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Last Updated:  Saturday, 4 January, 2003, 18:12 GMT
Have Your Say on Australia
Australia retain the Cricket World Cup after ruthlessly beating India by 125 runs in Johannesburg.

The Aussies whopping total of 359-2, their highest ever one-day score, proved too big a task for India.

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They are the best side ever well done boys. Your really deserved it and you played great cricket. Well done!
Adam Edwards, Perth, WA

Each player was just amazing.
Lucy, Fiji
Hurrah Ricky and his team. The Aussies were steady right through and played professional cricket. Be it batting, bowling or fielding, they were really good.

I am glad they beat India, as India were over confident and thought that the predictions by astrologers would win them the Cup!!.
Kamala, Menon Cochran, India

I always betted for Team Australia. Each player was just amazing. Way to go guys.
Lucy, Fiji

Australia won because they showed the most spirit and grit throughout the whole tournament. Double that with surplus talent and that's why they are the best team in the world.
Marcus, Oz

That's how champions play. Congrats to Aussie Boyz. Indians, you were impressive. Good luck for future.
P Halai, Kenya

Australia, the best team by far. They fully deserve their victory. A small population with a big heart. They want to win, always. Well done from all the Poms!
Peter Traynor, Turks & Caicos Islands

If you watched the World Cup final and you hadn't seen a spanking before, you have now! Congrats must go to India on a fine tournament.
Jason Harrison, Perth

Without a doubt, the best team of the tournament has won it
Ahmed, Chicago, USA
Now that's how to play a game of cricket. You beauty!!
Alex, Australia

Comprehensive victory to Australia. Well done green and gold. I always knew India was no match for this team. Congratulations to all Australians. By the way, Tendulkar and the Indian bowling was a joke.
Doug Ozbey, Australia

This incredible team has made an Aussie lad far from home very happy. Nice one lads.
Luciano, Afghanistan

What an awesome display of cricket. Australia has really shown their class with Ponting finding form in an extraordinary way, and the early removal of Tendulkar. Australia truly are an irresistible force in world cricket.
Barry, AUS

Congratulations world champions. Hats off to Adam Gilchrist for sportsmanship.
Ram Rao, NJ, USA

Well done Aussies! They have yet again showed that they don't know how to lose in any circumstances. They have the will and the dedication a unit who needs to be on the winning side. Without a doubt, the best team of the tournament has won it and proved its critics wrong!
Ahmed, Chicago, USA

You Beauty! World Champions and undefeated, well done Ricky Ponting and Co.
Billeth, Australia

Australia are absolutely awesome, untouchable.
Raheal, England

The better team is winning. I'm glad "luck" is not interfering with the quality of cricket on display in this final. I would hate to see a team beat the Aussies by sheer luck.
Sanjay, USA

Ponting played a captain's innings and on what an occasion - the World Cup finals!!
Ash, UK

I'm shocked, the Aussies are awesome.
Ross, AUS

There is no chance Indians will win this match. Australia is just too strong.
Asfaz Qazi, Canada

If there was any hope of reaching anywhere close to 360 it died with Tendulkar's exit!!! As per Ricky Ponting's complaints about few Australians getting Man of the Match I think it highlights the fact that Australia has 11 match-winners, compared to other teams' three or four!

Each time, a different player has won them a game - Symonds against Pakistan, Bichel and Bevan against England, Lee against New Zealand and today Ponting played a captain's innings and on what an occasion - the World Cup final!!

At that rate, they deserve much more than Man of the Match or tournament! They deserve the World Cup, to be crowned as the best team in the world and they look well on their way to get it!!

So well done Australia you are getting what you deserve!! Leave the man of the match and tournaments to the lesser teams. They need the consolation prizes!!
Ash, UK

Luck?? Australia didn't have luck when they beat NZ and Eng. They battled and battled hard to win those games....something India hasn't had to do at any stage in this tournament. That, my Indian friends, is the reason you have come completely unstuck in the final.
Darren, USA

Well done Australia!!!
Johnson, Indonesia
The Australian batsmen went through the Indian bowlers like a good vindaloo, hot and fast.
Paul Jarrett, Australia

Congratulations Australia.
Bharat, US

What a fitting reply to all those pundits of the likes of Boycott. Well done Australia!!!
Johnson, Indonesia

Looks like Australia have launched a "shock and awe" campaign against India.
Ravi, India

There is as much chance of Australia losing as there is of stopping a runaway train.
Aneesa, USA

Pity about the distinct contrast between Gilchrist's sportsmanship, walking off despite not being given, and Ganguly's attempt to claim a catch that, firstly, came off Gilchrist's thigh and secondly didn't carry. It definitely highlights the gap between the two sides!
Morgane, Aussie in London

With the world's best players this should be a hotly contested final. It all depends who is on form. If Tendulkar can put up a struggle then Ganguly is likely to perform, if this happens it will take Lee and McGrath to be on top form to snatch a win.

Alternatively if Symonds, Bichel and Bevan can play to their full potential then I believe that the Indian bowlers will not be strong enough to combat their quality. The Aussies on top form are it seems unstoppable, especially when they are so close to victory.
Hugh, England

I am sure the Australians are having nightmares after watching India
Arun, Phoenix, USA

I am reiterating the luck Australia had in this tournament. They should have lost their matches against England and New Zealand. They have been crawling after their first two victories. The semi-final game was an eye-opener about their vulnerable batting.

I am sure the Australians are having nightmares after watching India's fantastic act in this World Cup. Coming into the final, I am sure the Australians and Indians would have forgotten the match they played one month back.
Arun, Phoenix, USA

With 16 consecutive World Cup wins, it is becoming that much harder for Australia to win each next match from a purely averages point of view. With India being in good form, it makes it even harder for them. Looks like Australia will be stopped in the final!
SS, Dallas, USA

Australia is like a well-maintained car cruising in top gear. India is catching up Aussies with an exceptional entertaining game. Let's hope that the professional attitude of Aussies meets the inspired Indians in final and cricket fans will be the real winner.

Stopping the Australian team in current form is tougher than trapping a cheetah in a cage, but the Indian team with a clear focus can do it. They will do it.
Sunil, Indian in Maryland, USA

Australia's fielding display once again made the difference
Graham, UK

The Aussies are unstoppable. But with India in the final on a possible flat (batting) pitch it will be a great contest.
Bilal Khan, Pakistan

It is fitting that Australia have made the final. Hopefully, India will join them and we may have a match that we can all enjoy as this World Cup has lacked a great match.

To those who point to the earlier thrashing of India by Australia, you should remember confidence of the Indian team was at an all-time low.

They have now broken the record for victories on the trot for an Indian team - confidence is a funny thing and Australia will be facing a different Indian team.
Naveen Ratti, England

This is not necessarily against Australia, but aimed at the World Cup rules. It seems inexcusable that a team should progress to the next round based on points scored when rain has halted play, as the Duckworth rule states.

Just because one team starts quicker than the other it does not necessarily mean they will win. We have seen this on a few occasions this summer, particularly when Australia themselves have started slowly and towards the end have built up momentum. Ever heard of the Hare and the Tortoise? Very unfair for Sri Lanka
Bob, UK

How biased the BBC is! Hardly anywhere is the Sri Lankans' creditable performance in the first innings mentioned! Australia might have won the match but let's not get carried away as if it was a walkover, because it wasn't!
Puneet Gupta, UK

Australia's fielding display once again made the difference in a straight-forward victory against Sri Lanka. There is such intensity in the side - they glare at opposition batsmen with fearsome intent and put them under pressure from the first ball to the last.

Lankans had a great chance to beat the Aussies today - they blew it
Ashish Pujari, India/Canada

The number one priority of every team must be to match this will to win, or Australia's dominance will continue for years to come.

Assuming India triumph over the plucky Kenyans, they will need to win the toss, bat first and post more than 250. Australia are just too good at defending totals, so the toss will be crucial.

With two teams on great form competing for the trophy, the final is a truly mouth-watering prospect (sorry Kenya fans!).
Graham, UK

The juggernaut rolls on...
Mark, London

Lankans had a great chance to beat the Aussies today. They blew it. If India doesn't beat itself in their semi-final, India will give a stern test to mighty Aussies.

India v Australia can be a great spectacle. This match will have the world's best batsmen, best and fastest bowlers, full of mind games and the occasion. Can't wait.
Ashish Pujari, India/Canada

He he - look at the comments coming out of India when Australia wasn't doing so well against Sri Lanka. They're clearly scared of the Aussies, and so they should be. Aussie Aussie Aussie!
John, England

To Francis Torpie: Actually going 85-7 is all part of cricket. The fact the Australians came back to post a defendable total is a testament to the quality of the team.
Owen, Aussie ex-pat in Scotland

All this talk of giving the Aussies the World Cup now is probably true. However, consider if England had gone to Zimbabwe (and won) and come up against the Aussies again.

England were very unlucky in the group stage against the Aussies and showed towards the end of their tour of Australia they are slowly catching them. We'll get em' next time!
Martyn, England

Australia is now the dominating power of international cricket in the same way as Ferrari dominates F1.

Before this World Cup, South Africa were expected to be Australia's greatest threat but they were far from threatening.

In fact the co-host is the biggest disappointment of this tournament. Sadly for cricket fans, the South Africans could take a very long time to rebuild a team that is as good as the one in the last world cup.

In the next few years I cannot envisage teams like the Windies, England, India and Pakistan can seriously challenge Australia.

It is disappointing to see confidence and positivity often confused for arrogance
Andy, Aussie in London

Yawn! The India and Sri Lankan fans talk the talk but can't walk the walk. I for one will love it when Australia trounce India in the final and I'm not even an Aussie. May the best team win!
James Davey, UK

As a proud Australian, it is disappointing to see confidence and positivity often confused for arrogance.

The Australian team are only too aware of their fallibility but seek to emphasise and respond to the challenge of succeeding as opposed to threat of failing.

And therein lies the key to imposing nature of this current Aussie side. If the Sri Lankans do make it past the Aussies today, do not fear that Aussies will be crying over spilt milk.

No, the focus will move to destroying the West Indies on the upcoming tour and humbling a nation that laid the foundation for the attitude that now prevails within the Australian team. C'mon Aussies!
Andy, Aussie in London

I really want Australia to win so they can whip India in the final!
Asg, England

Australia are not unbeatable and have been let off the hook in this World Cup by the total inadequacies and poor tactics of the teams they have been playing.

I will not deny you they are probably the best side in the world but they are very beatable.
Edward Ollett, England

Disregarding all the talk about the Australian team being arrogant, they are simply the best team in the competition.

This does not give them divine right to the trophy and the team that "deserves the trophy" (to quote many Australian supporters)is the team that holds it aloft after the final has been won and lost.
Patrick Foster, England

Though Australia are the best team in the World Cup competition, unfortunately they have peaked a little too early in the tournament and may find themselves out of it, after today's semi-final.
Joseph Muthiah, Bahrain

Seems like the Lankans are cruising against the Aussies....
Vivek, India

Australia are the best in the world all round but Sri Lanka are one-day specialists and could just sneak it. England gave them a scare. I believe it would be good for cricket to see Australia fail for once.
Gary Tarr, Saudi Arabia

Luckily for Australia they are meeting Sri Lanka in the semi-finals, and hence won't have to face the battering they will get from India as they are going to lose to the Lankan Lions.
Al, Dubai, UAE

Seems like the Lankans are cruising against the Aussies....but Indian fans, don't smile to soon, since the Aussies are almost certain to turn it around and be in the final.
Vivek, India

Aussies have been playing too well throughout the tournament, but today in the semi-final they are failing. It will be Sri Lanka and India in the final.
Pramod, India

Australia may have won all their matches but have struggled on more than one occasion, so they are definitely not invincible. Also their constant success and big talk seems to have caused most fans to pray for anyone winning the cup but Australia.

While everyone seems to hope India beat the Aussies I think the Sri Lankans will have a better chance with Murali in the semi. Law of averages will step in at a bad time for the Aussies, much to the delight of everyone else.
Chandra, US

The thing that gives the Aussies the edge is their unfailing confidence in their ability. And when their ability fails they press on in the face of impossible odds.

There is no doubt that no team can match this Australian team
Davis, Manchester

It is not arrogance, as some here write, but an optimism and strength of mind that is uniquely Australian.
Claudine, An Aussie in Manchester

There is no doubt that no team can match this Australian team. But their attitude is very arrogant. Brett Lee has struck down two players by means of his threatening pace bowling. He says that he has not intended to hurt any players. But his captain says that they have targeted Sanath Jayasuriya.

It's really confusing for the fans. Is the game going back to the body line era? Even though Brett Lee has taken a hat-trick, it was Karim's 8.2-6-7-3 that was the performance of the day.

Therefore there is no reason to complain about not awarding Lee the man-of-the-match award. All the best Australia!
Davis, Manchester

If any other team apart from the Aussies do win the World Cup it would be a let down for the tournament because they deserve it. They have thrashed the only team that could come near (India).

However, I'm worried about the semi-final against Sri Lanka as they beat us once in the VB series and with that kind of wicket in Port Elizabeth it could mean an upset.

But even if they did lose they would still be number one because of their sheer brilliance. Maybe it should be a best out of three tournament semi-final and final? This would be fairer and would show the stronger team.
Jake, UK

The Aussies are one strong team, I must say. One thing that cannot be denied is their ability to fight back and win no matter how tough the going gets. You can squeeze them into a corner and still, they will make it out of there victorious!

As for the Aussies being stopped, I think that may be possible coz the Indians are a formidable team. If there is a challenge out there, waiting for the Aussies, it's a final against the Indians... and if that happens, may the best team win. No matter what the outcome, this is one match that will be worth watching.
Smica Val D, Indian in Australia

Come on you people let's admit it, Australia and India are the only deserving candidates for the World Cup final. What makes it even more interesting is that India has lost only one game so far against Australia and if Australia loses to India in the final, both of them will finish up with just one defeat in the whole Word Cup! Sri Lanka do not deserve to be here!!
Sam, Essex, UK

Australia is a fine team, a team that deserves to win the World Cup. No other team comes close
Khurram, Pakistan

There is no point in saying that the Australians can't handle spin. Firstly because it is simply not true and secondly because there have been no great spinning wickets in this World Cup. Sri Lanka have one world class spinner in Murali and he is out of form by his own high standards. The rest are part timers.

If Sri Lanka are to win then it is going to take another great Chaminda Vaas effort to do it with the new ball. Personally I'd have more money on Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath doing the damage to the Sri Lankan top order again which, let's face it, looks very dodgy right now.
Mark, London, UK

I'd like to root for the underdogs, which in this case is, thankfully, is my own India. But hearing the illogical and vacuous boasts of Indian fans makes my stomach turn. I'm just about ready to cheer the Aussies.
Rahul Singh, India (in USA)

Australia is a fine team, a team that deserves to win the World Cup. No other team comes close. They beat India before by nine wickets, they can beat them again.
Khurram, Pakistan

Let's face it; the finals that India will play against Australia will be the first real match that the Aussies will be facing. I mean who else other than India is even worthy of a chance against the mighty Aussies. At their current run India should give the Aussies a run for their money
Nidheesh Manu, India

Interesting that no Australian cricketers feature in the Man of the Series points table they haven't lost a game, scored piles of runs, blown sides away - yet Sachin and Co are heading the table?? I smell a fishy sub-continent sponsorship plot!!
John, Aussie in UK

Number one reason why I think Aussies will lose this important match against Sri Lanka is the pure arrogance of the Aussie players. It is pitiful to watch some of the facial expressions of players during games. There is a huge difference between confident and arrogance. At this level of the competition, no team should be taken lightly. Based on the past performance by Aussies against Sri Lanka on big games, it is evident that the Aussies are bound to lose this one.
Upul Herath, Winnipeg, Canada

Australia performed not so good in Port Elizabeth. On top of that, one might feel not secure for the World Cup to be in Australian hands considering the final is in Port Elizabeth.
Khurram, Pakistan

Any other team would have been congratulated for their 32-over victory over a team which has played its way to a semi-final spot
Jon, Aus

On the Australian page I read a lot of Indian comments about how the Indians will beat the Aussies, short memories or what guys I think we all realise that if both teams play to their potential then surely the cup will come back to where it belongs - Down Under.
Al, Australia

I think Australia is going to have a tough time against Sri Lanka. It's gonna be a slow turning track and Muralitharan is going to enjoy all these conditions.
Ganesh, USA

I think Brett Lee and Ricky Ponting should get the message clearly when Karim was named 'Man of the Match' for Kenya v Australia. Well done adjudicator. Please do not encourage the 'bodyline' once again. It's pathetic to read that Ponting had instructed Lee to bowl at batsmen's ribs. It maybe within (current) rules but the ugliest thing is when it's being appreciated. Cricket was never meant to be a contact sport. Otherwise I will have to encourage my son to concentrate on CHESS. Brett, it's not cricket mate.
Amarnath Fernando, QLD, Australia

I think Australia have a mentally disturbing advantage over all other teams, being such that the other team simply gives up knowing that they are most likely to lose.

But then again Australia are the West Indies of the 80's i.e. almost impossible to beat them. The Australians are as successful as they are due to their consistency in the game and the way they play the game. The only team in the world that is not only capable but the Australians themselves fear, is Pakistan. They deserve to win the World Cup and most likely will.
Shahrukh, England

Any other team would have been congratulated for their 32-over victory over a team which has played its way to a semi-final spot. However because people are in denial about the class of the Australian squad they make excuses and try to turn an easy victory into a sign of weakness. These fans from the subcontinent need to recognise that actions speak louder than words. Australia has already beaten both India and Sri Lanka during this tournament, and neither victory was preceded by boasting and bold predictions.
Jon, Aus

Australian's crib regarding about the Port Elizabeth pitch is absolutely unjustified. If Shane Warne had been playing, no one would have uttered a word about it.
Naveen, India

I think Australia can be stopped if you removed Brett lee and Brad Hogg
Andrew Hey, England

It's unfair to say that Indian didn't meet with any tough competition
David, India

Great team no doubt. Besides talent, stars and professionalism they have the belief that they should win. That is it, otherwise a team cannot come from such helpless situations like 114/8 and 86/7. They deserve it more than any other team. But reality takes its own turns. Their nemesis is going to be SL and if SL win the toss and bat to make say 225, then it is all over for our great guys. They have shown some weaknesses in the tournament and for sure SL will exploit them and also because SL is now the only team who can beat the almighty Australia. The other capable one (NZ) missed that chance.
Balaji Natteri, Russia/India

I think all us Indians agree that the Aussie team is the most consistent. It comes out on top from hopeless positions better than most teams, coz of their depth. But, the Indians are doing well... for once they are also being highly consistent in their performances (read thrashing) against other big teams. The Indian team has gone through a visible transformation during the run of the tournament itself, that has been well accepted and accoladed by, Greg Chappell to name but one. The Aussie fans need to respect that rather than talk trash about the Indians and the other teams.
Adib, USA (Indian)

Australia definitely look unbeatable but England and the Kiwis almost had them on their knees at one point, didn't they? It just takes a lot of confidence when you are up against someone who is on a winning streak. But it never hurts to have a good go at it and give it all that you can. It's unfair to say that Indian didn't meet with any tough competition, considering the fact that they lost only to Australia so far!
David, India

I am quite amazed by the comments made by Damien, Jayakumar and Dave. If you have a look at Australia's progress in the tournament as against India's, India have been improving by leaps and bounds as they progressed whereas Australia have been winning all their matches but with their 'wobble' starting against one of the minnows even before the Super Sixes then with England, New Zealand and lastly Kenya.

India have also pulled themselves out of trouble on several occasions. Take the last game against the Kiwis when three wickets were down for only 21 on the board including the scalp of Tendulkar. India did not lose further wickets in winning the match. It appears that you all are looking at is the inner strength to get back into a game. Have Australia ever made a turn around like India did two years ago by defeating the Aussies when they were virtually running away with the series?

Whether Tests or ODIs, if it's the inner strength we are talking about, India has it in them. Recently, I would put the Aussies on par with India to win the World Cup if the Aussies manage to get past Sri Lanka on a slow and turning Port Elizabeth pitch.
Barat, India

No team is invincible and yes Australia have showed some weaknesses over the length of the tournament, but give them credit where it is due. I seem to remember the Indian supporters giving the same amount of banter before they were thrashed by Australia in the group stages and it wasn't that long ago that Sri Lanka were bowled out for around 70 runs by Australia A in the VB series.

This Australian side is no better than their side in the previous World Cup
Halikarvikram, UK

Australia are a big match team, don't worry how they go against Kenya or England, when it comes to the crunch they are one of the only teams who can be relied upon.

Whilst I can't say that they will win, I think there is little doubt that they deserve it.
Dave, Australia

My heart says India, but the fact may well be that Australia win. I am eagerly awaiting the clash of Titans. Good for the game, good for the fans. Let the best team win it all.
Gopal, India

How come there are no comments from the Aussie fans after this last win (scrape through) over Kenya. I can say that they cannot play genuine spinners and will have a tough time versus Sri Lanka. I'm sure they will miss the Waughs and especially Warne in the semi-final.
Adib, USA

Forget the Kenya "wobble". It is always hard to get totally motivated against teams you are expected to thrash. The state of mind of the Aussies could be gauged by their reverse batting line up - no Bevan, Martyn down the order, Hogg, Symonds and Harvey all elevated up the order. As a pointer to the semi-final or final it doesn't rate.
Greg, Australia

I think Damien (below) is right. There is no batsman today who can comfortably face Lee and McGrath, including Tendulkar. India might be better than the rest of the bunch, but they are all minnows against Australia. They lost Shane Warne, it didn't make a dent. And then they lost Gillespie and still there was no impact.

You can replace everyone in the current team except Lee and McGrath and still they can win. Unfortunate but true. The boasting of Indian supporters sometimes looks silly.
Jayakumar, India (in USA)

This Australian side is no better than their side in the previous World Cup. They are the best simply because other teams have failed miserably. I doubt their chances against the rejuvenated Indian side and for the first time they will feel the absence of a class batsman like Mark Waugh.
Halikarvikram, UK

Australia have proved that they are far from being unstoppable
Prashant, USA

After today's match, I think the Aussies have won the cup. So far, the Kenyan team have been extremely lucky to beat a couple of tigers in the world of cricket. They could have beaten Australia with luck on their side. Good luck to all the teams.
J Halai, Kenya

A wobbly performance that once again showed the Aussies are not comfortable against spin and Sri Lanka have plenty of spin bowlers.

Could we be seeing a Sri Lanka v India final? You can never tell. The Aussies may be very good, but today they showed they needed intimidation to get early wickets and still could not bowl out the Kenyans even after having them 3-3. Then a 39-year-old had them dancing to his tune...
Bengali Babu, Fresh Meadows, NY

In their match against Kenya, Australia have proved that they are far from being unstoppable. 117-5 against Kenya hardly supports their world champion billing. India or Sri Lanka can roll them over if they play in a disciplined fashion.
Prashant, USA

Australia are a great team and are having a whale of a time at the World Cup, trampling others with a record winning streak. That puts them in for a shock either in the semis, or in the final, as the law of averages will catch up with them. Let them prove it wrong.
Joseph Muthiah, India (Bahrain)

India are the only ones that are capable of stopping your winning trend
Hemant Sharma, India

Australia are truly the champions. The reason they have managed this is their sheer hard work, dedication and professionalism. It's hard to beat that.
Rita, Canada

Australia will be defeated by either the Kiwis in the semi-final or by the Indians in the final.
Kiran, India

The Indian fans boasting about how they will beat the Aussies seem to have some memory loss. India 125 all out off 41 overs, Australia thrashing India 128-1 off 22 overs!

No doubt the Indians can score, but most big scores have come at the hands of your Namibias, your Bangledeshes and the Dutch. When India start winning big games from the brink of defeat like Australia do, then you can talk about the quality and talent of your players.

Thus far, the Indians are over achievers against poor opposition and under achievers against real opposition! The final will be like the 1999 thrashing of Pakistan all over again!
Damien, Birmingham UK

Congrats to Australia on their fine victory over New Zealand and everyone in the world saying that you guys are unstoppable, but let me warn you guys that India are the only ones that are capable of stopping your winning trend (like in the Tests when you guys came to India).

I believe that the time has now come for us to become world champions as we are playing like champions. Be especially aware of our Sachin and Sehwag because they are going to teach you how to play.
Hemant Sharma, India

Congratulations Australia. You guys are fantastic. It's your never say die attitude that I really admire. No matter what the situation, you don't give up, and have a gutsy team that enables you to get the job done. You are without doubt currently the best team in the world; however I strongly believe that India will win the World Cup (that's my hope at least).
Rajiv, Toronto, Canada

Professionalism combined with Sheer commitment and team discipline - a deadly combination that the Oz team possess. The only team that could possibly beat them would be the one that plays to its instincts - brute force yet effective at times.
Harry, USA

Can Australia be beaten? If Caddick had bowled the last over for England instead of Anderson, they probably would have been beaten. Not a lot should be read into the win against NZ. Despite all the positive talk about the Kiwis being the 'dark horses' NZ are in fact rubbish.

They can turn it on for the trans-Tasman derbies every now and then but struggle against everyone else. In the VB Series where we beat Australia several times, we then got thrashed by South Africa in the final. NZ are not worthy of being called world champions.
Andy, NZ

Mona said: "Why don't Australia just go home with the trophy? " Because this year, that's India's job.
Caesar, India

This Australian team is not a patch on their 1999 World Cup winning team
Blaine, England

Well today's victory clearly highlights the fact that Australians are truly a world class team. Well the best thing that I like about that team is their consistency. With this superb form I can only say it's just a matter of who faces them in the finals because Australia are going to win the World Cup for sure. The other teams should take a cue from them and try to improve their performance.
Kaushik Chakrabarty, India

Australia are better than every other team, from every one point of view, of course they can be stopped, but I think they can be beaten by the mighty Indian's the way they progressing on this tournament I think they will overwhelm the oz in the final game.
Haroon, England

The Aussies cannot be beaten by any team. This is a fact. But if there is any team that can do it is a team called Tendulkar. Hope he repeats the "Desert Storm" he did in Sharjah.
Vishy, USA/India

Australia are far from unbeatable - their World Cup matches against England and NZ show that they can (and should) be beaten every now and again. In fact, this Australian team is not a patch on their 1999 World Cup winning team, but the trouble is that every other cricket playing nation have got worse as well, so much so that we're left with one good team (note I say good, not 'great') while the rest really are pretty poor.

The standard of world cricket at the moment really is abysmal and unless the domestic competitions in all the other test playing nations improves, Australia will carry on winning and the rest will be left fighting for scraps.
Blaine, England

Australia certainly look a very strong side but at times they have shown signs of weakness. But what I really like about them is the way they can turn the game in their favour even if they are in trouble. I still don't think that Australia are unbeatable. Maybe they will go unbeaten until the final where they lose. What a disappointment that will be for the Australians.
Kalim Khan, UK

I think this Australian team are greatly over-reated. You would never see the great Windies team collapse to 85-7 like they did today.
Francis Torpie, UK

Australia must be odds-on favourites to win. The only chance of stopping them on current form would be for India (assuming they make the final) to win the toss, bat first and score 300 plus. That at least would make for an interesting contest. Otherwise....
Paul Smith, UK

I have to say how much I enjoy watching this current Australian team in action (apart from against England!). They really are a class act and seem to have no concept of being beaten. I hope they go on to win the World Cup as they are undoubtedly the greatest team I have seen play.
Ed, England

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