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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 25 February, 2003, 15:23 GMT
Over-by-over: Pakistan v Holland
Pakistan 253-9 (50 overs) bt Holland 156 all out (39.3 overs) by 97 runs

Pakistan have clinched a convincing victory over Holland after Wasim Akram removed the final wicket - that of Jeroen Smits.

Wasim had earlier taken his 500th one-day international wicket when he bowled Nick Statham, his first of three scalps from the match.

Pakistan had set Holland 254 for victory, Yousuf Youhana top scoring with 58, before Wasim and Shoaib Akhtar took three wickets each.

40th over: Wasim picks up his third wicket and ends the innings by trapping Smits lbw.
Holland 156 all out

39th over: Lefebvre reverse sweeps Saqlain and almost unbelievably it spills out of the hands of first slip.

38th over: The first two deliveries from Wasim come close to removing Lefebvre's stumps but he just survives. An inside edge from the final ball brings up two runs.

37th over: Smits provides a late flourish with a four off the first ball of Saqlain's over. The Pakistan spinner does little to trouble either batsman.

36th over: Wasim returns to the bowling attack and comes close to removing Smits lbw. The over brings up the 40th extra of the innings.

35th over: Shoaib takes the ninth wicket of the innings as Luuk van Troost nicks the ball into the gloves of Latif, having added 22 runs.
Holland 136-9

34th over: Anwar is among the wickets, trapping JJ Esmeijer lbw. The bowler almost gives up on his appeal before umpire Steve Bucknor finally agrees.
Holland 136-8

33rd over: Van Troost opens the over by crashing a slower ball over mid wicket for four. Shoaib is fired up and Henk Mol is clean bowled by the paceman.
Holland 135-7

32nd over: It is Anwar's turn to look disgusted as Saqlain allows the ball to go through his fingers and trickle over the boundary.

31st over: Shoaib returns to try and mop up the tail - but he is not happy as Anwar misfields to allow an extra run. Pakistan have now conceded 32 extras, including 12 wides and six no-balls.

30th over: Anwar frustrates the Dutch batsmen once more, again conceding two runs.

29th over: The batsmen are struggling to attack Razzaq, despite the bowler struggling with his line.

28th over: Saeed Anwar makes a surprise appearance at the Nederberg End in place of Saqlain. He allows two singles.

27th over: Razzaq gets his first wicket as Van Bunge feathers an inside edge off a straight delivery to Latif.
Holland 107-8

26th over: Van Bunge brings up the 100 for Holland with a huge six off a shorter ball from Saqlain which he pulls over mid wicket.

25th over: Van Troost hits another boundary off the final ball of Razzaq's over.

24th over: Van Bunge chips in with a sweep which bounces once before clearing the rope.

23rd over: Luuk van Troost, who is batting down the order due to a hand injury, eases the pressure on Holland with an impressive drive for four.

22nd over: Saqlain gets his reward for some tight bowling as Shoaib takes the catch at backward point from a De Leede push.
Holland 78-5

20th over: Just two runs off the over but Holland continue to frustrate Pakistan.

19th over: Abdul Razzaq joins the bowling attack. Van Bunge is lucky to survive going for a run which is never on - but the Pakistan fielder just misses the stumps.

18th over: De Leede suprises Saqlain with a huge six to the delight of the vocal Dutch fans.

17th over: Van Bunge adds three runs with a well-timed cover drive.

16th over: Saqlain Mushtaq replaces Wasim in the bowling attack and concedes just one run.

15th over: Poor fielding from Pakistan as Saeed Anwar fumbles to allow Van Bunge two runs. The Dutch batsman angers Waqar again as he drives through the covers to the boundary.

14th over: Two confident appeals from Wasim for lbw against De Leede, but the umpire is not interested.

13th over: De Leede brings up 50 for Holland. Pakistan will not be pleased to have conceded 20 of those in extras.

12th over: Wasim concedes two to fine leg and two wides as Holland approach 50.

11th over: Waqar beats Tim de Leede's bat on three occasions but cannot add to the wickets.

10th over: Wasim returns to the bowling attack. He struggles with his line and length before getting one to nip back in. Latif takes a diving catch off Klaas van Noortwijk.
Holland 43-4

9th over: Holland lose their third wicket as Waqar has Bas Zuiderent trapped lbw.
Holland 35-3

8th over: Schiferli, fortunate to survive this long, finally goes as he hits across another pacy delivery from Shoaib. Abdul Razzaq takes the catch.
Holland 31-2

7th over: Waqar Younis replaces Wasim at the KWV End. Schiferli takes a swing at the opening ball, missing completely, but he connects with another and gathers two runs.

6th over: Latif is felled by a low ball from Shoaib which hits him on the wrist. He is given treatment by the Pakistan physio before play resumes.

5th over: Another dangerous over from Wasim, despite giving away two wides and a no-ball. Holland's batsmen are just surviving.

4th over: Schiferli flicks a Shoaib delivery off his toes for a confidence-boosting boundary. A rising ball clears both the batsman and a stretching Rashid Latif and reaches the boundary.

3rd over: Wasim celebrates wildly as he takes his 500th one day international wicket. Statham plays on to his stumps and goes for nought.
Holland 6-1

2nd over: Shoaib Akhtar opens from the Nederberg End against Edgar Schiferli and is almost immediately appealing for lbw. But his team-mates fails to support him and the promoted batsman looks lucky to survive.

1st over: Wasim Akram, seeking his 500th one day international wicket, opens the bowling against Nick Statham and begins with a maiden.


50th over Shoaib takes two over extra cover as Pakistan's total passes 250. He is deceived by Lefebvre's final ball of the innings and fails to score off it.

49th over Shoaib fails to connect properly with another powerful blow, but the ball falls to ground safely at backward point. Waqar is deceived by Mol and prods a simple return catch.
Pakistan 245-9

48th over Youhana elegantly collects another four but then heaves across the line and is bowled by Lefebvre for 58.
Pakistan 238-8

47th over Shoaib comes down late on a yorker but squirts it away through the off-side for a single. Youhana makes the most of a full toss by putting it away through the covers to reach his fifty.

46th room Shoaib pounds Mol's final ball for six over long-off after missing out on a full toss earlier in the over.

45th over De Leede beats the outside edge of Shoaib's bat but a stumping appeal by Smits is turned down by the TV umpire.

44th over: Shoaib Akhtar, promoted up the order, hits a fine drive down the ground as Pakistan hit score nine off the over.

43rd over: Youhana finds the boundary with a drive to mid on and brings up 200 for Pakistan.

42nd over: Wasim fails to spark a Pakistan a revival, as he is run out for one attempting a run which was never on. Youhana hits to Lefebvre at mid on who picks up and throws to Schiferle and Wasim is comfortably out..
Pakistan 196-7

42nd over: Henke Mol makes his bowling debut in one day internationals. New batsman Wasim Akram gets off the mark with a single.

41st over: Latif goes on the attack but he can only sky a slower delivery from Schiferli to Van Bunge at mid off.
Pakistan 192-6

40th over: Younana is working the ball around well, taking his chances when he can as Pakistan keep the scoreboard ticking over.

39th over: Schiferli replaces Esmeijer and allows seven runs.

38th over: Lefebvre replaces Van Bunge at the KWV End. Youhana does well to nick two runs with a push past point.

37th over: Esmeijer completes his 10 overs, allowing just 35 runs.

36th over: A mixed over from Van Bunge who sees Latif smash two full tosses over midwicket for two boundaries.

35th over: A loud appeal from Smits for an outside edge from new batsman Rashid Latif but the umpire shakes his head.

34th over: Pakistan give away another wicket. Salim looks to despatch a De Leede full toss to the boundary but only finds Bas Zuiderent at mid off.
Pakistan 153-5

33rd over: Saleem Elahi, who usually opens the batting, is in for Pakistan and looking to up the run-rate.

32nd over: Razzaq, like Anwar, falls short of his half-century as legspinner Van Bunge, who took three wickets against England, is celebrating again. The wicketkeeper takes the catch off an outside edge.
Pakistan 143-4

31st over: This is an impressive spell from Esmeijer who concedes three runs.

30th over: Daan van Bunge replaces De Leede at the KWV End. Some smart fielding on the final ball of the over has Youhana scrambling for a third run but he survives.

29th over: Pakistan ease the pressure as Razzaq hits two boundaries off consecutive balls.

28th over: Holland do well to continue to frustrate the Pakistan batsmen. Razzaq drives through extra cover but excellent fielding prevents the boundaries.

27th over: Pakistan are lacking urgency but they continue to keep the scoreboard ticking over as Youhana guides the ball to third man for three runs.

26th over: Pakistan's running between the wickets is becoming more and more sloppy and Holland are getting sharper in the field. There is almost another run out as Yousuf Youhana fails to run a single.

25th over: Just two runs from Esmeijer's over.

24th over: Inzamam-ul-Haq, desperately short of confidence, lasts just two balls. He is out for a duck, trapped lbw by De Leede, and has scored 10 runs in four matches.
Pakistan 108-3

23rd over: Taufeeq is run out attempting an unlikely single. Bowler Esmeijer chases the ball and throws down the stumps, leaving the Pakistan man two runs short of a half-century. Pakistan 106-2

22nd over: Razzaq brings up the 100 for Pakistan and then celebrates with a magnificent four back over the bowler's head.

21st over: A good over from Esmeijer, allowing Pakistan only one run.

20th over: The drinks break has been good for Razzaq who clips De Leede for four over mid wicket.

19th over: Esmeijer replaces Van Troost. Taufeeq is having trouble with his timing, only finding mid-off with a tempting full toss. But he makes up for it with the following ball, slicing it over mid-on for four.

18th over: Pakistan look to attack but De Leede's slow offcutters are making it very difficult.

17th over: Van Troost makes a valiant attempt at a catch off his own full toss, but it ricochets off his fingertips. Taufeeq takes full advantage of the reprieve with a stunning drive down the ground.

16th over: Just two runs from the over as De Leede keeps it tight.

15th over: Luuk van Troost replaces Schiferli at the Nederberg End. Abdul Razzaq flicks the final delivery off his toes for a perfectly-timed four.

14th over: Tim de Leede replaces Lefebvre and looks to pose no threat as he delivers three consecutive wides. But he is delighted when Anwar fires a ball outside offstump straight to JJ Esmeijera at backward point.
Pakistan 61-1

13th over: Schiferli drops short again and Taufeeq is straight onto it - smashing a boundary. The bowler recovers to deliver four dot balls but a full toss on the sixth goes for another easy four.

12th over: Lefebvre is unlucky again, as his wicketkeeper makes another error. Anwar gets an outside edge which Smits cannot hold and his intervention means the ball does not carry to first slip.

11th over: Taufeeq looks ready to take on the attack, coming down the track for the second ball of the over, but Schiferli keeps to his line and length to prevent the onslaught.

10th over: A tight over from Lefebvre, conceding just one single.

9th over: Another sloppy delivery from Schiferli is despatched by Anwar to the boundary and Taufeeq is then in the runs with a straight drive for three.

8th over: Lefebvre is unlucky not to have the first wicket as an inside edge from Taufeeq narrowly misses the stumps and runs away for four.

7th over: Taufeeq is showing some urgency for Pakistan, nudging the ball to mid-off before setting off for a quick single.

6th over: Dutch wicketkeeper Jeroen Smits is looking vulnerable standing up to Lefebvre and has missed a number of straightforward takes.

5th over: Schiferli spoils a good over with a poor final delivery which goes for four legbyes.

4th over: Holland show their inexperience in the field, Daan van Bunge slow to pick up and allowing Anwar a quick single.

3rd over: Saeed Anwar hits the first boundary of the innings in a good over for Pakistan, Schiferli conceding 12 runs.

2nd over: Pakistan are off the mark with two legbyes off Dutch captain Roland Lefebvre.

1st over: Edgar Schiferli opens the bowling against lefthander Taufeeq Umar, and the Dutch bowler emerges with a maiden.

Holland: Luuk van Troost, Nick Statham, Bas Zuiderent, Tim de Leede, Klaas van Noortwijk, Daan van Bunge, Henk Mol, Roland Lefebvre (captain), Jeroen Smits, JJ Esmeijer, Edgar Schiferli.

Pakistan: Taufeeq Umar, Saeed Anwar, Abdul Razzaq, Saleem Elahi, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Yousuf Youhana, Rashid Latif, Wasim Akram, Saqlain Mushtaq, Waqar Younis (captain), Shoaib Akhtar.

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