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Last Updated:  Saturday, 1 March, 2003, 16:12 GMT

Pakistan v India: Over by over
Latest: India 276-4 (45.4 overs) beat Pakistan 273-7 by 6 wickets

India maintain their dominance over Pakistan in World Cup matches as an innings of 98 by Sachin Tendulkar helps them to a magnificent victory.

He is eventually dismissed by Shoaib Akhtar, but it is the the Pakistan paceman's sole success as he concedes seven runs per over.

Yuvraj Singh and Rahul Dravid complete the formalities with an unbroken fifth wicket stand of 99.

46th over: A glorious cover drive by Yuvraj takes India four runs closer to victory. The left-hander then nudges a single to reach 50 off 53 balls. Waqar drops short and Dravid pulls away for the winning four.

45th over: Dravid greets Razzaq's return with a meaty pull but substitute fielder Sami dives full length at mid-wicket to keep him to a single. Dravid tries to steal another to midd-off off the final ball but is sent back by his partner.

44th over: Wasim continues to charge in but there is little hope for his side with Dravid and Yuvraj in complete control of the situation.

43rd over: Shoaib starts his final over and Yuvraj eases the opening delivery through extra cover for four as the total passes 250. Shoaib's 10 overs have cost him 72.

42nd over: Wasim tries his luck from round the wicket. Yuvraj pinches a quick single despite a direct hit at the bowler's end by the fielder from backward point.

41st over: An excellent, hostile over by Shoaib, but India edge three runs closer to victory.

40th over: A double change sees Wasim back into the attack, with a thick edge bringing Yuvraj two runs. Wasim cuts one back between bat and pad but it just misses leg stump.

39th over: Shoaib returns with Pakistan desperate for wickets. India remain content to accumulate without unnecessary risks.

38th over: Razzaq returns to the attack with the job of breaking the partnership, which has exceeded 50. But the over goes for six runs.

37th over: Every run is greeted with loud cheers as India move within 50 of their target. Waqar tries to dig in a short one but Dravid flips it off his hip for a single. A similar stroke brings Yuvraj two off the final ball.

36th over: Afridi strays wide of off stump and Yuvraj strokes to the extra cover boundary. Dravid's deft placements ensure Pakistan are unable to to keep India in check.

35th over: Dravid turns Waqar to fine leg for his first boundary.

34th over: Singh edges to fine leg for four as India hold on.

33rd over: Yuvraj pounces on a Waqar half-volley and sends it to the fence. The left-hander brings up the 200 with a single.

32nd over: India trade in singles as the run-rate slows appreciably.

31st over: Wasim raps Dravid on the pads and appeals but the shout is turned down. The overs costs just one run.

30th over: Shoaib strains every sinew but loses his direction as four wides are conceded.

29th over: Wasim applies the brakes on Yuvraj, his zippy over costing just two runs.

28th over: Tendulkar gets a runner but is dismissed for 98 by a brutish Shoaib ball, which the batsman fends to Younis at point. India: 177-4

27th over: Dravid and Tendulkar rotate the strike to take five runs off Afridi's over.

26th over: Waqar turns to Shoaib, whose first three overs have gone for 35 runs. This time he is not so expensive but does not threaten all the same.

25th over: Tendulkar moves into the 90s with an off-drive off Razzaq to the fence.

24th over: Heartbreak for Pakistan as Afridi spills a sharp chance off Tendulkar off his own bowling.

23rd over: The wicket brings a more circumspect approach from India as Razzaq goes for just one run.

22nd over: Afridi strikes as Kaif drags the ball back onto his stumps. India: 155-3

21st over: Tendulkar may be tiring but it does not stop the batsmen rushing through for quick ones and twos. Razzaq recieives treatment after cutting his finger while fielding off his own bowling.

20th over: Tendulkar passes 12,000 runs in one-dayers with a nicely executed four through mid-wicket.

19th over: Razzaq follows suit from the other end with a good over, conceding just three singles.

18th over: Afridi keeps things tight in a rare quiet over for India.

17th over: Tendulkar latches onto a Razzaq no-ball, straight-driving to the boundary.

16th over: Even luck is with Tendulkar as a clueless edge off Afridi races to the fence. A huge lbw appeal for Kaif's wicket is turned down.

15th over: Waqar effects a double change with Razzaq coming on at the other end. But it all comes alike to Tendulkar.

14th over: Birthday boy Afridi comes into the attack, hopeful of stemming the rapid flow of runs.

13th over: Shoaib's inswing proves palatable to India as both batsmen work him through the on-side, including a four by Kaif on the last ball of the over.

12th over: India supporters are going wild as Kaif continues to pile on runs with boundaries off the first two balls, much to the distress of Waqar.

11th over: Shoaib returns to the attack but the pain does not end for the fast bowler, this time the promoted Kaif driving for four. Tendulkar gets in on the act and closes the over with a four.

10th over: Six runs, including four overthrows, brings up Tendulkar's fifty off 37 balls. He ends Waqar's over with another stylishly struck boundary.

9th over: Another thumping shot from Tendulkar, a stunning back-foot thrust past mid-off for four, takes him to 46. Wasim retorts well by beating the outside edge.

8th over: Tendulkar shows no signs of slowing, driving Waqar through extra cover for four before running four off his next shot through mid-wicket.

7th over: Tendulkar scoops Wasim to mid-off and a leaping Razzaq can do no more than get one hand to the ball as he spills a sharp chance.

6th over: A double breakthrough for Pakistan. Waqar is the destroyer as Sehwag finds Afridi at close cover before Ganguly is trapped in front next ball.India: 53-2

5th over: Poor fielding at backward point gifts Sehwag another boundary no man could stop the next four struck to a similar area. Pakistan look to be buckling under the Indian onslaught.

4th over: Waqar brings himself on for Shoaib, but the result is the same with Sehwag hitting his first ball for six over backward point. Tendulkar finishes the over with a four through mid-wicket.

3rd over: Sehwag is slow out of the blocks and only survives as Latif misses the stumps at the non-striker's end.

2nd over: Shoaib opens with a couple of wides. Tendulkar then helps himself to a six over backward point and successive fours in a great over for India.

1st over: Tendulkar steers Wasim through the covers for a boundary before Sehwag beats third man with a late cut for another.


50th over: Latif edged to third man but a superb diving effort by Zaheer denies Pakistan a boundary. Wasim crashes a magnificent four through the covers and turns the last ball for another as Pakistan finish in style.

49th over: Zaheer follows Latif as he backs away and a bouncer hits the batsman on the helmet. Wasim Akram, playing his 355th one-day game, is bowled first ball but it is a no-ball.

49th over: Younis goes for glory from Zaheer's first ball, but lofts a straightforward catch to Mongia.
Pakistan 256-7

48th over: Latif flicks Nehra to deep backward square for two to take the total to 250. He backs away and cleverly slices the next delivery over the off-side for four. The over costs India 10 runs.

47th over: Latif drives powerfully to wide long-off to pick up two runs. A great finish for Pakistan as Younis adds four with a one-handed sweep to fine leg.

46th over: Latif finally finds the boundary with a lofted drive over the covers from the final ball of Mongia's over.

45th over: Zaheer replaces Kumble and is right on target, but Latif takes two to long-off, although he needs a full length dive to make his ground.

44th over: A good over by Mongia as Pakistan have to settle for ones and twos. Kaif just misses the stumps with an underarm throw as Younis takes a risky single.

43rd over: Younis picks up a welcome boundary with a late deflection past the wicket-keeper for four. A flick round the corner brings two from the next ball.

42nd over: Afridi, 23 today, heralds his arrival with a four before falling to reckless shot, caught by Kumble. Pakistan: 208-6

41st over: Anwar is clean bowled by an inswinging yorker from Nehra, bringing to an end a wonderful knock. Pakistan: 195-5

40th over: Anwar brings up his 20th one-day ton - and third in World Cups - with a single. He is visibly exhausted by his exertions.

39th over: Anwar is struck on the back of the helmet after misjudging the bounce of Srinath.

38th over: A tiring Anwar moves into the 90s with a glanced three down to third man.

37th over: A key breakthrough as Youhana departs, holing out to Mongia in the deep off Srinath. Pakistan: 171-4

36th over: More great running between the wickets adds to the pressure mounting on India in the field.

35th over: Srinath returns to the attack but cannot hold up his end, conceding seven runs.

34th over: Part-timer Sehwag proves a hard nut to crack, going for just four runs in a crucial period of the match.

33rd over: A very tight over by Zaheer is spoiled on the last ball, with Anwar late-cutting for four.

32nd over: Sehwag comes into the attack with India starting to look bereft of bowling options.

31st over: Anwar strains hard to take two runs, chancing Mongia's arm in the deep and just making his ground. Zaheer rather loses his way and bowls two wides in a row.

30th over: Anwar gets the slightest of edges to a wide Kumble delivery down leg-side, the ball coasting to the fence.

29th over: A tidy over from Ganguly costs just four runs.

28th over: Youhana takes on Kumble's arm in the deep and runs well to scrape in for two.

27th over: Ganguly's medium pace is to the liking of Anwar, who threads the off-side for another four. A late cut later in the over earns three.

26th over: Both batsmen are content to push Kumble for ones and twos as the shape of the match changes.

25th over: New batsman Youhana finds gaps in the field immediately, but there is a spring in the Indian step.

24th over: Another tight over from Kumble is marred somewhat by a Yuvraj misfield, which gifts Pakistan a run.

23rd over: Anwar brings up his fifty with a boundary.

22nd over: Struggling badly in the World Cup, Inzamam hits a four first ball before falling to a run-out after being sent back to the non-striker's end by Anwar. Pakistan: 98-3

21st over: Superb glovework from Dravid, one-handed low to his right, sends Razzaq on his way with Nehra claiming the wicket. Pakistan: 90-2

20th over: Another excellent over from Kumble sees just three runs added to the total.

19th over: Anwar misjudges Nehra's bounce and is struck flush on the left forearem. He receives medical attention in the middle but is fine to carry on batting.

18th over: Kumble frustrates the batsmen with his fast leg-breaks in what is shaping up as a good spell.

17th over: Nehra pins Razzaq down before being driven through extra cover for four on the last ball of the over.

16th over: Kumbe is given the ball with the fielding restrictions now relaxed. Anwar top-edges a sweep but the ball lands safely at fine-leg.

15th over: Razzaq plays his first aggressive shot, driving the re-introduced Nehra for four.

14th over: A rare wide Srinath ball is cover-driven by Anwar to the fence.

13th over: Zaheer digs one in short to Anwar, who hooks deftly to the fence.

12th over: Srinath nags outside new batsman Razzaq's off-stump, conceding just one run in the process.

11th over: Joy for India as Taufeeq is caught on his crease and clean bowled by Zaheer, brought back for a second spell. India: 58-1

10th over: Taufeeq is denied a sure boundary by Yuvraj at point. Srinath continues to keep things tight, his over costing just three runs.

9th over: Taufeeq gets to the pitch of the ball, on-driving Nehra for another boundary. He then square-drives to the fence to bring up the Pakistan fifty.

8th over: Another fine oved from Srinath is completed with a peach of a delivery that tempts Anwar and beats the outside edge.

7th over: Taufeeq welcomes Nehra to the attack with a meaty square drive for four. Anwar follows up with a late cut to the fence.

6th over: A better over for India as Srinath concedes just two runs.

5th over: The first boundary of the match is scored courtesy of Taufeeq, who off-drives an unruly Zaheer.

4th over: Taufeeq gets off the mark with an angled bat off Srinath down to third man. Anwar, looking very sharp, splits the cover fieldsmen for two.

3rd over: Zaheer's woes continue with a wide and a no-ball following on from his first-over indiscretions.

2nd over: Anwar plays Srinath through the on-side for successive twos. The batsman follows up with three down to long-off.

1st over: Zaheer opens with a no-ball and follows with a wide. All seven runs in the over are extras.

Pakistan: Taufeeq Umar, Saeed Anwar, Shahid Afridi, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Yousuf Youhana, Younis Khan, Abdul Razzaq, Rashid Latif, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis (capt), Shoaib Akhtar.

India: Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Saurav Ganguly (capt), Rahul Dravid, Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad Kaif, Dinesh Mongia, Anil Kumble, Javagal Srinath, Zaheer Khan, Ashish Nehra.

Umpires: RE Koertzen, DR Shepherd.

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