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A tight final
Colin Jackson

Garth celebrates his victory in the Grand Final
Goliath Garth edged out Sheldon
It was always going to be close. We knew there was going to be a tie with the guys after the first few games.

It was literally a David and Goliath situation - tiny Sheldon up against Big Garth.

I think all four of the boys can go on to greatness.

It was a phenomenal competition all along and I don't think any of them have really lost.

They all have the opportunity to progress to greater things.

Louise was head and shoulders right from the beginning - we spotted her potential in Loughborough.

Technically she is very good. She picks up information very quickly, listens well and applies anything she has learnt into practice.

I don't think the journey was just about what they could do physically.

Sheldon gets interviewed after the Slaunch
Sheldon's progress was a highlight for Colin

It was a lot to do with what they could do mentally and what they had learned about themselves.

This has been a great opportunity to showcase their talents and gain a certain amount of belief.

I think we did a good job with them!

For me, the highlight was seeing the improvements from Loughborough to the final.

When Sheldon first arrived in Loughborough he hardly spoke - his head was always down.

But we really battled to get him into the final stages in St Anton and he's proved he was worth the wait.

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