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Tuesday, 2 July, 2002, 07:51 GMT 08:51 UK
Battle for the Golden Ball
Germany's Oliver Kahn is voted the best player at the 2002 World Cup finals.

But who gets your vote?

This debate is now closed - A selection of your e-mails appear below.

Despite a blunder that gifted Ronaldo the first of his two-goals in the final, the 33-year-old Germany captain edged out Brazil's goal-scoring hero after a vote by journalists.

Kahn received 147 votes, 21 more than Ronaldo, and South Korea's captain Hong Myung-bo finished third with 108 votes.

Is Kahn a worthy winner of the award?

Based on best playmaker and the abulity to set up goals and score at the sametime, I would go for Rivaldo without any hesitation.
Kevin, Sri Lanka

I thought Hasan Sas was the player of the tournament - creative, energetic and skilful he was the lynchpin of an excellent Turkish side
Tom Howard, UK

Open Quote
One Brazilian who doesn't get a mention yet had an outstanding tournament was Cafu.
Close Quote
Stewart, UK
Undoubtedly a deserved award. He not only produced a number of match saving/winning performances, but he also captained (let's be honest here) an average team to a world cup final. I think the fact that they did so well is in a large part down to the bloody mindedness which he imparted into the side - that and the easiest draw you could possibly have dreamed of.
Ed,Germany - UK expat

Do you think Kahns winning could be anything to do with the prize being sponsored by adidas the brand he wears and not given to Ronaldo who wears their rival companies product, Nike?
David Bull, England

One Brazilian who doesn't get a mention yet had an outstanding tournament was Cafu. At the age of 32 (I think!). He had some brilliant performances and was probably the most consistent player of the tournament. He has expressed his wishes to match Pele's record of playing in 3 World Cup winning sides. I look forward to seeing him in Germany 2006. Good luck to him.

Well the three R's were excellent, but my two choices would be Ronaldo and Kahn. Ronaldo, not just for his world class form at this tournament, but also when you consider how long he has been of the international scene with injury, how he played seems even better.

Oliver Kahn also had an amazing tournament with some outstanding saves, such as against the USA. However, if anyone should get an award it is Japan and Korea as they have been outstanding hosts.
Mr Verney, United Kingdom

Germany would have been out against Cameroon without Kahn. He formed that team, but finally it was only Kahn who enabled Brazil to win!
Axel Schudak, Germany

David Seaman is a much better goalkeeper.
Sad and mad, England

I think Kahn only got the top number of votes out of sympathy, for letting in two goals and also people did not want Ronaldo to get a triple victory. He won the competition, got the Golden Boot, and it would have been nice to finish it off by giving him the Golden Ball as well.

Open Quote
Ronaldo created goals, scored goals & delighted the world with his incredible skills
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Steve,United Kingdom

Kahn played well to get an average Germany side to the final and pulled off some outstanding saves. But Ronaldo stood out as the best player, skill, power, pace, lethal finishing and unselfish. On top of all that he was only 80% fit and had only played 15 times in the last two years. What price now to try and buy him?
Mike, UK

David Seaman should have been voted the best player for his positive influence on British football for over a decade.
Laurel Hounslea,England

Kahn played very well but didn't deserve the award. Awards should never go to keepers. Ronaldo was the person that won the World Cup for Brazil. Ronaldo created goals, scored goals & delighted the world with his incredible skills. The journalists that voted for Kahn should not be football journalists!
Steve,United Kingdom

Ronaldo was by far the outstanding player of the tournament. Even if you take away his disappointment in '98 and his injury problems his performance stands out in this tournament. I am so happy for him because he has shown what hard work can achieve. He is a great role model as well as a great footballer (shame about the hair cut though!!).

Open Quote
Rio Ferdinand was the best player of 2002 World Cup
Close Quote
Daniel Wooler, England

Oliver Kahn was certainly the right person for this award. His performance was outstanding throughout the World Cup. He only conceded one goal in the World Cup before the final. It's indeed a great performance from a very determined and proud footballer. I congratulate him on his performance and being nominated the best player of the tournament.
Rehan Ghazi, Pakistan.

It's totally absurd. Perhaps it was just simply a consolation vote to give Oliver the Golden Ball because in no way was he truly outstanding. He simply did his job in guarding the goal mouth. I believe the winner of the Golden Ball should be the one who brings the sport into a whole new level - either in terms of skill, artistry, creativity or performance. The likes of Roberto Carlos and Cafu did that.
Jin Ghee, Singapore

Kahn was clearly the best keeper in the tournament. It is good to see that a goalkeeper is justly rewarded as they are so often overlooked, when it is clear they are as if not more important to the team than the more celebrated strikers.
Mark, England

Rio Ferdinand was the best player of 2002 World Cup.
Daniel Wooler, England

Open Quote
Cafu won the award that really counts
Close Quote
Aaron, England

My player of the tournament is Turkey's Basturk. He has a beautiful left foot and incredible vision. I am sure he is the reason Turkey progressed as far as they did. Even if he does look like a fat version of a young Tony Curtis!!
Mike Gibbs, England

I would give player of the tournament to Hakan Sas of Turkey, he tormented every defence he played against with his outstanding skill and vision and will surely be moving to one of the big three leagues.
Kevin Penter, England

Kahn is a worthy winner of the award. Just look at the team that he carried to the final! It would be nice to praise Cafu though, as he is constantly overshadowed by the praise that Roberto Carlos receives, yet is clearly a far better player. Anyway, Cafu won the award that really counts, the Jules Rimmet itself!
Aaron, England

Ronaldinho gets my vote by a wide margin. Always smiling even when sent off rather harshly (he should have been given a yellow though), never selfish with the ball (the team player), clearly the best 'ball passer' in the tournament setting up Ronaldo several times and that second goal against Seaman (one of the best keepers ever). Watch out for this quintessential (real gentleman and a noble role model) player.
Tobi Fayemiwo,Nigeria

Open Quote
Ronaldo's impact was far greater
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G Jones, England

Kahn has been brilliant and without him Germany would not have got to the finals. A magnificent keeper.
Kashif, Holland, originally England!

Ronaldo beat Kahn twice in one game. Kahn is very good, but clearly not as good as Ronaldo!

Kahn did have an impressive tournament, but Ronaldo's impact was far greater. Adidas were never going to give an award to someone so heavily endorsed by their main rival Nike though were they?
G Jones, England

Kahn was an excellent player throughout the World Cup. He was fair and sportsmanlike and he brought integrity to the game. I hope to see more players like this on the field!
Jennie Knowles, Japan

Open Quote
I'd give it to Ronaldinho
Close Quote
Stevie, Scotland

I really admire his leadership and character. He set a model for all football players, and for us.
Angela Lu, Taiwan, ROC

Damien Duff! Enough said.

Players like Ronaldo and Ronaldinho outsmarted him, after all Ronaldo the superstar used Kahn's great mistake of the tournament and scored the most influential goal of the final win. The problem is that the European football officials/journalists always dominate the voting system with their narrow/biased minded judgements of such prizes. I swear he really doesn't deserve it, after he made such a big mistake in a World Cup Final!

I'd give it to Ronaldinho for the simple reason that in scoring the goal of the tournament he also managed to put the most boring team in the tournament out!
Stevie, Scotland

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