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Monday, 15 April, 2002, 15:01 GMT 16:01 UK

Talk about Costa Rica

Costa Rica narrowly fail to qualify for the knockout stages after Turkey edge them out on goal difference.

Can Costa Rica be pleased with their efforts?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

Costa Rica has a really great team. What a pity they started in a group with Brazil and Turkey (that were very lucky). Now I am fascinated with Costa Rican soccer and this country has my sympathy as well.
Petr Kopal, Czech republic

Costa Rica should have been beaten Turkey - the only poor game played by Turkey in the competition so far. However, Turkey were the better side in the group stages and hence went through.
Shehzad Akhtar, England

" Costa Rica are a great team - they deserved to go to the second round "
David, Spain

I love Costa Rica. Almost all their players play at home in their own leagues. For a country the size of West Virginia, with a population of less than 10 million people, the quality of their domestic football is outstanding. Italy, Brazil and Germany would be unlikely to do as well with equal resources.
Steve Connor, USA

Why hasn't anyone noticed Winston Parks? He is a fantastic young striker - I rate him ahead of his contemporaries, Gomez and Wanchope. His career hasn't taken off on the Udinese subs' bench and I really think that the 'smaller' European clubs in Scotland, Holland and Portugal should have a look at this lad.
Bartholomew, South Africa

Costa Rica are a great team - they deserved to go to the second round. Gilberto Martinez was amazing. I wish him good luck in Italy. Once again I congratulate the 'ticos' for their great team play.
David, Spain

" Heart, courage and team work is our key to success "
Manfred, Costa Rica

I am sad that Costa Rica did not make it to the second round. Their playing style was reminiscent of the French under Platini, but unfortunately the artistic style of playing is dying out.
Dan Sinha, USA

So the better team made it through! Are your boys back at home yet?
Misanthrope, Turkey

They played well, weren't afraid of a flamboyant Brazil, and in Gomez have an excellent striker - it's a big shame to lose them.
Christos, UK/Greece

Congratulations, ´ticos´, for the most entertaining match so far. Despite both sides' defence frailties, it was breathtaking. Costa Rica are a brave squad - it's sad they´re out and so many defensive sides, like Turkey, keep going on.
Ruy, Brazil

Costa Rica have shown that they can play hard with team work. We deserve to go through to the second round and show the world what we are really made of. Heart, courage and team work is our key to success.
Manfred, Costa Rica

" I am very proud of the mentality the Costa Rican team has displayed "
Francisco Wu, Costa Rica

Despite the 5-2 score line, Costa Rica did themselves great credit. Both sides could have got more if the finishing had been better. That this has been one of the most entertaining of the matches to date in the competition is due in part to Costa Rica's attacking play as well as the usual Brazilian flamboyance.
Alex B,UK

Turkey were lucky to escape with a draw, Costa Rica need to learn how to finish with more precision. So many wasted chances! Thank God for our coach, he sent in the right players to attack and they showed true heart.
Robert Soto,USA/Costa Rica

The Turkish players thought that Costa Rica´s team would be easy. Big mistake, the first thing that you have to learn is respect for your opponent. Turkey were very lucky Parks did not score a second goal just at the end of the game
Víctor Pérez Jr, Costa Rica

Although Rio and Sol were superb against Argentina for England surely the most impressive centre-half of the tournament so far has to be Mauricio Wright. He is awesome.
Richard Dean, England

Congratulations to a hard-working team from a tiny country, like mine, beating others who can draw on an enormous pool of talent!
Richard, Uruguay

" Until they get more clinical in their finishing they will remain a second-class team "
Jonathan Lambert, Costa Rica

Costa Rica were very lucky to draw. Wanchope is the big star of the team and yet his play and finishing were awful. He was left on and the only good players, Centeno, Lopez and Wallace were taken off.

Until they get more clinical in their finishing they will remain a second-class team. They should have won against Turkey and are now in real trouble with the Brazil game still to come.
Jonathan Lambert, Costa Rica

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