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BTW champion Louise Bloor
Sally picked Louise from the start
Sally Gunnell

To see it so close was such a great result.

It was nice to sit back and say that we got the right people in that final and it was really hard to separate any of them.

Whoever won, it wouldn't have mattered but it's nice that we have Louise from Athletics and Garth from rugby; it shows that Born To win involves all sports.

Garth pulled something really special out of the bag for that last event.

But that's what makes a champion.

I tipped Louise to win from an early stage. Garth wasn't so clear cut. I thought Tom would have been up there a little bit more and I didn't think Sheldon would be so close.

Louise was someone I spotted early on in Loughborough. If you look at her physically she is someone who can really apply herself. She is special.

BTW champion Garth Chamberlain
Garth has an incredible physique

Garth is undoubtedly talented and I think he can go on and achieve what he wants to.

Coming into Hang Zone it looked like Sheldon should win.

But I think there was a couple of dodgy chin ups. Amount-wise I think he probably did the same as Garth but he wasn't completing them properly. That's what cost him.

Loads of things have to be taken into account but physically Louise and Garth are born with a special physique.

What's impressed me is how they dug in and the way they applied themselves in every single event.

Even when they weren't doing well they've picked themselves up and carried on.

It's been a special series and we've discover some special sporting talent.

Louise and Garth truly deserved to win.

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