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Saturday, 22 June, 2002, 10:13 GMT 11:13 UK
Should Seaman quit England?
David Seaman apologises to the nation after his mistake against Brazil sends England crashing out of the World Cup.

Should Seaman hang up his England gloves?
  9972 Votes Cast

Results are indicative and may not reflect public opinion


Is Seaman still England's best bet between the sticks?

This debate is now closed - A selection of your e-mails appear below.

Seaman should not retire. My friends at school started crying when they heard he might. Also, my Mum says football is a team game and each team member shares the good bits and the bad bits. His back was hurt and he had to really stretch for the last save!
Lily Ruddick, UK

I think Seaman should stay in the team. He has always been an excellent goalie, and I would be pleased to see him in Portugal 2004.

Seaman has done a marvellous job throughout the whole tournament. I simply don't understand why he apologised. Without him, England would have gone home far earlier.
Eugene, S. Korea

Open Quote
He should resign to make way for a younger keeper with a future
Close Quote
John Godfrey, Australia
David has been superb throughout his International career and it would be disappointing for both himself and England if this was the end of it.
Michael Thompson, England

Seaman has had a great career but he should give way now to a younger keeper who can gain experience in time for the next World Cup. I saw Robinson in Zurich during the U21 European championships and he was awesome. England would be stupid not to use his services in the senior team.
Peter, Switzerland

David Seaman should not quit. He has been fantastic throughout qualifying and the World Cup, not to mention previous tournaments. It would be such a shame for a player of his class to bow out on such a low.
Herman Rushdy, England

David is one of the all-time great goalies; he has been fantastic for Arsenal and England this season and it would be very unfortunate if he was to retire now and be remembered for that "error". No goalkeeper could have expected Ronaldinho's fluke goal, which was clearly not an intended shot.
EJP, England

Seaman is a good shot-stopper but has the agility of a heavily pregnant water buffalo. He should resign to make way for a younger keeper with a future.
John Godfrey, Australia

Open Quote
I can't believe he even apologised - why should he?
Close Quote
It is interesting to note that the majority of people that want Seaman to quit are from counties other than England. That in itself says plenty!
Mike, England

There is a fine line between a lucky strike and a goalkeeping error. As always, Seaman proved himself to be invaluable throughout a campaign. Brilliant saves against Sweden kept England from an earlier trip home. Heroes are more than haircuts!
Dominic Sinnott, Germany

Seaman has been a great pillar for England, but now is a good time for him to stand down gracefully.
Banos, UK

I can't believe he even apologised - why should he? Let's face it, from the group of death we did well to get as far as we did. England should have welcomed their players home with open arms and not forced an apology out of one man. You win as a team, you lose as a team.

Seaman should think about retiring soon as England need to focus on giving his replacement the needed training and experience before Germany 2006 and possibly even Euro 2004.England coped when Peter Shilton left and there will be life after David.
Melanie, New Zealand

Open Quote
The goal scored by Ronaldinho was phenomenal, no keeper would have stopped it
Close Quote
Raj, England
I don't think he should quit. He was one of the best goalkeepers in this World Cup. Everyone makes mistakes and I for one want to see him play in 2006!
Miky, Japan

I can't believe how easily everyone has forgotten some of the saves he has made to keep us in the World Cup, or even to get us there. Remember when England were 1-0 down to Germany the amazing save he made, the last minute reflex save against Finland to keep the score 2-1, the point blank shot against Sweden?

Every player on the England side made some sort of mistake during the World Cup, unfortunately Seaman's will be remembered as he was punished for his!
Bryan Dobson, England

Seaman has to go, Ronaldinho made him look old. If experience was the only factor England would play Bob Wilson in goal.
Marcel, Holland

Certainly not, Seaman has been one of the keepers of the tournament. The goal scored by Ronaldinho was phenomenal, no keeper would have stopped it. I feel he has at least another two years left.
Raj, England

Open Quote
David Seaman was the best player that England fielded
Close Quote
Ken Speak, England.
He has done a good job for England but we have to be honest, he showed his age with the "Seaman Siesta" (my term for it) against Brazil. A younger keeper may have been more alert and, in most cases, would have had the physical edge to tip such a ball over the crossbar for a corner.
Hugh MacCamley, Brunei

David Seaman was superb for us during the whole tournament - after all, we only conceded three goals in total. His overall contribution to our effort was immense - you can see how confident he made our defenders from their excellent displays as well.

I think he positioned himself correctly for the free kick - if it had been floated in and they had scored, he would have been blamed for that. It was probably a freak goal and no other goalie on the world, including Kahn, would have saved it. Keep going, David, you're undoubtedly still the best English keeper and with you we can win Euro 2004.
Paul Jackson,England

David Seaman was the best player that England fielded. He was professional at all times - there is not a goal-keeper alive that could have done any better. Stop finding excuses for a very mediocre England team. He and Ferdinand were the main stays for the team, but for them there was no point in going to Japan!!!
Ken Speak,England.

Seaman has been the best English keeper for 10 years. His mistake is not the main reason for the loss.

Open Quote
David Seaman is probably the best goal keeper since the great Gordon Banks
Close Quote
Terry Cousins, UK
Of course David should not quit. He should at least see England through to success in Portugal in 2004. If he does he will end his career a fulfilled man.

Seaman has been a mountain for England. Did Beckham quit in 1998? No. Did Pearce quit after his penalty miss? No, he came back and took another. Carry on David, your glory is only two years away.
Terry Killeavy,England

David Seaman is probably the best goal keeper since the great Gordon Banks. He should be a part of the next European cup plan, so some new blood can slowly step into his shoes.
Terry Cousins, UK

David is one of the all time great England keepers, but at 38 we need to be looking at replacements and I don't mean Martyn (again, too old) or James (please, not calamity James) but the younger generation, Richard Wright and Chris Kirkland.
Michael, UK

No one could foresee were that free kick was going. David Seamen has been a great asset for both England and Arsenal, and should be remembered for that. But his time would have come sooner rather than later anyway so maybe its time to move youth in for the future.
James, England

I don't quit understand what's so good about David Seaman. Alright, he has a lot of experience and won many trophies. But hasn't he had a great defence in front of him during his glory years, both with Arsenal and the English team?! I truly think that when young, inexperienced goalkeepers like Robinson are given the change during the qualification rounds, they will perform at least as good as Seaman did!
Rai Bakker, Holland

Open Quote
It is not Seaman's fault at all, and he has nothing to apologize for
Close Quote
Francesco Gianni, Italy
At least Seaman has apologised. How about a bit of humility from the rest of a team incapable of keeping possession for more than three passes? Even the pass for England's goal went to a defender, who was so surprised he couldn't control it (all credit to Owen for taking full advantage, though.)

Seaman made one major mistake in five matches. He shouldn't take the blame when the whole team lacked inspiration.
Charles Wilson, France

I don't think David Seaman should quit because it was one mistake. Everyone makes mistakes and he is the best keeper since Peter Shilton in 1990.
Richard Dwight, United Kingdom

David Seaman has served England and Arsenal for so many years with passion, loyalty and dependability that for him to quit over a mistake would do the game of football a disservice. After all he helped us get to the World Cup in the first place. Keep going, brave Dave.
Tom Lithgow, Tanzania

That was pure genius from Ronaldinho, it is not Seaman's fault at all, and he has nothing to apologize for.
Francesco Gianni, Italy

Open Quote
You win as a team and you lose as a team, no one should blame one man
Close Quote
Jim, Canada/England
Seaman's a great goalkeeper!! If he doesn't want to play in the next World Cup, he could help train the next goalkeeper...that is...IF England can find a goalkeeper as good as Seaman!!

Seaman's done a very good job!! He should not quit the team now...because if he does, the whole world will think of him as a sore loser that cannot get back on his feet once losing a matter how much he apologizes, the only way he can make it back to the fans is by winning the next game!!
Nadia, Australia

You were a good keeper, Seaman.All of Korea will remember you as a good player...don't worry about it anymore, the only thing you have to remember is that we're your overseas fans!
Choi,South Korea

I am surprised that you even ask such a question. You win as a team and you lose as a team, no one should blame one man.
Jim, Canada/England

He has been good but not brilliant. The problem is that he is way past his sell by date and there is nobody to follow him or even replace him should he be injured. England need maybe two or three keepers in the pipeline to provide cover.
Roger Feldman,Sweden

Open Quote
I would have favoured Flowers in France '98 and Martyn now
Close Quote
Keith, England
David should be allowed to retire on a high; therefore we should stick by him for Euro 2004. Perhaps the best option would be to keep him in the squad as first choice keeper, but start playing a new face more regularly.

That way we get a transition period where England still get the benefits of one of our greatest ever goalkeepers, whilst our next first-choice keeper picks up experience in the 'easier' games. Stay with us David! Your experience is invaluable!
Timmy G, England

Seaman has been the goalie of choice for a succession of England managers, but I would have favoured Flowers in France '98 and Martyn now.
Keith, England

He can only get better. Fair enough he made a small mistake in the Brazil game, but I don't think it cost them the game. When you have 70+ caps, you're bound to make a mistake here and there, besides, you can't put a price on experience, and I think it's safe to say that Seaman has the most.
John Williams, England

David Seaman has been an outstanding keeper for England and without him we would have been knocked out in the group games. However, for the simple reason that it is time to start thinking of his replacement (he is 38 after all), we need to begin looking at the pretenders to the throne to see who will succeed him.

Therefore, I personally think the time is now right for David to retire from international football, but not because he is a bad keeper or because of this "mistake". I'm sure he will continue to be an excellent keeper at club level for a few years yet.

Just remember that one mistake does not make him a bad keeper - if that was the case then he'd have retired a few years ago after the "Nayim from the halfway line" incident. Nobody is perfect, and unfortunately for David old father time catches up with us all.
Mark T,England

Open Quote
Seaman has had a fine career but David James' time is now
Close Quote
Nira Chamberlain, UK
Of course Seaman should go, he was going to anyway. He's been a tower for us, and it's unfortunate that he's leaving on a low note, but now is the time. We need to build for the future, look what happened to France!In the long run Seaman will be remembered as the great keeper that he is. Thanks David!
Joseph, England

Without Seaman, England wouldn't have gotten as far as they did. He should definitely stay on the team!

I think that David Seaman should play in the 2006 World Cup. England will never win it with a 42 year old between the sticks.
Mike, Scotland

David Seaman is the best and he should be remembered for this. He is probably doing a good job of beating himself up over the defeat against Brazil and certainly does not need punishment from 'the great sporting nation'. Could anyone else have done better?
Sue, England

I am glad that the sensible majority are supporting David Seaman. Nothing more to say other than he is far and away the best keeper in England, and that comes from a Spurs supporter. Wish we had him at White Hart Lane!
Alan Kendall, England

Seaman has had a fine career but David James' time is now! He would have saved the 'fluke' shot. David James' athleticism is the future of English goalkeeping! No bendy banana shot would go past him. Come on England, show faith in DJ, he will not let the country down!
Nira Chamberlain, UK

Seaman is 38 so by 2006 he will not be interested in coming out for his country. Basically, all we are asking is, shall we allow Seaman to resign with dignity? Well the answer is YES. He has done very well for England and he deserves to be honoured, not forgiven. He has made no mistakes as a footballer. Obviously he was not given a red card for bad conduct!!

Open Quote
Big Dave has been absolutely brilliant for England over the last 15 years
Close Quote
Phil, England
David Seaman is the best keeper in the World and showed it in this tournament. He kept us in it with a number of fantastic saves, the best saves of the World Cup so far. The team lost the game, when we pass the ball around to feet and keep possession we can out play any team but we never do that in the second half of many games and that is when we need to.
Simon, England

David Seaman only made a mistake if you agree that Ronaldinho's free kick was a shot and not a mis-hit cross. It wasn't, it was a fluke. No striker would attempt to score from there when he could put the ball into the penalty area and hopefully onto Ronaldo's head. If that had happened and Seaman had stayed on his line, then that would have been a mistake. Coming out for the expected cross was the correct decision. Play on David, play on.
Dean Lawrence, England

I feel sad for David Seamen, he was beaten by a great free kick and should not be blamed for that. However a goalkeeper's greatest assets are his reflexes and agility and I think at 38 he it's time to make way for a younger keeper.
Kevin Myers, UK

Big Dave has been absolutely brilliant for England over the last 15 years, a match saver on uncountable occasions and a true ambassador for all things good about English football. He has been a star virtually without equal.

That said, it is time for him to move aside in plenty of time for a younger keeper to establish himself well before the Euro championships in 2004. Seaman will be 40 by then, and whilst he is still fit today - who knows what will happen over the next 2 years? Give young Paul Robinson and Richard Wright the opportunity to break into the squad - I think Robinson in particular could be the next David Seaman.
Phil, England

Open Quote
Seaman is the best goal keeper I have ever seen
Close Quote
Jennifer Dadds,Australia
I think one needs little bit of self-criticism as well, instead of only back-patting which seems to be going on all the time around the English team. No doubt, they had a good World Cup. But Seaman's mistake was outrageous. It's absolutely hilarious to term it a freak goal in order to hide his mistake.
Stuart Pringle, England

If every player felt they should apologise publicly and then consider quitting after a mistake, then football would be nothing but apologies. Football is a team effort and there is no way Seaman is to blame for England going out. The whole team did nothing to keep us in the game in the second half. Seaman is an inspiration to the team, especially the back few, and they rely upon him.
Rachel, UK

I think he should hang up his boots; we need to get more young players into the squad, like Richard Wright. I don't think Nigel Martyn or David James are good enough either.
Jason Mitchell, Canada

He has done a good job, and I'd like to watch him play in 4 years in Germany.
Makiko Morioka,Japan

Seaman is the best goal keeper I have ever seen, and this was shown in this World Cup. I think he should keep being England's goalie and, like Beckham, in 2006 prove to himself and the world that he is the best.
Jennifer Dadds,Australia

Open Quote
Surely one goal could not represent a player's entire career
Close Quote
Jon Blanthorn, Canada
Seaman deserves a medal for his gamesmanship if not for his sportsmanship, unlike some other teams who lost and made a bucket load of excuses ranging from bad balls to bad refs, Mr. Seaman assumed responsibility for something that was NOT even his fault!

Seaman played a great game against tough opposition. No, there is no need to apologize at all. Seaman as well as the English team is a model of sportsmanship. I think the Italians and Spaniards should learn from the spirit shown by Seaman. There is always 2006!
William Ting,Taiwan

Of course Seaman shouldn't quit. It's the nature of sports that those moments occur and surely one goal could not represent a player's entire career. Seaman is a fantastic player and sportsman, and England should be proud that with his expertise in the previous games they were allowed to progress as far as they did.
Jon Blanthorn, Canada

David Seaman unquestionably remains one of the best keepers in the world. His tenacity complements his talent. I believe that England could well be considered favourites to win the European Championships in 2004 and their chances will be boosted with David Seaman in the side.
Richard Steel,USA

I just watched the highlights of the Brazil game yesterday. The free kick by Ronaldinho was the best I've ever seen. There is no chance it was a fluke or a mis-kick. It wasn't anywhere near the Brazil forward and was perfectly weighted to go into the top corner. I believe if Seaman had been standing on his line he still couldn't have saved it. Typical English fans rounding on your heroes when things get tough.
Brian, Ireland

Open Quote
Seaman's mistake didn't cost England the match
Close Quote
Arindam Sinha,Singapore
For sure, he shouldn't be number one. I think Martyn deserves to be number one, unless England offers Oliver Khan a citizenship and he can play for England!
N Hanna, New Zealand

David Seaman kept England in the competition till the quarter final. Seaman's mistake didn't cost England the match. The inability of the others to score in the last 33 minutes, with one man up, did.
Arindam Sinha,Singapore

If Seaman must go, then let rest of the team that failed to score against ten men, precede him. That was not a shot any human being playing in those circumstances could have stopped...observe it again if you doubt me.
Nawoni Saisi, Kenya

Doesn't matter what we say here, Seaman has already gone. And we all lie to ourselves trying to say that it wasn't his fault. Of course it was. We also might like Seaman but speaking frankly I would say that Oliver Khan is the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment.

Open Quote
No goalkeeper in the world could have saved that free kick against Brazil
Close Quote
Andrew Massiah,England
In 2006, Seaman at 42 will probably still be better than anyone else England can muster up.

In my opinion David Seaman is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. After all everyone is a human being and come on let's face it, if he has to make an apology what about the rest of the team, they didn't play at all in the second half. It wasn't the England of the other games. Anyway well done guys, we're proud of you.
Laura Galea, Malta

David should ignore suggestions that he should quit. He should just let the comments go over his head!
Den, England

Seaman's time is over. With all due respect, he deserves retirement. He's done so much for English football, but if he had stepped back before this World Cup, England could have faced Germany in the final.
Andreas, Germany

David is the best keeper, not only in England, but the World, at 39 next birthday he will become even fitter and will lead Arsenal to yet another double. No goalkeeper in the world could have saved that free kick against Brazil, not even Peter Shilton or Gordon Banks.

Let's all get behind Seaman, he has nothing to apologise for as he is, and will be, the best for a couple of more years. Well done David.Andrew
Andrew Massiah,England

Seaman's whole effort during World Cup 2002, including qualifying, was second to none and I don't think he was wrong in positioning himself where he was. Any dead ball player would have thought Ronaldinho's effort would have never have gone in.Come back England's No 1.I only hope Dave is reading all these positive comments.
Mark Kent, England

Open Quote
Everybody makes mistakes. David we love you
Close Quote
Vera Woudstra, The Netherlands
Seaman is a great keeper and if either Nigel Martyn or David James played in this World Cup we would probably not have made it out of the group stages!
Jonny, England

Seaman should not quit. The rest of the team had the last 30 minutes of the match to score a goal and they didn't do it. It's not only Seaman's fault. The entire English team got beaten.

Yes, he should, but not because he has let his country down. He has been an absolute star for his country, and I don't think it was his fault Ronaldinho scored anyway, it was just sheer excellence from the Brazilian.

My reasoning behind saying he should quit is that it's time for a new, younger face - after all, by the time Euro 2004 is upon us, Seaman will be 40-odd!
Glen, England

He should definitely not quit.He's one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Everybody makes mistakes. David we love you.
Vera Woudstra, The Netherlands

David Seaman is still the best we have. He is a shot stopper and his presence has such a positive effect on those in the defence, just read what the defenders have said on that subject. He is on the same par as Banks and Shilton at their best. Let him make up his own mind about his future without all the pressure. Seaman is not to blame.
George, England

Age had nothing to do with Seaman's "mistake". Seaman had good reason to position himself as he did and was only beaten by a perfectly placed ball.

Every keeper believes he should save every shot, or we wouldn't want him. Seaman's apology was only a sign of intense disappointment by an intensely competitive man.
David, US

Open Quote
I think Seaman was the best keeper in the World Cup
Close Quote
David Skimming, Scotland
Seaman is human after all. Who doesn't make mistakes? He had done his best for England but unfortunately, because of one terrible mistake, he had to shoulder the blame all by himself. Surely all the players are to be blame too for not taking advantage of the situation of having to play with only 10 men after the sending off of Ronaldinho?
Jamie Wang,Singapore

I think Seaman was the best keeper in the World Cup and he was unlucky not to save the great Ronaldinho goal.
David Skimming, Scotland

I don't think people should blame David at all, he has had a fantastic World Cup making some crucial world class saves, the one against Argentina springs to mind as well as the save against Sweden when it was 1-1.

It looked like he wasn't even going to make the World Cup - with his injury in the season but he came back and had a great World Cup. David to me your still a good keeper, don't blame yourself and more importantly don't quit while you're still the best.
Keith, England

David Seaman is the best keeper in the world at the monment. He has been England's final line of defence for 10 years, performing an excellent job. We would not of made the second round of the World Cup if Seaman was not playing.

Open Quote
Many goal keepers have made worse mistakes than his
Close Quote
Sylvester Bwembya, Zambia
ANYONE who says he makes too many mistakes, doesn't know a thing about football.
David Miller, England

It is not right to quit England just because of that goal. Many goal keepers have made worse mistakes than his.
Sylvester Bwembya, Zambia

Stay on David. Those shouting for his departure will be the first to ask for him when "Calamity James" lets in even worse howlers.
George "Keegan", Kenya

Seaman should definitely hang up his England gloves. He is too old to compete in the European championship in 2004, let alone Deutschland 2006. In time he'll be remembered for his skills, not his lapses, but it is time for him to make way.
Peter Fearon, England

He should not hang up his gloves! Seaman's fight and play moved all the Japanese. Please don't blame him. He was really the other captain of England.
Yuko Suzuki, Japan

Open Quote
Seaman's fight and play moved all the Japanese. Please don't blame him
Close Quote
Yuko Suzuki, Japan
David Seaman is a reassuring rock in England's defence. He should retire after the Euro 2004 championships at the age of 40 which gives England two years to find a suitable replacement. We are all geniuses in hindsight, but he should have been replaced after that shocking fall a few minutes before Brazil equalized, he was still clearly shaken and this was one time where his age went against him.
Dean Knoote,Australia

Those who think that Seaman could have routinely stopped a brilliantly placed shot by one of Brazil's most talented players should remember their own most difficult challenge ever in the workplace and then show a little compassion. Seaman is a fine keeper with nothing to be ashamed of.
Jim, USA

The truth is that there is a dearth of world-class goalkeepers in England right now, and Seaman is the best that's there, although he makes more errors now than he used to.

Seaman made an error, certainly, but the whole England team looked quite witless beside Brazil, who are a good but not a great team.
Nellie Murphy, Singapore

Open Quote
We've got the European qualifiers to think of very soon, and it seems right for him to stand down, whilst at the peak of his career.
Close Quote
Neil, UK

It's insane to blame Seaman these things happen and he was just unlucky. To me hanging up his gloves isn't even an option, he's a great keeper and the double with Arsenal proves that. It was brave in my opinion to make an apology that clearly wasn't needed. Don't quit Dave we still love you!!!
Nigel Hall, England

No need for apologies - Seaman's a great goalie with a few more years in him yet. The goals scored by Rivaldo and Ronaldinho possibly say more about the talents of those players, or point out gaps in the English defence. Why should Seaman shoulder the blame entirely?

While the Brazilian squad may not be the 'dream team' of old, they've most definitely got the edge over the others. If England had faced anyone else, we'd be seeing them in the finals - almost certainly against Brazil. Chins up, chaps!
Susanne, Hong Kong

David Seaman is a legend, and his contribution to English football is enormous. His one 'mistake' against Brazil is outweighed by the countless times he's kept England in matches with awesome saves.

We've got the European qualifiers to think of very soon, and it seems right for him to stand down, whilst at the peak of his career. The next England goalkeeper has a tough act to follow.
Neil, UK

Open Quote
It was a dreadful mistake, and he's got to go. What if he makes the same mess of it next time as well?
Close Quote
Paul, San Francisco

David has made fewer mistakes than anyone else how miserable to suggest that he should resign. He is a fine keeper.
Arthur Shorthouse, Australia

Seaman has been the tireless & dependable backbone of England for as long as I can remember. Keep on the good work but do get the other goalies more exposure. Age marches on mercilessly and good as he is now, in 2006 new blood must be there. A salute to a good soldier.
Bock, Malaysia

Seaman is the world's greatest - we have lost count of the number of times he has saved the game! The whole team was responsible for the lethargic showing against Brazil!
Rod Garr, USA

Seaman has provided some absolutely brilliant saves and he is probably the best player England has! To my mind he is one of the best keepers in the world and ranks up there with other English legends like Gordon Banks. If it weren't for Seaman, England would have been out of the cup well before the Brazil game.
Bob Askew,New Zealand

It was a dreadful mistake, and he's got to go. What if he makes the same mess of it next time as well?
Alfred Krenelka, UK

Open Quote
We need his experience and talent to qualify for Euro 200
Close Quote
Paul, San Francisco,

Seaman in his prime was world class. But he is no longer at that level. A 6'4" goalie should not be beaten over his head from 6' off of his line. Kahn, Buffon, Cavillas are clearly in another class as shot stoppers. No doubt his positioning and organization are first rate but to me a goalie's prime attributes have to be reflexes and agility.

I couldn't help but think of Patty Bonner after the game, eerily similar circumstances.
Neil, Canada

David Seaman should not be allowed to quit. He owes it to England fans the world over and to his career story to bounce back from letting in what I thought was an audacious but brilliantly executed free kick. We need his experience and talent to qualify for Euro 2004.
Paul, San Francisco, US

I would love to see Nigel Martyn between England's goalposts. I also still wonder whether the injury Seaman sustained prevented him stretching for the Brazilian equaliser. But Seaman had a fantastic World Cup, marred by a lucky goal.

England could have scored twice in the half an hour they played against 10 men, but didn't. England needs Seaman, for his goal-keeping and his experience in a very young and promising England side.
Paul, Manchester, England

Open Quote
If only the rest of the England team would make as few mistakes as David Seaman, the World Cup would easily be ours
Close Quote
Bruian Driver, Wales

No one should really blame David Seaman. In my opinion, he's still the world's best whatever happened against Brazil. On the day, it was all the players who didn't perform as well as we wished and so we lost. No one should really blame just one figure for something that wasn't his fault, especially that Seaman has served club & country greatly. DON'T QUIT DAVID STAY FOR EURO 2004.
Asser Ghozlan, United Kingdom

Don`t hang your gloves up yet Seaman. You are the greatest goalie in the world. Without you we would not have got this far. Remember all the great saves you have made for England. No apology is needed

If only the rest of the England team would make as few mistakes as David Seaman, the World Cup would easily be ours. Stay with it David, you did NOT let us down.
Brian Driver, Wales

Seaman was instrumental in allowing England to qualify for WC2002 and progress as far as the quarter-finals. His saves against Germany and Greece in qualifying, and most recently against Argentina were World class.

Open Quote
He does not need to apologise to the nation for the mistake
Close Quote
Indra Sharma, England
Furthermore, his stature and experience provided the young and in-experienced defence in front of him with the confidence and leadership they needed.He is still head and shoulders above any other English goalie and, in my opinion, he remains one of the best 'keepers in the world.
Phill, England

In my opinion David Seaman is one of the best goalies that England has ever had. He should definitely not quit. Yes, he made a mistake, but he's only human! He cannot and must not be blamed for England's defeat. After all, the team lost, and Seaman is not the only player on the side!
Tabitha Collins, England

One misjudged goal cannot undermine Seaman's ability. What about all the saves he made which got us as far as we did. He does not need to apologise to the nation for the mistake.
Indra Sharma, England

Just because he made one mistake, shouldn't mean he should quit! You see players like David Beckham make mistakes, and no one tells him that he should quit England! Come on people, use common sense!
Mattieo, USA

Open Quote
Seaman was only partially to blame for the error, but he is now reaching the end of the road
Close Quote
Tommy Marsh, UK
No apology by Seaman is necessary. Brazil should instead apologise for an utterly uninspiring performance. Brazil were boring, I was snoring, and the overrated three R's weren't scoring (not real goals!...)
Oliver Haller, Germany

Absolutely not! Seaman had played a wonderful game... worthy of being considered among the best keepers in the world today! Who could replace him?

It is about time we looked for some young goalkeepers and started training them now for future European and World cup games. Seaman was only partially to blame for the error, but he is now reaching the end of the road. He has given great service for many years, but now let him coach a couple of young keepers, to carry on his legacy.
Tommy Marsh, UK

If David wants to stay on, he should. There was a one in a thousand chance that shot would go in, if it was a shot. But it should be his choice alone- if he has had enough now of putting himself on the line, then we should let him go.

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Seaman is not 'safe hands' at all - he is occasionally no hands!
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David, England
To talk about 2006 just to be let down again is ridiculous. It's a long time to wait for failure.
Sven Svensson, England

David Seaman should definitely not quit the England team because he is still the number one. He has been a great servant for England over the years and he has still something to offer to them in the future.
Robin Jansen,Holland

Seaman has been an excellent servant to England. Errors have been few and far between whilst he continually proved his critics wrong.

Nonetheless now it is time to call it a day. Perhaps he could have a coaching post as I'm sure his experience would be valuable to up and coming youngsters such as Kirkland, Robinson etc. Well done Seaman!
David, UK

He's still the best keeper this country has, and until David James stops making ludicrous mistakes, he'll remain so.
George, UK

Seaman is not 'safe hands' at all - he is occasionally no hands! The Brazil episode is not the first time he has failed to protect his goal - the first rule of goalkeeping.
David, England

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He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he should not be disheartened
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Omer, Iqbal

David Seaman continues to be the best goalkeeper we have. Give him a break. The bottom line is that the out field players left their brains in the dressing room at half time as did the manager. They did not have a clue how to penetrate the Brazilian defence with 11 or even 10 players.
L Wilton, UK

I believe Seamen was completely at fault for England's early exit to Brazil. He is way past his peak and it showed because he wasn't able to get back in time and save the 'freak' shot.

Why on earth was David James, who is clearly the country's best keeper, not given a chance??
Keith, UK, UK

He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he should not be disheartened. He should compose himself again for the European Cup and the next World Cup 2006.
Omer Iqbal, Pakistan

David Seaman is the best goalkeeper I have ever seen. He saved his team from numerous dangerous times. The second goal scored by Brazil was not his fault. If anyone else had been in goal for England they would hav suffered a much greater defeat.
Henry Kim, Republic of Korea

Seaman is still the best, and I recall Peter Shilton and Dino Zoff playing at the top level at 40. However, I think it is time to look for a replacement, certainly for 2006, maybe also for 2004.
Simon, England

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He's still the best keeper this country has, and until David James stops making ludicrous mistakes, he'll remain so
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George, UK

Without David Seaman we would not have made it through the group stages. And who would his replacement be - David James? HELP!
Fred, UK

Seamen won't need to quit he will be sacked.

I desperately hope David Seaman continues to make himself available for selection in the England team.

Along with all the others who started against Denmark and Brazil, it's reassuring to see him take his place in what has become the current England team.

For the first time in years I am looking forward to the qualifying matches for the next competition (Euro 2004) instead of dreading the inevitable mess we always seem to make of them. I don't think we can afford not to have a rock like David Seaman in goal.
Nick Clark, London, England

I don't think he should quit. He is one of the best goal keepers in the world. Everyone makes mistakes. He only conceded three goals in the whole tournament
Hannah Syratt, England

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I desperately hope David Seaman continues to make himself available for selection in the England team.
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Nick Clark, London

David Seamen made an error, we all could see that. However, lets go back to the first game and remember that Danny Mills made a dreadful error as well which could have quite easily lead to England exiting the world cup in the first round.

When we look at the whole picture, they are both not to blame and had fabulous tournaments. I honestly think that the confidence Seamen gave his fullbacks as well as some great saves was a deciding factor in England playing so well. If England were on Germany's side of the draw then I'm sure we would be talking about them being in the final. That's football.
Arthur G,Australia

Seaman has done a good job for England over the years but I believe he is now over the hill. Let new blood take over from where he leaves.Seaman should quit whilst he still ahead.

Seaman can close his international career with no regrets and his head held high. Goalkeeping is all about playing the percentage game, and he comes up trumps time and time again. You are up amongst the greats David.
James, England

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