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Thursday, 11 April, 2002, 09:38 GMT 10:38 UK

Salute Brazil

Ronaldo bags a brace as Brazil defeat Germany 2-0 to secure a fifth World Cup.

Are Brazil worthy champions?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

Brazil was the best team during the World Cup and deserved to win. We played with respect and ability. Germany 2006, here we go!
Elena, Brazil

It was a real exciting game! Both teams played well, but no team was dominating constantly. The German team had their chances, but could not convert them.

Ronaldo's first match goal was not a pretty one, but made the break-through for Brazil. So I think, Brazil is the lucky winner, Germany the unfortunate looser. Congratulations to Brazil.
Martin, Germany

Well done to Brazil and Germany. It has been a long since we have seen a World Cup final as good as this. Congratulation to both teams.
Eduardo A Toth, Brazil

" They seem to have found the perfect mix between European organisation and South American flair "

Congratulations Brazil on your fifth title. I would like to thank you for giving us a great finish to what has been a brilliant World Cup. I salute all the players in the team that worked together to show everyone how individual stars can shine, but know when to work as a team.
Alex, England

Brazil have been a joy to watch throughout the World Cup. Not just flair, but their defence has also been strong, having only conceded one goal since the group stage.

They seem to have found the perfect mix between European organisation and South American flair.

All the Brazil players should be rated ten, they are the champions of the world!

" Brazil are simply the KINGS of soccer "

Brazil surely deserved it. In the biggest derby of the history of the World Cups, the green and yellow team showed why Brazil is the land of soccer.
Hermínio Pinho, Brazil

It seems being written off before the tournament has inspired Brazil to bring back the samba magic and entertain the world with pure fotballing artistry. They deserve it.
Junaideen Fahumy, Sri Lanka

Brazil are the absolute champions, they play football like no other. They were not the attacking team today but looking them play defiance was as beautiful as looking them play attack. Well done Brazil and thanks for the entertainment
Helen, Canada

In 1982 Brazil had the greatest team since 1970, and Italy was the Champion. This fact changed the way all countries played football, force instead of beauty. Now I hope the defeat of Germany will bring back the creativity and style to world football once again.
Roberto, Brazil

Brazil make worthy champions and reaffirm the dominance of the game by European and South American and their contrasting styles of play Germany's power-football versus Brazil's flamboyance.

" Now I hope the defeat of Germany will bring back the creativity and style to world football once again "

Today again, just as against Turkey, Brazil played more "German" than Germany. With a resilient, well-organised defense they waited for their chances to counter... and for opponents' mistakes.
David Kiltz, Germany

Brazil deserve their fifth World Cup without a doubt! Ronaldo proved to be the best striker in the world and he single-handedly delivered the World Cup to his home nation!
Osamah Alhaidry, Saudi Arabia

Brazil were brilliant - thoroughly deserved. But also credit to Germany for making it a truly excellent final. This has been a really good World Cup. Roll on Germany 2006!
Anthony, UK

A super result for a super team. I've enjoyed your silky skills throughout the tournament. Congratulations Brazil - it's time to party!
Dann, Australia

Brazil are simply the KINGS of soccer.

The raw talent of Brazil made up for what they could not achieve in '98. Great job to Brazil for an unprecedented fifth world championship. I hope that Voeller is kept as the German coach.

He brought that team up from the depths of that 5-1 loss to England to what it is now. And Oliver Kahn is to me a great keeper. If only he will play again in 2006. Who knows?
Frank, USA/Brasil

" Great to see the team who played attacking football win "
Paul O'Connor, Scotland

After all is said and done, the best team won! Thank you Brazil for an entertaining and exciting conclusion to this World Cup. Top marks to Germany for a valiant effort.
Steve, Canada

Great to see the team who played attacking football win. It is hard to beleive that this was the side who at one point were a doubt to qualify!
Paul O'Connor, Scotland

When I saw how Brazil overcame the early shock of the Michael Owen goal in their match against England, I began to tip them even though I was cautious due to the many surprises we have seen so far. I think they are real champions, they deserve the title.
Chidi Nwamadi, Nigeria

Brazil deserve to be world champions. They played football as it ought to be played. Plenty of individual skills and creative passing. Look at how they threaded passes through the supposedly strong German defence. Germany were predictable. Crosses into the Brazil penalty box for their strikers to head, but the Brazilian defenders played above themselves.
Chang Yi,Malaysia

You did a good analysis of the match. But I do not agree with your ratings: Rivaldo just 6/10 and Ronaldo a wholesome 9/10? Surely Ronaldo, being the only goal scorer deserves attention, but this is the limitation of football.

The goal scorer comes out as the hero, and those who set the ball for him are less seen. I agree with the rating for Ronaldo, and the following; Rivaldo 8/10, Roberto Carlos 8/10 and Ronaldinho 9/10. This is my modest analysis. Bravo to Brazil.
Chidi Nwamadi,Nigeria (writing from Jerusalem).


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