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Last Updated:  Saturday, 4 January, 2003, 18:14 GMT
Have Your Say on Pakistan
Pakistan's slim hopes of making the Super Sixes are ended when their final match against Zimbabwe is washed out.

How can Pakistani cricket recover from such a disappointing World Cup?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails on Pakistan's World Cup campaign appears below.

Virtually all the senior players who were expected to retire seem to be carrying on their careers. While Pakistan may gain in the short-term by this, it must be realised that none of these players are capable of carrying on until the next World Cup, which should be the main focus.

A complete clearout of the team is never advisable, but neither is continuously playing old players who are clearly past their best. Now is the time Pakistan must look to find new talent to replace the likes of Wasim, Waqar and Saeed.

Keeping some of these experienced players in order to pass on their knowledge to the younger players would be advisable, but it must be ensured that new players are given a decent opportunity to prove themselves.

Players like Mohammad Sami, Mohammad Zahid, Shabbir Ahmad, Hasan Raza, Faisal Iqbal, Imran Nazir, Misbah-Ul-Haq, Imran Farhat and others need to be played in the team and be given a chance to display their potential.

Unless Pakistan does not start rebuilding now, future World Cups are unlikely to be different from the debacle witnessed in this one.
Muhammad Wijdan, Pakistan/ UK

Countries with a far smaller pool of talented players to select from than Pakistan are performing better because their selection process is based on merit; with clear objectives and a disciplined approach.

Whatever views the Pakistan selection board and the players themselves have, the results of the World Cup speak for themselves. We have become a second-rate cricketing nation.
Tariq Isa, Bradford

It is indeed sad that we did not see a more collective and spirited performance from this Pakistani side, but let us hope that once the dust settles, they will sort out their problems and do better in future.

Thank you Wasim and Waqar for entertaining the cricketing world with memorable performances on so many occasions all these years. We salute two of crickets greatest heroes, though we do feel sorry it ended this way. Adios!
Joseph Dsouza, India

The PCB needs an overhaul from top to bottom, and have only staff/players that are judged by their ability and NOT by their connections
Mohammed Nabi, New York
The Pakistani side bowed out in the first round of the tournament because they never had their X-factor Moin Khan. How could the selectors rely on Rashid Latif who doesn't have the power that Moin does in the final overs.

He also livens their spirits up. All I can say is poor selection caused Pakistan's downfall.
Sonny Dutt, Cupertino,California

The Pakistan team has been poor. As a keen follower it has been evident since there humiliating defeat by Australia in the final since the last world cup.
Tanvir, UK

Unprofessional, inflated egos, lack of discipline - the list goes on! The rest of the cricket world has moved on but we are 10 years behind and at the bottom of the pile!

Only one man can save Pakistan cricket- Imran Khan -give him the top job to prepare for the next world cup.
Waseem, UK

Imran Khan is right, domestic cricket needs major overhauling. There has to be city teams, regional teams, provincial teams, and then the best get a seat in the national team. Why isn't it like that already?
Nayyer Zubair, New York, USA

Pakistan is a poor country 95% people of Pakistan are leading miserable life, how can we afford such a royal game? In my opinion cricket in Pakistan should be totally banned.
Raza Askari, Pakistan-Multan

We should look forward. No use of inquiry by low-ranking players. The PCB chairman should resign and also not another General should think of taking over PCB. Waqar was unimaginative and should resign as Captain but must continue to play.

Wasim should hang the gloves. He got 500 wickets and now should retire to England with honour. He should stop scheming to become Captain again. New blood should be given chance. Inzamam and Afridi should be sent home until they gain their form and confidence.
Javed, Pakistan

Why Pakistan should look in Britain for talented players for future team. If talent is oozing out of Britain then why did not they use it to win World Cup. Pakistan's team has lifted the trophy at least once where as UK is still in quest of their first one.
Husnain Butt, Toronto

The PCB needs an overhaul from top to bottom, and have only staff/players that are judged by their ability and NOT by their connections.

We need leaders like Imran Khan who can demonstrate strategy, authority and fighting spirit to win matches and elevate Pakistan back to the top.
Mohammed Nabi, New York

Pakistan cricket needs a major overhaul, the domestic structure needs to be changed and modelled on the English county system. A national academy should be established where players are taught the basics of the game.
Asif Rehman, UK

The new team needs to be built around Youhana
Assim, Manchester, UK

The team management, captain and coach should be replaced. Miandad is the best choice Pakistan has for the coach.
Cassim, Michigan, USA

The only person that every player will listen to is Imran Khan so bring him back. He will help them tactically and also make them play as a team.

The only time Pakistan has played as a team was under Imran Khan and under him they won the World Cup with a weaker team than they have now.
Majid, UK

This is the perfect opportunity for Pakistan to rebuild a new & young side for the future. Players like Inzi, Wasim, and Waqar need to call it a day. Thanks for the fantastic careers guys but it time to move on.

The new team needs to be built around Youhana and he should be given the captaincy. It's time for a new Pakistan.
Assim, Manchester, UK

World Cups have always been won by teams with strong captains: Steve Waugh, Imran Khan, Allan Border, Clive Lloyd. Someone who makes the right decisions at crucial times, despite the element of luck that is needed in cricket, or for that matter any sport, the captain's role is pretty close to that of a chess player.

This form of leadership was manifested in Imran, and that was why Pakistan won the World Cup. If Pakistan is ever going to win again they will have to come up with more polished players, players who do not carry a superiority complex. Above all they need a leader who will make crucial decisions at critical times.
Farrukh Khan, Union City, CA, US

New players must be given a chance
Jamli Rana, Pakistan

Thank you to Wasim Akram for a great career, this exceptional player will undoubtedly go down in the history of the game has one of the greatest players of our generation, with a remarkable record in both codes of the game.

Secondly regarding the Pakistan team in this World Cup, the core of every good team, begins with good management, and I feel it is at this level where changes need to be made.
Mohammed Khan, Halifax, UK

The early exist was indeed disappointing but as the saying goes every cloud has a silver lining. Perhaps a much needed change in captaincy will occur and youngsters will be given a chance.

Wasim and Waqar are in the twilight of their careers, but before the finally bow out of the arena we must ensure that the younger generation can learn all that there is to be learnt. Perhaps the general needs to bow out as well if we are to have a chance of winning the 2007 Cup, towards which all our energies must now be focused.
Osman Malik, Chicago, USA

New players must be given a chance but with senior players, we must trust in our heroes like Inzamam, Waqar, Saeed and Shoaib
Jamli Rana, Pakistan

It has been highly visible for quite some time, even prior to the World Cup, that cricket is no longer a sport for the Pakistan team. It seems to be more of a political issue of who is selected on history of performance and not present playing ability. Surely something must be done?
Junaid Malik, Slough, UK

We will be back next time - Bigger and Better!
Bhargav Modha, Lahore, Pakistan
Each individual Pakistani player is highly talented. However, it is the off pitch politics/rivalries together with not being able to discipline themselves on pitch which lose us our matches
Samina, UK

It was sorry that Pakistan didn't make it to the Super Sixes. We miss Wasim and Youhana and offspin of Saqlain. Hope that they will bounce back.
J Mandumpal, India

Not only did we lack consistency throughout the tournament, we even came short in the realm of teamwork. Let's take this as a lesson for our future stars. The road is rockier, but all hope is not lost. Thanks for a great career Wasim!
Irfan Chagani, Atlanta, GA, USA

Pakistan's first round exit was due to the fact they were without a leader both on and off the field!
Ilyas Chowdhury, Reading

Out with the old, in with the new, wait until 2007 and we shall win.
Ali, UK

Inzamam should stay in the team everyone knows he's a great player he's just had a bad patch
Faraz Ali, Derby

We will be back next time - Bigger and Better! Don't give up hope lads!
Bhargav Modha, Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistan lost because of 3 basic reasons
Muhammad Salman, USA
I think that Pakistan is still one of the world's best teams they can defeat anyone who ever comes in front of them, they are just going through a bad patch, the whole world knows.
Muky, London

After all the dust settles, Pakistan and the organisers will have to think long and hard about the lack of effort in this world cup. Winning teams are nurtured at grass-roots level and by building a strong foundation - lessons to be learnt from a class Australian side.
Asad, London

Pakistan lost because of 3 basic reasons: 1. Waqar 2. Wasim and 3. Saeed. All 3 players should not have participated in the World Cup. They are old and unable to perform. They not only let the side down but stopped any young talent replacing them.
Muhammad Salman, USA

Why did Inzamam still play in last match since his average was only five runs?
Waqar, Texas

Pakistan skipper Waqar Younis, after leading a side eliminated in the first round of the World Cup for the first time since 1975. "We don't really deserve to be there, Good luck to Zimbabwe." I don't think there can be anything more appropriate than that.
Mohsin, Canada

New players must be given a chance. The fitness of players and team spirit was appalling.
Ishaq, London

The team is over-rated and are way past their sell-by date
Dr Anwar, UK
The Pakistan team had shattered their hopes of qualifying for the Super Sixes from the very first few moments before the start of the first game, when Waqar decided to bowl first against Australia after winning the toss.
Adeel, Karachi,Pakistan

The signs have been there for a very long time for the Pakistan side - Morocco, Sharjah, ICC Trophy, SA Tour, etc. However, the management of the team have had their heads stuck in the sand (with their thinking parts exposed) and failed to take any action. Many of us expected this team to fall at the first hurdle. The team is over-rated and are way past their sell-by date. Time to change the team AND management.
Dr Anwar, UK

The team is losing due to bad captaincy and Inzamam. Both should be replaced.
Syed, Oman

Pakistan should bite the bullet and stop continuing to pick Inzaman
Juggy, UAE
I think Pakistan are losing to many wickets to early and this is giving them a bad start to there game and then they sart losing there confidence.
Adam Butt, Liverpool

Pakistan cannot reach the Super Six. 1992 was a fluke. In fact they di not even deserve to win that world cup. Rain made them win that world cup and rain make go out of this world cup.
Subhash Bhardwaj, Delhi

Pakistan are not a good side any more.
Rajinder, Bradford

I am still very confident that Pakistan can win the World Cup in 2007, if there are players like Shoaib around.
Hindustani, Hyderabad

Pakistan you are the greatest team in the world so keep it up.
Kashif, Denmark

The recent performances by South Africa and Pakistan goes to show that these two teams are relying on their reputations. The teams are old, with a fair few players still left over from the 1992 World Cup. Pakistan should bite the bullet and stop continuing to pick Inzaman, whose track record in ODI's and Tests has not been consistent.
Juggy, UAE

Pakistani team did not live up to the expectations of their nation. We expected a better team effort, and most of the team players are responsible for this defeat.
Arshad Rashid, Singapore

The pitch at Centurion was batsman's heaven. I think Pakistan scored 50 runs short. After all the hawkish talk Pakistan learned two things for sure, action speaks louder then words and without teamwork they are just another bunch of ordinary players.

It will take another few years before they start playing as a united team. Too bad to see the Super Sixes without Pakistan, West Indies, England and South Africa.
Ramesh, South Korea

Pakistan played pathetic in this World Cup. Waqar does not deserve to be captain for the rest of his career. Pakistan never played as badly as it did this time. The whole blame goes to the captain. Farewell Pakistan, You disappointed all of us. Thanks Waqar. moment of silence.
Asad, Calgary, Alberta

Imran Khan, please come back and coach this rabble!
Atir Abrar, Manchester

What a disgrace! After all this talk about "We have a great chance of winning the World Cup" they produced something that you would expect from a Sunday league.

They even looked pathetic against the lesser teams so it's no surprise they are out in the early stages. They really need to sort themselves out if they are to be considered as more than a potential threat to others.
Qam, Manchester, UK

It's a shame that Pakistan is out of the World Cup because of the rain gods. This was a talented side that had the potential to go all the way. We definitely miss you Wasim and you certainly deserved a more fitting finale to your career.
Tej, US

Empty vessels make the most noise! The Pakistanis have proved this once again. Shoaib said he would have a go at Sachin, and look what happened. He was hit so badly that he was removed from the attack after his very first over.

And Waqar said Indian batsmen had not played well so far in the tournament on the eve of the India clash. He deserved to be on the losing side. Their early exit isn't a surprise. It proves that when you show off, you are in trouble.
Vignesh, United Kingdom

Pakistan were a total disgrace in this World Cup, a club side would have done better. Shoaib is so over rated it's untrue. Wasim is still our best player and he has been a great servant for Pakistani cricket.

I honestly can only see us getting worse, as a Pakistani myself I am totally devastated at the level of performances from our team. Imran Khan, please come back and coach this rabble!!
Atir Abrar, Manchester

Pakistan just lost to a better side today. Saeed Anwar proved what a class player he is by making a brilliant century but besides Saeed, it was another ordinary display with both bat and ball for Pakistan. The so-called best bowling attack in the world was taken apart by a great player in Tendulkar but I think it also proves that Pakistan are a limited bowling side with no replacements for the old war horses, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis in sight.

Zain Ali, Toronto, Ontario

Pakistan's World Cup is over. They have no one but themselves to blame. Their bowling was pathetic to say the least. After Saeed Anwar produced his 20th ODI hundred in splendid style, the Pakistani bowlers came out and attempted to blast out the opposition. Even experienced bowlers like Akram and Younis were too wide and too short in their first spells and India got off to a great start. The game against Zimbabwe will count for very little. Pakistan will not make it to the Super Six, and quite frankly, do not deserve to be there either.
Fahd Ejaz, St.Catharines,Ontario, Canada

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