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Winning isn't everything
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Kluft's rivals join her victory celebration
Kluft gets on well with her fellow competitors

Heptathlon is a demanding sport, so it's vital to make sure your training is well organised.

It's important that you train with your head as much as your body.

You have to listen to your body.

When it says 'no' you have to listen. To help you with this you need a coach that you trust.

The heptahlon can take its toll
After the final event it's time to relax!
But the most important thing is that you're having fun.

It's not about the results or being number one in the world, it's about feeling satisfied and enjoying it. If you don't have that joy, you can't continue.

Immediately before an event I listen to music to pump myself up, but in the build up I try to keep everything as it normally is.

I spend time with my friends and family and I eat the foods that I normally would.

Basically, I try to be just me. If I change something that could make me nervous.

When we're competing against each other, all the heptathletes become like a little family.

Olympic champion Denise Lewis
Carolina admires Denise Lewis

Obviously I want to win, but the best situation for me would be if everyone could be happy.

I don't want anyone to be sad or upset. I focus on myself, but I wish my competitors luck as well. If I beat them, great. If don't, no problem

One of my biggest rivals in the sport is Denise Lewis.

I've never met Denise but would like to. I feel I have much to learn from her. She's older than me and she's been around a long time.

Meet Carolina
Sporting family
A friendly rival
Enjoy yourself!

All about heptahlon
The heptathlon consists of seven events spread over two days They are:
Day one: 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200m
Day two: Long jump, javelin, 800m
Competitors score ponits according to distances and times achieved
The world record is held by Jackie Joyner-Kersee of the USA. She scored 7291 points at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul

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It's about feeling satisfied and enjoying it - if you don't have that joy, you can't continue
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Carolina Kluft

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