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Will you fall foul of our referee quiz?
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Question 1
A goalkeeper catches the ball while in his penalty area after receiving a throw-in directly from a team-mate. What is the referee's decision?
  A: No decision required. Play on.
  B: Award the opposing team an indirect free-kick.
  C: Book the goalkeeper and award a penalty.
Question 2
Extra time is required. Which side kicks off to restart the match?
  A: The referee decides.
  B: The team which scored last.
  C: A coin is tossed and the team which loses the call kicks off.
Question 3
A defender scores an own-goal straight from a direct free-kick outside his penalty area. What does the referee do?
  A: Award a corner.
  B: Have a quiet word with the player and suggest he asks to be substituted.
  C: Award the goal.
Question 4
In blustery conditions, a goal kick is blown backwards past the keeper and into the goal. What happens?
  A: A goal is given and the keeper is given an ovation by the opposing team.
  B: The goalkeeper is booked for having a banana foot.
  C: A corner is given.
Question 5
An attacker has a shot which clips off the top of the referee's head and deflects past the keeper. What is the result?
  A: The referee sends himself off for biased play
  B: A goal is given.
  C: A drop-ball restarts the game from where the shot was taken.
Question 6
What happens if a player makes a mobile phone call while on the pitch?
  A: Nothing, as long as he doesn't touch the ball.
  B: The referee confiscates the phone and then phones a friend to ask for advice.
  C: He is booked for unsporting behaviour.
Question 7
Before the match starts, a player is replaced by a named substitute without the referee's knowledge. Is he allowed to play?
  A: No. The team are penalised for not notifying the referee.
  B: Yes. But he has to clean the referee's boots as punishment.
  C: Yes. But the player is cautioned for entering the field of play without the referee's permission.
Question 8
In his own penalty area, a player hits an indirect free-kick against a team-mate also inside the penalty area and the ball rebounds into the goal. What happens?
  A: The kick is taken again.
  B: A corner is awarded.
  C: A goal is given.
Question 9
A penalty kick must be re-taken because of an infringement by the goalkeeper. Who can take the penalty?
  A: Any of the attacking team, except the goalkeeper.
  B: Any of the attacking team.
  C: The player who took the initial spot kick.
Question 10
A player scores a goal and removes his shirt to celebrate. What should the referee do?
  A: Swap shirts with him.
  B: Book him.
  C: Show leniency and allow the player to have his moment of glory.

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