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The first trials
A young hopeful is put through his paces
2,000 competitors took part!

For all those lucky enough to get through the online stage, it was time to get the shorts on and get sweaty for the cause.

The country's leading sport scientists got together and designed a series of trials to test the kids' physical ability.

The 2,000 competitors were invited to compete in these tests across the UK and were put in the capable hands of Sport Development Officers and PE teachers.

There were 90 regional trials with BBC Talent playing a leading role in the organisation.

At this stage it was all about endurance, speed, strength and all round physical ability.

Getting through to Born To Win was no holiday you know!

Their performances were compared to pre-existing database of sporting performances of other 16-18-year-olds.

Based on the results of the online tests and the physical trials, a smaller group of competitors were selected for the next stage.

Then it was two days of more trials at Loughborough University.

Who said it was going to be easy?

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