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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 4 March, 2003, 18:23 GMT
Have Your Say on England
England are knocked out of the World Cup after Zimbabwe are awarded two points from the washed-out game in Bulawayo.

Send your views on England's campaign and Nasser's decision to step down as one-day captain.

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails on England's World Cup campaign appears below.

Hindsight suggests England aren't too bad: beaten only by the two best teams in the tournament. Even letting Andy Bichel play a match-winning innings doesn't look so foolish after his innings against New Zealand.

If they had turned up against Zimbabwe then England would be in the semi-finals. England third best in the world?
Peter, UK

One victory over a quality side out of three. I can't believe that people think England are the second best team in the world.

They routinely choke when the pressure is on. There is not one player in the team whom you could call world class, except maybe Vaughan in the Test arena.

The fact that people seem to regard almost beating Australia as some kind of "moral victory" speaks volumes. Not surprising, though: the culture of cricket in this country is one for which results are secondary to structures.
Douglas, Oxford

Hussain has made exactly the right decision, unlike one or two captaincy decisions he has made over the last six months.

Although he is a determined and honest man and a reasonable test captain, at the moment he is not really even worth his place in the ODI side.

The Aussies had no hesitation in ditching Steve Waugh from the ODI side, and which man would you rather have in your side? Let's take a leaf out of the Aussie book, that is, drop the sentiment and start winning.
David, York

Hussain has brought English cricket forward no doubt, think about where we were after the last World Cup. For that we owe him great respect and thanks.

Flintoff is an ideal captain - aggressive, talented and an Australian-like abhorrence to defeat. As for a replacement to bat at number four Graham Thorpe sound keen again
Paul, Leeds

Nasser Hussain cost us a place in the Super Sixes, he is gutless
Chris Lewis, London
Nasser would not get into our one day side anyway. It is only right that he should stand down. There are other promising one day batsmen around who can fill the gap. He is not suited to the one day game.

England can be somewhat pleased with their general performance in the World Cup, and can count themselves extremely unlucky to be going home. Although, of course having got themselves into a great position, they should have beaten Australia!
Tom Dennehy, UK

It is right for Nasser to stand down, England need a new captain, a man who knows how to win big matches.

England are one of the best cricket teams, second only to Australia, in both codes of cricket, we just need to stop choking when the pressures really on. All too often we turn on the style when a series is over or a game is lost.
Mike, Essex

Why put all the blame on Nasser Hussain the whole World Cup fiasco is down to the government, no captain should be subjected to such political decisions
Brian Reynolds, Australia

Hussain was right to stand down as his performances have just not merited a place in the starting line-up, he scored a combined total of 25 runs in the whole tournament.

The team as a whole performed well and we shouldn't be too downhearted as we came within an over of beating the Aussies. The only team we did poorly against was India but that was the day/night game where any team batting second will struggle.
James Harrison, London

Nasser Hussain cost us a place in the Super Sixes. Against Australia when they were 130-8 he sat back and let them accumulate runs. He is gutless.

As in the past instead of attacking and going for the win (as the Aussie would have) he sat back and let the game drift with a predictable conclusion.
Chris Lewis, London E1

Being Dutch I surely shouldn't have a big mouth about cricket, but to me Hussain never looked a very competent captain. Every time I saw him on TV I thought he was going to burst out crying.

To say that it is Hussain's fault that England are out is outrageous
John, Leeds

I am sure the British Government should get some of the blame, but Hussain could have come up with a much firmer stand. Stepping down as a captain is the right thing to do. I feel sorry for him.
Jos, Gibraltar

The English and Nasser Hussain should be proud of their performance. They played very well in beating Pakistan, and were the only team to come within striking distance of defeating Australia. The only reason they are not in the Super Six is because of the Zimbabwe boycott, and political and moral beliefs should always triumph over sport.
Gaurav, Chicago,IL

Nasser Hussain has been a superb captain of England's cricket team, not just in Test matches but in ODI's as well. He took the right decision not to play in Zimbabwe, knowing full well the consequences - forced on him by inept politicians.

Nasser, I'm proud of what you've achieved for English cricket and urge you to reconsider your captaincy of the one-day side.
Nigel Franklin, Surrey

Blame the ICC. Kids playing cricket in the streets can make better rules. England played really well despite the mishaps.
Jaymesh Patel, Detroit

What a ridiculous statement by Hussain. His batting has been dismal and his captaincy nothing short of appalling all winter. He should go now.
Ian, Essex

To say that it is Hussain's fault that England are out is outrageous. England are out because they boycotted a match which they almost certainly would have won. The blame should be thrown at Tony Blair and the ICC. The Prime Minister knew for months that England were due to play in Zimbabwe before he decided to kick up a stink. I just wonder what Tony was trying to cover up this time. As for the ICC, they have been totally insensitive in placing matches in Zimbabwe.
John, Leeds

The middle order batting has been a problem for three years. Nasser's batting technique is flawed outside the offstump. His captaincy is inconsistent. Hussain, Stewart and Caddick need to retire for the good of English cricket.
Andrew Umbers, London

Nasser and the team can hold their heads high
Jeremy, Manchester

Nasser has improved the English game over last two years or so but it is time to go and take Caddick with him too. Bring back bravehearts and gutsy players like Gough.
Maz, nuneaton

I'm gutted. I've been right behind the boys; they've been put through so much by the gutless cricket authorites, and the British Government, and to go out while Zimbabwe go's a very bitter pill to swallow.

Still, Nasser and the team can hold their heads high. They demonstrated huge moral courage and I feel proud of them. Come on home lads - you're heroes, every one.
Jeremy, Manchester, UK.

I am pleased with Nasser's decision; I feel that it is too much for one man to do both jobs.
Malcolm Gifford, Grimsby England

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