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Sheldon wins too
Sheldon in the final
Sheldon's performance has impressed many onlookers

Sheldon's Yorkshire grit has earned him a scholarship despite missing out on first prize in Saturday's Grand Final.

The guts and determination that the pint size boxer has shown throughout the Born To Win series was enough to impress Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell.

Watching the show, Ms Jowell felt it, "desperately sad," that Sheldon failed to win and stepped in with a prize in itself worth thousands of pounds.

Sheldon could hardly have been closer to winning. Both he and Garth tied on points and events won in the final.

But Garth's superior performances in Austria meant that the rugby man narrowly beat the boxer.

While Garth received a bursary to help him on his quest for international sporting success, Sheldon will be backed by the Departure for Culture, Media and Sport.

Ms Jowell said: "Sheldon is exactly the sort of motivated, talented young person that we need to make sure is winning us medals in the future.

"I hope we can play our part in helping him to do that."

The talent scholarship scheme offered to Sheldon involves bursaries of between 3,000 and 5,000 and includes expert coaching and support from the English Institute of Sport.

Certainly it will be a boost to Sheldon who up until now has been training in a makeshift gym in Scarborough.

And Born To Win's own sports scientist Steve Ingham said: "For Sheldon to make it to the top level I think what he needs more than anything is coaching and guidance from Britain's best."

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