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How BTW was won
Dermot O'Leary introduces the show
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Dermot O'Leary gets things underway as the tension rises in the studio
Slaunch gives the finalists a tough start
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Agility and power are tested in Slaunch - a combination of slalom and jumping
Sam, Liz and Louise were all out of the pool within one second of each other
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And they're off. The girls dive into the first part of Quintathlon held at The Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst
Garth was in the lead at this stage
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The boys, complete with a bare chested Sheldon, get stuck into the 1km row
Garth finished four seconds behind Peter
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Garth can do little to respond as he watches Pete just beat him to claim second place behind Sheldon
Louise (far right) had trouble with her breathing
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Stand to attention. The girls remain focussed as the punishing steps take their toll
Sam finished in 21 minutes and 51 seconds
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Sam crosses the line to complete a convincing victory. She also won Tri-Lake in Austria.
Kelly in Power Burst
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Kelly gives it her all in Power Burst but didn't feel like she nailed one
Sheldon in Power Burst
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Sheldon tunes in but he was on the wrong frequency. He said he was "fuming" with his performance
Sam in Power Burst
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Sam in the city. Somerset's finest shows she can mix it urban style by blasting into the event
Garth in Power Burst
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Garth was expected to do well in Power Burst but said it was "over before it started."
The girls get a lift in Hang Zone
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Hang Zone - the final challenge. How much do our finalists really want to win?
Tom Hangs tough but to no avail
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Decathlete Tom gives his all but has to settle for third in Hang Zone
Victory is sweet for Garth - he won two events on the night and took the overall title
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Victory is sweet for Garth - he won two events on the night and took the overall title
Louse is congratulated by her fellow contestants
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Louise soaks up the applause after power-packed display won her the BTW title

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