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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 4 March, 2003, 15:07 GMT
Who should fill Nasser's shoes?
Nasser Hussain steps down as England one-day captain following the side's World Cup exit.

Who do you think should replace him?

Hussain had been under immense pressure throughout the tournament and failed to show his best form with the bat.

Victory against Pakistan was not enough to save England from elimination, as Hussain was punished for his decisions in the crucial defeat to Australia.

Marcus Trescothick is the early favourite to take over, but Michael Vaughan, Andrew Flintoff and even Mark Butcher are also in the frame.

Hussain wants to remain in charge of the Test team despite calls from some quarters for him to quit.

Should Hussain now step down as Test captain?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your comments appear below.

How can anyone possibly suggest that Flintoff should be captain? He might be a laugh and a nice guy, but he does not have a secure place, his form wavers and he rarely puts in a true all-rounder's performance.
Rick, UK

Give it to Vaughan, but only to test him out at captaincy. Vaughan is our best player and obviously wants the job, but I fear that the Test job is too big for him at the moment.

Butcher has the character to motivate and inspire his team
Max, England
Test him with the one day job for now to see how he can handle it, then if it goes well, in 2 years time give him the Test job when the Aussie's come visiting again.
Bryan Braidwood, Aberdeen, Scotland

Anyone thought of resurrecting the career of one Graham Thorpe? Install him as captain for a two year period with the job of 'bringing along' Marcus Trescothick and Michael Vaughan.

They can alternate as vice captain with Thorpe having instructions to consult whoever is 'vice' in a game as much as possible. All three should be involved in selection with an aim to create a team for the future with the players that Trescothick and Vaughan want.
Chris, England

Having watched him guide England to the Coca-Cola Cup in Sharjah back in 1998, I think Adam Hollioake is the only man for the job. The spirit of the team for that fortnight and the leadership he displayed showed he is well respected. He can play crucial roles in big matches too.
David Williams, Dubai

The captaincy should go to Mark Alleyne. A bit old now but a master tactician and worthy of a place.
J Evans, England

Give it to Butch! He has the youth and the charisma to lead the team. Unlike Hussain, Butcher has the character to motivate and inspire his team. It is ludicrous that one of our most consistent test players is not considered for the one day side.

Nas did a good job but needed to smile more and his negative tactics against Australia were embarrassing.
Max, England

I don't care who replaces him, it will take England a long time to catch up to the standard of cricket, both test and one day, that Australia is currently playing. A new coach wouldn't go astray either, look what Buchanan has done for the Aussies,
Ken, Australia

The one day game is well known for being aggressive and fast paced, so England should have a captain who is aggressive and fast paced, namely ... Andrew Flintoff
Paul Newnham, England

I think James Anderson should be the English captain. Gimme a break...what difference does it make? English bowlers are like girls, besides that in what sport does England dominate?

Doesn't that worry the English more? Stop posting 15 lined notes on whether someone called Flintoff deserves the captaincy.
Pearl Zdrok Odido, now in Europe

Hussain has resigned. Stewart is getting too old. Shouldn't we have been prepared for this for at least a year? Drop Stewart, as new blood needs a chance. At the moment (until a successor is found for Stewart and Hussain) instead of those three we should play Blackwell and Hollioake and Trescothick stands in as keeper until James Foster or Mark Wallace can prove themselves.
Alex Denvir, England

Firstly, I am offended by the comments of Jon, Japan who believes that anyone criticising Nasser knows nothing about him or cricket.

There must have been thousands of us frustrated and retired former club cricket captains that squirmed in disbelief as he allowed James Anderson to bowl the ill-fated 49th over against Australia, when Caddick, Flintoff, Collingwood or Vaughan could have taken the responsibility.

As to the future captaincy, Andrew Flintoff has at last proved that he thrives on the extra responsibility of first change bowler - the one-day captaincy should be his reward. Mark Butcher has become the new Derek 'One Big Innings Wonder' Randall and Marcus Trescothick needs a rest.

The obvious choice is Michael Vaughan to begin this summer and return Nasser to Essex where he can continue to be influenced by Gooch & Co in the subject of defensive tactics.
Darren Parmenter, Spain

Vaughan is not ready for captaincy. He's played less than 30 one day internationals with a very ordinary average.
Jerry, UK
Nasser Hussian has been an exceptional captain and while idiots are happy to slate him the true fact is he and Fletcher have transformed England from the worst team in the world to a half decent outfit. He deserves enormous credit.

There is simply no one to replace him Collingwood is still a bit too young and Vaughan is to inexperienced in one day cricket. As for Trescothick, well will he even get in the team next season? His performance have been poor and he doesn't excatly inspire people.

Finally I hear the name of Adam Hollioake being thrown into the ring again, one question Why? He is nothing more than an average county player and an Aussie to boot! No thank you Adam.
Ross, Yorkshire

Vaughan is not ready for captaincy. He's played less than 30 one day internationals with a very ordinary average. Give him time to learn and pick up his game, as we know he will. Trescothick is better qualified - he's played twice as many ODI's as Vaughan: and despite what many call a loss of form, featured in two century stands with Knight in the VB series and looked back in nick against the Aussies on Sunday.
Jerry, UK

Although my opinion may be 'old hat' in suggesting Adam Hollioake, I do not understand why so many other writers want to heap pressure on our rising stars. Give the job to a man with experience who thrives on the job.
Malcolm, UK

Leave Vaughan alone to concentrate on his batting! Historically England captains always suffer in personal success when burdened with the England captaincy. Vaughan is our best batsman, long may it continue
Mark, England

Whoever replaces Nasser needs a thick skin. Nasser is the only one who comes out of this tawdry affair with any credit. The ECB are spineless and clueless. When are we going to get men of steel to run it? All they cared about was money the government are not worth a carrot there support was useless.

As for a new captain Adam Hollioake because we need our best players to concentrate on batting not dealing with halfwits.
Terry Moriarty, England

First and foremost the captain of a side must demand the respect of his team based on his prowess as a player. Clearly, following the last year, Michael Vaughan is the only outstanding candidate. For Duncan Fletcher to say he is inexperienced is ridiculous. He is 28 years old and has probably been playing the game since he was 10. How much more experience does he need?
Pete, UK

Marcus Trescothick should definitely get the job. After all, given his recent poor form with the bat, we won't have to worry about the extra pressure affecting his performances at the crease.
Matt, England

Hussain should be re instated as Captain of the one day side as well as the test side. He's a fine captain and his performance as a motivator and leader has been exceptional. He's been pressured to step down and it's sad that English cricket with it's present problems now has to carry the burden of Politics in it as well.
Glenn Mascarenhas, India

Hussain is probably right. He is a great Test captain (England will beat SA this summer) but his one-day form is below par. With Vaughan, Tresco, Flintoff, Caddick and Anderson, England have an excellent core. Perhaps Adam Hollioake could reprise his former successes as one-day captain?
James Davey, UK

Only Nasser Hussain should replace him. The ECB let him down in a crucial stage of his captaincy. His resignation has nothing to do with cricket and everything to do with politics.
Dave, England

It is admirable that Hussain has admitted his own failings
Ed Bowden, Engerland

When Nasser chose to bowl James Anderson in the penultimate over against the Aussies, leaving Caddick with one over unbowled, I would have sacked him on the spot.
Andy, UK

Nasser is quite clearly the best captain we have had since Brearley. The way he has conducted himself over an arduous tour shows courage and integrity. He should have either ODI or Test captaincy as long as he wants it.

The team needs to maintain some form of continuity and make the most of the emergence of good players who have had a tough winter in Oz. They should be steeled to take on South Africa in the summer.

It is admirable that Hussain has admitted his own failings when he said: 'The bottom line is that I'm 35 this month and there must be people out there who can average more than 30'. Thank goodness he picked 30, otherwise Ramprakash might have fancied a go at it!
Ed Bowden, Engerland

England are a good side and Nasser was a fine captain. It's just rotten luck they didn't make it to the Super Six. There has to be something wrong with the rules if Kenya is there, but England and South Africa are not. Nasser should not feel compelled to go. I don't think his replacements are quite ready yet.
Venkat, India/USA

Andy Flintoff is definitely the man for the one-day captaincy. At the moment he is our only world class one-day player, and he will be at the peak of his career in four years time for the next World Cup.
Ian Farrington, England

Hey Everybody! Please wait for a second and think about Mr Hussain. I think he is a very capable captain but at the moment he is going through a very rough period. So please don't be harsh on him. Give him enough support to handle this bad situation.
Mario Francis, Karachi

Andy Flintoff is definitely the man for the one-day captaincy
Ian Farrington, England

I think Steve Waugh is available.
Ed Bowden, Engerland

It is a shame to see Nasser depart in what must be a very soul-breaking situation. England have brilliant players but they seem to lack the belief in themselves that is so desperately required to achieve a winning edge. I'm sorry it didn't work for you Nasser.
Lorraine Martland, UK

Thanks Nasser. You are a true gentleman.
Ram Rao, USA

You should leave Nasser alone; he's tried his best, the whole team have tried their best. They can all be at their best and still England cannot win any major sporting event.
Rakesh, UK

Let's not let the political decision not to play in Zimbabwe hide what is plain for all to see. England are woefully short of class in all aspects of the game.

Blame Nasser Hussain all you want, but until we make changes at the grassroots of the game, we will never seriously compete with the likes of Australia on the world stage.
Dave Hannigan, USA (ex-UK)

To all of you who sit there and criticise Nasser, you know NOTHING about either him or cricket!! Everything has gone against England since the start of the Ashes, with the withdrawal of the best batsman, Thorpe, and injuries to our best bowlers, Gough, Jones, and Giles.

Then with the World Cup they've also had to contend with both the ICC and the Government, now it seems even the weather conspired against them.

I think Nas has put his heart and soul into the captaincy and has certainly been our most able captain since Mike Brearley. And for the people who want Caddick out as well, just remember that this is the same man that just carved through the top order of the world's best side.

I'm afraid that indeed you'll have your way and Nasser will retire cos let's face it, he only gets support from his team and not it seems from so-called England fans... Shame!!
Jon, Japan

We would almost certainly have beaten a poor Zimbabwe team
Chris, Essex

Nasser Hussain is one of the best captains. His tactics have been brilliant. I wish people would just keep off his back. He should stay as captain of England!
Michael Weston, Birmingham

I agree with the people who blame Tony Blair and the ICC. Zimbabwe is in a terrible state at present and England had received death threats. Their families were threatened and any normal family man would want to protect their family; the ICC should have moved the match to South Africa.

We would almost certainly have beaten a poor Zimbabwe team who are through as a result of beating Holland, Namibia a walkover and some rain. This makes a mockery of the so-called Super Six.

As for our government, they took the moral high ground and told the players they didn't think they should play this match. If they had intervened months in advance instead of six weeks maybe the pressure on the ICC to move the match would have made a difference.

But, typical of Tony Blair and our government, they just wait until they can gain maximum publicity and look as if they care about anything other than getting re-elected.
Chris, Essex

Despite the criticism, the long-term prospects of the England team are good. Vaughan and Trescothick will be stalwarts of the top order for years to come and the likes of Collingwood can cement a reliable middle order.

The inevitable retirement of Stewart will leave a hole in the line-up but James Foster may be a good long term replacement. In the bowling department, James Anderson and Simon Jones offer potential to work alongside the already established Craig White and Andrew Flintoff to form a respectable bowling quartet.

Nasser should have taken the opportunity to attack while he had the chance
Rick Jones, Sydney

Although there are doubts over Hussain, he remains an inspiration as captain and an adept fielder, the latter being an attribute England are in dire need of. Give this team two years and they will be challenging Australia.
Edward, Devon

I think Nasser lost a real opportunity against Australia. With the Aussies reeling, he played defensive cricket instead of attacking. Had he attacked, I have no doubt that he would have bowled Australia out and progressed through to the Super Sixes.

England should never have relied on a result that was outside of their control and Nasser should have taken the opportunity to attack while he had the chance. The decision to boycott the first game has also cost England dearly. Perhaps now people will leave politics out of the cricket arena?
Rick Jones, Sydney, Australia

Duncan Fletcher would have resigned 12 months ago if he had any decency. His coaching along with Nasser Hussain's inept captaincy is a recipe for disaster.
Andy Barber, Manchester

England should be proud of their performance. This team is leaps and bounds ahead of the 1999 World Cup team. The win against Pakistan underlined that. The India game was always going to be very hard with a run-chase under lights, and the last two games we've played against Australia have been very close and only won by them due to superb match winning performances (Brett Lee in the VB series and Bichel recently). And they are the best team in the world. England's stock as a ODI team continues to rise in my opinion.
Robb, England

England's performance in this World Cup, both on and off the pitch, has been an absolute disgrace. Their refusal to play Zimbabwe, then bleating about the pitch when trounced by a wonderful Indian side. Shame, shame!
Sean Du Plessis, South Africa

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