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Last Updated:  Sunday, 2 March, 2003, 15:54 GMT

England v Australia: Over-by-over
Latest: Australia 208-8 (49.4 overs) beat England 204-8 (50 overs) by two wickets

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England snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as Michael Bevan and Andy Bichel carry Australia to a nail-biting win.

They share an unbroken stand of 73 after England had reduced them to 135-8.

Bevan makes 74 not out and Bichel finishes on 34 after taking 7-20 earlier in the day - the second best figures in World Cup history.

50th over: England need two wickets from Flintoff - Australia need two runs. He is unable to hold a stinging return catch offered by Bichel from the second ball. A mis-field by Vaughan gifts Australia a single. Bevan puts away a full toss for four to see Australia home.

49th over: Huge responsibility on Anderson's shoulders with Australia now needing more than a run per ball. The situation soon changes as Bichel slogs over mid-wicket for six and adds four from the next ball.

48th over: Australia require 17 off 18 balls as Giles trundles in again. He gets away with a long hop as Bevan mis-cues a pull and can only pick up one. Only three runs come from the over.

47th over: Bichel plays Anderson to third man for one as the partnership with Bevan reaches 50. Bevan slices to the exposed backward point boundary but brilliant fielding by Giles keeps Australia to three.

46th over: Flintoff's latest spell lasts one over as Giles resumes. Australia can only add four singles - they need another 23 from the last four overs.

45th over: Hussain turns again to Caddick but Bichel drills back past the stumps for four runs.

44th over: Flintoff replaces Giles - his first ball is short of a length and Bevan cuts to the backward point boundary. Australia need 33 from the final six overs.

43rd over: Bevan charges Anderson and lofts into the covers but it only brings him one run. Bichel digs out a yorker and pinches another single.

42nd over: Only three runs come from Giles' over but Australia are still in the hunt with 45 needed from 48 balls.

41st over: Another boundary as Bevan flicks Anderson to fine leg. Caddick prevents another with a diving save at mid-off but the single takes Bevan to 50 off 101 balls.

40th over: Bevan uses his feet superbly before lifting Giles over mid-wicket for four. A single to long on takes Australia's total to 150.

39th over: The singing of the Barmy Army rings around St George's Park as Anderson returns to the attack. He drops short and Bichel square cuts powerfully for four.

38th over: Massive celebrations for England as Lee is run out. White picks up and throws accurately for Stewart to remove the stumps.
Australia 135-8

37th over: White completes his 10th over, returning figures of one for 21.

36th over: Hussain persists with a defensive field despite Australia's precarious position. Australia collect four singles.

35th over: White has Lee in all sorts of trouble and he is unlucky not to have a second wicket when the Australian slashes and misses.

34th over: Bevan takes on Giles and crashes the first delivery of the over for six.

33rd over: Brett Lee is the new batsman and he is relieved to see an inside edge miss the stumps.

32nd over: Stewart roars in delight as he takes a sharp catch to remove Brad Hogg and Giles has his second wicket.
Australia 114-7

31st over: White bowls his first maiden of the day to keep up the pressure on Australia.

30th over: Giles returns after a disastrous first over and grabs the wicket of in-form Andrew Symonds. The bowler takes a sharp return catch to leave Australia reeling.
Australia 111-6

29th over: White immediately appeals for lbw against new batsman Andrew Symonds, but the ball hits marginally too high.

29th over: White gets one to move off the seam tempting Lehmann into an edge. Stewart takes an athletic diving catch.
Australia 111-5

28th over: England are in desperate need of a wicket to break this partnership with runs coming much more freely now. England's fans are doing their best to lift their team.

27th over: Australia are beginning to cut loose as Bevan drives White for four.

26th over: Giles is replaced after just one over by Michael Vaughan. A single from Bevan brings up the 50 partnership. Australia reach 100 with a well-placed cut from Lehmann for four.

25th over: White has Australia on the defensive again, allowing just the single.

24th over: Ashley Giles replaces Flintoff. It is an expensive first over for the spinner as he conceded six runs and four legbyes, including a driven four from Lehmann.

23rd over: Bevan's drive to long on off Caddick is stopped just short of boundary, earning three runs.

22nd over: Stewart proves his worth behind the wickets with a wonderful one-handed stop as Bevan send a flick fine down the leg side.

21st over: Australia have dampened the England fans' enthusiasm but England continue to frustrate their run chase with a tight over from White.

20th over: Two more runs from the over as Lehmann flicks the ball off his toes behind square leg.

19th over: Craig White replaces Anderson at the Park Drive End. He has Bevan beaten in an tidy opening over.

18th over: Another excellent over from Flintoff, who delivers five dot balls before Bevan nudges a single. The England all-rounder has conceded only 10 runs in six overs.

17th over: Anderson returns to the bowling attack but it is not a happy occasion. Bevan surprises everyone by hooking an attempted bouncer to the boundary.

16th over: Flintoff beats Lehmann's bat again and then executes an athletic stop to deny Australia runs.

15th over: It is Caddick's turn for an lbw appeal, this time against Bevan, but the umpire is right not to be interested.

14th over: It takes 15 balls but Bevan is off the mark with a single. Flintoff is unlucky not to grab his first wicket but replays show the umpire is right to turn down his lbw appeal against Lehmann.

13th over: Caddick concedes two runs, Lehmann driving to long on for Nasser Hussain to chase.

12th over: Bevan takes a swing at a Flintoff delivery but it just misses the edge.

11th over: Lehmann strokes a half-volley from Caddick through extra cover for four. Collingwood has a shy at the stumps as Lehmann struggles to make his ground, but he misses and Australia collect two overthrows instead.

10th over: Flintoff bowls his first maiden over as new batsman Michael Bevan plays tentatively.

9th over: Lehmann pushes at a perfect Caddick delivery and is lucky to see it fall short of second slip.

9th over: Ponting employs his favourite pull shot and clears the ropes for six off Caddick. He tries to repeat the trick but only finds Ashley Giles at deep fine leg.
Australia 48-4

8th over: Andy Flintoff replaces Anderson and immediately beats Darren Lehmann's bat. But the Australian gets off the mark with a single off his toes.

7th over: Caddick is in confident mood now and keeps up the pressure on Australia with a second successive maiden.

6th over: A loose delivery from Anderson is pulled away for four by Ponting.

5th over: The England fans erupt as Caddick takes his third wicket, trapping Damien Martyn lbw.
Australia 33-3

5th over: Caddick captures his second wicket as Gilchrist is out playing a rash shot. Michael Vaughan takes the catch in the deep, after first fumbling it.
Australia 33-2

4th over: Anderson leads a loud shout for lbw against Ricky Ponting, and looks unlucky to have the appeal turned down.

3rd over: Caddick's bowling is rather wayward, despite getting the prized wicket of Hayden. He delivers two no-balls and concedes 12 runs.

3rd over: England get the breakthrough they desperately need as Hayden skies a catch off Caddick to Ashley Giles.
Australia 15-1

2nd over: Adam Gilchrist flashes away through extra cover for his first boundary off the bowling of James Anderson. An away-swinger has the left-hander edging just beyond Flintoff at second slip but he emphatically dispatches the final delivery for four.

1st over: Andy Caddick opens the bowling for England and begins with a wide which almost veers to first slip.


50th over: Singles come the opening two balls of Lee's over and White then brings up the 200 with four off the outside edge. White tries a final ball slog but fails to connect.

49th over: The penultimate over of the innings but McGrath is still able to find movement off the seam. White adds a tip and run single from the final ball to retain the strike.

48th over: England need boundaries but Lee whistles a yorker narrowly past Caddick's leg stump. White plays off his hip for a single to long leg.

47th over: Caddick is off the mark with an unconvincing inside edge. Bichel finishes with figures of 7-20.

47th over: Giles tries to hit Bichel over mid-off but fails to clear the outstretched fingers of a leaping Michael Bevan.
England 187-8

46th over: Lee comes back into the attack but starts with a wide. Giles deflects down to third man for a single, and White drives the final ball out to extra cover for two more.

45th over: Bichel claims his sixth wicket as Stewart hits across the line and is bowled middle stump.
England 180-7

44th over: Lehmann concedes only two runs to complete his 10 overs with excellent figures of 10-0-34-0.

43rd over: Bichel gets his fifth wicket, Flintoff's slog flying straight into the air for Gilchrist to take an easy catch.
England 177-6

42nd over: A second catch chance goes down for Australia, Ponting the culprit as Flintoff mistimes a pull and a running Australia captain cannot quite reach.

41st over: Bichel recovers from his tumble and returns to the attack as Australia look to break this partnership. Stewart edges the final delivery just beyond the outstretched glove of Gilchrist.

40th over: Stewart hits the first boundary of his innings. Australia are concerned about Bichel who looks to have hurt himself diving to save a four.

39th over: The captain keeps faith with Symonds but he persists with short medium-paced deliveries. It is easy pickings for England who must be delighted with Ponting's decision.

38th over: Lehmann keeps it tight from the Duckpond End. Will Ponting stick with Symonds?

37th over: Andrew Symonds' medium pace replaces Hogg. Flintoff flicks a poorly directed second delivery to deep fine leg for four. And the England batsman pulls another tempting ball over the ropes and into the stands.

36th over: England are beginning to look more comfortable as five singles come from Lehmann's sixth over.

35th over: Flintoff lashes out and hits the first boundary for 13 overs in Hogg's final over. Flintoff has hit 1000 one day international runs. Hogg ends with figures of nought for 28.

34th over: Stewart scrambles one run but England are still struggling.

32nd over: Flintoff and Stewart keep the scoreboard moving but there has not been a boundary since the 22nd over.

31st over: Flintoff's push allows a single.

29th over: Just two from the over as Hogg continues to frustrate the England batsmen.

28th over: Australia are very sharp in the field and a series of diving stops have prevented more England runs.

27th over: Flintoff goes on the attack in his intriguing contest with Hogg. But after playing and missing a couple of times, he can only grab a single.

26th over: Darren Lehmann replaces Lee. Flintoff is beaten by the final ball of the over.

25th over: Hogg opens with a couple of loose balls but he soon rediscovers his length to restrict England to three singles.

24th over: Lee is convinced Flintoff has edged to Gilchrist but the umpire disagrees.

23rd over: A legbye brings up the 100 for England but it is far from plain sailing. Neither batsmen is picking Hogg, and Gilchrist almost takes a brilliant catch from Stewart's inside edge. He flicks the ball up with his left foot but cannot reach the diving catch.

22nd over: Flintoff cuts loose as Brett Lee returns. The umpire signals a six before deep fielder McGrath alerts him to the fact that the ball bounced inches before the rope.

21st over: A testing maiden over from Hogg who keeps Flintoff guessing.

20th over: England survive Bichel's sixth over. The Australian has figures of four for 12.

19th over: Andrew Flintoff has joined Stewart at the crease as England try and dig in. Hogg concedes one run.

18th over: Bichel beats the bat with successive outswingers and gets his reward when Collingwood's patience runs out and his attempted slash flies into Gilchrist's hands
England 87-5

17th over: Brad Hogg joins the bowling attack and is immediately despatched for six by Collingwood. But he does not concede any more runs and finds plenty of turn in the pitch.

16th over: Bichel has a loud shout for lbw with his first ball after the drinks break, but Collingwood survives and goes on to score his first runs.

15th over: A second successive maiden for McGrath who has found the line and length to frustrate England.

14th over: A sharp single gets Alec Stewart off the mark as he and Paul Collingwood try and settle England nerves.

13th over: England are in danger of crumbling as McGrath gets among the wickets. Trescothick, who had been in impressive form, gives Martyn his second catch of the day.
England 74-4

12th over: Bichel is turning the game on its head and this time has Nasser Hussain walking back to the pavillion after removing the England captain's off-stump.
England 74-3

12th over: Bichel finds a perfect delivery to remove danger man Michael Vaughan, who feathers an edge to Adam Gilchrist behind the stumps.
England 72-2

11th over: Despite Knight's departure, Trescothick continues to shine and whips away his seventh boundary.

10th over: Andy Bichel replaces Lee at the Park Drive End. Bichel makes a half-hearted lbw appeal followed by a much more confident one. The umpire shakes his head but Knight's reprieve is short and he pushes the next delivery to a diving Damien Martyn.
England 66-1

9th over: McGrath finds some sideways movement to deceive Knight with his first ball. Trescothick survives when he edges over Ponting at gully but he finishes the over with a sweetly-timed four.

8th over: The run rate continues to rise as Knight despatches another short delivery from Lee to the fence. Eleven runs come from the over.

7th over: Knight smashes McGrath's first ball down the ground for four as England's run rate approaches nearly seven an over.

6th over: Knight flicks away on the leg side for another two runs but there is drama two balls later as Trescothick edges a 160.6kph delivery from Lee just over Ricky Ponting at second slip and to the boundary.

5th over: McGrath elects to go around the wicket as Australia bid to stem the flow of runs. He beats Knight's bat with a perfectly angled delivery, but is left muttering when Trescothick collects a four off the final ball.

4th over: Trescothick gets hold of a shorter Lee delivery and pulls it over the stands and out of the ground.

3rd over: Knight, run out for one against India, survives another scare when the Australian cover fielder just misses with a shy at the stumps.

2nd over: Nick Knight opens his boundary account in an encouraging start for England, tucking away a Brett Lee delivery on the leg side. The Australian bowler is already up to 160kph in his first over.

1st over: Glenn McGrath opens the bowling for Australia, with the out-of-form Marcus Trescothick facing. He gets an immediate boost of confidence with successive fours through mid-wicket.

Australia: Matthew Hayden, Adam Gilchrist, Ricky Ponting (captain), Damien Martyn, Darren Lehmann, Michael Bevan, Andrew Symonds, Brad Hogg, Brett Lee, Andy Bichel, Glenn McGrath.

England: Marcus Trescothick, Nick Knight, Michael Vaughan, Nasser Hussain (captain), Paul Collingwood, Alec Stewart, Andrew Flintoff, Craig White, Ashley Giles, Andy Caddick, James Anderson.

Umpires: Russell Tiffin (Zim) and Aleem Dar (Pak)
TV Umpire: David Orchard (Rsa)
Match referee: Wasim Raja (Pak)

England captain Nasser Hussain
"Bichel had a special game"

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