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See how they won
The girls battle it out in the final event Hang Zone
The girls give everything in the final event
Check out how the eight finalists fared in the four gut-busting events in the last show of Born To Win.

Slaunch results

The tension was electric with the opening event requiring endurance and the leaping prowess of a salmon.

The girls were first to power their way through the slalom and had to slap magnetic markers as high as they could on to the scoring board.

Louise used all her skill and stamina to win with a magnificent score of 94, just ahead of Liz (90) and Sam (82) and Kelly (80).

The boys event was packed with excitement and just two points separated the first three.

Sheldon's bounce and strength proved invaluable giving him an impressive victory with 111, edging ahead of Tom (110), Garth (109) and Pete (88).

Quintathlon results

Sheldon and Sam showed their incredible endurance by coming out on top in this gruelling second event.

Multi-eventer Sam trailed in third place out of the pool but battled back amazingly on the bike and managed to stay ahead of the chasing pack.

Louise put in a brave performance to avoid last place as she struggled with her breathing.

Sheldon's victory was more of a battle as he won with his customary late sprint, while Garth was agonisingly pipped at the end by Pete's late dash.

Power Burst results

This was all about technique and explosive power, as they had to hurl a weight as far as possible with their back facing the scoring track.

Louise gets talking with Dermot
Dermot gets chatting to the winner

Louise blew everybody away with a tremendous throw of 12.06 metres, well ahead of Kelly, Sam and Liz.

Garth was the star of the boys as he used his height and power to achieve a phenomenal 11.91m.

Tom initially struggled but bounced back to claim second with Pete edging ahead of Sheldon who never really got to grips with his technique.

Hang zone results

Down to the final showdown. Sweat, pain and stamina over 90 seconds of chin-ups as all their efforts would decide the overall winner.

Louise paced herself brilliantly and beat off the close attention of Kelly, with Sam and Liz following up.

Sheldon's endurance ensured he never stopped. But it wasn't enough and Garth sealed victory. Tom and Pete were left battling for third and fourth.

And so all that was left to do was for Dermot to announce that Louise and Garth were Born to Win.

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