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A guide to the events
The Summit The Rope Climb Bench Step The Wall Tri-Lake Power Lift The Crank Swim Shot Pedal Power Water Sprint Iron Run Luge Push Drag Race Pursuit Light Chase Rooftop Slalom Launch Pad Circuit Jump Strike

The 19 events that the competitors face are set all around St Anton, Austria giving them a real taste of the Arlberg region.

Ranging from The Summit 2811m up above the village to Water Sprint way down the valley, the events will test every part of the contestants' fitness.

Power, strength, endurance, agility and co-ordination all feature.

But whether they are on a bike, in a lake or dragging a weight, the impact of the thin air will make every event tough on the lungs.

The minimum altitude they compete at will be around 1300m above sea level.

So even if it looks easy on TV, you have to remember where they are.

The views may be stunning, the grass may be green.

But the altitude will never escape them.

Click on map to see where each event is and what it is all about.

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