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The champions
All smiles for Louise and Garth
All smiles for Louise and Garth
Louise Bloor and Garth Chamberlain have been crowned champions of Born To Win.

The pair came through on top after a gruelling test in the live final.

Long jumper Louise was the outright winner in the girls' final, while Garth tied with boxer Sheldon Jopling for top spot in the boys'.

But rugby player Garth took the boys title by virtue of winning more events in the previous five shows filmed in St Anton, Austria.

Louise was overjoyed to be crowned girls' champion.

"It's one of those feelings you can't really describe," said the 18-year-old from Rotherham.

"How I even made it Austria I don't know because way back in Loughborough I didn't even finish the cross country because of my breathing."

Former Olympic gold medallist Sally Gunnell was full of praise for the girls' champion.

"Louise was someone I spotted early on in Loughborough," she said.

"If you look at her physically she is someone who can really apply herself. She is special."

Garth was made to sweat after tying for top spot with Sheldon - a wait which further added to the tension.

"I honestly thought that Sheldon had won it," said the 18-year-old from Exeter.

"To be the champion is truly awesome, absolutely immense! You have no idea how shocked I am."

Both Louise and Garth will receive individually tailored bursaries to help them attain their quest for international sporting glory.

Final boys table
Garth36 pts
Sheldon36 pts
Tom33 pts
Peter 31 pts

Final girls table
Louise 38 pts
Sam 34 pts
Kelly34 pts
Liz 30 pts

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