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Last Updated:  Thursday, 20 March, 2003, 20:00 GMT
India v Kenya: Over-by-over

Latest: Kenya 179 all out (46.2 overs) lost to India 270-4 (50 overs) by 91 runs

India are through to the World Cup final after an emphatic win over Kenya in Durban.

They set Kenya an unlikely 271 to win, after India captain Sourav Ganguly hit an unbeaten 111.

And India knocked over Kenya for 179 in the 47th over.

47th over: It is all over for Kenya after Zaheer Khan yorks Martin Suji.
Kenya 179 all out

46th over: Collins Obuya sweeps Tendulkar for four, whose bowling is going a little awry, but then a bit of reverse swing completely hoodwinks Obuya and he is out lbw.
Kenya 179-9

45th over: Zaheer Khan keeps it tight to concede just one run.

44th over: A full toss by Tendulkar is wafted away for four by Tikolo but a ball later the Kenya captain's 56-run innings is over when drags a ball onto the stumps to hand Tendulkar his first wicket of the World Cup.
Kenya 161-8

43rd over: India bring back seamer Zaheer Khan and he almost knocks off Tikolo's bails but the ball just misses.

42nd over: Tendulkar stems Kenya's fight-back with just two runs coming off the over.

41st over: Sehwag is hit for six by Collins Obuya, who has not given up, and Tikolo follows suit with another huge wallop. He finishes off the over with a four to record an unbeaten fifty.

38th over: Sehwag is hit for six by Collins Obuya.

37th over: Good fielding from Zaheer Khan and Ganguly prevent boundaries.

36th over: Tendulkar comes in for a spell with the ball to huge cheers from the Indian fans and a diving save from Harbhajan prevents a boundary.

35th over: Sehwag comes into the attack and a looping shot by Collins Obuya just eludes Dravid. A maiden over.

34th over: Obuya fails to ground his bat after being sent back by Tikolo. Kaif throws down the stumps from square leg and Harbhajan finishes the job. Kenya 104-7.

33rd over: Nehra's leg-side delivery goes un-noticed but Kenya remain resolute in looking to bat out the quota.

32nd over: Harbhajan consistently beats David Obuya's bat but cannot claim the breakthrough.

31st over: Nehra replaces Zaheer, looking to finish the job quickly. A leg-side delivery goes for four byes to bring up the 100.

30th over: Harbhajan enjoys another tight over, includign Obuya's second run.

29th over: Zaheer bowls a maiden to Tikolo, the only highlight of which is an abortive lbw appeal, umpire Harper ruling that it is too high.

28th over: With a little more time between deliveries, Harbhajan gains a good degree of turn, allowing just one from the over.

27th over: Having checked that 25 overs have been completed, Ganguly reintroduces Zaheer to the attack. He strikes fourth ball, Modi nicking to wicket-keeper Dravid. Kenya 92-6.

26th over: Harbhajan's top-spinner fools Dravid to run for four byes. Tikolo's square drive beats point for four more.

25th over: Ganguly can breath a sign of relief as the match becomes valid but the scoreboard has stopped working so he apparently does not realise.

24th over: With just six balls needed to make a match, India look to have wrapped up a spot in the final, despite worries over the weather. Modi took three off that over.

23rd over: Yuvraj is bowling off three paces now, but Tikolo slows the over-rate with a sweetly-timed cover drive for four.

22nd over: There is no pause for breath as Ganguly hurries Harbhajan through an over that sees a single conceded before the fielders dash into their spots for the next set.

21st over: Yuvraj gets through another quick over with lightning in the distance. The innings needs four more overs to make any result valid.

20th over: Hitesh Modi gets off the mark edging Harbhajan just in front of Ganguly at first slip.

19th over: Odumbe takes a step and plants Yuvraj over the cover boundary for six.

But he is undone attempting the same shot, caught in the deep by Zaheer Khan to all but end Kenya's hopes. Kenya 63-5.

18th over: Ganguly pulls off an impressive stop to prevent a boundary for Tikolo.

17th over: Yuvraj Singh arrives in a double bowling change, perhaps with an eye to the weather. The batsmen milk four off the over.

16th over: There is a buzz around the ground as Harbhajan Singh warms up but his preparations are in vain as Odumbe sweeps four. His second delivery beats the keeper for four byes.

15th over: Odoyo becomes the fourth wicket to fall, top-edging a hook off Nehra high in the air. Sehwag makes the catch look simple at deep fine leg. Kenya 36-4.

14th over: Srinath strikes as Obuya pushes out at the first delivery of the over and edges behind to Dravid. Kenya 30-3

Skipper Steve Tikolo gets off the mark from the final ball of the over.

13th over: Nehra's left-arm away-swing keeps Odoyo on strike.

12th over: Srinath's confident appeal against Odoyo is turned down by Bucknor. Odoyo pushes three thanks to some sharp running.

11th over: Fellow left-armer Ashish Nehra replaces Zaheer at the Umgeni End, accounting for Ongondo second ball as the pinch-hitter hoiks high in the air to Zaheer at mid-on. Kenya 21-2.

Thomas Odoyo, the normal number three, is the new batsman, getting off the mark with a push to third man.

10th over: Obuya survives another difficult over at the hands of Srinath.

9th over: Zaheer strikes, a delivery on leg stump striking Shah low on the pad. Kenya 20-1.

Peter Ongondo is the surprise number three batsman with quick runs needed. Zaheer strikes him on the hand first ball.

8th over: Obuya edges an attempted leg-drive but the ball falls safely in front of Sehwag at cover.

7th over: Obuya just makes his ground to complete a single as Yuvraj scores with a direct hit from cover. Two screamed appeals from Zaheer gain little ground with umpire Harper.

6th over: Obuya swings and misses at Srinath, beaten by a little outswing.

5th over: Zaheer has a good shout against Obuya, the ball just heading down leg side.

4th over: A strangled appeal from Srinath gains a shake of the head from umpire Bucknor - a little high. Obuya misjudges a delivery from Srinath that was not that short and is struck on the side of the helmet.

3rd over: Obuya gains the first boundary of the innings, pushing Zaheer square of the wicket. zaheer gets a delivery to rear up, striking Obuya on the glove but it falls safely.

2nd over: Javagal Srinath shares the new ball. Ravindu Shah gets Kenya off the mark with a drive to cover.

1st over: Zaheer Khan opens the bowling to Kennedy Obuya, who looks for quick runs but cannot gain any.


50th over: Dravid comes out and is off the mark with an inside edge for a single. Ganguly drills the final ball of the innings to long-off for one to finish on 111 not out.

50th over: Yuvraj fails to time a big hit and David Obuya takes a good catch diving forwards at long-off.
India 267-4

49th over: Ganguly reaches his hundred by clubbing a full toss into the crowd for six. Yuvraj shows he can turn up the power as well by sending the ball over the ropes in the same direction. Ganguly rounds off the over with a boundary.

48th over: The clock ticks past the scheduled finish time for India's innings as Odoyo comes in again. Kenya may not get a full allocation of 50 overs when they bat. Yuvraj clears mid-wicket to add four off the final delivery.

47th over: Suji manages to avoid conceding any boundaries but India advance their total by six.

46th over: Ganguly uses his feet superbly to thump Tikolo over long-on for six, and the next ball disappears for four over extra cover. The third wicket goes down as Kaif is called for a single and is beaten by Obuya's throw.
India 233-3

45th over: Ganguly hoists Obuya to backward square leg and picks up four as the ball just eludes the grasp of the diving Ongondo.

44th over: Kaif kills the pace and sets off for a quick single, but Collins Obuya kicks the ball at the stumps and gifts India an extra run.

43rd over: Ganguly keeps employing a slog-pull towards midwicket, gaining five from the over.

42nd over: Odoyo returns with four overs left in his quota. Ganguly steps and swings, the ball bouncing once over the cover boundary to bring up the 200.

41st over: Ongondo returns to the attack. Kaif is forced to dive for his ground after a diving throw from Collins Obuya at mid-off. TV replays appear to show his bat was not grounded but the third umpire rules no out.

40th over: India have gone 50 deliveries without a boundary after another tight set of six from Tikolo.

39th over: New batsman Mohammad Kaif injects some pace into the punning as they take six off Suji.

38th over: Ganguly's single brings up his 50 from 70 balls. Tendulkar hits out, high and far but the ball pitches in a damp patch just short of the boundary and does not bounce.

Tendulkar pulls through the air but there is a fielder in place at midwicket, David Obuya taking a head-high catch to end the century partnership. India 177-2.

37th over: Suji bowls straight and the batsmen are unable to get him away, gaining just three from the over.

36th over: With the field set deep, 10 runs come off Tikolo without a boundary being scored.

35th over: Martin Suji returns to the attack for Obuya, allowing four singles.

34th over: Tendulkar attempts to behead Ganguly with another trace shot off Tikolo, but it is stopped in the field this time.

33rd over: Obuya bowls a wayward googly that runs away for four wides. India's 150 comes up as Tendulkar sweeps for two.

32nd over: Drinks are taken mid-over after Ganguly breaks his bat. Tendulkar steps up the pace with a tracer-bullet six off Tikolo, over long-off.

31st over: Perhaps surprisingly, Obuya continues. A run-out chance goes begging as wicket-keeper David Obuya's throw from short midwicket just misses with Ganguly scurrying through.

Ganguly looks for six more, gaining a leading edge to the wrong-un but it falls safely over the bowler's head.

30th over: Tikolo has a credible lbw shout against Ganguly turned down, the ball perhaps heading down leg side.

29th over: Ganguly takes on Obuya, swinging two massives sixes over the roof at deep cover and onto the road behind!

28th over: Tikolo is getting very little spin but varies the length a little to keep the batsmen quiet.

27th over: Three runs come from Obuya, who is bowling quite quickly.

26th over: Ganguly brings up the India 100 with a single but far more spectacular is the first six of the innings, lofted just over the long-off rope by the India captain.

25th over: Star leg-spinner Collins Obuya makes his long-awaited arrival, gaining good turn and bounce straight away. He allows just two runs, including a no ball.

24th over: Captain Steve Tikolo brings himself on to bowl off-spin, replacing Karim at the Old Fort Road End and conceding just a single.

23rd over: Ongondo's eighth consecutive over is a maiden to Ganguly.

22nd over: Tendulkar paddle-sweeps Karim to fine leg to bring up his half-century from 64 balls with just four fours. TV replays show that the fielder hit the boundary rop and he gets one more.

21st over: Karim is in action again at long-off, collecting a straight drive from Tendulkar.

20th over: Ganguly gets off the mark by flicking Karim to mid-on. Tendulkar takes four off the final ball of the over.

19th over: Sehwag mis-times his drive against Ongondo, gaining a leading edge high for Odumbe to take over his back at mid-off. India 74-1.

Tendulkar drives straight down the ground, past a diving Ongondo.

18th over: Karim zips through a second over, yielding just four.

17th over: The pair pick five singles off Ongondo.

16th over: Asif Karim is the first spinner to join the attack, but Tendulkar is unimpressed by his first delivery, pulling for four. But Karim tightens up later in the over.

15th over: Tendulkar gets a high top edge attempting to pull Ongondo but it falls safely at third man.

14th over: Martin Suji returns to the attack after Odoyo's opening spell of six overs for 19. After a poor first spell, he comes back with a maiden.

13th over: Tendulkar's pull bounces just inside the rope at square leg after Ongondo errs on the leg side. Suji scores a direct hit from backward square, upholding Sehwag's decision to run just a single.

12th over: Sehwag places perfectly through the covers for his third boundary.

11th over: Ongondo maintains the straightjacket, Tendulkar's edge to third man the only run on offer.

10th over: Odoyo bowls the first maiden of the match, Sehwag unable to get him away.

9th over: Peter Ongondo takes over from Suji at the Umgeni End, having impressed against Australia last weekend.

Tendulkar survives two chances - a glove down the leg side and a close lbw appeal, which he perhaps inside-edged - before flicking two through midwicket.

8th over: There are some spots of rain as Odoyo begins his fourth over. The forecasters predict a 60% chance of bad weather after 1600GMT.

7th over: Suji bowls short outside off and Tendulkar takes advantage, his pull only just falling inside the midwicket rope.

6th over: Odoyo's bouncer is so slow that it barely reaches the keeper. Umpire Harper looks to the sky as he signals one for the over.

5th over: Good running between this opening pair gains three for Sehwag to long off but boundaries are hard to come by thanks to some athletic fielding on a slow outfield.

4th over: Just two runs for Tendulkar off the final ball after a tight over from Odoyo.

3rd over: Tendulkar gets off the mark first ball with a flick on the leg side. Sehwag finishes the over with a crashing drive through midwicket.

2nd over: Thomas Odoyo - returning from a groin injury - oversteps with his first delivery, which is driven stylishly through the covers by Sehwag.

1st over: After the national anthems, and a short pause while the team all managed to grab a touch of the World Cup trophy, Kenya take their places in the field.

Tendulkar and Sehwag are the opening batsmen. Martin Suji opens the bowling to Sehwag, who flicks on the leg side for two off the first ball.

Suji gets some good swing in damp conditions, and the outfield is also suffering from the recent soaking.

Toss and teams: Sourav Ganguly grins broadly after winning the toss, forcing Kenya to bat second under lights.

India name an unchanged side from the XI that downed Sri Lanka and New Zealand in their last two Super Six matches.

Kenya welcome back Thomas Odoyo and Maurice Odumbe, who both rested minor niggles during the loss to Australia.

India: Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Saurav Ganguly (captain), Mohammad Kaif, Rahul Dravid, Yuvraj Singh, Dinesh Mongia, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Javagal Srinath, Ashish Nehra.

Kenya: Kennedy Otieno, Ravindu Shah, Steve Tikolo (captain), Maurice Odumbe, David Obuya, Hitesh Modi, Thomas Odoyo, Collins Obuya, Peter Ongondo, Martin Suji, Asif Karim.

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