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Last Updated:  Monday, 24 March, 2003, 09:03 GMT
Your World Cup magic moments
BBC Sport picks their 10 magic moments of the Cricket World Cup - who gets your vote?

We list our top 10 in chronological order and ask you to pick your favourite.

1. Chaminda Vaas - hat-trick
2. Stephen Fleming - century
3. James Anderson - spell
4. Jon Davison - century
5. Vasbert Drakes - catch
6. Kenya beating Sri Lanka
7. Ramnaresh Sarwarn - bravery
8. Sachin Tendulkar - runs
9. Andy Bichel - bowling
10. Australia winning

Long before Australia coasted to World Cup victory, the tournament was littered with a series of breathtaking individual and team performances.

From Jon Davison's quickest ever World Cup century for Canada to Chaminda Vaas' hat-trick from the first three balls of a game, it was riddled with highlights.

Fill in the form on the right-hand side to nominate your personal favourite.

This debate is now closed. See below for a selection of your e-mails.

It would have to be the delivery that James Anderson sent down to dismiss Yousuf Youhana first ball - totally unplayable!
David Maddams, Birmingham

Symonds 143 was excellent. He was criticised for his selection but he was truly entertaining.
Steve, England

Vaas' new ball hat-trick has got to be the best moment in World Cup history
Mischa, London, UK
Chaminda Vaas' four wickets in one over is definitely my favourite moment, I had never heard about Vaas before and the he popped out of the sky and made a hat-trick.
Elias Zachariae, Denmark

Vaas' hat-trick made World Cup history so that is my favourite moment. He also took highest number of wickets in the tournament.
Shaun, UK

It should be Sachin Tendulkar's runs, especially against Pakistan.
Andrew Kurien, Melbourne, Australia

Vaas' new ball hat-trick has got to be the best moment in World Cup history ever; and I doubt that we'll ever see anything like it for a long time to come.
Mischa, London, UK

Yours is the best choice so far. It will be difficult to take any of these big achievements out of the top ten highlights but may be we can make Ashish Nehra's 6 for 23 against England as joint performance with say James Anderson or another similar one.
Tilak, NY, USA

Wasim Akram has been a STAR in every game that he has played in! no doubt he will remain the best!
Neha, UK

No one mentioned Virender Sehwag's knock in the final against Australia
Sandip, Hemel Hempstead, UK
Tendulkar, the world's best batsman should be lauded for his great performance in this cup. It is quite a pity that he was not able to make a century against Pakistan and he made only four against Australia, but that does not overshadow his brilliance in cricket.

India's performance against England, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka was excellent.
Rohan Chaubey, Dallas-Fort Worth, USA

Brett Lee bowling Attapattu in the semi with a lightning fast inswinging yorker!
Andrew Cripps, SA

I would say Ramnaresh Sarwarn's bravery takes the first spot, followed by Jon Davison's century and the third would be Vasbert Drakes's catch.
EI, Toronto, Canada

The best moment was when Shoaib Akhtar bowled the fastest delivery.
Ali, Denmark

No one mentioned Virender Sehwag's knock in the final against Australia. Full credit to Australia's batsmen, but one has to consider the immense pressure under which Sehwag produced the knock, which did provide some hope for Indian fans.
Sandip, Hemel Hempstead, UK

Wasim Akram was also a star in this World Cup
Umair Fayyaz, Lahore, Pakistan
Kenya beating Sri Lanka was a wonderful moment and a huge boost for them. Great to see.
Mark Hughes, Brisbane, Australia

The best and worst moments of cricketers come and go but my best moment was when Adam Gilchrist walked back to the pavilion in spite of the umpire failing to hear the snick. A great example that sportsmanship still exists in the game.
Santosh, Dubai

I think that you have forgotten a name in your list. Wasim Akram was also a star in this World Cup. He had completed his magical figure of 500 ODI wickets. He is just simply a legend.
Umair Fayyaz, Lahore, Pakistan

Jon Davison's batting - definitely! But I think the performances of the so-called minnows should be included as a highlight in total.

The Dutch, Kenyans and Canadians in particular more than made up for the likes of South Africa failing to shine.
Caroline Low, Fife, Scotland

I think it is Chaminda Vaas' hat-trick. It is a rare achievement and will be unbeatable for a long time to come.
Anuradha Diyagama, New Zealand

Sarwan's courage
Azeem, USA - WI
Sachin Tendulkar...magnificent display and made the world cup so entertaining to wouldn't have been the same without him!
Bob, UK

Sachin's 98 against Pakistan was brilliant. The way he took on probably the best pace attack in the world was unimaginable.
Fleming, Saudi Arabia

Kenya beating Sri Lanka is my pick. Kenya proved to the world that the cricket in particular the World Cup is not a preserve of the Test playing nations only.
Kamau F, Tanzania

Sarwan's courage - the young man showed his undeniable class and bravery.
Azeem, USA - WI

Saeed Anwar's century against India, despite the falling wickets on the other side. Hats off to his great performance. He's the only one who proved to be a great cricketer in the Pakistan team.
Umair Salam, Canada

The Jon Davison century was a magic moment. Australia outclassed all teams but apart from that it was the tournament of the minnows.

Of course I believe the two Dutch centuries should have been on the list. At least there was something to cheer about in the Netherlands. See you again in the West-Indies.
Johan, Netherlands

Aravinda de Silva's taming of the Aussie speedster Brett Lee in a single over in their first encounter.
Suni Perera, Canada

Hats off to John Davison and all the so called minnows
Chris, Jerez

Tendulkar's knock was the best. Scoring 98 in such quick time against a strong bowling attack with the likes of Akram is truly amazing.
Sagar, London

Ravindu Shah's fifty against Australia for Kenya. Any player scoring a fifty against Australia is an achievement in itself.
Ben Bagshaw, London

Hats off to John Davison and all the so called minnows who were often more entertaining. They really attacked the 'top' sides. A real credit to the game! By the way Aus were awesome throughout.
Chris, Jerez

Ramnaresh Sarwan's brilliant but ultimately futile innings against Sri Lanka stands out as one of the most enjoyable moments of the World Cup.

Two flawed but intermittently brilliant teams playing a match right down to the wire, and Sarwan shaking off the shock of a nasty blow to the head to take his team to the brink of victory. His stroke play may not always have come from the text books, but he, and the match as a whole, reminded us of the tension, fun and sheer excitement that limited overs cricket can bring to the spectator.
Nick Westenholz, London, UK

What a catch by Vasbert Drakes
Tom Ingram, Hong Kong

Heath Streak and Sean Ervine's onslaught on the Kiwi bowlers when they took 68 runs off the last three overs was outrageous. It was definitely a highlight.
Nick, London

Andy Bichel's performances were the highlight for me. He has long been the drinks carrier for the Australian team. He has finally been given his chance to shine and has grabbed it with both hands.
Steve, UK

What a catch by Vasbert Drakes - you will not see a catch like that for a very long time, pure brilliance.
Tom Ingram, Hong Kong

The magic moment of the competition was when Shaun Pollock realised he'd done his sums wrong! That moment probably changed the course of the tournament irreversibly.
Mike Bailey, Austria

James Anderson's spell was my favourite
Dave, Kempston, UK

The performance of the Kenya was the brightest point of this World Cup.
Anwer Jamal, UAE

The two lingering memories have to be Sachin's single-handed demolition of the Pakistan attack and the power and poise showed by Ponting in the final. Both innings were magical.
Dominic Ellis, Dubai

Vass' hat-trick was amazing, but James Anderson's spell was my favourite as it really made me believe in the England team again.
Dave, Kempston, UK

Jon Davison's century was breathtaking. What do you expect from a guy who plays Shield Cricket in Australia? Need we say anymore.......
Simon, UK

Brett Lee dismissing Marvin Attapattu with a 99.5 mph delivery
Matt, UK

Australia winning the cup is my pick. From the first match they played until the final they dominated all opposition, they in my book deserve this honour.
Marvin Ishmael, Trinidad

Sachin Tendulkar hitting Andy Caddick for six over mid-wicket in the group game between India and England. I've never seen such a cleaner hit of the cricket ball! Just how one-day cricket should be played, and it also made Caddick eat his pre-match words!
Neil Picton, England

My favourite had to be Brett Lee dismissing Marvin Attapattu with a 99.5 mph delivery, this was a truly unplayable delivery, and made better by the fact that his team mate had just dropped a catch, this spurred him on to produce a remarkable delivery.
Matt, UK

All the mentioned moments are magic but I will remember Ramnaresh Sarwan, for the bravery he showed playing against Sri Lanka, as an injured tiger.
Prabhat K Roy, Kolkata

Davison's century was amazing
James Leake, Ramsbury, England

It has to be Fleming. The way he played against SA on their home ground has phenomenon. Hats off to you Sir Fleming!
Arshad Hussain, Luton, UK

Kenya beating Sri Lanka was a divine moment. Kenya, a team without Test status, battled against the odds through to the Super Six, beating a team well established and one of the best in the world in the one-day format. What an achievement!
Chris Corry, England

Davison's century was amazing, nobody expected him or Canada to do anything and to score the fastest World Cup hundred was great, the catch that got rid of him was special too but the Aussies were the best, they are the World Cup.
James Leake, Ramsbury, England

Drakes' catch has to be the highlight of an average World Cup for English fans.

His catch was just superb a perfect example of never falling asleep in the field.
Sam Graber, Callington, UK

Ramnaresh Sarwan because he was so brave
Elliot Ketteringham, Amersham

Shane Bond's bowling performance against Australia deserves a shout, probably the best 10 overs against the Australians in the competition.
Ben Leighton, UK

Jon Davison's sixes were what the World Cup was really all about. Nobody will forget the 50 he made against New Zealand, especially the crack heard when dispatched the ball onto the golf course next door to the stadium.
Andrew Hill, UK

I can't believe people have overlooked the South African debacle, perhaps Pollock could get a position as a Maths teacher in England now that he has been relieved of the captaincy - priceless!!
Simon, Canary Wharf

Ramnaresh Sarwan because he was so brave to play when he was injured and then to nearly win - now that is bravery.
Elliot Ketteringham, Amersham

Sarwan is not just raw talent but a fighter in his own right
Irfan, London

James Anderson provided a glimpse into the future and of what could be a successful period for English cricket.
will, UK

What happened to Ricky Ponting's 140 - surely one of the best one day international innings of all time?
Jeff Ball, London

Sarwan is not just raw talent but a fighter in his own right. Windies would've won if he didn't get in the head.
Irfan, London

Wasim Akram 36 and still going he is a legend.
Irfan, London

Brian Lara's century in his first proper game for three months should be in your list. As its not I'd go for Jon Davison's 67 ball century. Breathtaking considering it was against the Windies.
James Crowder, Swindon, England

Sarwan's bravery!
Rana Naved-Ul-Hassan, BA, Argentina

Jon Davison - who was he?? Well ask the West Indies and New Zealand cricket teams.! Great viewing brought back memories of Botham at Headingley in 81!!!
Nick Briddon, UK

Sachin Tendulkar made the World Cup what it is.
Daniel Crerand, N. Ireland

Sarwan's bravery!! West Indies were the unluckiest team in the tournament with the rain ruing their chances. They were better than the Indians (having beaten them at home only a few months back) and Lara would have shown Tendulkar what batting under pressure means.
Rana Naved-Ul-Hassan, BA, Argentina

In a dire World Cup, in which lacklustre performances from the so called bigger nations and bizarre rules allowed two of the most one sided games of cricket ever seen to be the semi finals, Australia provided a master class from start to finish.

Every one of their players gave something, everyone is a potential match winner, and they are the absolute definition of a winning team.

England and New Zealand's refusal to play against Zimbabwe and Kenya shaped the whole competition, and the fact that both Kenya and Sri Lanka lost their fourth game at the semi stage speaks volumes for the organisation. Well done Aussies, try harder next time ICC.
Marcus, London

Fleming's century and Davison's feverish efforts with the bat deserve special mention
Paul Pinto, United States

Had to be when the two Zimbabwe players wore black - exceptionally brave thing to do.
K A Gordon, Glasgow

Ramnaresh Sarwarn's bravery was phenomenal. If he had not been injured early on in the game then the West Indies would have won the match against Sri Lanka.
Jake Reid, England

I nominate Chaminda Vaas' hat-trick as my number one moment.
Bandula Pathinayake, London, UK

Sachin Tendulkar's runs have to be the highlight of this World Cup - particularly his savage 98 at Centurion. The manner in which he walked out to the middle on the biggest stage and manhandled the Pakistani pacers that afternoon stands tall above all the other achievements of the cup.

His innings throughout the cup merely reaffirmed what all of us already knew - he is the best batsman of his generation.

Stephen Fleming's century and Davison's feverish efforts with the bat deserve special mention as well.
Paul Pinto, United States

Sachin Tendulkar is my hero
Srymom, Australia

The Aus v England game at PE...Michael Bevan and Andy Bichel...real backs against the wall.
Damo, Aus

I must say Bichel was the pick of all. First taking seven wickets and then following it up with a rescue in batting was one of the most memorable moments for me in the World Cup.
Prasad Desai, Bangalore, India

It has to be Vaas' hat-trick. Not only was it a magnificent bowling performance, but it also made un-breakable history. And he capped it off with another wicket in the over. Definitely the moment of the World Cup for me.
Rishya, UK

Sachin Tendulkar is my hero; he is such a great player. He is so good to watch, he is the best batsmen of our times and no one and I mean no one can beat him.
Srymom, Australia

Vasbert Drakes's catch was absolutely brilliant
Joe, India

There is only one event out of the ten that is truly extraordinary and unlikely to be repeated in the near future. That is Chaminda Vaas' hatrick, three wickets of the first three balls of the match and even if that is against a lowly team, it is my top magic moment.
Mathew Zacharia, Dubai

Jon Davidson (an Australian by the way) was a great effort but I am amazed at some of the big highlights not covered here. Kenya deserve all credit for their performances and despite favourable circumstances deserved their place in the semi-final (unlike S/Africa, West Indies, Pakistan and England who were just not good enough).

Glen McGrath's World Cup Record figures of 7/15 against Namibia are worthy of note, as were the efforts of the two Dutch centuries against Namibia. But whilst Sarwarn was pure guts people forget that this Australian achieved the amazing feat despite losing the best spinner in the world, a world class bowler (Gillespie) and Martin playing with a broken finger. Just too good.
Albert, UK

I consider Andy Bichel's bowling spell against England to be number one. The second best bowling figures in a World Cup came in a situation where the world's best paceman- McGrath was going for 6+ in an over- so to comeback and get those wickets with and economy rate of two is great.
Safs, Australia

Vasbert Drakes's catch was absolutely brilliant.

Nobody including the commentators could believe the catch had been taken. I want to relive that sensational moment many a time.
Joe, India

I will always remember James Anderson's outstanding spell against Pakistan
Andy Roberts, Milton Keynes, UK

Sarwan! Highly entertaining, and along with South Africa, West Indies were easily the two best sides in the group.
Sal, Austin, TX

Shoaib Akther delivering a ball at over 100mph against England.
Osman, Lahore

I will always remember James Anderson's outstanding spell against Pakistan at Newlands. Not only did it spur England on to victory, but it also catapulted Anderson onto the World stage.

The atmosphere in the ground was amazing with thousands of English supporters getting behind their team. Maybe the future of English cricket isn't looking so bad...?
Andy Roberts, Milton Keynes, UK

Sachin Tendulkar's knock against Pakistan was the magical moment of the World Cup.
K Anil Kumar, Kuwait

Sachin's 98 was the best ever!
Jay, England

Kenya beating Sri Lanka
Rambabu, Hyderabad

Australia winning the cup! Outstanding team, showing everyone what aggressive and positive cricket can produce. Lee's bowling throughout was just brilliant.
Andy Coate, England

Kenya beating Sri Lanka... A superb performance from Kenya as a team which no one ever (probably not even the Kenyans) would have ever dreamt of...
Rambabu, Hyderabad

Jimmy Anderson was Man of the World Cup for me.
James Pope, UK

Sachin Tendulkar's 98 against Pakistan has to go down as the best moment of this World Cup since that innings proved that team India was the second best if not the best.
Vikas, India

It has to be Tendulkar's 98 against Pakistan
Dilip, UK

Chaminda Vass' hat-trick was the best moment of the World Cup, purely because that will never be beaten again, and will never happen again. Such a moment, and I watched it and thought, this is just a dream.
P.K. Senanayake, Durham

Vasbert Drakes' catch was outstanding and unbelievable.
MO, South Africa

It has to be Tendulkar's 98 against Pakistan. It was the best batting display of the World Cup against India's biggest rivals. I cannot wait till World cup 2007!
Dilip, UK

Sachin Tendulkar - runs: just because I love him: he is such a great player - The best ever.
Sylvain, Belgium


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