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Wednesday, 5 June, 2002, 10:56 GMT 11:56 UK

A Wright old mess

By Chris Charles
BBC Sport Online

Costa Rica's Mauricio Wright must have been a little puzzled when he heard his name ringing around the stadium after his goal against China.

In fact, he probably thought he was hearing things.

Because, according to the shirt on his back, he was in fact called Wrigth.

And it wasn't a typo - nor has he got dyslexic parents.

" My guess is spell it how you like "
Fifa official Keith Cooper

Wrigth was the name received by Fifa from the Costa Rican FA, so Wrigth is what he will be called throughout the tournament - even though it must have been obvious to all concerned that he isn't really.

Can you imagine Arsenal supporters of old chanting "Ian Wrigth, Wrigth, Wrigth"? Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

Not than you can imagine them chanting anything these days, mind.


Fifa's organisations director, Keith Cooper, admitted they knew Wright's name was spelt, er, right on his New England Revolution club top.

And even when an internet search revealed 2,440 references to Wright and just eight to Wrigth, Cooper - or Coorep to his friends - still concluded: "My guess is spell it how you like."

Can you imagine what would happen if everyone adopted that attitude?

Rivaldo, in the light of his play-acting shenanigans would become Rival-doh! with Frank LeBoeuf reverting to Le Oeuf, in view of his egg-like bonce.

In the England camp, Sol Campbell could quickly become known as Camp-bed if he continues to fall asleep at the back and if Michael Owen's goal drought continues, he might as well drop the 'O' altogether.

The Bayern Munich lad in the middle looks more like a Hairgreaves - or perhaps a Hergreaves - while either Cole could soon become Dole if fortunes do not improve.

Finally we have the walking wounded, Beckham and Dyer. The last time the skipper faced Argentina he became known as Deckham. this time it's more likely to be be Beckhome.

As for Dyer, if he doesn't get into this World Cup soon, his present moniker will serve him just fine.

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