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St Anton: Born To Host

Location: Western tip of Austria
Nearest airport: Innsbruck (100km)
Area: Arlberg
Population: Approx 2,580
Altitude: 1300m above sea level
Heighest mountain: 2,811m
Skiing: Arlberg ski pass has access to 260km of pistes

Lush green meadows, fields of wild flowers, crystal clear streams and stunning mountains in the background.

Sounds like the setting for a fairytale doesn't it?

And St Anton, deep in the Austrian Alps, has all of this - and a whole lot more.

But add to this list a BBC film crew and 10 boys and 10 girls battling it out for sporting supremacy.

And you've got the perfect location for Born To Win.

Professional athletes from all over the world come to St Anton, not only for its beauty, but also for the high altitude training.

Medical experts tell us the lack of oxygen in the air at high altitude helps to regenerate and reinvigorate the body.

And who's to argue, with St Anton perched 1300m above sea level?

The area is mainly known for its powder. Or rather it's snowy activities.

In 2001 it was even able to show off the quality of its pistes to the globe with the Downhill World Skiing Championships.

Many call St Anton the "birthplace of skiing".

Wood grouse, roe deer, snowshoe rabbit, fox
Hansi (deer), marmot (like a beaver)

It was the first alpine club of its kind set up over 100 years ago and these days, it's considered to be one of the best.

There are also 38 km of cross-country skiing runs, a fun park for snowboarders and even a toboggan run.

The only ones enjoying the snow will be the odd mountain goat right at the top of the mountains. It's not the skiing season you see.

But the region boasts some of the best mountain biking, paragliding and rafting you can get.

So the competitors won't be the only ones working up a sweat!

Contestants ready? St Anton certainly will be.

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