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Who's gonna stop the mighty Reds?
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Michael Owen and his team-mates celebrate another goal
Michael Owen's goals have kept Liverpool at the top
Liverpool really look like the team to beat this season.

They lead the Premiership by four points ahead of stuttering Arsenal and Man United.

So can they relive the glory days? Many of you won't even remember the last time Liverpool bagged the league title. It was in 1990.

So who are your tips for the top. Perhaps Chelsea or Tottenham can even spring a surprise.

Get thinking and tell us NOW!

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Here's what you've been saying

Reece, 11, Leicester
Liverpool are doing very well!

Scott, 17, Glasgow
Liverpool have waited a long time for the title and it's time for Arsenal and Man United to move over!

It doesn't hurt to have future legends like Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard on your side!!!

Lucy, 10, Liverpool
No, Liverpool are a great team, but they can sometimes make silly mistakes.

Abbie, 9, Portsmouth
I think Michael Owen is the best Liverpool player.

Lara, 9, Hampton
I think Manchester United are the best and can beat the rest!

Gavin, 15, Risca
Liverpool are going to be knocked off the top because of their performance against Basle.

Chris, 21, Hartlepool
I'm a Liverpool fan and am delighted with the start we have made on the home front but Europe is just one step too far.

Next year will be our year!

Michael, 15, Lurgan
Liverpool couldn't even beat Basle!

Manchester United are the greatest!

Lewis, 11, Hemel Hempstead
Liverpool are the best this season!

We've signed some wicked players and Owen and Baros are on top form!

We have a brilliant chance of winning the title this season!

Eva, 17
It's far too soon to make any predictions about who'll win.

I don't think Liverpool is going to hold on though.

I'd like to see Arsenal win the Champions League and Newcastle to top the Premiership.

Nick, 22, Swansea
Come on the Red's - NO not Liverpool - Manchester United!!!

I think Arsenal will win the league title again this year, but you can't write Manchester United off - after all it's only November - not May!!!

Mr Verney, 17, Leeds
Well Liverpool were outplayed by Boro, and Arsenal beat the Magpies 1-0 and dominated the game... mind out Liverpool, the Gunners are coming to get you!

Katharine Hayes, 14, Liverpool
It's true to say that Liverpool haven't been playing to their potential - but who is going to stop us?!

The title race is between us and Arsenal - come on the Reds!

Kieran, 11, Liverpool
I think Liverpool will walk away with the Premiership this season.

I also think they are going to bring home the Champions League title!


Dex, 16, London
Arsenal are the most exciting team to watch both in the Premiership and Europe.

They will turn their losing run into a winning one and will cruise to the Premiership title.

Ben, 11 , Swansea
I don't think Liverpool will win the Premiership.

I hope Tottenham, Newcastle or Leeds win it.

Robert, 15, Liverpool
I think Liverpool are quite a boring team, but we do get the results.

We must not slip up like we did against Middlesbrough. They were all over is - we need to be dominating, not defensive.

Daoud, 12, Westminster
I'm just writing to say that just because Arsenal have lost four games in a row, don't write them off.

Every team has to lose some time. Arsenal can fight back and I think they will retain the title.

Pep, 27, Iselin
If Liverpool is the best England has to offer, then your league is pathetic!

Valencia showed them how the game is to be played - twice!

Sam, 12, London
Despite the disappointing defeat at Middlesbrough, we will still win the league, especially with Michael being such a legend!

Christopher, Motherwell
I think Arsenal will stop the Reds.

Dave the Rave, 15, Liverpool
Liverpool, Liverpool, Liverpool!

We are going to win the league no doubt about it.

We luv ya Liverpool we do, we luv ya Liverpool we do, ohhh Liverpool we luv you!

Bring on Arsenal - we'll beat them along with Manchester United and all the other championship contenders.

Roxanne, 16, Kent
There is no doubt in my mind that Manchester United will make the come back that everyone knows they are capable of.

I really don't think you can tell who the winner is going to be in November though - not even half of the games have been played yet!

Clare, Chippenham
No one can knock us off the top - Liverpool are the BEST!

There's only one Michael Owen!

Carl, 15, Newbury
Villa will stop the Reds next time!

They were lucky to beat us 1-0 last time, but next time we will dominate the game!

Ben, 17, Bradford
The title is coming to Liverpool where it belongs!

There is no doubt in my mind!

Adam, 13, Crewe
I'm a great Liverpool fan and reckon that this year we are definitely the team to beat!

The cup has got our name written all over it!


Sam, 14, Liverpool
Liverpool are going to walk it as long as we don't have a dip in form.

Max, 11, Ilford
I think Liverpool will win the double this year.

If they get through to the second round of the Champions League it's in the bag!

Steven, 17, Telford
I've been a Liverpool fan since I can remember and finally GH has put together a superb squad!!!

We are going to win the league for years to come!!!

Idris, 17, Watford
"Are any Liverpool fan from Liverpool" could be said about fans of any of the other top teams!

Jason, 20, London
Does anyone that supports Liverpool actually come from there???

Aberdeen, Essex, Bradford, Eastbourne...what's happened to supporting your local team??

David, 14, Eastbourne
I'm a big Liverpool supporter and reckon we can do it this season!

We have become better and better, and we have top players!

Michael, 17, Isle of Man
Liverpool are the best team ever - we are top of the league and no-one will beat us!

Owen is the best striker ever - come on THE REDS!!!

Jon, 23, Cornwall
I have been a Liverpool supporter all my life and while I am obviously happy with the way things are going now, I remain less than convinced that they will win anything this year.

Valencia showed that they still lack that little bit of magic needed to beat the big sides.

Liverpool seem to buy every average defensive midfielder available when we should be looking for good old fashioned wingers.

We are the narrowest team in the league.

Adam, 16, Staplehurst
I think Liverpool can hold on for the title, and bring back the glory!

Our defence is one of the best with Gerrard and Hamann in midfield and Owen - unbeatable!

Kieran, 7, Essex
Michael Owen is the best footballer I've seen in my short life - I love him, he's cool!

Daniel, 13, Boston
Liverpool are going to win the league by a mile - just wait and see!

Laura, 14, Liverpool
Liverpool rule!!!

We are certainly going to win the title this year...and next!

Tom, 15, Aberdeen
I'm a Liverpool fan and don't think that many teams will beat them this season.

Liverpool are the greatest team in the country and they deserve the title!

Woodsey, 16
They are too defensive and boring!

Ross, 15, Merthyr Tydfil
Nobody will stop the Reds this year!

Jasjit, 13, West Drayton
We aren't playing well, but we are still getting the results - give us a couple more months and we'll be unstoppable!

Henry, London
Manchester United will win!

Peter, 16, Newtownards
I think Liverpool will lose plenty of points against smaller teams through the season and it's going to be between Man United and Arsenal.

Wan, 15, London
I don't think that Liverpool will win the league just yet.

Stewart, 22, Edinburgh
Who's playing well in November very rarely has any bearing on who wins the title in May!

Pete, 16, Belfast
Liverpool will run out of luck soon enough! I'm going for Arsenal this year, and West Ham for life!!!

Khawar, 14, Bradford
The Blues will stop The Reds!

Chandni, 15, London
Liverpool will win the title this year. But next year you have gotta look out for Leicester City!!!

Peter, 14, Liverpool
We're doing brilliantly and I can't see any team getting even close to us now.

Janine, 17, Stockport
I saw our game against West Ham and was a bit disappointed. We're not playing that well and I think we're quite lucky to be at the top.

Stefano, 13, Exeter
Arsenal have finally turned the corner after the win over Fulham. I think we'll pip Liverpool by two points.


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