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Tuesday, 30 September 2008, 14:36 GMT 15:36 UK

Have Your Say on Kenya

Kenya's World Cup challenge comes to an end with a 91-run defeat in their semi-final against India.

Chasing a victory target of 271, captain Steve Tikolo led the Kenyan resistance with a half century but could not prevent his side bowing out.

But the Kenyan team can reflect on a very successful campaign that saw them record victories against Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

What is your verdict on the surprise package of this year's World Cup?

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All I can say is that the Kenyan cricket team should be very proud of themselves! They made us prouder than ever to be Kenyan...And thank you for shutting up all the critics!
S.E. from South Africa (but Kenyan)

"I can't help thinking that some of the Kenya bashing is about big teams failing to live up to their hype"
Steve Searby, UK

Kenya didn't deserve even a super six berth. The fact is, luck favoured them so much, till the semi final. Except for the win against Sri Lanka, they did not do anything wonderful.

The lucky moments were: New Zealand gave away four points, and against India and Australia they batted first (where in day/night matches, second team always suffers), so they gave a little shock to these teams.
Vijay Shankar, Pune

Well done boys! Reaching the semis was quite good for me cos you had a lot of critics all showering their venom to you. We at least raised some eye brows from our critics which is healthy.

This should not be the end but a start of greater things you can do in future. Let's prove them wrong.
Anne, Zanzibar

There is no team more deserving to win this cup than Kenya. Though they are out of the tournament, they have made their mark in the world of cricket and leave the field, heads held high with pride. I am proud of Kenya.
Aneesa, USA

I can't help thinking that some of the Kenya bashing is about big teams failing to live up to their hype. Sure Kenya had some luck to get through, but what the hell, they got the breaks and made the most of their chances. I am an England fan but maybe the Aussies have got one thing right. Perhaps we are just a bunch of whinging poms!
Steve Searby, UK

Well done to the Kenyan team despite losing to India. You boys did Kenya proud and as someone born In Kenya, but of Indian origin I was in two camps!

I must congratulate Kenya on a superb performance-I sincerely hope that an institution can now be put in place and youngsters are encouraged to take up the game!
Paul, USA

"Kenya's cricket team is among the world's best"
George, Minnesota, USA

Kenya have been a breath of fresh air for this tournament, which was needed after all the political problems at the start. Three cheers for Kenya I say.
Stephen, Glasgow

The Kenyan team has brought something special to the world cup. Even though they have lack facilities and finance, they proved talent and commitment can go a long way.

Their performance in this world cup will help boost the cricket levels in Kenya and I'm sure a lot of youngsters will be taking up the game.
Mazhar Gulamhusein, Cardiff, UK

Kenyans did well no doubt! External conditions such as artificial lights have a tremendous effect on the ability of a batsman to spot the ball moving at 90mph, in the semi-final game, Kenya were unfortunate to bat second. I was confident that the match would have been close, if conditions were the same. Best luck to India and Australia.
Zameer Afzal, New York, USA

If Kenya have proved one thing to the "big" teams, it is that tight fielding and good teamwork count for a lot in ODI's and that having big stars on your roster does not guarantee success. They bow out having added much to this tournament, I hope they are now granted test status.
Mark, London, UK

Congratulations Kenya, you have made everyone proud. The commitment, teamwork, determination and even the celebrations have been admirable and spectacular. Kenya have truly been great sportsman.
Sarfaraz, Manchester, UK (Kenyan)

All I can say is hip hip hurray for Kenya - you have done a fantastic job. The rest of the world now knows that Kenya is a force to be reckoned with. You deserve to be included in the test matches.

"They have done it amid severe criticism from many who won't accept reality"
Jerry, Canada

To all the players - you have brought fame not only to the people in Kenya but Kenyans living abroad. I hope that once you're back in Nairobi you do not give up your practice matches. I can certainly promise that the world will be watching out for you in the next World Cup.
Raj Dhanjal, Toronto,Canada

This has been a tremendous feat for the Kenyan team. Against all odd we made it to the semis. This also goes to prove that our cricket team is among the worlds best. Thank to all the players, and coach for a fitting departure. You have done us proud
George, Minnesota, USA

Congrats to Kenya for playing so well in the World Cup and defying the odds. Wish they could have won the Cup.
Hasan Mahmood, USA

Kenya have been the surprise package of this year's World Cup, in my view they have really done very well. They have beaten the likes of Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe and are the best African team.
Abdi, Hounslow, London

The Kenyan cricket team deserves tremendous respect. They are wonderful ambassadors of the sport to the rest of the world. What a shame to hear all the noise from some of the commentators and teams who should have played better deride Kenya's achievement!

Boys, we are very proud of you and the world is watching to see a comeback against both India in the semis and Australia in the final. You have done it before with big name teams, you can do it again Goliath slayers!

There is growing interest among Americans in the sport because of the dazzle you have displayed, a recognition of the fact that even minnows can do great things. That appeals to the American spirit. Go Kenya!
Sammy, Minneapolis, Minnesota

It is wonderful to see the Kenyans play their game and they have done it amid severe criticism from many who won't accept reality. Kenya has always done well against India and they may be the surprise finalist.
Gichana, Kenya

"Kenya need two miracles to get the trophy"
Luke Weyland, Sydney

I'm sick of everyone giving Kenya so much credit. All they did was lose to Australia in 31 overs, lose to India by six wickets, lose to West Indies by 147 runs and lose to South Africa by 10 wickets.

Then they won one match against Sri Lanka (the only strong team they beat) and beat Zimbabawe to get to the semis. Now they think they have a chance to go to the final? Absolute rubbish. They should be given Test status though.
Jerry, Canada

Some may call it luck, others an anti-climax but this is no lottery. It is cricket and the boys are playing well, taking into consideration the limited exposure and funding. Get on Tusker boys and prove the pessimists wrong. Let's go for the jugular in the semis and make it to the finals.
N Thairu, London, UK

Kenya need two miracles to get the trophy but enough class was shown to show that they should be a Test team and should come to Australia for a series.
Luke Weyland, Sydney, Australia

I simply cannot understand why everyone expected Australia to walk over the Kenyans, or was it to prove the point that has yet to be proven - Kenya do not deserve to be here!?

I was sure Australia would win, but would have to fight. Well done Kenya, you have performed against the indomitable Australians better than most of the so-called big teams.
Arshad Khan, Leicester, UK

Well done Kenya! Although they have a lot of critics (who surprisingly are from the UK), they are still in the semis! I remember when someone told me that Tiger Woods was a fluke and was simply lucky. Well then, may all the luck in the world be with Kenya in the semis (if that is all there is to it)!
Gerald, UK

"Kenya have brought a much needed breath of fresh air into the game"
Allan, Nairobi

Congrats to Kenya and all the cricket loving fans of Kenya. You have made Kenyans proud by qualifying for the semis and making history. Keep it up because you can crush India, who are already shocked by your earlier treatment of them. Well done.
Muhammad, South Africa

To Graham and Murray (below), all I can say is sour grapes! Your teams didn't perform on the day so you lash out at others! Where in the world are we out of the reach of terror? NZ should not have left their island in that case!

Kenya have been outstanding, they have a passion for the game that other sides with more experience and money are unable to produce. We will go to the end!
Rajesh, London

Kenya have done extremely well. They deserve to be given proper funding and serious consideration for achieving Test status in the coming years.

Sport lifts people's morale and belief in themselves and Kenya have earned their rightful place in this competition. Give them some proper support and they could go on to greater things!
Iain Morrell, UK

During last year's soccer World Cup, so called giants of the game such as Portugal, Italy, and then defending champions France were brought to grief by so-called minnows such as Senegal, South Korea and the USA.

The coaches of these 'big' teams, however, conceded to having lost to better opposition on the day and did not go around calling their vanquishers names (with the exception of the superiority complex afflicted Italians).

Why, therefore, do the New Zealand coach and so called critics complain so vehemently over Kenya's qualification for the Super Sixes and subsequently the semi-finals of the cricket World Cup?

Remember that Kenya did not invent the points scoring system used, nor did they ask the Black Caps to forfeit their game in Nairobi. As for the rain interrupting other games and causing results to go Kenya's way, that is simply an act of God. Apparently he too is bored with the continued forced dominance of the sport by the same bunch of monotonous seven or eight teams over the past 20 years.

Kenya have brought a much needed breath of fresh air into the game and should be commended not vilified for their achievements.
Allan, Nairobi

Their loss to Australia notwithstanding, the Kenyans fought back very well with the bat to come back from the initial 3 for 3 to 174 for 8 and then with the ball with Asif Karim casting an absolutely magical spell. India beware!
Hasmukh, Flushing, New York

Well done Kenya! India will need to take Kenya very seriously to avoid a major upset.
Viktor, USA

Although they lost, they played well enough against Australia to shut up some people who think they don't deserve to be in the semis. Well done to Karim who came out of nowhere to beguile the Australian batsmen.
Zefa, USA

Congrats Kenya. We have supported you all the way, and will continue to do so no matter what the critics say.
Afzal, Dubai, UAE

Kenya are lucky - full stop. When I read about the Kenyan players and the rest of the ill-informed public getting in cheap shots about NZ's no show, it makes me even more furious.

Kenya went through, and continue to progress in this World Cup, due to an incompetent points system. NZ have been penalised for not playing in Kenya because they feared for their lives.

I'm sure if you had a terrorist bomb blow your hotel room window all over you while lying in bed, you'd think twice about travelling to a country with such a recent history of terrorist activity.
Graham, London

"Kenya's sensational win shows that a love of cricket is all you need, not big money"
Ian Frost, England

They were gifted their place in the Super Six and they are into the semis via a single win over lowly ranked Zimbabwe (another team gifted their Super Six spot). This doesn't make Kenya a world class outfit.

The semis are the end of the road for Kenya - the most unfortunate thing is that it was never a road the Kenyans earned the right to travel on in the first place.

That's the negative side. On the positive side, Kenya have shown promise in this tournament and, in a decade or two, may even mount a challenge in which their skill sees them through.
Murray, UK

Kenya's sensational win shows that a love of cricket is all you need, not big money. Are we going to see the birth of another West Indies? Good luck boys, the rest of Africa is supporting you.
Ian Frost, England (South African)

Indeed one should congratulate Kenya, as is appropriate whenever the underdogs or minnows of a world sport prevail. They deserve it on the basis of their victory against Sri Lanka.

In normal circumstances you would say that the run was over and they could not possibly beat India. If, however, they meet in the day-night scenario, win the toss and enjoy the benefit of the conditions which annihilated Pakistan and England, they might well make the final.

Nice for them but a terrible anti-climax for those of us who looked forward to a competitive final opponent for Australia.
Don Carr, Australia

Well done Kenya, through to the semis! It should make interesting viewing if Kenya win the toss and bat first against India under the Durban lights.
Ashley Sharp, Southend

I just love these boys, they keep causing some great upsets and proving so many wrong. They can play and they could play even better if given more chances and better funding.
Sam T, Australia

I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw Odumbe make the last run. What a joy for Kenyans, especially after being treated as the underdogs. Go for it boys, failure is not an option, just eye the trophy.
Pierre Gitonga, Nairobi

The criticism of Kenya seems to have worked so far, so here goes: Kenya do not deserve to be in the semi-finals. There, that should see them through to the final (which they won't deserve to be in either).
Amanda, England

How proud we are of the newest sporting sensation in the world. It is now a matter of time before Kenya start dominating cricket like they have athletics.

The comprehensive win against Zimbabwe is enough proof that this team is not just a passing cloud - it will rain and rain hard!

"Anyone who thinks Kenya are in the semis because of politics doesn't have an eye for the game"
Elue Chibututu, Nigeria

Only one suggestion to the Kenyan team captain; why do you persist with the inclusion of Hitesh Modi? There are at least three other better players - Vadher, Patel and Angara. See the light and let Modi retire. Vanity is getting him nowhere!
Ping, Nairobi

At last, cricket's elitist image has been shed. Kenya has won its right for Test status.
Jon, UK

No one should dare to underestimate the Kenyans. They have displayed tremendous determination and character all throughout the World Cup. They have proved that they are an upcoming star team. Well done Kenya.
Timir Baran Banerjee, Mumbai, India

While I would like to add my congratulations to the Kenyan team, I think their success owes more to the growing debacle that this World Cup has become, rather than to a catharsis on a par with the Sri Lankans in 1996.

The Kenyans have one creditable victory to their name, against Sri Lanka. Their qualification has more to do with New Zealand's refusal to play in Nairobi and West Indies' wash-out against the awful Bangladeshis.

In the Super Six, all they have had to do is beat the woeful Zimbabweans, themselves benefactors of developments off the cricket field.

India, South Africa and West Indies have all thrashed Kenya in this World Cup. A plucky improving team, maybe. Fourth best team in the world? Please! I'm just glad I have a bet on India.
Nick Westenholz, London, UK

Well done boys - we are ecstatic. What is really annoying is that because of the lack of sponsorship, there is no merchandise! We could have raised lots of funds from replica shirts! Something for the ICC to think about?
Ashish, Harrow

Kenya are playing great cricket! Anyone who thinks they are in the semis because of politics doesn't have an eye for the game. Congratulations to Kenya!
Elue Chibututu, Nigeria

Congratulations to the Kenyan team and for proving everyone wrong. I saw a couple of e-mails stating it was a fluke for the Kenyan team to get to the Super Sixes, but what do you have to say after yesterday's performance against Zimbabwe? Way to go Kenya and boo to everyone who put them down.
Dinsha Haria, London

Deja vu. Reminds me of South Korea's qualification for the football World Cup. This is no less of an achievement. How would it feel to the rest of the cricketing world if Kenya were to play Australia in the final? I don't even know what to think of it.
Ranjit, UK

"NZ on current form would have lost to Kenya"
Paul, Switzerland

Bring on the Aussies!
Shaf, London

Well done Kenya, you played extremely well in Bloemfontein. In doing so you did Africa proud by being part of the ICC World Cup semis.

Throughout this tournament, Kenya have proved that they are as good as anybody in the Test group and the only thing left is for the ICC to let them in. Good luck in what remains of the World Cup and all the best for Kenyan cricket!
Davirai Musingarabwi, Zimbabwe

Congratulations! As a New Zealander, I wish the Kenyan team all the best, as you deserve to be in the semi-final.

NZ on current form would have lost to Kenya, and I still cannot understand why NZ boycotted Kenya. It is not in the NZ character. There is also no reason why you cannot progress further!
Paul, Switzerland

Steve Tikolo and his team are superstars! There have been some good cricket moments at the Gymkhana Club, but most of them have been at the expense of Kenya (Afridi's 100 off 37 balls). So it is absolutely wonderful to see the team do so well.

I wished I could have been there for the Sri Lanka victory, but we were jumping for joy here in KL after the Zimbabwe match! Keep going boys - the party has just started! I think Shane Warne should do something productive with his next 12 months and spend it advising Collins Obuya - he is going to be legend!
Tim, Malaysia

What a joke! Whether you like it or not, Kenya are a third-rate cricket team. Would they beat England, Pakistan, West Indies or South Africa? I don't think so! A win against Zimbabwe is hardly a reason to start proclaiming them as a cricket team!

This is supposed to be a World Cup - Kenya and Zimbabwe in the Super Six is an absolute joke. Most people are laughing at this World Cup now. Well done ICC - you certainly got this one wrong!
Steve Murphy, Middlesex, England

Well done Kenya! It will be very difficult in the semis v India, because of Tendulkar's form, but I think they can win and claim a place in the final of the world cup! Who would have said that at the start?
Adam, Wales

I'm so elated and would like to send a congratulatory message to the 'unbwogabble' Kenyan team. You've done us proud. Go for it! You deserve the cup!
George Odhiambo, Pietermaritzburg

Very well done Kenyan boys!!! Forget about the critics boys, just play cricket.
Stephen Kamau, Manchester, UK

The ICC, all other teams and especially the commentators should treat the Kenyans with respect as they have earned it! It is not without talent that they have come so far and they rightfully deserve Test playing status.
Kiran Thunga, India

"As far as their semi-final match against India, I think they will be pulverised"
Chirag Patel, Houston, USA

Way to go Kenya! Woo hoo! The moral of the story is: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OPPONENT.

Regardless of what happens from now on, you have emerged as heroes from this World Cup. I hope all the other organizations out there now take notice and give Kenya the much needed Test status.

I have enjoyed the way they played cricket. They have played with passion and with all their heart. Their fielding is exceptional... if only if Pakistan, SA and England played like these guys. They can learn much from them. This is what the World Cup is all about. Playing with guts and glory. India, watch out¿ don't take them lightly. These guys can move mountains!
Buzzmann, Canada

Boys, face up! We still have the cup to go only 'two' more games!!!
Jeremiah, Nairobi, Kenya

Congratulations to Kenya! They are the only African team to have progressed in to the semis. Who would have thought that four weeks ago? As far as Test status goes I think it is too early. Bangladesh were rushed in to it and look what happened to them. Kenya need to play at this level consistently for another year or so. As far as their semi-final match against India, I think they will be pulverised. Good luck Kenya.
Chirag Patel, Houston, USA

Congratulations boys. You have done us proud. Despite all the critics, you have shown the world that you are a force to reckon with. Truly "penye nia pana njia"-Where there is a will there is a way. You started as underdogs and now this!!!. Watch out Indians! All the best boys.
Moses, Nairobi

Great show by the Kenyan boys. It will serve New Zealand right if they do not make the semis.
Venkat, UK

Hongera! Congratulations! Kenya's qualification to the semis is no fluke. The giants of cricket had better prepare for more wicket shocks!
Ali Attas, Tokyo, Japan

I am sure Kenya's win against Zimbabwe will prove the critics wrong. It's about time we get the recognition we deserve. Congrats Tusker Boys!! We surely need Test status.
Kenneth Githire, United States

Congratulations to the Kenyans. All I can tell them is songa mbele - Don't look back.
Bharat Shah, Kenton, Middlesex

Good show guys, you are no more an underdog. Please keep up the consistency and show this class again and again; you could become a world champ. Best of luck.
Rizwan, USA

I think Kenya has progressed really well in the World Cup. However, I was very disappointed when Kenya got to the Super Sixes. I was disappointed because I always wanted Pakistan to go into the Super Sixes.
Usman, Sheffield

"Congratulations Kenya! I hope your good run continues into the semis"
Dhiraj, USA

Congratulations to the Kenyan team. Surely, a now proven case for Test status! Keep it up boys and good luck for the semis!!
Andy, Sri Lanka

Kenya are playing good innings. I hope Kenya can beat Zimbabwe so they will be playing in semi-final with India. Sure Kenya cannot beat India in the semi, but I'm proud of the Kenyan team performance and they deserve to get approval as a Test playing nation.
K Unnikrishnan, Kuwait

Congratulations Kenya! I hope your good run continues into the semis. Thanks for proving to the "good old boys" club that the "minnows" should no longer be ignored. Don't let some of the comments about how undeserving your current position is affect you. Go out there, enjoy the game, and do your country proud.
Dhiraj, USA

To hear the Kiwi coach say on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning that the Super Sixes were 'devalued' by the presence of Kenya and Zimbabwe made me mad. They themselves were once the whipping boys of Test playing nations and their Test credibility was once under the spotlight. They now seem to have developed selective amnesia.

They made a bad (very bad) decision not to come to Kenya and should now stop bleating. The Kenyan team have managed stirling performances against India and Sri Lanka and let no-one forget that!!
Kenyan, Manchester, UK

Heartfelt thanks must go to New Zealand for 'allowing' Kenya to show the world we CAN play cricket.
Omim, Reading, UK


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