West Indies against India in the 7th one day International, 2002 series in India.

He was at forward square leg only about 15 metres from the bat and took a one handed catch diving to his right.

Rahul Dravid had flicked the ball hard to the onside-one of the most stupendous catches I have ever seen.

Raj Chauhan, 44, Milton Keynes
My son's catch ranks at the best catch I have seen for a long time.

He ran 30 yards when it was skied in the air and dived front first into the ground and caught it one handed.

It just came off the ground and he celebrated by running around the ground with his shirt off. It was truly amazing.

Satish, 21, Delhi
Mark Waugh vs New zealand 1997. Catching Chris Cairns suspended in mid air at midwicket turned the match mid air.

James Jarrett, 17, Faversham
Mark Boucher's wicketkeeping catch to dismiss Steve James in the 2nd test at Lord's in 1998.

The way Donald tucked James up and he gloved to Boucher who took a couple of strides and launched himself at the ball and clung on.

The celebration of Donald and the energy was amazing as South Africa went on to win by 10 wickets.

Tom, 18, Lancaster
Mark Ramprakash.

Justin Langer square cut began to run, looked like it was going for 4 but Ramps took a dive full length, plucking the ball as it was going past.

One of the greatest catches EVER!

Stephen Boyle, 38, Newtownards
A young Sachin Tendulkar taking a running right handed catch at a very low position on the boundary in either a test match or ODI against England a few years ago. It was possibly at Lord's?

Sorry I'm a bit vague about the match details but the catch had the whole crowd gasping in amazement!! It was a stunner!

Upen Nagindas, 26, Wembley
My full rating goes to the man who has shown us electrifying fielding in recent years, that is Jonty Rhodes who is made up of rubber itself!

Hunter Hearst Helmsley, 30, Manchester
I can recall two catches that in my opinion match those of McGrath and Kirtley.

1. Gary Kirsten circa 1997/8 at Lancaster Park Christchurch, catching Chris Cairns on the square leg fence. Ball hit like a tracer bullet - would've been a flat six... Kirsten dives and takes a superb catch.

2. Roger Twose v West Indies at Eden Park, circa 1999/2000.

Might've been Brian Lara batting (not sure). Twose took a one handed catch diving back on the extra cover boundary, right in front of the terraces. Excellent catch.

George, 12, Haddenham
Nasser Hussain , England Vs Sri Lanka 2002 in a one day series.

He dived to his left catching Jayasuria's rocket of an off-drive.

Michael Ellis, 20, Oxford
Mark Waugh's catch in the World Cup final at Lord's in 1999.

Somehow managed to catch it two-handed diving full length behind him at 3rd slip.

Quite simply the best catch I have ever seen.

Leo Taylor, 21, London
Mark Waugh v Pakistan in the '99 World Cup final off McGrath.

This was phenomenal. I have stood at slip to some quick bowling and can understand how incredibly difficult it is when the catches come straight to you.

For Waugh to snare this one was special. His body was horizontal when he grabbed it!!

Jay Pockyarath, 56, Trenton, MI, USA
I nominate the diving catch made by Mark Waugh in the semi-final match between Australia and S.Africa in the 1999 World Cup in U.K.

Jay Tea, 27, Crowmarsh
Mark Ramprakash, against Windies at Lords 1991, fielding square on the off side dived full length to his right to pick up a full blooded square cut from Richie Richardson - matches anything I've ever seen from a similar position.

Aamir, 34, London
Two catches stick in my mind as the greatest I have ever seen.

Mike Brearly ran for slip to take a catch on the boundry. and Kapil Dev took a catch were he ran the entire length of the pitch to set up India's remarkable win in the World Cup.

Fionn Napier, 19, Oxford
When you mentioned Jonty Rhodes, I assumed you were about to talk about his catch against [someone] in the World Cup 1999.

With the ball going high over his head, Rhodes jumped and got fingertip contact.

With the pace taken off the ball, it fell towards the ground.

Rhodes fell with it, turned in mid-air and held it to his chest near the ground.

All that, and he avoided landing on his shades.....

Eddy Reynolds, 33, Brighton
Sachin Tendulkar, playing for India on his first tour to England.

A running, one handed catch as he ran in front of the sightscreen.

Rob Thomas, 23, Leeds
Australia's Matthew Hayden on the boundary in an Ashes Test played in England a few years ago. He ran back towards the boundary, and dived backwards, taking a fantastic one-handed catch

Charles Salem, 41, Harare
Mike Brierley - I think it was against the Aussies in the famous 1981 Ashes Test where he sprinted 40 metres backwards from mid wicket to take an over the shoulder catch!

If someone remembers the catch more accurately, please let me know!

Rory Carter, 14, Blandford
Kirtley's was immense! McGrath's was not quite as good as Rhodes'

Ben Butterworth, 24, Ipswich
The greatest catch I have ever seen was made by Sachin Tendulkar on his first tour to England.

The ball was launched high over long off heading for four runs and he ran some twenty five yards or more, arms out-stretched to take a brilliant one-handed catch.

Not only was it a great catch, but it was also a message to the cricketing world to watch out for Sachin Tendulkar.

Andy, 23, Bryan, Texas, USA
Mark Waugh's catch of VVS Laxman in the Chennai test of 2001.

Colin Miller's short ball was pulled with disdain by Laxman with India chasing 155 to win the series.

The shot was fast, flat and a few feet wide of Waugh.

He dived full length but behind him as he took one of the best catches I've ever seen.

This will stand in comparison with any of the outstanding slip catches by "Junior" in his career.

Andrew Robinson, 36, Nottingham
England at Lord's in the early eighties. The fast bowler hurtles in and the batsman hooks the ball towards the Lord's boundary in front of the tiered stand.

Randall, on as a sub, sets off and with a diving catch at full stretch as if he were a goal keeper turning the ball around the post left takes the ball only millimetres from the grass.

Alex Downey, 15, Poklington
Well I was playing for Pocklington CC 1st XI against reigning league champions Dunnington.

Dunnington boast 2 ex West Indian test players who are Collis King and Alvin Kallicharan!

Collis King had just made his century and was on 101 and he went for a big hit over my head at long-off but I got there first and caught him.

It hurt that much I had a seam imprint on my hand.

Alan Knight, 26, Bath
Northants vs Kent, year 2000 [Matt Hayden's final year].

One day league - penultimate game of the season, I believe - whoever loses is in trouble in terms of relegation.

Ealham was scratching around and on 4, then when a rank long hop [from Penberthy, I think] occurs, his eyes light up and he smashes it behind square. 4 all the way?

Nope - Russel Warren, fielding at backward point, launches himself high to the left in an almost identical way to Jonty Rhodes [I was looking right down the line of it] and manages to cling on with just his left hand - absolutely fantastic.

Abdul Kadir Hussain, 39, Singapore
Natwet Triangular between Pak/Aus/Eng in the summer of 2001.

First match Pak/Eng. Saeed Anwar at cover diving full length to his left to pick up inches from the ground.

Also in the same match Shoaib Malik took a stunner at cover too.

Ashish, 31, New York
Kapil Dev's catch of Viv Richards in the 1983 World Cup - for the sheer magnitude of the moment.

Angus Stuart, 34, Hong Kong
Three spring to mind.

Ramprakash in the last Ashes series fielding at short leg/silly mid wicket took a one handed catch off a pull by the batsman who shook his head in disbelief all the way back to the pavillion.

Phil Tufnell (amazingly) catching Brian Lara (one of those looking over your shoulder running towards the boundary efforts) on the final morning of the 1993 Bridgetown test (this catch resulted in England being the first to win a test at the Kensington Oval in 70 years).

Finally, Steve Waugh scooping the ball off the ground to claim a catch at square leg to dismiss Brian Lara a few years ago.

Dan, 25, St Albans
Mark Ramprakash at Headingly, in the early 90's diving to his right from the covers (versus West Indies I think).

Or the same man versus the Aussies taking a superb one handed catch when fielding behind square leg. That catch spurred on England to win the match.

David Jones, 43, London
Jackie Bond, ankle height, I think at cover, I think to dismiss Asif Iqbal.

Anyway, it won Lancashire the Gillette Cup - I'd love to see it again.

We all thought it was just a terrific stop at the time, and a bit of a risk for a 42 (?) year old just to save a couple of runs!

Tariq Hussain, 28, Bradford
As it is quite rightly stated, ' Jonty Rhodes is undoubtedly the best fielder ever to step on to a cricket field.'

A true master and it was he who made fours into two's and two's into one.

A match winner and everybody else plays catch up!

Sam Shakell, 28, Palmerston North
A catch taken by Mark Ramprakash at the start of his England career I think against either India or West Indies.

He was fielding at point and the batsmen slashed a shot to the left of point - Ramprakash took a full dive and caught the ball horizontally mid air. Breathtaking catch.

Stuart Coll, 36, Perth
Ian Botham bowling to, I think Gavaskar, in the early to mid 80's in Sydney Australia.

Gavaskar belted the ball back up the pitch at Botham who stuck out his hand and deflected it up in the air.

Botham then slows, pivots and lunges from where he came and dives to catch a memorable catch.

I distinctly remember the dismissed batsman shown clapping at an extraordinary feat.

A great catch from a great player.

Simar, 26, San Francisco
Catch by Yuvraj Singh against South Africa in the ICC tournament in Sri Lanka couple of months back.

This was in the semi-final. He is a left hander but he caught it with his right hand.

Pamela Kainth, 17, Birmingham
Yuraj Singh [India].

India vs. South Africa ICC Champions Trophy 2002.

Yuvraj dives to his right to catch the top edge of a sweep off the bowling of Harbhajan Singh to dismiss Jonty Rhodes.

This was one of two amazing catches by Yuraj Singh.

The previous was the dismissal of Graeme Smith off the bowling of Zaheer Khan. Yuraj at full stretch clings to the ball at gully.

Maiwand Majboor, 24, Kabul
In the final of the Sharja Cup 2000-2001, Pakistan, India and South Africa.

South Africa's Jacques Kallis took a skier from Afridi, in the deep cover.

He had to run almost 30m and then had to change his direction in the air. Absulotely spectacular.


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