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Monday, 15 April, 2002, 15:20 GMT 16:20 UK
Talk about Mexico
Have your say on Mexico's progress
Mexico crash out of the tournament courtesy of a 2-0 second round defeat by the USA.

Was their World Cup a success?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

It was typical Mexican football, many great passes and moves but no ability to finish. They embarrassed themselves and their entire country by not shaking hands and exchanging shirts after the loss to the USA. The only thing ther Mexican ever were good at over the USA is now gone!

This World Cup has clearly shown that soccer is increasingly competitive around the world. Several countries, including Mexico, have substantially improved their game in recent years. I think Mexico had its best ever performance.
Marcos, USA

The US team outplayed Mexico from beginning to end. Better luck next time Mexico!
Happy and Victorious, USA

The unsportsmanlike and downright dangerous behaviour by a player wearing the captain's armband gives me reason enough to cheer for any opponent Mexico will face in the future.
Mike, USA

Open Quote
Mexico proved again that there are fundamental flaws in the national team and its selection
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Hugo, México
Mexico needs to learn to take the good with the bad. After the game, the Mexico team showed bad sportsmanship by not exchanging their shirts and shaking hands with the team that had beaten them fair and square.
Jose Gonzalez, USA

Mexico's World Cup wasn't a success as they had the potential to go quite far and, maybe with better guidance from a European manager, they would have been much harder to beat.
Joe Laffar, England

Mexico proved again that there are fundamental flaws in the national team and its selection. México has 100 million inhabitants and football is the national sport but the national team is still dominated by players from México City.
Hugo, México

Mexico played very good football in this World Cup - defeating Croatia, Ecuador, tying with Italy and winning their group. It makes me almost cry that they didn't play up to par and might have done better.
Tom Cieszinski, USA

Open Quote
The Mexicans couldn't wait to get off the field
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Steve, Japan/Australia
What a shame for Mexico. They played attractive football in the opening round and it seemed as if Aguirre had really turned the team around. But old habits die hard. On the losing side, they resorted to diving, provocation and dirty challenges and didn't exchange jerseys.
Chris, USA

Don't people talk rubbish? Mexico lost because they scored fewer goals than the US, simple as that! To say that the Americans killed the game or destroyed football is just twaddle. They had a game plan to defeat the Mexicans and it worked. I hope it works against the Germans too!
Mark Jones, UK

The USA deserve to have reached the quarter-finals. People are always knocking their country for not understanding the rest of the world's problems and being clueless about truly global sports like football. However, they have come a long way over the last twelve years and deserve their place so let's get off their backs. Long live the underdog!
Steve, UK

Any team that has to resort to the dirty tactics employed by Mexico during the second half deserves to be on the next plane home! What a disappointing display from a team that had looked so talented and promising. I didn't see many shirts changing hands at the end, either; The Mexicans couldn't wait to get off the field. Good riddance!
Steve, Japan/Australia

Open Quote
The Mexican players showed great heart and courage
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Humberto Gumeta,UK
Despite some clearly bad blood between the teams I am very happy at the CONCACAF showing, especially Mexico. Here's to playing each other in the semis in 2006! Great run, Mexico.
Don, USA

Mexico had a wonderful first round. I honestly wish it was a different team my country knocked out. Adios Mexico.

My compliments to Mexico on a great run in the World Cup and a great match. Had a few things gone differently it would be Mexico moving on to face the Germans. The Mexican players showed great heart and courage. As a US fan I'm overjoyed at our victory. Despite our fierce rivalry I should tell you how impressed we all are with the spirit of team Mexico and their fantastic fans. I'm sure we will meet again in the World Cup and have another go!
Chris Irvine, USA

This was the most humiliating defeat ever in Mexican football, a very disappointing performance. We've lost the game we couldn't afford to lose. A defeat against Germany would have been accepted, but against the US it is simply a tragedy.
Humberto Gumeta,UK

Of course, Mexico played very well and with a lot of heart. They controlled the ball for most of the game, made more shots than the US, and perhaps were more "technical." But, I am not sure how anyone can say Mexico deserved to win if they fail to put a ball in the back of the net.

Perhaps the writers who argue Mexico deserve to win think FIFA ought to start giving additional points for simply taking a shot regardless if the ball actually makes it inside the goal.
TWH, American in Europe

Open Quote
We must learn to accept defeat without sad excuses
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Pato, Mexico
I am fed up with people like Chris from England who state that the team that lost deserved to win. That is nonsense.Football is about heart, passion and luck - anyone who has played the game know that a motivated underdog can make mincemeat of the most fancied opposition.In this World Cup past performance is no indicator of future returns!The team that deserves to win is the team that scores the most goals - end of story.The US proved this yet again today - well done boys and good luck against Germany in the next round.
Richard Hough, UK

A heroic effort by our neighbours! Too bad the game was marred by petty fouls and cheap shots. All in all this was a very typical game from a now large and heated CONCACAF rivalry. There will be more to come from these two in the future for sure.
Jim C, USA

It is usually our bane to play beautifully and lose. Today we played horribly and lost as well. What makes it harder to stomach is the fact that the way the US played was a disgrace to beautiful football and still they managed to score twice. Just don't blame the referee, please; we must learn to accept defeat without sad excuses.
Pato, Mexico

Normally, I have a lot of respect for the Mexican team. However, the flopping and fouling was excessive today. Mexico is better and prouder than that, or should be.
Scott, USA

Mexico looked flat on the attack and missed some great chances. The dozens of cards in the last minutes showed the frustration and lack of class of Mexico.
Brian, USA

Open Quote
Adios Mexico we are always proud of you
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A. Lozada, Mexico
Good run Mexicans, I wish you luck in the future; it was just not your day today.
Osamah Alhaidry, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Our dream is over - we'll always remember the first round but today was our time to lose. Adios Mexico we are always proud of you!
A. Lozada, Mexico

The USA played very well but Mexico deserved to win.
Chris, England

We have a world class player in Rafa Marquez and a future gem in Torrado, mixed with the quality of Blanco, the finishing of Borgetti and the mental strength of Aguirre.
Carlos, Mexico/UK

That was the best Mexican team I have ever seen. They did a great job in passing the ball around the Italians.
Joe G, Italy/Canada

Open Quote
It is a joy to watch their passing game
Close Quote
A. Karina, Mexico

Sorry for that to all true soccer fans, but when qualification an issue I think even the Italians would have done the same.
Galois , Mexico

Mexico's performance in the first round is no surprise. The team deserved the first place in the group.
Eduardo, Mexico

Congratulations to Mexico! Although the US and Mexico have a great rivalry going within in the group stages. I think most of us are happy to see our fellow North Americans finish the group stage undefeated. Beautiful goal by Borgetti!
Phil Reed, USA

I would like to say thank you to Mexico, for the amazing football lesson they have taught, not only to Italy but to the world football. It is a joy to watch their passing game. Congratulations!
A. Karina, Mexico

Open Quote
The team have started to believe in themselves
Close Quote
Eduardo Aguirre, Mexico

Blanco, Borguetti, Morales, Torrado, Márquez, Vidrio, Conejo Pérez and Caballero are the best of what Mexico has to offer. Palencia, Arellano (when playing forward) and Carmona are next in line. Johan Rodriguez and Braulio Luna, however, are not nearly consistent enough, and should probably only be used as replacements.With Aguirre, the team have started to believe in themselves like never before.
Eduardo Aguirre, Mexico

Many of us are surprised by Mexico's improved playing ablilities. I'm still not impressed by Aguirre. He makes too many changes and sends in people like Luis Hernandez who have no business being on the team. Blanco needs more support and shouldn't have to play the role of a midfielder - he needs to be up front and stay up there.
Robert, USA/Mexico

As an ex-pat Englishman in the US, I rely on the Mexican TV for the World Cup coverage. As a kind of token of thanks for that excellent coverage, I am supporting Mexico as well as England. I am very pleased with Mexico, their joy at playing the game and the excitement they are introducing.
Dave, English, California

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