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Last Updated:  Friday, 28 February, 2003, 13:33 GMT

Are your loyalties divided?
With England, India and Pakistan all in action over the weekend, many British-born Asians will have had more than one team to cheer on.

Do you have a foot in two cricketing camps?

The Cricket World Cup served up a weekend of World Cup action; but many households in England would have had more than Nasser's men's fortunes at heart.

Families originally from India and Pakistan were witness to one of the finest matches of the tournament so far, between the arch-rivals on Saturday.

But while the cricket committees mull over their best line-ups, fans face a selection dilemma of their own.

Was your household divided when England played India? Who did you support this weekend? And is it possible to be loyal to more than one team?

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I was born in the UK. For me the UK is my home, my future and my country. Yet my parents are from Pakistan, every part of me is Pakistan, this will never change and I love it. I don't have to wear a national flag, or put on tattoos. The love for Pakistan is in my heart, it will never fade away.

My loyalties lie with the country that houses me and feeds me
Ramesh Mavar, England

The UK is my birth country; my loyalties are strong, and unquestionable. I represent the UK as well as Pakistan in every shape, size or form. I am a Brit-Asian, like many of my Indian and Pakistani friends around me.

Like one cannot forget his/her mother or father, I can never forget Pakistan or England. My full support is with England and Pakistan when the two meet, that's entertainment for me and only the better sportsmen should win.

I don't know what goes on in the minds of people in India and Pakistan, why do they hate each other so much, even in sports? It leaves the debate of who's not getting the point. They need to sort their loyalties out. Some only express hatred, I don't think they understand what sport means.
Wasim, UK

I'm a British born Indian student, living in a mainly white area. I have only two other Asians in my entire school of 2000! But I still support India, and I always will!
Jaymin, UK

As a British born Pakistani I understand how it is to feel like you support two nations. In any other sport I support England but in cricket it is always Pakistan
Safina Hussain, Pakistan

My loyalties lie with the country that houses me and feeds me. I pay my rates and taxes to support it, and when my country plays I will always support it as well. Those who want to support other countries, why don't they give up their residence and go there? Remember Norman Tebbbit's cricket test!!
Ramesh Mavar, England

No matter how long you have lived in a foreign land, your heart is still with your motherland!! India all the way!!!
Salim Khan, UK

I was born in England (Manchester) and then I moved to Canada when I was six years old. My dad is from Pakistan and my mum is English but when it comes to cricket I support Pakistan, in soccer I support England and in hockey I am a die-hard Maple Leafs fan.

I think I am loyal and I support all the three countries that I am connected to in one way or another.
Beburg, Canada

Born and brought up in Holland, but am an Indian at heart. No matter what your passport says, or how long you have lived in another country, your blood will still be Indian. That's why every single particle of me is shouting INDIA!
Ashwin, Netherlands

I am an Indian born in Britain. I have never known anything apart from the English way yet I know I am Indian at heart and I feel the Indian spirit in me.
Sundeep, England

I was born in Britain, and I have lived in Jamaica for many years as an East Indian of their community, and I have adapted even though Jamaica was a British colony, so I am supporting West Indies all the way.
Vishal Vadher, UK

As long as people recognise sport for what it is - sport, not politics or war - it hardly matters what team they support
James Wilson, UK/NZ

I think it's great to be loyal to more than one team...that way you've more chance to pick a winner!

England is my first team, but I love India...the way they go after the bowlers from the start - marvellous!
Alistair, UK

Let's put this question another way. If a English supporter was living in India and had lived their for many years, and there was a game of cricket between England and India, do you think the Englishman would support India or England?

The simple answer to that is, the English supporter would support England. I'm and Indian and I'm proud of what I am, even though I was born in Britain.

I was born in England, the family moved to NZ when I was one, and I moved back at the age of 26. I have been here about five years now. I still cheer for NZ but admit I am having divided loyalties simply because living here means I follow English cricket more closely.

As long as people recognise sport for what it is - sport, not politics or war - it hardly matters what team they support. But if you're going to make a choice, why not follow Australia and back the winners?
James Wilson, UK/NZ

I moved to UK five years ago and supported India right from my childhood. Now I am a season ticket-holder for Arsenal and follow England in the football. Yet when it comes to cricket, I wouldn't stop supporting the team I did for nearly 16 years before I moved here. With cricket it will always be India, and for everything else it's England.
Sameer, Essex, UK

British-born Asians have no right to cheer for India or Pakistan
Ajit S Gokhale, USA

England all the way it was, until I acquired the talent to lip read! Then there came the likes of Gough, Hussain and seemingly endless amounts of cry-babying and bellyaching over every little thing that does not go England's way!
Ron, Jamaica, WI

All British-born Asians have no right to cheer for India or Pakistan. They live in England and reap the comforts of living in a western country. Be loyal. Cheer for England. England will beat Australia.
Ajit S Gokhale, USA

I am an Indian but have lived in many countries. I only want the best team to win. My special preference is for Sachin and Lara since they both deserve a World Cup.
Hari, USA

MY dad is Indian, my mum English, I was born in and lived most of my life in Kenya, so my loyalties are firmly with the country that has made me who I am: Kenya.

There is the added bonus that they are the underdogs most likely to cause an upset, which makes it more exciting than it would be to support a team constantly disappointing like England or India.
Jude Sira, England

Although I was born in India, I have lived in England all my life, but as it goes I am still regarded as Asian, not English!! So why can't I support my country of origin??
Bob, UK

I am supporting Pakistan, but before the tournament started I also wanted England to do really well! However, having seen their reaction after the win against Pakistan I don't really care if they get knocked out of the World Cup.

I supported Bangladesh as cricket means more to Bangladeshis than Canadians
Mezba Mahtab, Canada

I have always been told to be gracious in defeat, but I think it is also important to be gracious and gentlemanly in a victory! Having seen Collingwood's reaction, it is clear that he is not used to winning and if he keeps that up then I don't think that anybody else would want England to win either!

It's bad enough having one really arrogant team in the World Cup, and I definitely don't want to see another one - well at least Australia can be justified for being arrogant.
Shak, UK

I was in two camps during Bangladesh v Canada. Born and raised as a Bangladeshi, but living in Canada for most of my life, I wanted Bangladesh to perform well as a new Test Nation, but also Canada to cause an upset.

In the end, I supported Bangladesh as cricket means more to Bangladeshis than Canadians. If it was ice hockey, curling or skating, go Canada go! But obviously it was Canada for all the other games they played.
Mezba Mahtab, Canada

Most Asians like to support the team of their country of origin or their ancestors'. So, if you or your parents are Pakistani, you will support Pakistan. Although I am an American I will always support Pakistan, and with God on there side they will win the World Cup. Wasim and Waqar truly deserve it.
Amir Khan, US

I'll always support India even though I've lived in England for 40 years. I see myself as British but not English. Similar to a Welsh or Scottish fan.
T Singh, UK

All my loyalties will still forever remain with Pakistan
Lahori, London

Under-resourced countries have always produced some of the best cricketers in the world. England cannot produce any talent, despite all the investment and facilities. Teams such as Pakistan and West Indies play from the heart, something which is lacking with England. For this reason, I will always support teams that have raw talent and play the game as it should be.
David, London

I am British Pakistani, with both my parents being born in Pakistan. I have always supported Pakistan as they are the best raw-talented side in the world and the most entertaining side in the World Cup, because they are unpredictable. Inshallah they will triumph on Saturday.
Noordad Aziz, Blackburn, Lancs

Every other cricket team appears to be more exciting than England, so I will support everyone but them.
Reena, London

As a British born and educated individual, all my loyalties will still forever remain with Pakistan and its endeavours in the World Cup.
Lahori, London

I was born in India, partly raised in India, partly in Pakistan. I am a huge fan of South Asian cricket overall, and in this case I will support Pakistan because I want to see both India and Pakistan go through to the Super Sixes!
Abbas Salehmohamed, Miami, FL, USA

Although born and raised in England, I support India. They are an exciting team to watch and I idolise Sachin Tendulkar!

England are a good team, but they are boring and very rarely play exciting matches. They're very traditional in their approach to cricket and don't like to try new things out, which is a shame, considering they have lots of talented players.

One should cheer for every player who deserves to be cheered
Suresh, India

When India plays England, it's a case of 'may the best team win'; otherwise, for me, it will always be India. Good luck boys!!
Mamta Patel, London, UK

Not so much divided, but up for an Asian side. Born in HK and so of course would be good to see somebody from this side of the world do Asia proud. Lanka Lanka Lanka.
Miles, Hong Kong

One has to support his country. Being an Indian obviously I would cheer for India. It dosen't mean I hate or don't cheer for England or Pakistan.

One should appreciate the talent of an individual, irrespective of country. Who would undermine the capacities of Waqar and Wasim and not to forget Vaugham or Trescothick or Flintoff. One should cheer for every player who deserves to be cheered.
Suresh, India

Why does it matter who supports who? Everyone is coming to watch cricket being played by the best in the world.

I am an Indian, born and raised in Kuwait, and living in the US, but I will always be a diehard fan of India, not only because they are Indian, but also because they play the most exciting cricket in the world and are the only team that are capable of filling a ground to capacity with spectators, Indian or not.

I still support the Indian cricket team, simply because they are better!
Jaggers, Derby

If England are playing Pakistan, I would probably support England based on how they are doing on the day. Cricket should be watched for the cricket, not anything else.
Vikram, India

Well, I live in England and am a permanent resident here. But, my nationality is Indian.

As far as sport is concerned, why do we bring in politics? When India plays good cricket, I support them very well. But that's because I love cricket. I support England when they play very well.

I love watching Sachin, Dravid, Lara, Vaughan, Shane Warne and many other players. There is nothing wrong in it, as long as you love the sport. I will only consider the national spirit when it comes to political issues.
Abhay, England

My parents are Indian but I was born in the UK. I always support England in other sports but I still support the Indian cricket team, simply because they are better!
Jaggers, Derby, UK

Well for me the loyalties were divided between Pakistan and Canada. Both the teams were in different pools and we didn't get to witness the clash between the two.

This time Pakistan didn't give me much to cheer, but I am still keeping my fingers cross for them. Canada is a hockey nation but we will be cricketers soon.
Ahmed Jawaid, Toronto, Canada

Though I have been brought up in England, I am rooting for India to win the World Cup. That's because I am an Indian by heart and so I will do what my heart says.

Even though I was born in England and have lived here all my life I support Pakistan
Saiqa, Bradford

That doesn't mean that I don't support any other team. I support England in every sporting competition, except when they play India. I hope that England do well in the tournament, but if it came to an England-India final, then the Indian flag would be flying high in my house!
Ankur Raj, England

There's no doubt in my mind who to support. Even though I was born in England and have lived here all my life my support lies with Pakistan regardless of how good or bad they play.
Saiqa, Bradford

I was born in India and lived in India but was British. I moved to England nine years back and I totally back England. I am what I am because of my country (England) and not because of my skin colour and where I was born.

I hope and pray England wins this World Cup; God knows we need it. Also I think people who live in England and support foreign countries should have a reality check since England is your country and has made you and given you all that you have today.

So respect and love and give unconditional support to our national team in every sport.
Bilal Ahmed, England

As a New Zealander who has lived in the UK for many years it is nice to be able to support more than one team, though if it's a clash between the two then it's New Zealand all the way! They always have a better chance of winning than England anyway!
Chris, England

We support Pakistan because that is what we are labelled as by society.
Imran, England

I don't know who to support. My parents were raised in South Africa, I was born in the UK but I clearly look like an Indian and was raised as one. I think I am just going to support Pakistan, I always have - easily the most exciting team in the tournament!! Go Pak!!
Satyen Dhana, London, UK

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