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Thursday, 27 June, 2002, 15:15 GMT 16:15 UK
Caption competition winner No.2
What were the Italian players protesting?
Italy crash out of the World Cup after an extra-time golden goal, and the players aren't best pleased.

The winner of this week's competition is Valerie Falconer from Wales who came up with:

No, no, no. Alex should have been evicted from Big Brother, not Spencer.

Another caption competition will appear here soon.

Here are some of the entries that just missed out.

Look you stupid man - I ordered extra olives on my pizza!
Steve Rixon, England

Ref: "No, I'm sorry, we agreed. No oranges at half time unless you can tell me the capital of Ecuador".
Richard Day, Singapore

Zanetti: Please ref, send for the doctor, he really has got lock-jaw.
Jill, England

Yes, he definitely needs to use the Gillette mach three.
Tom Corby, England

Zambrotta "I'll distract him by singing 'La Traviata', then you give him the old double handed karate chop."
Phil Broeders, UK

Zanetti: "Ref, please send me off so I can avoid the embarrassment of losing. Zambrotta: "Oi! I was first!"
Anthony Chilton, England

Zambrotta and Zanetti stare in disbelief at the bogey on the end of the referee's nose.
Anthony Chilton, England

Ref: "Do you, Zambrotta, take Zanetti to be your lawful wedded wife? To have and to hold from this...."
Col, UK-in-Poland

Please, ref. Where can we get a sliky smooth shave like yours?
Euan, UK

Zambrotta: "Please, let me have it!"Zanetti: "No, let me have it!"Ref: "Oh, for goodness sake, for the last time, NO! It is customary after the game for players to swap shirts with their opponents, NOT the referee!"
Arief, Australia (Indonesian citizen)

"I didn't think it was very funny, that stewardess offering us out 'sick as a pig' bags".
Arthur Pitt, UK

Zambrotta: Referee, you forgot to disallow Vieri's goal!Zanetti: Are you crazy?!?Referee: Oh sorry, it won't happen again!

Zanetti: Please, please retract that red card! Our Maestro Zambrotta here will sing a song for you...Zambrotta: Aaamoooorrreeeii

I don't care how good a referee Pierluigi Collina is, I'm not taking my wig off...
Doug, South Africa

Mamma mia...Jung-Hwan's are needed more in our team, we are too old!
Gordon Floyd, UK

"Whaddya mean - real men don't wear lycra?"

Will you join us in our singing group? Our acting careers are finished!
Steve Matthews, US, UK native

Hey Zanetti, it's my turn now. The ref had scissors and everyone knows that scissors always beats paper.
Paul Redsell, England

Zanetti: "No, you're wrong! When I dive I join my hands like this."

Zanetti: "When I snap my fingers you will open your eyes and have an overwhelming desire to flash red and yellow cards at South Koreans as if you were a traffic light in Rome on Monday morning"
Darren Ledger, England

I can't believe you're voting to evict Alex. Surely Spencer's got to go!
Roland Rat, England

The referee and Italian team enjoy a lighthearted pre-match game of charades. Zambrotta: "Eets two words." Zanetti: "And eets boook."
Nicholas Slade,Sweden

What do you mean 'this is the first football match you've refereed'?
Martin, UK

Zambrotta: "Listen - my friend here will challenge you to a game of slapsies - if he wins you disallow the goal, if you win we mess up-a-your-face!"
Lambo, England

"Let's have a game of slapsies, we might win that way!"
Chris McNamara, England

Sir, we represent the firm Zambrotta and Zanetti, Esqs. We would like to discuss a certain series of sporting injustices with you.
Thomas Roberts,USA

Are you talking to me! Are you talking to me!You mess with me, you mess with my whole family!
Marc Robinson,England

Zanetti: Oh come on ref, it was this close!Ref: What was?
Chris Dixon,England

Zannetti: What do you mean 7.5, Francesco's dive was worth at least a nine.
Ashley, England

The three tenors rehearsing furiously for the closing ceremony.
Danny Hewson, England / Peru

Zambrotta: Open your mouth, Mr Referee! You've swallowed your whistle and we must retrieve it! Zanetti: Just because we've choked doesn't mean you should too!
Stephen Tucker, USA

Look Ref, with 56 million viewers watching this match, you don't want the whole world seeing you with that zit on your chin. Here, let me squeeze it for you...
Simon Brazier, England

Sensing defeat the Italians try to woo the ref with their charms...Zanetti: "Look at eez chiselled, jaw perfecto"Zambrotta: "Magnifico!"
Daniel Morris,England

No its a high C .. like this ..
Andy Roberts,USA/England

"But we can't go out - don't you know who designed these shirts?!"
Paul, England

See...under here on the chin...its small so it was hard to see, but there is a label saying "Made in Korea".
Basil, USA

Zambrotta chose a strange moment to start singing his National Anthem again.
James Noakes, England

Your mother will sleep with the fishes.
Paul Curtis,England

Roy Keane's new job after walking out on his side in the World Cup had been training the Italians in dealing with referees.
Paul Sheehan, Coventry, England

Zanetti: "It's extra time.... you can open your eyes now"

Ref: "6,841, 6,842, 6,843 ..."

Zanetti: when I snap my fingers, you will wake up and award Italy a penalty.Zambrotta: Hang on - tell him to send off the entire Korean team.
Alan, Singapore

No wider, it's "O solei Meo"

Wadda you mean no Cornettos!

We can't a play without Cornettos!
John, Sweden

The referee is unmoved as Zambrotta and Zanetti plead for a toilet break.
Anthony Chilton, England

Zanetti: Seeing as the game is over can we play pat-a-cake?
Anthony Chilton, England

But you said we could win this one...

Ref's missing contact lenses cost Italy dear...
Zambrotta: I've got one of them right here.
Zanetti: And the other one's fallen onto your chin. Hold still a second...

Dunc, Scotland, UK

Please!! We need money to get home!
Anthony Chilton,England

But ref, shirt-pulling is a sign of friendship, no?
Marcel de Vries,Holland

Ref, the game's over! You can open your eyes now.

Referee: "Give it back! Where is my red card for Totti?"
Zambrotta: "Come on, try! If you put yellow card into my mouth, my magic will make the red card will come out of Zanetti's hand."
Joonho, Australia

For God's sake, put down that doughnut! You know what the doctor said about sweets!
Ryan Alford, the Netherlands

Zanetti: See, I told you it was possible to balance a referee's chin on one finger.
Paul Louis, England

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