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Monday, 15 April, 2002, 15:10 GMT 16:10 UK
Salute the Republic of Ireland
Have your say on the Republic of Ireland's progress
A stirring performance by Ireland is not enough as they are sent crashing out of the World Cup by Spain on penalties.

Salute Mick McCarthy's men.

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

We have given accolades to the players but how about a cheer for the Irish fans! As always, they behaved impeccably in Korea and Japan and gave the team a rapturous welcome home in Dublin. We didn't win the World Cup on football merit, but we won the Fans World Cup!
Stephen Quinlan, Ireland

Open Quote
McCarthy has achieved more in six years than Charlton did in ten
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Alan Neary, Ireland
We went out of this World Cup undefeated; a penalty shootout isn't a defeat in my book, it's a lottery. We need to be scoring more goals and delivering the killer punch to teams like Spain, but I think that will come with the likes of Duff, Keane and maybe Morrison.
Shane, Ireland

The Irish team were the most impressive in this tournament. I was happy to see those guys playing on the pitch. As Irish history, they have had tough journey to 2002 World cup. Though they didn't have captain, they played a great game. I'm sorry that Korean team couldn't go final, but they didn't get a chance to meet Irish team. GO Ireland.
SH Lee, Korea Rep.

The difference with this Irish team is that we are attractive to watch. McCarthy has achieved more in six years than Charlton did in ten. Watch out Europe, our name is on the trophy in Portugal. With the emergence of this side and a home finals in six years the feel good factor is back, anything less than victory in Moscow in September is now seen as a failure - a fact that speaks volumes for the current Irish team.
Alan Neary, Ireland

The team did us proud, and Irish all over the world have to thank Mick and his men for giving us such great memories.
Climatic Exile, Ireland

Open Quote
If only the rest of the world were able to show as much class in victory and in defeat
Close Quote
Jamie Ziegler, USA
Well done the Irish!! I think everyone who watched the game against Spain knows who deserved to reach the quarterfinals. In your way of fighting until the last whistle, you are this time the "better Germans". Thanks for a really nice time watching your team, head on for the next championship!
Till, Germany

Being born in Belfast, I always wondered what would happen if the two sides united. Both have their talents but combined they would be a force to be reckoned with. In fact, they would be the best side in Europe. We are united in every other sport but football. While it will never happen I would thouroughly enjoy a united Ireland team in 2006!
Colin, Canada

If only the rest of the world were able to show as much class in victory and in defeat... Mick McCarthy and his men deserve to go home with their heads held high.
Jamie Ziegler, USA

What can I say apart from... the lads did us proud! Spain thought they would walk all over us but no one walks over the Irish! Up the boys in green!
Emma, Ireland

I see a few negative comments regarding the fact that we only won one game. We deserved to win the games we drew as well. I take my hat off to all the squad and to Mick and the support staff. Ireland can be proud.

Open Quote
I wish the Italians would learn from the Irish about being gracious and charming, even when not winning
Close Quote
Violet K, USA

However, as the dust settles, there is some fine tuning to be done before the Euro qualifiers begin. The FAI are very unprofessional, and are not helping Irish football. They MUST reform. Something positive to take from the experience is that we now know we can play without Roy Keane. Holland and Kinsella both performed well.

Finally, as always, the Irish fans deserve a salute. No other nation has fans who shine like ours.
M K, Republic of Ireland

Ireland are a wonderful side, not just in ability, but in hope and spirit. It was such a shame when they lost to Spain, but they definitely showed Roy Keane that they do not need him to win matches. All the best next time Ireland!
Laura Kendle, UK

Mick McCarthy and his boys should hold their heads up high after a great performance in the World Cup. The only bad point - Why did McCarthy play Kilbane? He is not up to international level and shouldn't have been there. Duff should have played wide and Quinny should have played upfront with Keano.

Anyway the past is the past and we can only look forward - with all the young stars in the Irish team, we can look forward to a promising future.
Kris Skates, Ireland

Open Quote
Well done Ireland - Thanks for the memories
Close Quote
Martin McKibbin, Ireland
Ireland played very well. They were determined to get the goals and they have done themselves and their country proud. Thank you to the whole team - you were a privilege to watch.
W. Russell, England

Because I'm half Irish and half English I had to support both teams. I watched both with pride as Ireland fought Spain and England fought Brazil.
Stefanie Greene, England

It's about time we should expect to win games like the Spanish one. We have been excellent for two years now and most of our players are the best at their clubs. It seems nobody underrates us more than ourselves and this must change. The enormous sense of pride I feel stems from our fantastic fans that travel in huge numbers and truly understand the phrase "It's only a game". They deserve more success.
James , Korea

To George: St George is it? I cannot understand how you can turn around and talk about not deserving to go further because of the draws that we got against Germany and Cameroon. At least the games were exciting not like your two draws against Sweden and Nigeria which were probably the most boring games of the tournament so far.
Jonny Keogh, Dublin, Ireland

Open Quote
Mick McCarthey's men should go home feeling proud, they really did themselves justice against Spain
Close Quote
Christian Brophy, England
I think the Irish did really well to get where they did in the World Cup, and I am very pleased to see them do so well! Good on you lads!
Ellie, England

Don't say Spain was lucky with two penalties against two men injured, and three goals ruled out it take's a lot to forget that. The brave guys weren't only in Green. Thanks to both teams for a great game.
Santi, Spain

We should be proud of the lads. Fair enough, we could have and probably should have finished Spain before penalties. We just lacked that killer punch. I'm confident that we have players that in time will be able to provide that to us. Heads up lads, the European Cup qualifiers start soon.

Mick McCarthey's men should go home feeling proud, they really did themselves justice against Spain and at the end of the night could have easily gone through.Without Roy Keane many wrote the chances off but Holland and Kinsella filled the captain's gap in midfield. Unlucky lads.
Christian Brophy, England

I am very proud to be Irish. Forget football - we showed what a team sport should be - not individuals but a group of people who pulled together!
Val, Ireland

Open Quote
Mick McCarthy is now safe in his job for another few years, despite the fact that he managed to send our best player packing
Close Quote
Noel, Ireland
It's hard to believe that for such a small country we have two football teams. The Northern Ireland team must unite with the Republic of Ireland team. This could mean the introduction of 2 or 3 more talented players which could make a huge difference. If the Irish rugby team can do it there is no reason why the two football teams can't.

Thanks for all the memories, just a pity we couldn't put Spain away.

The country went mad last night saluting a team that only managed to get out of a mediocre group and lose at the first major hurdle.

Mick McCarthy is now safe in his job for another few years, despite the fact that he managed to send our best player packing and made a number of selection decisions that defy belief. But we Irish have very short memories and now all is rosy in the garden again.
Noel, Ireland

I am confused as to why the Irish think they've had a good World Cup? You beat Saudi Arabia and then failed to beat a tired 10-man Spain in extra time. No offence, but you're starting to sound Scottish.
Andy, UK

Open Quote
Celebrate what we achieved, don't wallow in the 'what might have beens'
Close Quote
Keith, England

I have just returned from Japan having watched all of Ireland's games and we were fantastic. The Japanese and Korean people were wonderful hosts.

The only small gripe I have is the continuing message that we would have beaten Spain if Roy Keane had been there. What rubbish. Had Keane been there the shape, morale and the pattern we played would have been totally different. Not forgetting that with him in the side we would be missing Kinsella or Matty Holland who were both outstanding.

I don't believe Roy would have made a difference to the progress we made and I think Irish football has surpassed itself by showing what we are capable of even without a world class player like Roy. Celebrate what we achieved, don't wallow in the 'what might have beens'
Keith, England

Ireland deserved far more. We could see from all their performances throughout the tournament but especially in the Spain game that Ireland wanted to go through and they deserved it. Unfortunately we didn't have quite the right penalty takers and we just couldn't make it.

I would just like to say how proud I am of all the team and I'm proud to be Irish, but I think a special thanks has to go to three men who I feel have been outstanding throughout the tournament: Damien Duff, Robbie Keane and Shay Given. Thank you to the Irish team for making this one World Cup I will never forget. IRELAND!!
Patricia Hynes, Ireland

Open Quote
Imagine an Italian team or a Brazil team with the same attitude as the Irish
Close Quote
Patrick, Sligo

This World Cup that there will only ever be one legendary player with the surname of Keane. He is Robbie. Forget Roy.
Bob, Ireland

They were brilliant. Didn't deserve to go out, they have what a lot of teams don't have, like spirit, determination etc, imagine an Italian team or a Brazil team with the same attitude as the Irish.

I think we gave the World something different to the boring defensive play that some other European teams play. We have a world class team in the making there and for the next World Cup or European championships we are going to give every team a good run for their money. No team will want to play us.
Patrick, Sligo, Ireland

Get Gary Kelly deserved more than that, but every single Irish player did there nation proud.
Justin, Ireland

To George UK: Ireland may have only won one game but what of England? They beat a poor Danish team with ten men entrenched in their own half, they needed to cheat to beat a lacklustre Argentina and only managed to draw with Sweden and Nigeria.

Ireland, a small nation, have played great football for the duration of each match they have played, and have deserved the plaudits even if they managed only a draw. We finished second in our group with five goals, compared to England's meagre one and that was an undeserved penalty.
Ali, Ireland

Open Quote
I visited Suwon stadium to cheer your team against Spain. Hope to see your team again in Germany 2006
Close Quote
Eulyong, South Korea

Ireland played very well and gave an excellent Spanish team a run for their money. It must be remembered that we are a small country with a small player base, and to stretch teams like Germany etc is a good achievement hence the celebrations. Bottom line, we lost due to poor penalty taking, and the better team went through.
Shane, Ireland

Actually, I used to hate your team (Ireland) because your team defeated the Netherlands (my favourite team). On TV, I saw the game with the Netherlands in Dublin last year with tears in my eyes.

But, it takes less than a year for me to love your team. In the game against Germany, I was very impressed by your physical and mental power.

And I visited Suwon stadium to cheer your team against Spain last Sunday. I wore green t-shirts with my wife and shouted with the Irish fans for your team. You might see me shouting on TV when Robbie Keane go the equaliser when it was almost the end of the match....Hope to see your team again in Germany 2006.
Eulyong,South Korea

What a shame Roy Keane chose to plough his efforts into disrupting rather than helping the cause. I believe with Keane mentally and physically on board, Ireland would have definitely beaten Spain.

I did not notice any lack of commitment from McCarthy and the team throughout the tournament. They were magnificent. If Keane aspires to be a true leader he should look no further than Mick McCarthy for his example.
Phil Davis, England

The Irish played well with limited resources, guts and a whole lot of spirit that made up for the fact that they do not, at this moment, have a squad to challenge for titles. This may change by the time 2004 comes around but the Irish (in particular the FAI) must be more professional in their approach and must adopt Roy Keane's attitude if they really want to be more than entertaining participants.
Open Quote
Thanks Mick and the boys for showing great determination, skill and modesty. I am proud of you all
Close Quote
Brian, Ireland

The squad does not need to be as good as Roy Keane, as that would be expecting the impossible, but Ireland should expect the same drive, desire and determination to win at all costs from every player. Ireland can retain their unique team spirit and great supporters and yet have the killer edge to win games and tournaments - not just be happy with a glorified exit.

This hysterical hype about Ireland's so-called success is nothing short of ridiculous. Of course it is played up by the FAI and Mick McCarthy to cover up the mess they made in ejecting Ireland's best player, Roy Keane, who would have made the crucial difference in the game against Spain when Ireland were outplayed in midfield, particularly in the first-half.

Ireland could and probably would have beaten Spain if Keane had played. In that case, Ireland then would have met Korea for a place in the semi-final. Who knows how far Ireland would have gone with Keane to lead a good side? In the words of one of Ireland's best poets, Patrick Kavanagh, "It's all a cod to fool the people."
Hugh McFadden,Ireland

Open Quote
Roy who?
Close Quote
It seems that George, UK, misses the whole point. The Irish supporters expect their team to go out and play as well as they can. They did that on Sunday. Losing the game certainly hurts, but you cannot accuse them of not trying to win that game. The team will get a big welcome home because they deserve it - 100 percent for effort.
Trevor, USA

I find it fascinating that the English support for its immediate neighbours is unequivocal.I cannot imagine 'Salute the England Team' ever appearing in any headline - other than in an English report.What a pity!

I am English but yesterday I wished I was Irish. The commitment and sheer determination from those boys was inspirational. Those of you who are saying that Spain were the better team are either Spanish or a bit hazy in your knowledge of football.
Eric Mitchell, England

Open Quote
The performance of the whole squad gives the country something to be proud of
Close Quote
John, Ireland
Many here tipped Steven Reid and Clinton Morrison as potential stars of this tournament, but they never even got a look in.
Stephen Murray, Ireland

It was a great display of team spirit against Spain and, in Duff's case, world class skill. Mick McCarthy and his team have demonstrated a great self-belief, and shown persistence and desire.
Neil, living in Spain

For a team that was described as lacking any world class players after Roy Keane left, Ireland did wonderfully.The performance of the whole squad gives the country something to be proud of as well as giving us hope for the future.
John, Ireland

Did you guys know that Damien Duff has become one of the most popular players in Korea?
Sang, South Korea

Open Quote
Such a shame for the lads to end a great World Cup display with such an amateur finish
Close Quote
Alun Davies, Northampton
A magnificent display marred only by poor penalty taking. Once again the Irish have displayed their truth of character and great spirit. Hopefully, it will be passed on to some of the other teams as the whole world should have been inspired by their performance. Great job Mick!
Mike Curran, Canada

Steve from the UK is entirely correct. We lack replacements in certain positions and the fact that Connolly, who is a poor player, made it into the squad is a reflection of this. As for Kilbane, he is solid defensively but poor going forward and never looked like he could score a penalty. With the quality our team undoubtedly possess in several positions, surely the second round is nothing more than a decent achievement.
Kevin Harrington, Ireland

Dreadful. After all the effort over 4 games it was just devastating to see them throw it away with shoddy penalty taking. At this level every ball should have hit the back of the net. Such a shame for the lads to end a great World Cup display with such an amateur finish. No excuses, they really ballsed it up when it was there for the taking.
Alun Davies, Northampton

Open Quote
I blame Kevin Kilbane for the loss, an open goal and a penalty miss
Close Quote
Colin Gallagher, Ireland
The Irish certainly overachieved themselves in this tournament, but we really cannot complain about bad luck last night. Think about this: the Spanish had one goal ruled off-side, we had two penalty chances in regulation time, we played with one man up during extra time, and the Spanish missed two shots in the shootout. We were simply not good enough.
Edwin, Hong Kong

McCarthy has to go, how many games does it take to prove that Harte is not good enough, as for the Dave Connolly substitution how he makes a living from football I will never know. McCarthy rode his luck, but luck will only get you so far and then you have to make decisions and he was found wanting.
Keith O'Brien, Ireland

We were robbed! Missing 4 out of 6 penalties is unacceptable for PROFESSIONAL players. Connolly is a joke, he should never have been let near the World Cup never mind taking a penalty. I blame Kevin Kilbane for the loss, an open goal and a penalty miss. Disgrace!
Colin Gallagher, Ireland

I have to agree with Brian B, Ireland were not in the same league as Spain during that match. Spain looked dangerous every time they had the ball. Ireland didn't. I didn't see the penalty decision on the 90th minute but let me guess, Niall Quinn was backing into the Spanish player and the Spanish player was pushing him away? As for some of the offside decisions against Spain, I thought the attacker was meant to get the benefit of the doubt under Fifa guidelines.However, Ireland played well against a very difficult team, and they would have beaten Denmark if the ties had been reversed.
Martin, UK

Open Quote
Ireland played well against a very difficult team
Close Quote
Martin, UK

Whilst Mick McCarthy and the Irish should be applauded for reaching the last 16, it should not be forgot that it was his poor man management skill relating to the Roy Keane incident, that prevented them going even further. A situation like that would never have happened at Old Trafford as Alex Ferguson would not have encouraged, or even allowed dirty washing to be aired in public. His man management skills are undoubtedly flawed!
Stuart Sibbald,Scotland

Such a shame. Ireland were by some distance the best side on the day, and to go out like that is always heartbreaking. The pain of penalty failure is not only restricted to England - now the Irish feel it too. Hats off to them for some superb battling performances - let's hope England trounce Spain in the final to make Ireland feel at least a little better!
Ross McDonald, England

Much has been said about the Irish game from yesterday Vs Spain. As a Spanish person in the UK, I would firstly like to thank Ireland for an exciting encounter and wish them the best for the future. One point to remember however, is that Spain were leading for 89 minutes until the penalty decision. In any case, hard luck Ireland, you probably deserved better.
Sal, UK

Ireland deserved to go through, their starting 11 are a very strong team and Robbie Keane is starting to take more responsibility and is becoming a fine player. I think that Ireland went out because they have a strong team but a weak squad though. England have Fowler as a sub, Ireland have Connolly - this shows the gap between the 2 squads.
Steve, UK

Open Quote
Mick McCarthy is an excellent manager
Close Quote
Wyn, The Netherlands
A team that fails to covert 4 penalties does not deserve a salute. Trying harder and having a better team spirit just isn't enough if your defence is poor and you can't score. A bit more critical reflection needed, dear Irish friends...
Peter, Slovakia

I just like to say thank you to all the Irish players (and the fans) who were fantastic ambassadors for our country. I, along with every other Irish person I am sure, was extremely proud yesterday. Our determination and second-to-none team spirit along with our fans' unconditional, everlasting and ever-inspiring support was a joy to behold. We can hold our heads up high.
Michael, Ireland

Well done Ireland, you have been one of the bright spots of the tournament. Mick McCarthy is an excellent manager.
Wyn, The Netherlands

Let's be honest, Ireland are a team that plays 4 matches, only wins 1, draws 2 and loses 1, and then quite deservedly go out. And why? Because they celebrate even a draw like a win, and are safe in the knowledge that even losing still means they are heroes back in Dublin. About time they changed their attitude and tried to win something, they just like the "we are the underdogs and we lose anyway" sympathy they are getting too much...
George, UK

All credit to Ireland, they made Spain look like amateurs! They played some great football and created some excellent chances. My heart bleeds for Ian Harte, Poor man.
Nathan Vickers, England

Open Quote
Frankly I am getting tired of hearing how Ireland played such a good game, it's not true
Close Quote
Denzil Nair, Canada
Never in my life have I ever been so very proud to be Irish. We may have lost our on our deserved win but while Ireland cried tears of sadness; in our hearts we cried tears of joy. In the record books, Spain may have won and gone on to progress and I wish them the best of luck, but here in Ireland our lads are the true winners of the whole tournament.
Tara, Ireland

Ireland deserved to go out they way they did; the match shouldn't have even gone to overtime because Spain were the better team. Ireland was just prolonging its demise in Korea by the penalty kick in the 90th minute. Ireland gave Spain a good battle but in the end the better team is moving on. Good luck next time, Ireland.
Elena, USA

Sorry, but I don't think that Ireland played like they deserved to be at the World Cup. Spain held back after their first goal, they could have walked all over Ireland. Frankly I am getting tired of hearing how Ireland played such a good game, it's not true.
Denzil Nair, Canada

I would like to know why Duff and Quinn didn't take penalties.
S. Barber, England

Granted the Irish played magnificently, but the Spanish were denied a few chances by some dodgy offside calls. Please also remember that Camacho pulled Raul due to injury and the Spanish played a man down for the whole of extra time. Hats off to both teams but the better team did win.
Andres, England

Open Quote
Everyone of those players is a hero
Close Quote
Andrew, Australia
The morning after the day before I'm still gutted. But even more than that I am SO PROUD of our lads, I have nothing but admiration and respect for those guys. They played a blinder especially in the 2nd half; it's just a shame that the moral victors weren't the actual winners. As Dickens said 'it was the best of times, it was the worst of times'.
Una, Rep of Ireland

In games at this level you have to take every chance offered to be able to progress. Ireland missed a penalty in normal time. This is what cost them a place in the quarter finals.
Keith, England

Ireland made Spain look mediocre and that takes some doing! Penalties are always a nasty way to go but that's just how it goes. Better luck next time Ireland - we'll be rooting for you from the other side of the world!
Kim, Singapore

I was inspired by their performance and I'm not even Irish! Everyone of those players is a hero!
Andrew, Australia

It was great to watch a match with two great talented sides, hard and spirited play, and with a splendid referee who let the lads play, yet called fouls both consistently and fairly. The "never say die" Irish didn't let their fans down.

I'm sorry to see Ireland go home, but I can't help wondering if I watched the same game as everyone else. Ireland seemed to lose direction when they got the ball near the Spanish penalty area - they simply fell apart and frequently gave the ball to the opposition.
Brian B,Ireland

Open Quote
This by far eclipses Italia 90 and USA 94
Close Quote
Name Here

Every team in the World Cup had 23 players except the Irish. They were one man short right from the first match but the 22 players and Mick McCarthy are true Irish heroes. I look forward to seeing them in 2006.
Ross, Ireland

This by far eclipses Italia 90 and USA 94. Well done lads. As for Mick, he has proven himself not just a great manager but a great man as well.
Ross, Ireland

Once again you have shown the world the meaning of courage, commitment, camaraderie and no small measure of skill as well - the small nation with the colossal heart.
Paul, Irishman in the Cayman Islands

Great match, great Irish performance but let's be fair, the match was not dominated by Ireland. It was Spain in the first half, Ireland in the second. In extra time, Spain were a man down so were, of course, weaker and did excellently to hold on. Penalties isn't a lottery, it's a test of nerve - Ireland's broke.
Joe, UK

Open Quote
Like every Irish man and woman, I am devastated, distraught, gutted but proud
Close Quote
Aine, Ireland

The boys in green did us proud. We played the better football, but that's how it goes. I couldn't believe the support we had from the English! I think football has brought Ireland and England closer together this year than any politician has in the last ten. Thank you for the memories, Ireland, we love you (except Roy Keane).
Alan, Ireland

Congratulations Ireland for your great performance this World Cup. I always enjoy watching small countries without much super stars who play well because of their great team spirit - maybe because I am from such a country myself.

Too bad you lost against Spain while you were the better team, but that's football. See you in 2004 in Portugal.
Kurt, Belgium

I would like to pay the highest tribute to Ireland for giving such a fabulous performance against a very highly rated Spanish side. Like every Irish man and woman, I am devastated, distraught, gutted but proud. They showed the world what they can do.

Open Quote
Thanks to Quinny and Staunton for combined three decades of service to the team
Close Quote
Pete O'Broin,England

Ireland are a match for any side. Unfortunately luck was not on their side today, but that's the way it goes. Good luck to Spain. I really believe they have a team that can win the competition. If Ireland won I would be thinking the same. Well done Ireland. See you in Dublin on Tuesday evening.
Aine, Ireland

Hats off to the Irish for a splendid and truly inspirational tournament. The team played with a courageous flair reserved only for the best in the world. Ireland outplayed Spain and were very unlucky to not have booked a place in the final eight.

Despite the loss the Irish players and supporters should hold their heads high as I am sure they will capture honours in the future.

I'm proud to be Irish. We were great, and the best team lost. Thanks to Quinny and Staunton for combined three decades of service to the team.
Pete O'Broin,England

Ireland gave a cocky Spainish side a good run for their money and showed the world what the word 'team' really means. Big up to Mick and the Boys. Good luck Stan and Niall, and I hope the future brings you everything you would wish for yourselves.
Ellie Hurst, Birmingham, UK

Open Quote
Ireland were inspirational, Spain were resilient and both teams deserved to go through
Close Quote
Andrew, Canada

Ireland were inspirational, Spain were resilient and both teams deserved to go through. Ireland brilliantly capitalized on foolish decisions by Camacho, who took off two of the best strikers in the world despite only being one goal up.

Hierro's penalty was deserved but Duff's was one of those that Fifa said they would stop. He clearly was in his swan dive before the back leg dragged over Juanfran.

There should be plenty of toasts in both Madrid and Dublin tonight, with some of those towards the opponent. Great match!
Andrew, Canada

Being an English supporter, I have to salute the brave Irish for a spirited and skilful performance. The Spanish side, despite having talent from the likes of Real and Deportivo, clearly lacked the passion or desire to progress. In the end, the Irish were unfortunate to exit from the 12-yard calamity.
Bobby Seagull, England

Open Quote
Spain were there for the taking in extra time
Close Quote
Michael Loftus,England

Congratulations Ireland for a fantastic tournament, and for the fans out there who entertained the masses around the world. Ireland personified enthusiasm, commitment, teamwork and spirit more than any other team in the tournament and that is a credit to the 11 on the pitch and the thousands who followed them.
Andy, UK

They proved to the world that they can play with anyone, even without their best player. It's a shame to go out on penalty kicks when they were in control of the game for the most part. Three cheers for Mick McCarthy's men!
Steve Reid,USA

Ireland were magnificent playing with spirit and enterprise, however they missed a great chance to go through to the next round. Spain were there for the taking in extra time and, whilst we applaud their effort and sportsmanship throughout, it was a great opportunity missed.
Michael Loftus,England

The Irish did themselves proud and deserved to go through. In extra time there was only one team in it - they played their hearts out.
Matt, Isle of Man

Open Quote
No other team will give Spain a battle like Ireland did
Close Quote
Scott, UK

Unlucky Ireland? You are kidding of course. Spain should have been three or four up at half time. Why they stopped trying to score after the break and took off BOTH Raul and Morientes is beyond me.
Steve, UK

No other team will give Spain a battle like Ireland did today. Brilliant performance Ireland - you did your nation proud and you should be in the quarter-finals.
Scott, UK

The game between the Irish and the Spanish was easily the most dramatic and exciting in this World Cup so far. Damien Duff's performance was awe-inspiring. A huge salute to Ireland, and some regret that they have to leave the competition.
Helge Thiessen,Germany

Mick McCarthy seemed to get a mixed reception from the Ireland supporters over the Roy Keane affair. I bet they are right behind him now. The only loser during this Irish World Cup campaign was Roy Keane. Well done Ireland
Alan Williamson, England

Thank you lads for giving me such a memorable World Cup. Although the whole of Ireland is gutted, I have never felt so proud in all my life. Well done to the boys, you deserved to win. No longer are they just a small team, but a world-class team.
Eimear, Ireland

Open Quote
The Irish team only has itself to blame
Close Quote
Steve, England

Well done the Irish boys! You did us Irish proud tonight in Suwon. You deserved to win! God bless you!
Jo Purdy, Korea

Both teams played badly, and neither one deserved to go through to the next round. Spain's defence was so scrappy, and Ireland should have scored loads of goals before it got to penalties. That's what the game's all about.
Harry, England

I have always rated the Irish team as being among the best in the world, and this performance demonstrates how good they are. If only luck was on their side.
Kashif Sheikh, England

It's a pity to see Ireland go. My sympathy and respect to an Irish team that was enjoyable to watch not only because of their inspiring play, but also because they set a real example of comradeship. This team had spirit, and they would have deserved to stay in the World Cup for the next rounds.
Ken Gordian, Germany

Open Quote
That was the most entertaining match of the tournament, and an absolutely fantastic performance by Ireland
Close Quote
Angie, England

I almost feel as gutted as I would watching England lose! For sheer grit and determination the Irish boys deserved to go through. The performance of the team and the manager has been inspirational, despite the efforts of those who were 'Keane' to upset the squad.Take pride lads!
Dave Mason,England

I truly am sorry for the Irish team and the fans, which is probably more than they would be for us if we went out to penalties. Still, there have been many better teams than Ireland eliminated so far, which has only added to the excitement of this particular World Cup Finals.
Steve, England

The Irish may have played the better football, and had more of possession, but that means nothing really. Lots of teams have had more possession and lost this year. Couple that with missing a penalty in normal time, and the team only has itself to blame.
Steve, England

That was the most entertaining match of the tournament, and an absolutely fantastic performance by Ireland. Just think what they could have done to Japan or Turkey? Penalties are heartbreaking, Ireland are the rightful quarter-finalists!
Angie, England

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Ireland were not good enough on the day; they had their chance and they blew it
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Katy O'Halloran, England

Another great battling performance which came oh so close to seeing the boys through. Duff and Given were again excellent, as they have been throughout the tournament. Once more the team did their wonderful supporters and country proud. They can return home with their heads held high.

I can hear it now - Ireland were gallant and good losers. Ireland were not good enough on the day; they had their chance and they blew it. Tears in my Guinness tonight, lads. They should have won but they didn't and the record books will show it. Reminds me of Scotland a bit.
Katy O'Halloran, England

Who decided that a game can be decided on Penalties? Surely after extra time a better way of deciding the game would be to take into account fouls, free kicks, or even general performance as measured by a team of 3 independent officials, based on territory or possession etc?

The sad facts are that Spain should not be in the quarter-finals of World Cup 2002, but they are because of an extremely unjust system of decision making.
Michael Sayner, England

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Ireland have shown the beauty of 'not giving up' to the world
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Hiro Ishiwata, Japan

Heartbreaking! To go out on penalty kicks is so painful! However, the lads did give the Spanish team a good fight right to the end.

No matter what, it's great that they have come so far, the team should hold their heads up high when they return home. Thanks for the memories, Ireland, see you at the next World Cup.
James L,Singapore (Ireland supporter)

Thank you, Ireland. You have given us more than good games. Your determination, courage, persistence and soul have moved us. You have shown the beauty of "not giving up" to the world.

Many people will continue to talk about you, and many generations will be told about the Irish courage. Many people, Irish and non-Irish like me, will continue to love you. Thank you, Ireland!
Hiro Ishiwata, Japan

Outstanding display by a courageous Ireland. Very unlucky to lose a game when they were the better team. Spain looked defeated throughout extra time and frankly do not deserve to continue in this competition.

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Although the result is disappointing for the Irish, the lads did their country proud
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Loads of respect to the Irish team and their supporters, you fought well and in my opinion you have demonstrated that you may be out of the competition but you are not losers!
Chris, England

An outstanding passionate display of football by the Irish team, who really deserved to win. Underdogs? Not any more, a world-class team.

As usual, the Irish fans and players have shown the rest of the football world what the game is really about. Although the result is disappointing for the Irish, the lads did their country proud. They played some great attacking football and were true sportsmen in defeat.
Matt,USA (Brit Living in Texas)

Thank you, Ireland, for your excitement and courage. They always played with determination, positivity, persistence and more! The Japanese people love them. Ireland have shown the beauty of "not giving up" to the world.
Hiro Ishiwata,Japan

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The determination and the fighting spirit they have shown has been outstanding
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Shiraz, England

Well done Ireland to have gotten so far. How cruel to lose on penalties, but a cracking game. You'll come home as heroes.
Patrick, Ireland

Ireland are the best team to have gone out so far. They destroyed Germany and Spain, who are both in the last eight. Well done Ireland on a brilliant performance, but as always the better team on the day loses on penalties - sickening. The whole of England is gutted for you.
Nick, England

Ireland were so unlucky but will go home as heroes. The determination and the fighting spirit they have shown has been outstanding.
Shiraz, England

You can't win world cup ties by missing four penalties, but the better team lost. Ireland are a match for any team. Congratulations to Mick and the boys, you did your country proud!
Kerry Byrne, Australia

My heart really goes out to the Irish - they played like the champions they are. The Spanish played far too defensively, and you can do without teams like that in the quarter finals.It's such a shame - I would so have loved to see an England Ireland Final. Well Done Mick and the Boys - should certainly make a lot of Irish eyes smile with pride for the performance you put in!
Wayne, England Fan in Amsterdam

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