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Monday, 3 June, 2002, 12:31 GMT 13:31 UK
Brazil new favourites?
Brazillian dual strike force, Ronaldo and Rivaldo.
Brazil continue their impressive form with a 5-2 win over Costa Rica in Suwon.

Can Ronaldo and Rivaldo lead Brazil back to glory?

Eleven goals in three matches have seen Brazil finish top of Group C after their mesmeric attacking play proved too much for Costa Rica.

They finish their group unbeaten, and will now face the runners-up from Group H, which is decided on Friday.

With France and Argentina already out, Luis Felipe Scolari's side look to be in a strong position, although many feel that defensive frailties could be their downfall.

Can the four-time world champions taste glory once again?

Have your say

What defence problems? Brazil played against Costa Rica without aggression so that players didn't get any cards or injuries, it was a meaningless game. England has no chance against Brazil. Brazil's reserves can beat England with ease. English football is just plain boring.
tboy, USA

Brazil are going to win this World Cup, no matter how tough the opponent is. They have most talented players on the field. Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos and Juninho are exceptional players. Their game is thrilling, exciting and brilliant. I wish Brazil all the best and hope they lift their 5th World Cup for their nation.
Muhammad Abdul Mughnee, NYC, USA

Brazil is one of the favourites to win this World Cup. I can't say that they are so superior to others, but this Brazilian team is, in my opinion, better than the one in 1994. So, I think it is quite fair to say that they have a very good chance to go all the way. Pra frente Brazil!
Marcello, Brazil / U.S.

Open Quote
With Belgium to offer little resistance, their acid test will come against the Three Lions
Close Quote
Bobby Seagull, England
I was one of the cynics who doubted that England would have an easy time against Denmark. This is because of England's rather dull play so far and their penchant for scoring goals only from penalty kicks. Gladly, I was proved wrong today! England's defence has always been solid but I have been very disappointed by their seeming lack of ability to score goals in open play.

Now, they have shown that they can do that (although the Danes' weak defence helped). With solid defence and now, finding their form in scoring goals finally, they may well have a good chance against the undoubtedly dazzling and magical Brazilians. If England meet Brazil next Friday, it will be the most thrilling match of the World Cup.
T Cheng, Singapore (now in the UK)

With their sensational attacking line up, the boys in golden yellow possess the ability, luck and desire to lift the coveted trophy. With Belgium to offer little resistance, their acid test will come against the Three Lions.
Bobby Seagull, England

Brazil isn't yet the favourite to win. With lots of big names already out, the World Cup is wide open. However, there is always a huge expectation about Brazilian performance. It rather depends on our ability to score. So far, no team's defence have impressed me.
Enadio, Brazil

Assuming Brazil get past Belgium, we are lined up for a great game. The solid English defence will get tested, and it's not hard to imagine Brazil squeezing a few past Seaman. But likewise I expect Beckham, Owen and Sinclair to get through Brazil's defence. It could go either way....hopefully England's.
Brendan, England

Open Quote
Brazil should go all the way to the final, where they will lose to Spain
Close Quote
Tim Richardson, USA
As individuals they are great players, but I have lost confidence on Brazil after their final game in 1998. I think Brazil have not yet played against the so called strong teams. But who knows, they might come back to the times of Pele.
Taeme Gebre Egziabher, Eritrean/US Resident

People are going on about Brazil's defensive frailty against Costa Rica, but actually the Ticos played a great game and created twice as many chances as an England or Germany would have. Besides, they rested Roberto Carlos and Roque Junior for that game. Brazil should go all the way to the final, where they will lose to Spain.
Tim Richardson, USA

Brazil will be the team to beat in this World Cup. They are in such awesome form that they hardly can make mistakes. If by any chance, Brazil loses (which sounds silly) in the up coming rounds, the winning team will end up winning the cup.
Prashanth TK, India

There is no reason to show our best game yet when the opponents are so weak. Felipao is simply using this time to "fine tune" his attack and experiment with his defence.

Never underestimate the heart of a champion. Buckle up, folks, and enjoy the ride. Cheers!
Alex Hisa, Brazil

Open Quote
Rivaldo is the key player for Brazil. If the team play under his leadership, I do believe that they will be on top again
Close Quote
Abdul Fofanah, Sierra Leone
Brazil will most probably end up wining it because their midfield and attack are simply unstoppable. With the likes of Carlos and Cafu getting forward as well, I just don't know how anyone can beat the four times World Champions.
Nick Bone, England

They have been lucky from the beginning compared to other strong teams. All the teams in Group C were rather weak. When Brazil played against Turkey, they didn't do well. Ronaldo is coming into form though so we'll have to wait and see.
Lee, South Korea

With the two favourites out, Brazil will now face Belgium and, if they progress, Denmark or England. The question is who will they face in the final should they get there? Germany, Italy, Spain or Portugal would be my tips.
Chris, Germany

Brazil are the team for 2002. They were unlucky four years ago, but they will do it this time. With players like Ronaldo returning to his old form, there is no stopping them!
Sachin and Craig, England

Open Quote
They have good forwards but they can't all play at once
Close Quote
Steve, UK
The Brazilian defence will let them down, but their attack is awesome. Rivaldo should stop the acting and let his feet do the talking!
David Hewitt, France

I would like to congratulate Brazil for their impressive performances in the competition so far.
Michel Figaro, Seychellese

England struggled in qualifying against lowly Greece and have again struggled at the knockout phase. So why are Brazil considered an inferior team? Who would you prefer on your team: Ronaldo or Trevor Sinclair?
Paul Sheils, Ireland

Let's not get carried away about Brazil yet. They had an easy group stage - and even then managed to look iffy against Turkey. They have good forwards but they can't all play at once. They have to defend at times and (Lucio apart) the Brazilian defenders are very, very poor. They leave so much space behind their full backs I would expect any decent team to exploit that. Indeed, if Denmark put England out, the likes of Rommedahl and Grokjaer will put Brazil to the sword in the QF.

England v Brazil? Well the result depends on which England team turn up really. Either way Brazil's 'flattering to deceive' phase has just ended.
Steve, UK

Open Quote
With strikers like Brazil have, who needs a defence
Close Quote
Adriano, Brazil
As a proud Englishman (after 3 solid England performances), I'd like to commend Brazil on some great attacking displays. However, the one side that was somewhat organised at the back managed to hold Brazil at 1-1 until 87 minutes and only lost to a very dodgy penalty. They would not put 3, 4 or 5 past the likes of Italy, England, Denmark and Sweden and that is the reason why they will not win the World Cup.

It's a case of Keegan Syndrome, however hard you attack, your opponents may defend harder, with grit, determination and class. The winners will be the conquerors of Brazil, which is possibly going to be the team with the best defensive record. Haven't England only conceded 1 goal so far??
Ian McAllan, England

I am appalled by some of the comments posted here. As a Brazilian, I am very aware of the team's weak defence and lack of cohesion. Our attack and tradition, however, should never be underestimated. This time, Brazil may fall to sides like England or Germany, but never to second class teams like the United States, Japan or Korea.
Pedro, Brazil

I think that Brazil are overrated and just because of a bit of skill everyone thinks they are back but really who have they had to play? England have had Argentina, Nigeria and Sweden which is a lot harder group. I think that we can beat them and go on to lift the cup.
Mathew Kitcher, England

Open Quote
A team like England or Denmark who are organised at the back and have quality front men will beat the Brazilians
Close Quote
Jon Hannah, England
I enjoy an open game like the match between Brazil and Costa Rica and was delighted that the Brazilian attack was able to score five goals. Our defence, however, scares me.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Brazil were playing England, Germany, Argentina or even Denmark instead of Costa Rica? I don't want to even think about it.
Pedro, Brazil

I think today's performance against the Costa Ricans clearly show why Brazil will not reach the semi finals. It was great to watch but once again Brazil showed that they can't defend. How many chances did Costa Rica spurn?

A team like England or Denmark who are organised at the back and have quality front men will beat the Brazilians. The only thing the Brazilians will have working for them will be the heat.
Jon Hannah, England

Brazil haven't yet put in the perfect performance but yet have scored 11 goals in 3 games. There are questions that the teams they are playing are not good enough. What did England do against Greece and Albania?

Brazil haven't even peaked yet and are rolling over the so called inferior teams. I can't see any team beating Brazil when they are playing to their potential.
Amjad Khan, England

That was a fun match to watch and could so easily have ended with a school playground score line. Both teams played with an openness that was a pleasure to see. Words of caution though: one team had to, the other didn't. Brazil must consider that when they do actually meet a team with a little more pedigree, that flair may just be blown away. I foresee they may just be bundled out, if not by their next opponents, but the ones after that.
Woll, England

I'd like to see them tested properly, they were lucky against Turkey and the group is probably the exact opposite of group F. I'm sorry but it looks like an Italy v Brazil final and I can't place my money on Brazil for that one, (assuming Brazil beat England or Denmark in the quarters!)
Mark, England

Open Quote
As soon as they meet true opposition they will get knocked out
Close Quote
Adam, England
Brazil clearly seem the favourites. However, with their mediocre performance against China and Turkey sides, it would be a ridiculously foolish notion to think that they can win the World Cup. Some might say that they have the best track records but that does not mean anything.

Just look at France and Argentina. Well, if you need a fresh reminder, Brazil lost to France in '98 with a 3-0 margin and won in '94 against Italy thanks to a penalty shootout. Brazil is the best team in the world? Give me a break!
Eric, USA

Well, it seems that with France and Argentina out, the favourites are Spain, Brazil, Germany and Italy. Although Brazil tactically is inferior than these other teams, and apart from the fact that we have a very weak defence, we have the potential to become the best team in the world.

We have the best offensive players: Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, Cafu and Ronaldinho (no arguing with that). We have tradition (4 times world champions). We are determined to win the World Cup once more. Brazil's tendency is to improve tactically after each game, and as these magnificent players (mentioned above) start playing as a team, no defence will be able to stop us.
Roberto Colares, Brazil

Ronaldo did a step-over and the commentators were drooling over it, saying "he's back" and "he's the greatest." Trevor Sinclair did exactly the same trick and it didn't get a mention. England are not favourites, but IF we meet Brazil in the quarters, I'm reasonably confident. The truth is France and Argentina were supposed to be streets ahead of everyone else. They were both pathetic, so it is anyone this year. Ireland could do it, now that would be a story!
Nick, England

Open Quote
Brazil will suffer the same fate as France and Argentina
Close Quote
Ed Sikolia, USA
Brazil have produced some good performances and you would expect that against less skilled opposition (such as Turkey and China). As soon as they meet true opposition they will get knocked out.
Adam, England

With France and Argentina out now, I believe Brazil are the favourites to win the World Cup! Ronaldo has improved so much after coming back from injury. He should be scoring more goals as the tournament progresses.
Andrew Lee, England

Brazil will suffer the same fate as France and Argentina. They are riding on fumes from their past glory. They lack the speed and physical agility that has been demonstrated by the most impressive sides so far. This is another paper tiger destined to fall.
Ed Sikolia, USA

Brazil are just as good as they ever have been but the fact is that other teams are catching up quickly. Watch out Brazil.
Darren Roach, England

If football matches took place on a piece of paper then Brazil are favourites. However, the way the World Cup has begun and so many of the unexpected teams (USA, Japan, South Korea) playing so well, on their day they can put any favoured team out, including Brazil.
Simon Jarvis, England

Open Quote
Let's wait until they meet a quality team before making over-the-top, knee-jerk comments
Close Quote
Andrew Wilson, England
Brazil can win the World Cup, especially now that Argentina is lying in the gutter, but it will not be easy. They are better than they were in qualifying, but is that good enough? They are good players, but not a team. Certain players play well with others, but the whole team does not play as one body at this stage.

My money is on England, and Sweden, undeniably, is unexpectedly strong. This is the most unpredictable World Cup yet. Brazil has a chance, but not as large as they had in '98.
Chris, The Netherlands

Before the tournament Brazil were being written off because of an indifferent qualifying campaign. Now, after two wins against very ordinary opposition they are being touted as favourites again! Let's wait until they meet a quality team before making over-the-top, knee-jerk comments.
Andrew Wilson, England

It's great to see Ronaldo back to somewhere near his best! Brazil can do it, but if they struggle against teams like Turkey then who knows?
Macca, England

Brazil has something that nobody else has: four-times world champions. This is enough to make Brazil favourites forever. Qualifiers and friendly games are totally different to a World Cup.
Fabio Ari Sestrem, Brazil

Open Quote
If Argentina, France and other big sides depart early then Brazil may win the Cup
Close Quote
Alex B, UK
To be Brazilian, means one thing: to suffer. Even when winning, you suffer all the 90 minutes non-stop. Convinced? No, I'm not. I will only gain faith on my countrymen on the field, when they beat fair & square stronger teams like England or Germany, because so far it's been 'kindergarten stuff'. The suffering shall continue...
Kai Goothusen, Brazilian in Florida...

Brazil have beaten China and Turkey and this makes them favourites? Don't make me laugh. Let's face it, the Brazil of today are living on past reputations. This is shown by the commentators who think they have just witnessed something amazing and "out of this world" whenever a Brazilian touches the ball, even if they have only passed the ball back to the goal-keeper!
Matthew, England

Our team is improving. It isn't 100% yet, but I believe that Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Roberto Carlos can beat the favourites. Wait for the finals!
Leandro Zebral, Brazil

With Rivaldo? Never! We need Ricardinho, Ronaldo and Edilson in our team, then the world will see what football is all about.
Talio, Brazil

That they have some quality in their side is not disputed, but they've hardly been tested yet. Against China, they should've really doubled the scoreline, while the 2-1 victory over Turkey was unimpressive. If Argentina, France and other big sides depart early then Brazil may win the Cup, although my money's on Spain.
Alex B, UK

Open Quote
Any team with Cafu and Roberto Carlos in their 'defence' can never win the World Cup
Close Quote
Auke Rijpma, Germany
Brasil doesn't have a really good team as we had in the past. We are still surviving in the World Cup, and we can see some other favourites with problems even to be get into the next phase. It looks like 1994: winning but not convincing!
Rodrigo, Brazil

Any team with Cafu and Roberto Carlos in their 'defence' can never win the World Cup. Two of the most overrated players ever.
Auke Rijpma, Germany

Many people had written off Brazil as favourites based upon their poor performance in the qualifiers. Now, however, the Samba are showing that they're still the most stylish footballers in the world.
Gavin John Satur, India

Why are Brazil tipped to win and not England? One word - pedigree! Brazil have won the World Cup four times and have practically dominated the sport at all levels. England have won the title only once and even that was on home soil. I think the answer is quite obvious!
Tony, USA

Brazil are now not only individuals but also a team. One or the other is not enough. Argentina, for example, are learning the hard way that the World Cup is not quite the same as regional qualification! Just having a good system is not enough, you need the magic players and consistency. We have both!
Pauli, Rio

Brazil are the best team and we will win the World Cup again!!!
Luiz Felipe R. Chamano, Brazil

Open Quote
This team will have a sequence of seven victories
Close Quote
Fernando, Brazil
They beat Turkey by a one-goal margin, we beat Argentina by a one-goal margin. Why are they the ones being tipped for World Cup success?
Oliver Flanagan, England

After the French, Italian and Argentine games, Brazil have the best chance to reach the final and become champions for the fifth time.
Natália Parizotto, Brazil

This team will have a sequence of seven victories and Ronaldo, together with Denilson and Rivaldo, will be the heroes of this World Cup. They will be remembered for decades!
Fernando, Brazil

Our team is improving but we should not rely on the defence - if we score first in crucial games we have a fair chance to go further.
Helcio Mayor, Brazil

What's all this nonsense about the defence of Brazil being weak? Brazil's defence is as solid as any other team, and twice as fast as England or Argentina. France were touted and THE team with a great defence and look where they are now!
Leon, Miami

So they struggle past Turkey and beat China and suddenly they are great again?
Jim, UK

Open Quote
We have the best track record ever
Close Quote
Sergino, Brazil

I agree with the "Brazil favourites" idea. France have been overrated since winning the World Cup in 1998. The quality of their squad has not significantly improved since then and other than Italy it is apparent that Brazil are the clear favourites.
Max, England

I smile to myself when I hear people criticising Brazil and Rivaldo! People do that when they are afraid of something or someone and right now everyone - opposition players and fans are running scared of the mighty Brazil! We have the best track record ever.
Sergino, Brazil

Sadly, Brazil's got loads of talent and a bone-headed coach. While most any player can play at any position, Big Phil's tactics are obvious, sloppy and cheap. He contends his defenders need to kick the ball up in the air rather than skilfully manage passes toward more talented midfielders and strikers.
Megan, USA

Football has changed so much from the time of the Brazilian golden age (70-80) and unfortunately Brazil have been only partially sensitive to those changes (mostly in attack).

Open Quote
We could make at least three good teams to go to the World Cup
Close Quote
Felipe Lacerda, Brazil
The time of spectacle and amazing performances is over, now teams rely on strategies and disciplined play where defence is considered as the fundamental stone for victory.

Brazil, in this tournament, miss the two qualities of a winning team - strong defence and a charismatic, undisputable captain who gives hope, strength and unity to this team.
Roni, Belgium

Brazil seem to be able to act almost as one fluid and incredibly integrated team. It seems all of them are able to play in any position when required. Amazing! My money would be on them to win if they can defend against better opposition.
Graham Shipp, England

Eleven good individuals, not a team. It depends heavily on their mood on the day, like four years ago when they played a marvellous semi-final followed by a final in which they seemed to be completely drugged. Nevertheless, brilliant players but a lack of consistency.
GJ, Netherlands

The Samba has just begun....
Nilanjan, USA/India

I don't know if Brazil will win this World Cup, because as we say here in Brazil: "Soccer is a surprise little box". But one thing that makes me proud of Brazil is that we have so many good players that, if it was allowed, we could make at least three good teams to go to the World Cup, all of them with a really good chance of winning the cup. In my opinion, if Brazil organize their defence we have a big chance of winning the Cup.
Felipe Lacerda, Brazil

Open Quote
Brazil seem to be able to act almost as one fluid and incredibly integrated team
Close Quote
Graham Shipp, England
It's still too early to make any conclusion, but whenever there's a World Cup all sports analysts choose their favourite teams beforehand. They always make terrible mistake. That's what has been happening to France, Italy, Portugal and Argentina....Brazil were considered a second rank team this time. Well, I guess we'd better shut up and wait silently for next results.
Kleber Garcia Campos, Brazil

Here in our country we aren't feeling 100% about the team. We actually think the team is playing around 50-60%, not because they want to, but because the team as a whole still have to improve a lot. We're happy but we know that we are going to have to face teams like England, Sweden or maybe Argentina. My hope is that the love of the Brazilian people for the guys in yellow and green can blow their potential up to the sky and than we're going to see 'The Real Brazilian Football'.
Giuliano Sandri, Brazil

If England are in the group of death then this is certainly the group of life, talk about a gimme. Ronaldo doesn't know if he's playing football in the World Cup or playing golf in Sao Paulo. Live it up fellows, enjoy yourselves but remember one thing the real football starts in the second round, I hope your're ready.
Lee Currier, Canada

I think the victory over China was not convincing enough to put Brazil amongst the contenders. Many passes were missed, and the team lack the dribbles that once made them famous. Brazil looked apathic. On the other side, China played enthusiastically and managed to overcome the skill difficulties and play competitive football.
Pedro Blanco, Brazil, living in Australia

From the way Brazil are playing, they will not be able to lift the World Cup at all. Brazil are a different team right now compare to 98 and 94. Besides Roberto Carlos, Cafu and Ronaldo, the rest of the players standards are not up to expectation. Winning 4-0 doesn't mean they are good. Watch my words, Brazil will lose out completely if they meet teams like Argentina, England, Germany, Italy, Denmark or even Spain. The samba has faded and major changes for the team might bring back the drums.
Jeremy, Singapore

Open Quote
Brazil have not yet peaked and are just warming up
Close Quote
Emmerson Philip, United Kingdom
The Brazilians have been a delight to watch. They have brought beauty and excitement back to the game, which the Europeans have almost murdered with their tightly regimented and boring game. I hope the Samba boys go all the way. A brilliant Brazil always makes the World Cup the celebration of skills and creativity it should be.
Chike Kenechuku, Nigeria/USA

Hardly anyone predicted Brazil before this tournament. Why? Sure they have an easy group on paper at least, but you can only beat what's in front of you. Look at France, who were expected to beat Senegal. I think Cafu their skipper has been outstanding so far. And I think there is more to come from Rivaldo and Ronaldo. I back Brazil to reach the final at least.
Stephen Crickley, England

Let's see them face another really classy team in the elimination rounds. Then we'll know what they're made of. We'll find out if that defence that let them down in 98 is now rock solid.
Mark, UK

Brazil are fabulous to watch but their defence is terrible. Though I hope they do well for their entertainment value that defence will cost them dearly.
James, UK

This Brazilian team is too weak. You should notice they are playing against China and Turkey, who have no experience in the World Cup. What will happen when playing Argentina, Italy or England? I don't even want to see...
Antonio Barbosa, Brazil

Open Quote
You shouldn't have below-mediocre jokers such as Denilson in the team
Close Quote
Mick Miller, England
I don't believe Brazil will win the World Cup as their defence is suspect. Even China nearly unhinged them and against more effective and organised attacks they will, inevitably, concede goals.

Ronaldo is not back to his pre World Cup final 1998 days and in my view never will be. However, even at his current standard he is probably as good as anyone else in the world. Still, if England can't do it I hope Brazil can as they add something to the competition that no other nation brings.
Brian, England

Brazil have not yet peaked and are just warming up. They are the masters of football, credit to big Phil to get them to these finals now watch them pass, shoot and destroy all teams to claim the trophy for the fifth time. In one word, awesome!!!
Emmerson Philip, United Kingdom

If you are set to become world champions then you shouldn't have below-mediocre jokers such as Denilson in the team. When the opposition is a bit more competent his negative contribution will start to surface.
Mick Miller, England

Their defence looks weak. They should check the opponents in the midfield instead of letting them to come dangerously near to the Brazil penalty box. Teams like China can be contained in this way, but it will be too dangerous a plan while playing against tough opponents.
Gautam De, India

Our defence is a constant test for those who suffer from high pressure and heart diseases. A team with players like Lucio and Roque Jr in its line-up will never be fully trusted by its supporters.
Open Quote
Brazil will win and nobody can stop us!
Close Quote
Vidal, USA
Today we faced poor China, but what about getting Michael Owen, Batistuta, Trezeguet or Henry further in the World Cup? Our people will have to exercise its faith a lot...
Rodrigo Pinto de Campos, Brazil

Brazil look extremely strong right now, but they are in a weak group.
Joshua, USA

We are the best! No matter what our opponents do to try and stop us from winning, we will always find a way to score goals. Teams like England could learn from us how to play a more beautiful game.
Eduardo Maranhao, Brazil

Brazil have proved their critics wrong and have so far shown us that they are the best in the tournament. I hope they will go all the way because frankly it is a joy watching them play.
Farid, England

Brazil are the best team in the world and will probably win this World Cup, because we simply have the best players.
Claudio Doerzbacher Junior, Brazil

Brazil are a bunch of showmen, more inclined to look good with the ball than actually score. They are over-rated and England, with their solid play, would annihilate them given the chance. I hope to see it in the final, if Brazil can make it there.
Phil, England

Open Quote
Perhaps Brazil are not as good as in 1970, but the other teams are even worse.
Close Quote
Leandro Esteves Barion, Brazil
This is for those who say that Brazil are not back on top. The Brazilians have always been on top as far as talent goes and for this reason alone they should never be excluded as World Cup contenders.
Pedro, Brazil

I know that Brazil are the best country in the world when it comes to football. France should never have won the World Cup the last time. This time, Brazil will win and nobody can stop us!
Vidal, USA

Perhaps Brazil are not as good as in 1970, but the other teams are even worse. Look at the results of France vs Senegal, Italy vs Croatia, Argentina vs England. Brazil won their first two games, and are starting to play as we Brazilians expect them to play. With Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Roberto Carlos doing their best, nobody can beat Brazil.
Leandro Esteves Barion, Brazil

On this board there are several laughable "analysis" and "comments" from people whose national teams are a real joke. Of course, everyone outside Brazil fears the Brazilian team and tries to denigrate them. Brazil are showing that there is no team better, and if Brazil lose the World Cup it will be due to their own errors, not to other supposed "great teams" like England, Argentina, Italy, and so on.
Sergio Salles, Brazil

Brazil have been a joy to watch so far, but the omission of players of the calibre of Romario, Amoroso, Elber, Jardel and Ze Roberto could be costly when they are in trouble.

The squad doesn't have the depth of old, and if Ronaldo gets injured, who replaces him? Luizao? Edilson? Give me a break. It's clear that Scolari is biased towards home-based players.

Open Quote
With Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Roberto Carlos doing their best, nobody can beat Brazil
Close Quote
Leandro Esteves Barion, Brazil
In addition, the defence will struggle when it faces attackers of real pace and skill. Just imagine what the likes of Owen, Aimar, Henry, Vieri, Totti, Raul etc will do to them.

Prediction - Quarter-finals or the Semis at a push. I hope they go further so that I can continue to enjoy watching Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo and especially Ronaldo, but I can't really see it.
Chris Jones, Northern Ireland

Brazil are looking good again, I just hope the other teams don't start kicking them as in the past.
Stu, Scotland

What a joy it was to see football as it should be played. What a feast of football we can expect to see from this wonderful team during this World Cup!
Sarah Bell-Hemridge, England

Well, the world got to see what the Americas have known all along - that Brazil just aren't as good as they used to be and in fact are pretty mediocre. We did see a revival of their attacking play but their defence is weak and they are susceptible to the offensive tactics of even average teams. Over the last couple of years Brazil has lost to Mexico, Honduras, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. They also drew with Colombia and Peru. I just don't see them doing very well.
Debasish Datta, Canada

Open Quote
Rivaldo went down as if he'd been shot when the ball hit his leg.
Close Quote
V Gould, England

Rivaldo might have exaggerated the reaction but the fact remains that the player kicked the ball and hit Rivaldo on the legs. That was a second yellow card anyway. Brazilians are very passionate about football and never, in any World Cup, have disrespected other players. Everyone saw in the game how Roberto Carlos gave the ball back to the Turkish Team and Ronaldinho Gaucho was also noble returning the ball to the goal keeper!
Elemar Pearce, Brazilian Sports Journalist

It was great to see Brazil back to something like their best but what disappointed me was the disgusting way in which Rivaldo went down as if he'd been shot when the ball hit his leg. He has admitted that he made more of the incident in a deliberate ploy to get the Turkish player sent off. It's about time that Fifa penalised incidents of this nature - a one match ban at the very least should be handed to Rivaldo.
V Gould, England

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