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Your golf questions answered
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From the 7 Laws of the Golf Swing
Nick uses revolutionary imagery to teach the game
Golf coach Nick Bradley answers your latest questions below.

Nick will be on hand to reply to your queries on a regular basis. So keep your emails coming.

But before you ask how to fix a slice, check his previous answers to see if he's already answered your question.

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The best question each time will receive a copy of his book, The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing.

Grahame, 51, Bushey

I often get lazy and forget to ensure my posture is good when I address the ball. Have you got any tips on how to remember and achieve good posture at address?

Nick Bradley: Generally when people lose their posture, their chest gets low and then their hands drop and their arms are low. The toe of the club sticks in the air and the bad strikes then follow.

So a simple thought is to keep your chest high and your hands high and that normally straightens up the spine. To get this stand up straight, tip forwards 45 degrees and then introduce the knee flex.

Simon, 24, Nottingham

Do you have any tips to stop me hitting the floor before the ball?

NB: You must make sure that your hips don't tilt as you swing back because when you swing down they re-tilt and the low point of the swing ends up being behind the ball.

You may also be casting the club at the top of the backswing. That means you reach the top of your backswing and then throw the shaft away from you. So instead of the club lagging behind you on the way down, you would do the opposite and the club would throw away from the body.

Sandy Lyle
Lyle won a major with a three-quarter backswing

Les, 23, Leeds

Is there anything wrong with a three-quarter backswing?

NB: No, just ask Sandy Lyle. As long as you feel tight at the top of the swing and wound up ready to fire into the ball, then there have been many golfers with a three-quarter backswing. Ben Hogan had a short arm swing and Lee Trevino did too. Just make sure you feel wound up like a coiled spring.

Daniel, 16, Gainsborough

When I hit my three iron, sometimes I get a vibration up the shaft which hurts my hands and the balls goes along the floor about 100 yards. Could you tell me why this happens and what I can do to prevent it?

NB: You're obviously not hitting it off the sweet spot of the club. Pay a lot of attention to the divot pattern. The divots will either be pointing miles left, miles right or there'll be no divot at all.

If your fundamentals are correct then you've got to go out and practice taking divots which are fairly straight. You should then start to find the middle of the club with the ball.

Keith, 47, Rochdale

How can I get the best results from my winter visits to the range? I don't want to just hit drive after drive, as many seem to do.

NB: You should immediately forget your driver and work with a seven iron. Winter practice is all about fundamentals. If you're going to make a swing change this is the time to do it.

Practice should be about grip, posture, stance and ball position and then come March you can get straight into the season rather than recapturing the basics again.

Jayman, 13, Sutton Coldfield

Who inspired you to become a golf coach?

NB: David Leadbetter. When I was 17, Nick Faldo went through his swing change and those two were very much in the foreground. I never wanted to be a player. From the age of 16 my interest was always golf instruction. I bought books and had loads of lessons.

Darren, 33, Banff

How can I learn to hit the ball to attain regular amounts of backspin? Sometimes I get it and don't expect it, then the next time I try to achieve the result I get none. Please help.

NB: The angle your approaching the ball from is too steep. So instead of the ball climbing up the clubface like it would do in a drive, you're probably employing too much wrist cock in the shot, hence the steepness.

Watch how much hand action you are using on your backswing. Use less hand action, which will give you a shallower strike which will give you more and consistent backspin.

Zane Scotland
Setting a club on the floor can also help your aim

Mark, 15, Lancaster

I seem to struggle with my aiming, are there any tips you can give me to help me with this problem?

NB: First the clubface should go down on the floor behind the ball looking directly at the target. And then you should set yourself up around the clubface.

You should also use an intermediate target which would be a divot or a leaf about a foot in front of the ball. It's easier to line up with something a foot away rather than 150 yards away.

John, 15, Waterlooville

If I have the option of four coaches and they all tell me different things, who should I choose and why?

NB: You must be a good player but the first thing is all about rapport. You've got to have a good gut feeling about your coach. Then ask the coaches what they have planned for you in the future.

Ask them where they see you going in the next couple of years and what they would want to do. And lastly judge them on their coaching record and experience. See if they've worked with good players and have done well with them.

Congratulations John yours is the best question this time. A copy of Nick's book, The 7 Laws of the Golf Swing, will be in the post.


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Who is Nick Bradley?
Nick took up golf when he was 16 and qualified as a PGA pro aged 20
He is one of only 35 worldwide David Leadbetter certified golf instructors
Nick uses revolutionary imagery to help master the game
He has coached winning players on the men's and ladies' European Tours

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