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Friday, 28 June, 2002, 08:39 GMT 09:39 UK
Your World Cup dream team
England's Sol Campbell is included in the World Cup All-Star team
England's Sol Campbell is included in the World Cup All-Star team selected by Fifa's Technical Study group.

Who would top your wish list?

Fifa All Star team
Oliver Kahn (Germany)
Rustu Recber (Turkey)
Roberto Carlos (Brazil)
Sol Campbell (England)
Fernando Hierro (Spain)
Hong Myung-Bo (South Korea)
Alpay Ozalan (Turkey)
Michael Ballack (Germany)
Claudio Reyna (USA)
Rivaldo (Brazil)
Ronaldinho (Brazil)
Yoo Sang-Chul (South Korea)
Ronaldo (Brazil)
El Hadji Diouf (Senegal)
Hasan Sas (Turkey)
Miroslav Klose (Germany)

Despite an impressive display by England's Rio Ferdinand there is no place for him in Fifa's All-Star team.

World Cup Finalists Brazil are the best represented country, with defender Roberto Carlos joined by Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

Germany, Brazil's opponents in Sunday's final, have goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, Michael Ballack and Miroslav Klose in the final selection.

Are you a fan of Fifa's picks or have the best of the bunch been left out?

This debate is now closed - A selection of your e-mails appear below.

Rio Ferdinand deserved to be in the All-Star team way ahead of Campbell and Hierro. Campbell was average and Hierro gave away silly penalties and fouls. Also instead of Ozalan, Danny Mills should have made the team after he proved many people wrong with his outstanding performances .The rest I agree with.
Stuart Ingham-Smith, England

Only one thing to say: Where is Cafu?
Andrew York,UK

What's all this twaddle about Butt and Ferdinand? Give us a break please. More English whining after their pathetic, uninspired, dour and guileless World Cup performance. As for the All-Star team, Caludio Reyna over Yidilray Basturk? Sol Campbell over Chritoph Metzhelder? Ronaldinho over Damien Duff ?
Mike Buckley, Ireland

Campbell was a pillar the England defence, his defence in England's team at the World Cup must not be under estimated by those accusing of the selection. He was steady throughout the tournament. What else can you ask of him?
Ikey, Canada

Open Quote
All I saw from Roberto Carlos were mis-timed tackles, poor marking and a string of free kicks that were more at home in a school playground
Close Quote
Chris Barcroft, England
Sol Campbell was lucky to be on the all-star team. It is good we have someone to represent England but couldn't we have had the outstanding, towering Rio Ferdinand who was after all magnificent, challenged from the back, was clean, quick and the best England player of the tournament at only 23 years of age? Make him second choice captain not Owen.

Roberto Carlos and Rivaldo? You must be joking! All I saw from Roberto Carlos were mis-timed tackles, poor marking and a string of free kicks that were more at home in a school playground.As for Rivaldo, he does belong in a school playground. A total cheat whose childish antics do little to enhance the image of the game.If you ask me, this team has been selected on reputations rather than merit.
Chris Barcroft, England

It's a little strange that all the players in the list are from teams who reached the quarter-finals. There are individuals from teams who got knocked out earlier who still deserve credit. How about Denmark's Tomasson and Rommedahl, Ireland's Duff and Holland or Japan's Inamoto and Nakata?
Andy, England

Ferdinand turned in some of the most accomplished defensive displays in the whole tournament - how he has been overlooked is beyond understanding especially given the inclusion of Hierro.
Toby Headdon,England

Although I am happy for Reyna to get some overdue attention, I would say that Landon Donovan was more deserving. Landon started and played nearly every minute, playing several positions and he was by far the USA's best scoring threat. Also, Tony Sanneh could have easily been on the team. He was all over the field for the USA and played flawlessly.
Joe, USA

Open Quote
Rio was better than Sol by miles but this is just one of the many dubious choices
Close Quote
Steve,N. Ireland
It has to be a case of mistaken identity, Rio Ferdinand was much more impessive than Sol.
Neil Bailey, England

Where is Damien Duff? He was a genius for Ireland both up front and on the left side of midfield; just ask the Germans and Spanish how good he was!
seamus crossan, N. Ireland

What about Puyol of Spain? He was the most convincing right back. A rock - look how easily he tamed Seul gi Han of Korea, who'd terrorised Portugal and Italy! Damien Duff was a real pleasure to watch, he should be on the list. Oh, and Ferdy over Sol, and I'm an Arsenal fan. I liked Shay Given as well.
Tom, Japan

Rio was better than Sol by miles but this is just one of the many dubious choices. How can they leave out Duff, who has showed the world what a winger can really do? Surely, Given must also have been pushing for a goalkeepers place, I know the Turkish stopper had a good game against Brazil but what about the rest of the tournament?

Although Butt had a decent start he faded towards the end. Word of advice for Steve Brogan, Pele has made a career of tailoring his story for whoever he is talking to. Pele tells the Italians that Vieri was the best player in the tournament etc. etc.

However, all in all it is a case of the usual suspects, a few strange omissions but also good to see the surprise inclusions of both Turkish and South Korean players...they deserve it!
Steve,N. Ireland

Open Quote
Fifa must have watching another tournament
Close Quote
Phil Done, UK
I must say that it was surprising to see Sol ahead of Rio. I agree that overall these players have had good tournaments but FIFA have overlooked players like Duff, PB Diop, Raul and Umit Davala to name a few.

Seaman had a solid tournament up till the Brazil game but that was partly due to our strong back four. Kahn and Rustu have outperformed him with some great saves. I also think FIFA should nominate a manager of the tournament and it should be Gus Hiddink!
Fabienne Kangayan, England

The All-Star team is ok in all places except for Sol Campbell. Unbelievable. Has he relatives in FIFA?
styrbjorn, Sweden

The two I am pleased to see in there are Hong Myung-Bo and Aplay. Both have been in tremendous form for their respective countries.
Dave Spears, UK

Not one Irish player? A striker who scores four of his five against the weakest team in the World Cup, no Vieri or Butt? Roberto Carlos instead of Cafu? Cambell instead of Ferdinand? The list could go on, was this team just picked out of a hat?!!
Charles, England

Fifa must have watching another tournament!
Phil Done, UK

Matt Evans (below) is just a bitter Spurs fan. Personally, I think Sol played superbly and deserves his accolade!
Paul Clegg,England

Open Quote
Johan Mjalby of Sweden was the best central defender of this World Cup
Close Quote
Gerry, Malta
Unbelievable - an absolute joke. I can only assume Fifa got confused between Campbell and Ferdinand...The inclusion of Klose is bizarre; if we're rewarding people for putting the ball in the net against rubbish teams, then why not call it, ooh, I don't know, the Golden Boot?As most people will agree, Cafu should be in there, although I still think Carlos has had a good tournament.And finally, I would have liked to see Duff and Butt in the team.
Pete Bond, England

I think whoever voted for this team does not know the first thing about football. I don't want to sound biased but not having Damien Duff in a world 11 is crazy. He is by far the best winger in the world at present and how that has gone unnoticed. It baffles me!
Conor, Ireland

Johan Mjalby of Sweden was the best central defender of this World Cup. He was absolutely magnificent against Argentina and was dependable, professional and committed in each and every other game.
Gerry, Malta

Be happy with Sol's inclusion. It is not what the British say about Rio but what special observers' observe. Sol deserves a place in the Fifa All-Star team.
Bakary Keita, The Gambia

What were they thinking of? Sol Campbell, no doubt had a fantastic World Cup, and I would not want to argue about his right to be in the All-Star Team, but at the expense of Rio Ferdinand?

Rio has matured immensely since leaving West Ham, where he was prone to lapses of concentration, probably due to his not having any pressure on his place in the team. Now he has been able to prove his world class quality at the highest level.

Open Quote
I can't believe that Christian Vieri was not included
Close Quote
Charles, England
Not only was Rio faultless in England's games (mind you I can't believe he was awarded the Denmark goal) it was his finesse in coming forward, and calm control and composure in defence that no doubt gave Sol Campbell the confidence to play as well as he did. All-Star Sol? I can live with that, but no Ferdinand? Were they watching the same games?
Kevin Game, England

I can't believe that Christian Vieri was not included, he was the only one out of all the Italians that proved himself, and is in the top three strikers in the world. Hasan Sas may have had a good World cup but aren't strikers in the team to score lots of goals?
Charles, England

What about the WORST team of the World Cup? That would be great reading. Henry and Crespo up front, Veron, Zidane, Figo, Vieira in midfield, the brilliant Vitor Baia between the sticks and Janetti, Desailly, Nesta and Maldini in defence. NICE!Now why don't FIFA let the whole world have a giggle at the primadonnas of the World Cup and print such a team?
Damian Leonard, UK

Ferdinand was the star defender of the tournament. Why would Inter Milan be looking at him otherwise? I don't mean this horribly but Campbell was absolutely useless!

It seems strange to me that FIFA have selected the perpetrator of the biggest act of "simulation" in a tournament in which such an act was supposed to be the biggest sin not only in their All-Star team, but also as a candidate for player of the tournament.
Stuart Bromwich, England

No one seems to have pointed out the obvious - a team is supposed to have 11 players and not 16! Shouldn't it be called a squad instead? Chris Allison's school team would struggle against them as the All-Star team will have two people in goal!
Simon Butler, England

Open Quote
I would like to have seen Trevor Sinclair get a mention
Close Quote
Phil Ellis, England
An all star team without a single French, Italian or Argentine player? It would be interesting to see a pre-tournament all star team, I'd bet that only the Brazilians from the current team would be included.
Mike Stevenson, UK

How did Alpay make it, didn't he get sent off? Also meaning that he missed one of Turkey's games.
kc, UK

How can Sol get in the All-Star eleven and not Rio, if anything Sol is the weak link in England's back four. Just goes to show the suits (Fifa Technical group) that pick these teams know nothing, what's so technical about watching a player and deciding how well he played? Nothing, that's what!
Dave Williams,England

I would like to have seen Trevor Sinclair get a mention. Wonder how much this team would come to?
Phil Ellis, England

If anyone deserves to be in this team then it must be Marc Wilmots for Belgium. The goals he scored and how he ran the show and captained his team was second to none!
Nick Evans, UK

I'd agree with much of the selection, however, defensively Rio Ferdinand outclassed Sol Campbell and I would definitely include Cafu of Brazil above Alpay. Michael Ballack was impressive only occasionally and I believe he should be replaced by Inamoto of Japan who was tremendous.

Miroslav Klose benefited from lax defending in the Saudi game to raise his goal tally and when faced with tougher defenders, really struggled. Even though Raul missed the Korean game through injury, I believe he looked more threatening.
Mitchell, UK

Open Quote
I'm surprised that Brazil's goalkeeper Marcos didn't make the team
Close Quote
Fraser Speirs, Scotland
That is the worst mistake of the World Cup, Rio in my eyes is the best defender in the world, and he absolutely obliterated Nigeria's forwards with his pace. I can't remember one good thing that Sol did. Who is Hierro? That is wrong and I think that Rio knows he should be in the side. Pele said that Butt was the best player he had seen in the World Cup and Claudio Reyna gets in front of him! That makes no sense.
David Murdoch,Welsh/English

This sums up Fifa completely. Nicky Butt, David Seaman and Rio Ferdinand were absolute heroes for England and should easily have made it into that list. What about Robbie Keane for Ireland, he played as well as Hasan Sas if not better.
James Brooks, England

David Beckham should be in the team without a doubt!
Chris Ogden,England

I'm surprised that Brazil's goalkeeper Marcos didn't make the team. It's dogma in international football that Oliver Khan is the greatest keeper, but Marcos performed excellently against Belgium and Turkey.
Fraser Speirs, Scotland

The recent hospital spell Pele has spent has obviously clouded the great man's judgement. How can Sol Campbell possibly be included over Christoph Metzelder or even Gary Breen? Bizarre! Likewise for Claudio Reyna over Yildiray Basturk (the most creative midfielder I saw in the tournament) or even Marc Wilmots. A very strange selection indeed.
Mike Buckley,Ireland

Ronaldinho is a terrific player but has only played one good game; therefore I think Nicky Butt should have made the team. And Rio Ferdinand should be there at Roberto Carlos' expense.
Phillip, Australia

Open Quote
Fifa show their complete absence of any knowledge of the game yet again
Close Quote
Dave Whyte, UK
Change the record, I like FIFA didn't believe the hype about England either before or during the World Cup. In the aftermath it is easy to see why. A few class players in a mediocre team!

No argument with the goalkeepers, although Shay Given must have been pushing for a place. They are pretty much the usual suspects in defence and midfield. No surprise though that South Korea and Turkey feature though as both teams have been excellent.

Good to see Ronaldo back at the top and well in contention for the Golden Boot. I am a bit surprised though that Hasan Sas was chosen over Robbie Keane.

The 'aristocracy' of Europe (England, Spain, Italy, Portugal etc.) might like to note how far passion, bottle and determination will take you if you have some skill already in place.

Duff surely deserves a place. He was outstanding in every game he played.
Allan, UK

Fifa show their complete absence of any knowledge of the game yet again. Ferdinand presented himself for the first time on the world stage at this tournament, and did so exceptionally well.

Just when you think that Fifa can't surprise you any more, they (depressingly) go and do it again!
Dave Whyte, UK

Open Quote
I'd fancy my school team to beat that line-up
Close Quote
Chris Allison, England

It's a laughable decision to include Campbell in the team. He was the least impressive of all the England players and his lack of forward thinking, which Ferdinand has in abundance, resulted in two of the three goals that England conceded.

He performed much better than I expected, but how Fifa can include a player who cannot kick a ball adequately or accurately (penalty taker #11 in the England team says it all) is beyond my comprehension.
Matt Evans,England

I can't believe there is no place for Ferdinand. And is it just me, or is Roberto Carlos the most overrated player in the world? Klose has had a good World Cup, but if he ever scores another goal I'd be very surprised. Overall I'd fancy my school team to beat that line-up.
Chris Allison, England

All the players included in the All Star Team have had good tournaments. However, I cannot agree with the omission of Cafu and Rio Ferdinand, who have had great tournaments.

Open Quote
He may have played well, but putting Rivaldo in the team after his blatant play acting seems to send out the wrong message
Close Quote

Klose should not be in. He scored four of his five goals against Saudi Arabia, leaving one in his next five games. Rio proved himself to be the best defender in the world with his World Cup campaign, and is now a national hero.
Mark Owen, England

Perhaps they got confused between Sol and Rio? Don't know why none of Turkey's midfielders made it. Also would have thought that Vieri or Tomasson could have made it among the strikers.

Roberto Carlos makes it because he is Roberto Carlos, whereas real credit should go to Cafu who contributes more but tends to showboat less.
Phil, England

Sol Campbell.... you're having a laugh!!!
John Day,UK

Fifa were right that only one England player was outstanding in the tournament. It was a central defender, but it was not Campbell. Maybe Man Utd asked them not to put him in as it might add 10m to Rio's asking price?!
Nick, England

Open Quote
I almost feel embarrassed for Fifa
Close Quote
Tim, England

The Fifa committee need an appointment with the opticians. Obvious glaring omissions from the All-Star team include Nicky Butt and Rio Ferdinand. And even though he has scored five goals and is a hard working player, I don't think Klose should be in the squad.
Sam Lad, Wellingborough, England

He may have played well, but putting Rivaldo in the team after his blatant play acting (and the pitiful attempt at punishing him for it) seems to send out the wrong message. I would have thought that Inamoto would have been a better selection.

The inclusion of Sol Campbell in the squad, alongside Fifa's rankings, clearly shows they have lost the plot. How can a player with such poor distribution get into the team ahead of Rio Ferdinand, who is a far better reader of the game and defender after all? Good to see Hasan Sas in the squad - wasn't a fan before the World Cup, but he has been brilliant and deserves his place
Paul West,England

I just hope nobody really takes any notice of these bizarre selections by a so-called "technical committee". While Sol Campbell was generously giving the ball away and putting his team mates in trouble, Rio looked the complete defender - I almost feel embarrassed for Fifa.

Open Quote
I bet even Sol Campbell would admit that Rio had a better tournament
Close Quote
Mohammed Suliman, Saudi Arabia

Elsewhere, the inclusion of Roberto Carlos ahead of Turkey's Ergun suggests the committee are more interested in reputations than performances. Fortunately those who actually appreciate true footballing qualities will remember the genuine stars of this World Cup, and that is all that matters.
Tim, England

I think everyone agrees that Ferdinand should have been in the All-Star team, but I also think that Nicky Butt deserved to be there too - He was fantastic. My favourite player of the tournament has to be Hasan Sas; Turkey and Sas have been a revelation. England beware.
Peter Alexander, England

I bet even Sol Campbell would admit that Rio had a better tournament.
Mohammed Suliman, Saudi Arabia

I reckon Shay Given should have been on the goalkeepers' list - some of the saves he made during the World Cup were unbelievable.
Seamus Crossan, N Ireland

Rio should definitely have made it. And where is Cafu? He's been the best right back in the tournament. And what about Duff, the best winger in the tournament? As usual, Fifa have messed it up, but there's no surprise there.
Stephen, Belfast, Ireland

Open Quote
Technical study group? More like Fifa's not-so-technical Comedy Group
Close Quote
Steve Brogan, England

Rio Ferdinand was a far better player during the finals. He showed more composure on the ball, good reading of the game and better distribution. Sol Campbell continued to play too many long balls - particularly against Brazil.
Robin J. Boon, United Kingdom

The all-star team is absolutely fantastic. The composition is excellent and the choices fair, with the exception of Yoo Sang-Chul. Full credit to the Fifa technical Team, and kudos to the wise old men of football.
Maddy, Germany

My dream team:

1. Kahn
2. Cafu
3. Hierro
4. Ferdinand
5. Alpay
6. Butt
7. Sang-Chul
8. Ronaldinho
9. Ronaldo
10. Rivaldo
11. Duff.
Stu, England

What an absolute joke! Technical study group? More like Fifa's not-so-technical Comedy Group. Campbell gets in, but Ferdinand, easily the best defender in the tournament, doesn't! And according to Pele, Nicky Butt was the best player in the tournament, but he didn't get in either!

Perhaps they ought to get people who actually watched the World Cup to decide, or at least listen to some ex-great footballers, like Pele, who know a thing or two about the game!
Steve Brogan, England

I think it is good that Sol has some recognition. Even though I am a Spurs fan, he deserves this. Just because of Rio's goal against Denmark everyone thinks he is the best defender in the world.

I think it's wrong what Sol did to Spurs, but fair play to him - he is a top quality player.

Campbell? Are they having a laugh? To include Campbell and leave out Ferdinand and Butt is just crazy. It just shows the state of play and the politics involved in world football today.
Steve, England

No Ferdinand? How can you not have a place for the tournament's best defender, and the only real plus point in the competition? And if Claudio Reyna can make it, then Nicky Butt should definitely be in.
Van Martin,England

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