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Monday, 15 April, 2002, 14:33 GMT 15:33 UK
Salute Senegal
Have your say on Senegal's progress
Senegal's World Cup dream ends with a golden goal that sees Turkey through to the semi-finals.

Send your tributes to the Lions of Teranga.

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below.

Senegal did well and to be honest I was not expecting them to be that good. We are proud of them. I wish they had made the semi finals, but never mind, it was only their first time in the competition.
Abdulkadir Abdi, Somalia

Senegal's achievement should not shock the world. African players have skills and strength that can match any other.
Orowing Mahenga, Zambia

The lions were tamed suddenly by the sons of the Bosphorus who really deserved to win. But this can not deny the huge efforts of our beloved African team Senegal that made us proud of them. Our hats will be raised for them for the next 4 years. Keep on lions.
Dr.Mohamed El Laithy, Egypt

You have united all of Africa, more than any politician can ever dream of. Thank you for the memories. I thought and hoped that you would have gone further.
Tamrat Yossef, Ethiopian, in USA

Come on The Lions!! This is not the end of the game. Every tick of the clock announces the approach of the World Cup to arrive in Africa. Viva for the Lions!
Assefa, Teferi, Canada

Open Quote
The lions from Senegal will inspire great teams to emerge from Africa in the coming World Cup tournaments
Close Quote
Mesgina Tsegai, Eritrea
I enjoyed Senegal's football but I was disappointed in the manner of the performance against Turkey. Why were they so tired? It appears that the team celebrated too much and lost their enthusiasm and determination. I could be wrong.
Lloyd Anderson, USA

I want to appeal to the President of Senegal to change the national team name to 'Lions of Africa' To the players, coaching team, and the Senegalese, I say congratulations and well done! You are true African heroes.

Your impressive performances will help to prove that African soccer can compete equally with other continents. African soccer is unique. Very soon European players will be playing in the African league to learn and enjoy our style.
Goddy Ohaju (Nigerian), Finland

The lions from Senegal will inspire great teams to emerge from Africa in the coming World Cup tournaments. The competitive display and consistency shown by this team will deliver an exciting result into the final games ahead.
Mesgina Tsegai, Eritrea

It seems African teams will always break the hearts of their supporters. We genuinely held out hope. And yet, a team that was tired from the first minute did not make a single substitution.

Open Quote
Senegal might have lost the match against Turkey, but they have won the respect of the world
Close Quote
Jou Jou, Hong Kong
Bruno, we love you for what you've done but this seemed an obvious and bizarre miscalculation. You won and lost with equal dignity.
Ade Daramy, UK/Sierra Leone

You've made the whole of Africa proud. Thank you so much. You won with grace and you lost with grace. I am sure you'll honour us with your presence in the next World Cup tournament.

Senegal might have lost the match against Turkey, but they have won the respect of the world. I was elated with Turkish victory, but at the same time I was sad to see Senegal go.

Senegal put out a true heroic fight against their strong opponents without using any dirty tricks throughout the game, and they accepted their defeat gracefully.
Jou Jou, Hong Kong

Thank you very much to the Lions of Terabga and congratulations Senegal. Do not end the dream for our World Cup hopes, but look forward to 2006. I hope to see you guys lift the cup!
Asefa Tolessa Dano, Ethiopia

Open Quote
Well done Senegal, we all look forward to seeing you perform again on the world stage
Close Quote
Alan,The Netherlands
Senegal, Senegal, Senegal: my mouth's still full of this magic word. Yet the Turks stealthed a Trojan Horse into the game. The Lions of Teranga roared but they'll need to roar more fiercely next time. This time will come!!
Chief Aola ka Ooko, Kenya

As a lover of great football, it hurt me to see Senegal go out of the World Cup. Turkey deserved their win, but let's give praise to the lions of Senegal who gave us all so much enjoyment with their honest, exciting and refreshing football. In the end, their magnificent efforts in the previous rounds had taken their toll and it was obvious to everyone that the Senegalese were tired.

Still they didn't give up and put up a magnificent show against the Turks. Only a superhuman effort from the Turks could steal the day. Well done Senegal, we all look forward to seeing you perform again on the world stage. You were great diplomats for the sport of football.
Alan,The Netherlands

Unlike the Europeans who treated Asian and African teams as if they have no right to be at the final, the Senegalese have behaved as true sportsmen in defeat. The Senegalese team will go back and improve. I look forward to seeing them in four years' time.
Calvin, England

Open Quote
The team has been an inspiration. We are proud of you
Close Quote
Gideon G Nkala, Botswana

Even though you guys lost officially, I'd like to give you my applause. It was a great joy to see Senegal team's energetic play and delightful goal ceremony. I hope to see you playing in next World Cup. You deserve to be the happiness of your people.
Jinah Kim, South Korea

The Senegal team are such good sports. Italy, Spain, and other sore-losers and foulers should take a lesson from them. They're a breath of fresh air to watch.
Brian, Korea

I hope Turkey will beat Senegal. If not, I want Senegal to lift the World trophy on 30 June.
Mehmet, Turkey

No doubt, Senegal have already done Africa proud. With their discipline and fluid attack we are hopeful that the lions will continue devouring opponents. In the unlikely event that the Teranga Lions lose to Turkey, we will not be disappointed - the team has been an inspiration. We are proud of you.
Gideon G Nkala, Botswana

My greatest happiness about the Senegalese performances during this World Cup is that it has made Africans prouder and united. It is so marvellous to have the same feelings, the same pleasure, the same dream! Africa has shown that it has a single soul and the Senegalese football team is its body!
Awa BA, Senegal

Open Quote
Senegal are the Cinderellas of World Cup 2002
Close Quote
Tom, Canada
Senegal can go the distance, but if not, remember how far you have come. Shine on, and hold on to the joy. Roar!
Amy, USA

Congratulations Senegal. You have made all of Africa proud by your performance so far. I have no doubt that the team have the skills, teamwork and determination to go all the way. Some say the team was lucky to get past Sweden because the ball hit the post in extra time, but they forget that Senegal scored a goal that was disallowed. The world now knows that you have a great team. More good luck the rest of the way.
Louis Adeghe, Canada

I really believe that Sengal can win this Cup. They have what it takes and it's their match against Turkey that will determine how far they go.
Femi Olaniyi, Nigeria

Senegal are going to win it and go all the way because they have the discipline.
Mbaye Niang, Senegal

Open Quote
This is the year that Africa and Senegal will go all the way
Close Quote
Alhagie Mbow, Gambia
I have watched all of Senegal's games and I am more than sure that Turkey will not stand a chance against them. I believe in my heart the Lions are going to bring more happiness to the whole of Africa. Take one step at a time and you will surely walk up the ramp to receive the World Cup!
Richard M. Kimble, Liberia

Senegal are the Cinderella's of World Cup 2002. Unfortunately, the clock is just about to strike midnight for them.
Tom, Canada

This is the year that Africa and Senegal will go all the way. Nothing can stop them, and people should not be surprised by the talents of the Lions of Teranga.
Alhagie Mbow, Gambia

A team of tremendous talent and players of great potential. They play with no fear and this is why they have gone so far.
Joe Laffar, England

Open Quote
Senegal have shown the true spirit of the World Cup
Close Quote
Jessian, Senegal
Senegalese play great football. Above all, they play with joy. Their smiles will be remembered for ever. They are full of courage and enthusiasm. They have all the skills and energy to win the cup. It is a matter of believing in themselves. The thought, "This is our first time, we have gone this far and it is enough for us" should never enter into the minds of the players.

The Senegalese have everything to go through and win the cup. The eyes of the world should be open to see the kind of football African nations play. The appropriate authorities need to think about the number of teams that take part in the World Cup from Africa compared to those in Europe. For the Senegalese team, you have more to surprise the world. Good Luck!
Nega, Ethiopian in USA

Like most Africans, I think that Senegal performance is outstanding. Senegal has done Africa proud. But there is another important point. Thanks to teams like Senegal, Cameroon or Nigeria, African born players will play for the countries where they were born, rather than for European countries. The next Patrick Vieira will play for Senegal, rather than France!
Paul Yange, Cameroon

Senegal have shown the true spirit of the World Cup. They look like they enjoy playing football and not having any expectations placed on them makes it easier for them to perform at their best.
Jessian, Senegal

Open Quote
Senegal has already done the whole of Africa proud
Close Quote
Y Iftikhar, Nigeria
Senegal deserves to be where they are at the moment. They have been one of the best to watch in this World Cup. Go Senegal!
Rory, Ireland

Senegal have every opportunity to win the World Cup. The lions have fielded their best possible team in years, and managed to get past the qualifying stages, the group stages, and the second round, even though they are debutants in the World Cup.
Abbas Tejani, England

Senegal has already done the whole of Africa proud by displaying their skills and teamwork for the world to see. I feel they don't have to prove anything to the world anymore. Of course, if they play against Turkey the way they did with Sweden, they are definitely going to the finals.
Y Iftikhar, Nigeria

Senegal can and will bring the World Cup to Africa if they maintain their discipline and teamwork. But they also need an objective referee!
Scholastica A. Mensah, Ghana

Open Quote
Senegal has a team composed of young, ambitious and highly determined players
Close Quote
Hafez SY, Senegal
The Lions of Teranga have roared and the rest of the World is rushing to buy maps to see where Senegal is. Senegal is in the quarter finals at the first attempt and we are only beginning. Viva les Lions
Squire Wa-Afrika, South Africa

Well done Senegal. You are the 2002 World Cup revelation. The Cup is at your reach.
Okonmah Tony, Nigeria

Senegal has a team composed of young, ambitious and highly determined players who have played and enjoyed a great deal of time together. Then, beyond this mark of team spirit I am sure there remains a great deal of performance which they feel ready and willing to reveal in front of the world.
Hafez SY, Senegal

Senegal is the eye of African continent. If they qualified for the final match in the African cup of nations in Mali with winners Cameroon, why not for World Cup in South Korea and Japan.
Deodati, Tanzania

Open Quote
Senegal carries all the hopes of Africa on its shoulders.
Close Quote
Fredmalili, Malawi
Fantastic to watch, full of skill, flair, strength, surprises and celebration. You play with a big heart! Will be supporting you all the way, save only for an England clash.
Simon, Uk

The world should not be surprised by the performance of Senegal at the on-going World Cup. The warning signal was given by becoming the second best team to Cameron at The Africa Nations Cup. If the likes of France, Sweden and the rest took it as a joke then a lot more will follow. Senegal, you are doing us pride. All the Best guys as we follow your deserved stay in Japan and Korea!
Hastings Mwenitete, Malawi/Central Africa

The Lions have tasted the blood now it's time to go for the meat Well done for doing Africa so proud.
H. Omware, Kenya

Senegal carries all the hopes of Africa on its shoulders. They are there with the blessings from the whole continent of Africa. As such I can foresee Senegal going all the way to finals. I'm so sure they will even beat big names even Brazil itself should take care. We Africans are behind them in players and everything.
Fredmalili, Malawi

Open Quote
Senegal are the epitomy of what African culture stands for
Close Quote
Sipho Ngwenya, United States
Senegal are a great African team and their achievement in the on-going FIFA Soccer 2002 World Cup Finals in Japan and Korea is just to prove that football is an African game. No doubt that other African nations are now thinking on how they can be the Senegal's of the 2006 finals in Germany. All Africans should now support them and I believe that the are going to excel to much higher levels than it was thought before.
Emmanuel Kitwala, Tanzania

Senegal are the epitomy of what African culture stands for - teamwork, team spirit and resilience against adversity. They have carried themselves well and have made Africa proud. It would be no wonder given all their performances if they win the World Cup and it's about time too!
Sipho Ngwenya, United States

There are more surprises to come because Senegal are ready to show to the world that Africa deserves more than five teams to play in the World Cup. Give us more teams, then you will see what Africa can do.
Lamine M. Dieng,Guinea/US

I don't think we should get carried away with this win. I think Senegal were very lucky to get a place in the final eight. Sweden missed a good chance minutes earlier, when a shot came off the post. However, I do think they have a good chance of getting into the semis, as Japan and Turkey are easy opponents.
Jason Mitchell, Canada

Open Quote
The Lions will go all the way and no one can stop them
Close Quote
Mukhtar Sharif, Somalia

It's incredible that it's Senegal's first World Cup! If they keep up the form they will reach the final.
Gunni, Vietnam

Confidence has always been a major factor in sports. With the victory by Senegal over Sweden, it will undoubtedly show in their next match. Look for them to get into the semis.
Omar Janneh, The Gambia

The Senegal Lions can still roar if they keep their concentration on the game and attacking spirit. However, they shouldn't underestimate any team.
Pat, Botswana

Senegal beat the Swedes without Khalilou Fadiga - what do we expect when he comes back? The Lions will go all the way and no one can stop them.
Mukhtar Sharif, Somalia

Open Quote
Who would bet against Senegal now?
Close Quote
Fraser, Wales

Senegal are Africa's greatest hope. As a Nigerian, I am very proud of their accomplishments. Like Nigeria, they are very talented, but unlike Nigeria, they are organized - a fact that showed in their match with Sweden, in which they remained calm throughout.Uju Nnama,USA

Senegal's progress is not a shock or surprise to anyone that has seen them play. They will go far in the Cup, and show the world that Africa can play football!
Leone, US

They came to the World Cup as minnows, but who would bet against Senegal now? Not only do they play with energy and skill, they play with a smile on their faces. This may at last be the year of the Africans - and from an unlikely source.
Fraser, Wales

I believe Senegal have shown the world what Africa is really made of. I believe Senegal will win the Cup if they maintain the hard work and team effort they have already displayed Thank you Senegal, you have done Africa proud.
Priscillah Ondoga, Uganda

Open Quote
The Senegalese players are now mentally prepared to handle the toughest teams in the world
Close Quote
Kenneth,Nigerian in USA

Senegal's storming performance on their first match against France should have warned the world of the emergence of a world class side.
Kennedy Mavhu,Zimbabwe

Every dog has his day. June 16, was a beautiful day for Senegal. It was a beautiful day for African football. This is the end of the show and Senegal will surprise the world.
Charles L. Massaquoi,Sweden

Senegal had captured the imagination of every soccer fan right from the start. They just keep on creating surprises!
Joan, Singapore

It has to be Africa's year. If Diouf and Camara can turn some of their skilful dribbling into goals, they will be hard to stop. Go Lions.
Aberra Tesfaye,Ethiopian in U.S.A.

The Senegalese players are now mentally prepared to handle the toughest teams in the world, we are solidly behind you. This will be Africa's year to win the world cup, GO SENEGAL.
Kenneth,Nigerian in USA

Open Quote
Senegal had captured the imagination of every soccer fan right from the start
Close Quote
Joan, Singapore

Senegal have made all the doubters eat their words. Succeeding against Sweden is a magnificent feat.
Esson Adobah, England

It is a great day for African unity. All around Africa there is one joyful hope, and that is to see the World Cup in African hands. Senegal is to bring that dream true!
Ahmed Noor, USA

Potentially, Senegal can reach the semi-finals because they are capable of beating Japan or Turkey in the quarter finals.

For them to reach this far is a huge shock, and if they get any further it must be considered the biggest shock in World Cup history
Gordon, Scotland

Viva Senegal! What a team and what a performance from Africa. The players are well drilled and the passion to win is evident. Senegal can now go all the way.
Abby, South Africa

Open Quote
All around Africa there is one joyful hope, and that is to see the World Cup in African hands
Close Quote
Ahmed Noor, USA

Thank you Senegal, you did a good job, I'm looking forward to watching your continual success to the final. I'm proud to be an African as the whole of Africa is now behind Senegal.
Emad Ezzat, Egypt / USA

Well done Senegal! You proved the critics wrong.

African teams should be as respected as any other teams in this World Cup. We are behind you; remember anything can be possible if you continue to focus on what is before you.
John Matiza, Zimbabwe in UK

For Sweden to have beaten Senegal would have been like an elephant trying to climb a greasy pole. Watch out for more surprises from Les Liones In the semi-finals.
Ralph James,USA

Senegal are a breath of fresh air in this tournament. Their enthusiasm, energy and talent are a joy to watch for any true football fans. They are a lesson in team spirit and positive football.

From an admiring french fan: "Allez les Lions"!
Thierry Madelon,Williamsburg, USA

Open Quote
For Sweden to have beaten Senegal would have been like an elephant trying to climb a greasy pole
Close Quote
Ralph James,USA

Viva Senegal, Viva Africa. You can go all the way. Your southern neighbours will be rooting for you.
Alex, South Africa

I watched Senegal throughout the African Nations and they were excellent, and now likewise at the World Cup. The way they pass and move is superb and their team spirit and never say die attitude should be rewarded.
Ben, Wales

Now that Senegal have beaten a very competitive Swedish side, it must be acknowledged that Senegal are a good team. They beat a French side that where the previous world champions. Let's appreciate the work ethic of players like Coly and the brimming talent of the rest of the team.
Vincent Eyamba, England

The Dakar Lions have once again brought pride to African football. Thanks to their coach, Metsu - he has turned the young cubs into fierceless lions, whose skills are now unparalleled.
Assan Jallow,USA

Senegal have shown that they are only newcomers and not underdogs. Much should be expected from them. I predict that they will make it to the finals.
Dauda B, Sierra Leonean in Japan

Open Quote
The way they pass and move is superb and their team spirit and never say die attitude should be rewarded
Close Quote
Ben, Wales

I think we should not get carried away by Senegal's achievements. Remember what happened to Cameroon in the quarter finals of the 1990 World Cup, they lost seven minutes away from qualifying for the semi final. Senegal nearly did not make it to the second round after their disastrous second half performance against Uruguay. But if they can maintain their focus and discipline, they can go all the way. Congratulations to Senegal, the whole of Africa is behind you.
Kwaku, England

Incredible!!! It is great to see new nations stepping up. This team from Senegal has the skill, confidence and the heart to make it to the final four, and from there anything is possible.
Adnan Tayyab,Hong Kong

Before the worldcup began, Senegal was a non-factor. The world soccer body had put them in the frontline to kick-start the tournament with the mighty and adored world reigning champs, France.

At this stage who can doubt that they are ready and prepared to beat any team left in the World Cup?
Alex ,USA

This is a great achievement for African football, once again African are showing what they are capable of.

Open Quote
At this stage who can doubt that they are ready and prepared to beat any team left in the World Cup?
Close Quote
Alex ,USA

Good luck to the team, but I fear that the Senegal saga will end in the semi-final
Yves René, France

All the way - Senegal have a team that can clinch the World Cup. They are fast, athletic, skilfull and can wear their opponents down.
Yomi, USA

Pele predicted it would not be long before the Africans begin to rear their heads. This is exactly what Senegal are doing. They are adding to the gains of their predecessors, Cameroon and Nigeria. I have no doubt they will be playing for the cup on the last day of the competition. Bravo Senegal!
Kobina Arhin, Canada

Senegal are proving to be a stronger African team because of their positive approach to all the games they have played so far. They are not easily intimidated by an early opening goal from their opponents and seem to know how to handle pressure.
Lester Shangubo,Zambia

All the way to the final - they must not get complacent, just continue to play the same way and tighten the defence.
Junior McQuilkin, USA

Open Quote
They have a great team spirit & raw talent
Close Quote

I think that we were just lucky. If Ljungberg had been playing we would have gotten our behinds beaten. I think we might make it to the final if we continue to have luck.
Ablaay Diop, Senegal

Senegal will go all the way. They have a great team spirit & raw talent and a great coach with an understanding of African football with European flair.

Senegal are a very good side indeed. The fact that they have already met the toughest teams in this competition and gone through are clear indications that the team can reach as far as to the final and snatch the World cup.
David C.Mwakatika, Tanzania

The frightening thing is against Sweden they were without Diao, their captain, and Fadiga (who makes El Diouf look boring) due to bans.
Mike Grist, UK

How far can Senegal go? The answer is very short: right up to the final!
Semeter, Ethiopia

Open Quote
Let's not aim to high too soon
Close Quote
Samuel Makonnen, Ethiopia
What more can I say other than thank you Senegal for making Africa proud and making the critics eat their words.
Kunle David, Nigerian in USA

It's a great win that showed the gap is narrowing down between countries. Nobody wanted to play Senegal for a friendly game before the World Cup. Now they will!

There is a limit to the number of major surprises a team can pull in the World Cup. Just about always, the limit tends to fall short of winning the Cup. Let's not aim to high too soon. It will be quite satisfactory to have Senegal make the semi-finals as no African team has done that yet. One step at a time, please.
Samuel Makonnen, Ethiopia

Senegal is a team to reckon with. It has the youthful talents in the form of Diof, Diao, Diop, Fadiga and so on. The world is not surprised because they deserved to win the last African Cup of Nations. We look forward to a final between Brazil and Senegal.
Omondi Amos K'Ogal,Kenya

Bravo le Senegal! I'm proud to be African as the entire continent is now behind Senegal. It will be no surprise if Senegal reache the semi-finals and play Brazil or a European team. Anything is now possible, and why not dream of a final against Italy, Spain or Germany? Go Senegal
Jihed, USA

Open Quote
It is now time for Senegal to concentrate on their next game with either Japan or Turkey
Close Quote
John Natana,Sudan
Senegal have proven their strength in every aspect of the game. They have the mental strength, desire, determination and composure of champions. As an African, like all other Africans, I share the joy and pride of their victory against Sweden, which they very well deserved.

This encounter was key to Senegal's chances. Only England in my opinion can stop them from making it to the finals! Go Taranga Lions, devour them all!
Heine Nzumafo,Cameroon/U.S.A

Senegal is an excellent team with excellent players and a great coach. I was confident they would defeat Sweden and they did it. The players and the administrators are very much united. Nigeria could have done the same had they senior players such as Sunday and George in the squad.

It is now time for Senegal to concentrate on their next game with either Japan or Turkey. Senegal's record shows that they can take on ANY team! Good luck and long live the African Football! We are with you in heart and spirit.
John Natana,Sudan
Open Quote
Once again they proved that they are one of the best teams in this World Cup
Close Quote
Panchapa Kesan, India
Senegal will go all the way to the finals. They have the strength of wounded lions and the best of skills. With inspiration from Diof "the serial killer" nothing can hold Senegal back.
Kwame Manu-Antwi,Ghana

Senegal deserved the win against Sweden. Once again they proved that they are one of the best teams in this World Cup. Their positive attitude will surely take them through to the semi-finals and I hope Senegal will be on 3rd position in this World Cup. All the best Senegal.
Panchapa Kesan, India

Well done Senegal, they make all the African countries proud. I think if they keep the self confidence and beautiful playing they will at least reach the semi-final. Senegal proved that Africa deserve more than five Places. Go, Lions, we are waiting for your victory.
Mostafa Meshaal, Egypt

How proud I am of such a wonderful display of skill, composure, belief and discipline. Senegal has done Africa proud. Senegal is definitely the focal point of African football-not Cameroon and certainly not Nigeria.
George A. Laniyan, USA

Open Quote
El Hadji Diouf is the Maradona of this tournament
Close Quote
Danny, Malaysia
Senegal: Be proud!! You represented Africa in a beautiful and dignified way. I am sure the whole of Africa is dancing in ecstasy as I did. When the game was tied I was ready to accept whatever the outcome was. You made me proud to be an African.
Tamrat Akale, United States

Congratulations Senegal! Sweden was unlucky to hit the post twice...but that's football.El Hadji Diouf is the Maradona of this tournament. He is simply the best forward out there.
Danny, Malaysia

Senegal won because they played better. They more than matched the Swedes in most of the aspects of the game. The Senegalese are probably most athletic and skilled team in this world cup. They even matched the Europeans in ugly tackles and rough play.Bonagadi

When Senegalese singer Youssou Ndour composed the theme song for France 2002, he heralded new era of African influence. Now everyone is going to dance to Senegal's tune until the final!
Semou Ncisse, England/Senegal

Senegal are not just here to play naive football, they are tactically aware. Bruno Metsu has done a tremendous job. I have no doubt that Senegal can go all the way. Bring on England
Ben Bol, UK

Open Quote
Senegal is going to win the cup
Close Quote
Being a confident, technically competent and adventurous team, Senegal are more than capable of going all the way and I believe that they will. The most potent threat would have come from the teams that are already out. If they can manage to reach the semis, their momentum will be unstoppable.
Salaam Secka, UK

Senegal have shown what they can do and are capable of doing by sending the Scandinavians packing. They convincingly proved to all of us that they can stand up against any team in this World Cup. For people who condemned them of undisciplined play, you have been proven wrong.
Kiddo, Tanzania/USA

Well done to Senegal for beating Sweden with the golden goal. The Lions will now have a very winnable quarter-final against either Japan or Turkey. Victory in that game would bring them to a semi-final...will Senegal win the World Cup? That would be great for football.
Steve, UK

Senegal, the 2002 World Cup champions? Why not? They have the skills and they definitely have the will and hunger for success and that's half the battle won. All the best, Senegal.
Ricky Liow, Malaysia

Let me put it simply for those of you who have difficulty with the English language: Senegal is going to win the cup. Thank you.

Open Quote
Senegal are simply amazing
Close Quote
James, Malaysia
Senegal are semi-final material. After now beating Sweden they have to play either Japan or most likely Turkey. If they can beat Sweden then they can beat both of these teams. Good Luck Senegal.

With this stunning victory over the Swedes an England-Senegal fixture has become a distinct possibility. This is a good thing for Africa and a good thing for football!
Claude, Canada

Congratulations Senegal! , Despite being a passionate England fan I was thrilled by your exciting win over a very good Swedish outfit and think that you have been a credit to African football and the World Cup. You have taught teams such as France and Argentina about team spirit and pride which your team has in abundance. Your Quarter final place is a grand achievement for you and for Africa. How refreshing, and very well done from one team of proud lions to another!
Paul Sheehan,Coventry , England

Sweden deserved to lose. Senegal were the better side - way more skilful, with more creativity and the ability to run at and beat the Swedish defenders. It was a joy to behold. Bravo Senegal!!
Mambu Kawa, Sierra Leone

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