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Last Updated:  Saturday, 4 January, 2003, 18:14 GMT
Have Your Say on Namibia
Defeat to Holland in the last match means Namibia exit the World Cup without a point to show for their efforts.

Should the Namibians consider their World Cup campaign a success or a failure?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails on Namibia's World Cup campaign appears below.

I think it's been utterly unfair for Namibia to be categorised as a "minnow." Being in the World Cup represents an accomplishment in itself, and no team has to be labelled as such.
Allan Hernandez, Australia

Namibia have tried their best in almost all the games, but since they are new to the ODI's, it will definitely take some time for them to really make it big.

Though not the batting line-up, the bowling line-up is good with good fast bowlers such as Snyman. He is just great. Anyway, here is wishing Namibia good luck for their future matches.
Haritha, AP, India

It really depresses me to read the arrogant comments about it being a mistake for the 'minnows' to be included in this WC. Every tournament has its mismatches: Brazil v China (football WC) and the rugby World Cup will be a wipeout for many teams. Just think of the good times though, Kenya and Canada have sparked this cup to life.
Olly Smith, Sussex

I think Namibia's performance against Australia was respectable. Sure, Australia may have made 300-odd, but I, and I think many other cricket fans, thought Australia would make a much higher score.
Nick Armstrong, Adelaide, Australia

It's good to see the ICC countries competing at this level, and certainly cricket has hit the sports pages in Canada as a result of this World Cup
Tony Clark, Ontario, Canada

Much is being made of the recording-breaking performance of the Aussies. Rightly so, I would say.

Nonetheless, let's give the Namibian bowling attack its due. Most commentators and armchair experts were expecting a record score by the Australians, and it never eventuated.

Let's be honest: 301 is no great shakes in this competition. The Namibians deserve much kudos for their efforts.
Jeff, Tasmania, Australia

Good on the Namibians. They got out there and competed. I wish the Namibians all the best for the future and I hope that they can keep on playing one day cricket against the rest of the cricket-playing countries.
Mark, Aussie in Bristol, UK

Whoops! The inclusion of the minnows doesn't look so clever now. This won't be good for their confidence. Perhaps they can recover, though, and give Holland a good game.
Patrick, UK

It's good to see the 'ICC' countries competing at this level, and certainly cricket has hit the sports pages in Canada as a result of this World Cup. The new ICC format may help to encourage competition between teams like Canada and Holland.

I also think it's a great idea to involve peripheral countries in local competitions, such as Canada competing in the WI Red Stripe tournament last summer.
The associate members have delivered some exciting performances
Amit W, Ireland

If we love cricket, and want to see the game flourish, let's be open to change and experimentation, both in the game itself and in the World Cup format. Giving countries like Namibia 'Test Status' isn't going to help much, as the five-day Test format is going to go away eventually.
Tony Clark, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Namibia, Holland, Kenya and last but not least Canada have done well in this tournament. I think that Bangladesh are the ones who have been left high and dry by these associate nations. For a Test-playing nation, Bangladesh haven't really performed.

The associate members have delivered some exciting performances: Holland against India (in the bowling department); Holland did reasonably well against Australia; Namibia against England; Kenya against Sri Lanka; Canada against Bangladesh.

Canada did well against the Windies too, in my opinion. They only lost out due to the lack of exposure and the quality that comes as a result of that exposure. These are only a few games that go to show that cricket lives in other countries outside of the Test-playing countries.
Amit W, Dublin, Ireland

When they play the Dutch then they will be able to prove themselves even more with a possible victory.
Tom, Wimbledon

A series of good performances by the infants of cricket is a good sign for the game to develop into a major sporting event followed more closely in the world by more countries.

Also, I think that teams like Namibia, Canada and Holland should be given one-day status as they have demonstrated that they are not far behind the so called "cricketing giants".

If you don't lose, how will you enjoy winning!?
Jay, Jacksonville, FL

The way to develop these countries is the initiative that should be taken by the ICC when it comes to building more stadiums and facilities there. Also I think players from these countries should be selected to play county cricket in England or drafted in as interns in big sides in Australia and India.

Namibia should not be disappointed with their performance. Every country in the world started this way. If you don't lose, how will you enjoy winning!?
Jay, Jacksonville, FL

Well done Namibia! You played so well yesterday. Sky Sports didn't do you justice - all they went on about was how England should have played better with hardly any mention of how well you had played. Keep it up!
Teresa Vermeulen, London

"WOW!" Great performance by Namibia. This World Cup will be a great one. We have seen rising of new powers. First Canada, Holland now Namibia. Namibia deserve to be in the World Cup. Cheer up Nambia has a future among the giants of World Cup.
Shavindra, London, but from Colombo, SriLanka

Simply superb! And who says "minnows" should not have played in the World Cup? They seem to be producing better games than some of the established sides. First Holland to produce a scare for Indians and now it's Namibia. Well done.

When are the England management going to start getting critical of their team? They have been completely embarrassed by a team of minnows. It's time the top order realised that the best batsman in the world score hundreds and plenty of them, not just chip in with cameos of 40,50 and 60 and then believe their job is done
Dave, Toronto

Please stop overusing the word "minnows" whenever you mention countries such as Namibia and Holland. As they have shown by their abilities, these so-called small fishes can dampen any cricketing side's hopes, save Australia, on a good day.
Murti, B, Maryland, USA

Give Namibia full One-Day International status, even if only probationary - they have earned it
Mark Kidger, Tenerife/U.K.

Cheers to the Namibians. Come what may you have changed the perception of cricket. In a tournament where the big guns have looked lacklustre, the passion with which the 'minnows' play is a comfort to true cricket lovers. Good on ya. Keep it up. You may not win this one, but there is always the promise of a future cup.
Ashir, Chicago

Give Namibia full One-Day International status, even if only probationary - they have earned it. Well done Namibia!
Mark Kidger, Tenerife/U.K.

Well done boys. Today the team truly made a name for themselves. Win or lose we're proud of you. Well done BBC for good coverage for our team.
Robert, Namibia

I think they are brilliant!!!! They have given England something to think about. I hope that Namibia will do the same against Australia or even better!!!
Carel Schoeman, London

I think Namibia have proven against England today that they deserve to be in the World Cup. Well done to them, and to Dougie Brown their coach.

Well done Namibia, and well done Dougie Brown
Kevin Mitchell, England

It's also worth remembering that, had they been a bit more "professional" and wasted a bit of time in their innings against Zimbabwe, that match would have been a no-result with points shared, and the table would look a little different now. If Bangladesh can get Test status, it surely can't be long til Namibia are there too.
Alex, Swansea

I think if Namibia can show this type of consistency then they will be in Test matches and will replace Bangaldesh. I think the ICC should drop-kick Bangladesh and put a country like Namibia or Kenya into Test status.
Alex, London

Well done Namibia, and well done Dougie Brown - today's performance against England is what the World Cup is all about - a chance for the so-called lesser nations to show their worth.

It's great for cricket when a part-time team drawn from 1.5 million people can hold their own against over-rated professionals
Kevin Mitchell, England

Bravo Namibians; you have given a hard time to English in every section of the game. Well bowled by Van and excellent batting by Burger. Hats off to you guys.
Vishal, Ottawa, Canada

Whilst Namibia's batting may not stand for much, the way they field and particularly bowl they are on a par with other teams. After all, other Test nations like Sri Lanka recently haven't bowled England out.
Ed, U.K

I have no clue about cricket, but I am holding my thumbs for you. Good luck Namibia!!
Namibian, London

A team who can humiliate Scotland deserves a lot of credit!
Marcus Burnan, UK
They played well, I'm clapping for Namibia. There will be many more World Cups.
Omar, Canada

Well Namibia, don't lose your heart. I think Namibia is one of the best fielding sides and that's very positive. Just work on the batting and bowling. Please beat England, you can do it!
Mcgerell, Denmark

Namibia: 17/5 - figures speak for themselves!!!
Nabeel Shah, London, UK

Very good bowling performance against Pakistan. Although a diehard Pakistani fan I believe these young ones will be great in the long run. If Namibia can keep this performance up there might be a day off in celebration in Namibia on Monday.
Amer, TX, USA

In a world full of highly trained (and highly paid) sportsmen, I think it's great to see a part time outfit perform on the big stage. Plus, Namibia already have the only player to play in both the cricket and rugby World Cups, so they've already set a world record! All the best to them.
Ben, UK

I have always had a thing about supporting weaker teams against strong teams so I hope that Namibia are the tournaments surprise package. After all, a team who can humiliate Scotland needs a lot of credit! Go Namibia!
Marcus Burnan, UK

To Jason Georgatos in Greece - when Mark Morrison tells Australia to watch out for Namibia, he is referring to the fact that the Aussies have previously been humiliated in the World Cup by a minor nations (eg Zim in the '83 Tournament).

Whilst nobody is claiming that Namibia (or any of the other minnows) is going to win this tournament, it is quite possible that they will cause one or two surprises.

Namibia is full of determination to get onto the sporting map
Mark Hammond, Namibia

The Namibian bowling attack isn't bad (although the Zim batsman have flayed their bowlers around today) and shocks do happen. After all, who would have previously expected Kenya to beat the West Indies in a World Cup game?
Robert Salter, South African in UK

I am sure that Namibia will give some unpredictable results in the World Cup.
Tanveer, Japan

As an Englishman living in Namibia, I hope the Namibians throw up some surprises in the World Cup.

The player base in Namibia is very small but a lot of effort with the small amount of funding available has produced very good results.

Namibia is full of determination to get onto the sporting map in a big way (rugby team, Frank Fredericks, Agnes Samaria).

Come on Namibia get stuck in to the cricketing "elite" - especially the whinging poms! Good luck Namibia!
Mark Hammond, Ondangwa, Namibia

Dani Keulder played a year in Sussex League for a year - and is a talented cricketer with a pair of buckets for hands! He has the ability to surprise a few people and I am sure the team will give a few others a scare.
Karl, Sussex

Watch out for Namibia. They are not an easy team like other minnows. They have enough confidence and talent to beat any Test nation country.

It is in the interest of the small nations that at least one makes a real impact
Martyn, Netherlands

Their performance in the warm-up matches and a series against Bangladesh has already proved that.
Mridul, Canada

I hope that Namibia have a good tournament and that the Kotze brothers do well.

I was coached by the elder brother, Deon, whilst at Eastbourne College and found him to be a very nice guy. Good luck.
Simon Bessant, Windsor

Namibia deserve to be here. Look at their recent results: close matches against Bangladesh; actually winning one.

As a Dutchman, I'm afraid this spells doom for my country, but it is in the interest of the small nations that at least one makes a real impact. I'm betting on Namibia to be that nation.
Martyn, Netherlands

I think the ICC have allowed too many minnows to participate to make up the numbers. Canada and Namibia shouldn't be playing in this World Cup.

Simply, they are too weak and not ready for the big stage yet... They'll be hammered and humiliated in most games. I won't be surprised if Australia/Pakistan score 450+ against them. New records will be set in every match against them. This is ridiculous.

Namibia deserve to be in it, but they will surely lose any dignity they ever had!
Les Britton, UK

I know ICC is trying to promote the game but instead they are ruining the World Cup and these minnows will be really demoralized in the end. I wish all minnows good luck, and hope no-one scores 500+ runs against them.
M Khan, UK

According to Jonathan Agnew, only countries "with a realistic prospect of winning the thing should be allowed to play in the World Cup."

I find such an attitude almost unbelievable. Given that no independent observer can seriously look beyond Australia as the winners of this tournament, if you use Mr Agnew's reasoning, India, NZ, SA and everybody else shouldn't be playing in the event at all...
Robert Salter, UK

Namibia deserve to be in it, but they will surely lose any dignity they ever had! Against Australia should be interesting!
Les Britton, UK

Namibia are almost certainly going to get thrashed, but those who say that they don't belong in the tournament are missing the point. The football World Cup used to regularly feature minnows getting thrashed by silly scores, but these days those 'minnow' from 'minor' continents (South Korea, anyone?) can compete with the best.

So, taking the long term view, it can only encourage the development of the game to allow a few minnows in you can't improve unless you're getting the chance to occasionally compete with the best.
Alasdair Brooks, Pom in Oz

They are going to be outplayed and humiliated by the stronger teams
Taresh, Canada
Namibia are in the World Cup because they qualified, simple as that. Greece didn't. That's the end of the matter. If you finish in the top three of the ICC trophy, you are in the World Cup. Greece DID NOT.
Mark Gallaghar, UK

What is Mark Morrison on about? Namibia have absolutely no chance in this World Cup, and their place should have been given to more advanced cricketing nation. I have been playing cricket in Athens for over ten years and there is a lot of enthusiasm for the game here. Why haven't we been given the chance in this World Cup?
Jason Georgatos, Greece

I absolutely do not agree with Agnew's verdict on Namibia. Namibia is the best of all the minnows, I would say India should watch out for Namibia as they are playing them in Durban on a quick track.

Namibia aren't just in this to make the numbers up
Mark Morrison, England

Namibia's bowling attack is the best among the weak teams. Agnew's verdict shows that he has not studied Namibia enough and gone just by name of the country. I am saying all this having watched them in 5/6 games here.
Mau, Canada

Namibia is playing the World Cup. Why? I am positive they are not going to qualify for the second stage of the tournament. They are going to be outplayed and humiliated by the stronger teams. ICC should really review their policy of letting weak teams like Namibia, Netherlands, etc. to play the World Cup. It is just not fair on the fans and the teams. The World Cup is a major tournament and we would like to see some good healthy competition here and not one sided affairs!
Taresh, Canada

Namibia will provide a stern test as they have the coaching of Bob Wooller and Dougie Brown.
Rich, Birmingham

I tell you what, Namibia aren't just in this to make the numbers up. In the one day game, anything can happen. Look out Australia!!
Mark Morrison, Leicestershire, UK

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