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Thursday, 27 June, 2002, 16:59 GMT 17:59 UK

World Cup caption comp 3

Brazil beat Germany to win the World Cup. But who won the third World Cup Caption competition?

See below for the lucky recipient, who bags a goody bag for their witty words.

Four-time winners Brazil recorded a narrow 1-0 win over Turkey thanks to a superb strike from Ronaldo five minutes into the second half.

Turkey fought back well, but were unable to pierce the Brazilian defence which has been under intense critisism recently.

But who came up with the best caption to go with the Samba celebrations?

Congratulations to Graham Small of Wales, who wins with

Another case for Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Well done Graham! Your goody bag is on its way.

Would you like another sugar lump Mr Ed

OK now you've scored, try to get someone sent off!
Matt Martin,Singapore

Rivaldo: Hey! I'm up for best actor at next years Oscars...fancy going for leading lady?
Trev, UK

Rivaldo: "If you kiss me, I will kiss you back"
Moshood Adepoju, England

I'm sick of Ronaldo getting all the praise. Meet me outside his room tonight and bring your hair trimmer.
Steve B, Scotland

Rivaldo: "Between me and you, it was a cross right!?"
Rawan, UK

Are You Wearing Harmony Hairspray?
Steph, Scotland

Why Grandma! What great big teeth you have...
Ashley, England

Brunette in the bikini about 16 rows from the bottom, left of the peanut vendor!
Leroy, Canada

Make yourself scarce, Ronaldo wants his teeth back.
Gwyn Jones, Wales

I thought Rivaldo and Ronaldinho were footballers, not tonsil tennis players!
Paul, England

Rivaldo - "With your looks and my acting skills we can make it big in Hollywood"
Matt B, England

Another case for Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Graham Small, Wales

Yeah, a kiss and a hug is OK, but wait until I've actually scored a goal, will you?
Rob Falconer, Wales

You may look like Dwight Yorke with a mullet, but what the hell, I'll kiss you anyway...
Kevin Wallis, England

Have you been eating sushi again?
Rob Falconer, Wales

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