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Friday, 28 March, 2003, 11:53 GMT

Bacher's World Cup plan ignored

By Martin Gough

World Cup director Dr Ali Bacher has revealed his proposals for the controversial second stage of the tournament were vetoed by the game's governing body.

" If you win a Super Six match you should get three points because to me it's more important "
Dr Ali Bacher

The Super Six round attracted controversy because of a complicated system that allowed teams to carry points through from the group stage.

Minnows Kenya were almost guaranteed a semi-final place after New Zealand forfeited their match in Nairobi on safety grounds.

Bacher told the BBC Sport website he had suggested Super Six matches should be given added weight.

He explained: "An idea that I proposed which wasn't supported by the ICC was that you get two points for a win in the pool.

"You take them forward only if you have defeated a team that goes forward with you.

"But for the Super Six if you win a match there you should get three points because to me it's a more important match."

The suggestions could be examined again by organisers of the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies.

Bacher expects two further teams to be added, taking the total to 16, competing in a Super Eight second round.


  • Top three teams in each group qualified
  • Each team played the three from the other group
  • Points gained in group matches against fellow-qualifiers carried forward
  • One point carried through for each win against non-qualifiers in group stage
  • Two points for each Super Six win
  • Top team played fourth-placed team in semi-finals, second played third Bold: Change from CWC 1999

    He has accepted the 2003 tournament was too long at 44 days, but claims extra teams could make the format more efficient.

    "You would probably end up with four teams in four sections with the top two going through to the Super Eight," he went on.

    "You would therefore have a shorter tournament."

    Bacher argued Kenya, along with fellow associate members Canada, Namibia and Holland "brought a degree of freshness to the competition".

    "I don't believe their present undermined the integrity of this tournament," he said of the four sides.

    "World Cups are about growing the game globally."

    " In theory the idea of playing cricket in the USA is a good one "

    Bacher dismissed suggestions extra days could be set aside in case of rain in group matches.

    West Indies' failure to qualify for the Super Six was down in part to their washed-out match against Bangladesh, when the four points on offer were shared.

    "The theory is every match should have a reserve day," Bacher admitted.

    "But organising an event in three countries with 15 towns and cities involved, logistically would have been a nightmare."

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