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Paula Radcliffe leads from the front
Paula says "catch me if you can"

Paula Radcliffe's coach Alex Stanton speaks to the Academy

Paula is now a superstar famous across the world, but she hasn't changed one little bit since all her success.

She's the sort of person you'd still want as a friend!

Whether she ran or not she's just a lovely person. But obviously she's a completely different person when she races.

Most athletes will focus solely on the race and that's what they've got to do.

But as soon as the race is over they go back to what they were like before!

As I mentioned before, she's a great organiser and she's a great one for preparing.

All doubts about anything will have been sorted days ahead of a race. Be it injuries, personal problems or whatever.

Paula Radcliffe wins the Chicago Marathon in record time
Paula's a record breaker in Chicago

When she gets down to that start line, she'll have two or three race plans sorted in her head.

Mind you, she won't always run to them!

Most runners don't take the pace up in a race and Paula is one of those who likes to get on with the job from the front.

But if someone else jumped in and took the lead, Paula would have another plan up her sleeve to deal with that.

Being mentally tough is important and Paula's never had any problems with this.

Some of you might think it can get a bit boring running round a track a few times but if you can set goals like breaking personal bests it can be great fun.

And there are always plenty of friends to help you through the good and not so good times.

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Curtain raiser
Star is born
The dream begins
Budding stars!
Getting focused
More fireworks!

Paula's inspirations
Seeing Zola Budd and Mary Decker in action at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics spurred Paula into action

Did you know?
Paula graduated in 1996 with a first class degree

And the degree was in?.....
Modern Languages. She's fluent in French and German.

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