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Last Updated:  Monday, 24 February, 2003, 13:55 GMT
Over by over: Kenya v Sri Lanka
Kenya 210-9 (50 overs) beat Sri Lanka 157 all out (45 overs) by 53 runs

Kenya's spin bowlers carry their side to a famous win as Sri Lanka collapse at the Gymkhana Ground.

Collins Obuya takes 5-24, and is well supported by former captain Maurice Odumbe and Steve Tikolo.

Kennedy Otieno top scores with 60 earlier in the day and the team go on a lap of honour after the last wicket falls.

45th over Odumbe wraps up the match as Dilhara tries a reverse sweep and is bowled.

45th over Odumbe goes down with cramp with his side on the brink of victory. He continues after treatment but Dilhara clubs the ball for four past the fielder at long-on.

44th over Arnold takes the total to 150 with a full-blooded blow to mid-on, but it only brings him a single. Last man Dilhara scores his first run with an agricultural hoik to mid-wicket for one.

44th over Muralitharan goes for glory but gets too much elevation and Tony Suji scampers round the boundary to take a good catch.
Sri Lanka 149-9

43rd over Four singles are all Sri Lanka can muster as Kenya tighten their grip.

42nd over Tikolo varies his pace cleverly, but Muralitharan picks up one to backward point. Arnold misses out on a full toss as they fall further behind the required rate.

41st over Muralitharan continues to look for a the cut - a risky strategy against the turning ball. He takes one from the final ball of the over with an on-drive.

40th over Muralitharan collects four with a late cut to third man and Arnold adds two to mid-wicket. Sri Lanka need 71 to win off the last 10 overs.

39th over Muralitharan is lucky to escape an under-edge as he attempts a square cut, the over costing Odumbe only a single.

38th over Nissanka loses patience and attempts a big hit over long on but Odoyo takes the catch just inside the boundary.
Sri Lanka 131-8

37th over Sri Lanka are content to advance their score in ones, with Odumbe maintaining a tight line and length.

36th over Captain Tikolo replaces Obuya and he is right on the spot as he sends down a maiden. Modi has to be helped off after damaging an ankle while fielding.

35th over Kenya are content to feed Arnold singles in order to bowl at the tail-enders. Nissanka is off the mark with a flick to backward square leg.

34th over Arnold collects a single with a deflection into the leg-side - Obuya's next ball is a perfect leg break which just misses the outside edge of Nissanka's bat. His final figures are 5-24.

33rd over The pressure on new batsman Nissanka is immense with Odumbe continuing to find turn, and only three come from the over - two of them leg-side wides.

32nd over: Collins Obuya has picked up his fifth wicket of the match after a diabolical shot by Chuminda Vaas. Vaas is caught and bowled.
Sri Lanka 119-7

31st over: Odumbe keeps the runs down to just two off his latest over.

30th over: De Silva is given his marching orders, caught behind by Otieno. He becomes Collins Obuya's fourth victim.
Sri Lanka 112-6

28th over: Otieno takes an exquisite catch from behind the stumps. Sangakkara gives off a thick edge and the wicket-keeper dives forward for Obuya's third wicket. After lengthy consultation with the third umpire, he is given out.
Sri Lanka 105-5

27th over: Maurice Odumbe is brought on and nearly reaps immediate rewards but the ball just clears the stumps. De Silva later steers the ball to the fine leg boundary with the softest of touches.

26th over: Obuya twice causes Sangakkara to loft the ball into the air but it falls just out of danger.

25th over: Kumar Sangakkara joins de Silva at the crease. Sri Lanka will be looking to the players to settle some nerves.

24th over: Obuya picks up another wicket, dismissing Jayawardene caught and bowled following a leading edge.
Kenya 87-4

23rd over: Another good over from Ongondo seeps further pressure on de Silva and Jayawardene.

22nd over: Obuya is getting some good turn with the ball and restricts the Sri Lankans to just one from the over.

21st over: Otieno believes de Silva has edged the ball into his gloves off Ongondo but the umpire correctly disagrees.

20th over: De Silva is the one Sri Lankan who has looked totally at ease so far with the bat. He sweeps the ball supremely to square leg.

19th over: Mahela Jayawardene is very lucky to still be out there. A stunning piece of fielding nearly brings a run out but the new batsmen just about scrambles back.

18th over: Tillakaratne goes for the big hit but finds the man at mid-wicket, caught by Tony Suji off Obuya.
Kenya 71-3

17th over: De Silva picks Peter Ongondo up just short of a length for a big six over square leg.

16th over: Collins Obuya's leg breaks are brought into the fray. Neither de Silva nor Tillakaratne look that bothered.

15th over: Tillakaratne is beginning to find his touch now and, without too much danger, lofts the ball into the air for another four at square leg. It takes his total to 20.

14th over: The new batsman, Aravinda de Silva, moves to 10 with an effortless drive through the covers.

13th over: Suji continues to put the pressure on the Sri Lankans and the impatience shows on Tillakaratne.

12th over: Atapattu is bowled by Odoyo after knocking the ball onto his stumps.
Sri Lanka 39-2

11th over: Atapattu nonchalantly produces the shot of the brief Sri Lankan innings to date with a supreme drive to the mid-on boundary.

10th over: Atapattu is continually looking for the quick run. He dithers slightly on one and narrowly avoids being run out. Tikolo comes close to removing Tillakaratne the next ball to a stunning low catch at gully but it fails to stick.

9th over: Kenya are looking sprightly in the field. Two certain boundaries are halted by some great dives.

8th over: Atapattu is just waiting for the mistakes to come from their bowlers, which are something of a rarity. Odoyo sends down one too wide which the Sri Lanka opener helps on its way for four runs.

7th over: Tillakaratne almost drags the first ball of Suji's over onto his stumps. He escapes with his wicket intact as the Sri Lankans take their run rate to just three an over.

6th over: Hashan Tillakaratne gets off the mark from his seventh ball. He takes a simple step forward and steers the ball for four at mid-on.

5th over: Jayasuriya is out after mis-timing the ball. He scoops it into the hands of Brijal Patel off Suji's bowling. Patel nearly spills it but gathers at the second attempt.
Sri Lanka 13-1

4th over: Atapattu is looking to play his strokes but is struggling to cut loose. When he does, he is lucky to avoid giving an edge behind the stumps.

3rd over: Jayasuriya nudges away a single, the only run from the over. Atapattu survives another lbw shout.

2nd over: Thomas Odoyo shares the new ball with Suji and gives up a massive appeal for lbw against Atapattu. A hefty nick by the Sri Lankan opener leads umpire Tiffin to rejectr Kenya's pleas.

1st over: Marvan Atapattu starts in stylish fashion on a seemingly slower wicket. He whips Martin Suji's second delivery across the boundary at fine leg. He caresses another through cover two balls later.


50th over: Jayasuriya spears one in at Ongondo's pads, which the batsman can only defelect onto the stumps. Kenya: 205-9

49th over: A wildly struck thick edge from Ongondo beats the 'keeper and races to the fence. A blunder by Sangakkara leaks four byes as Kenya nudge past 200.

48th over: Another big hit by Ongondo evades a fielder in the deep. Murali is seen out of the attack, returning 4-28 - his best World Cup figures.

47th over: Ongondo lofts Dilhara high over mid-wicket but the fielder in the deep cannot make the ground and the batsmen run two.

46th over: Tony Suji perishes, bowled as Muari picks up his fourth wicket. Next ball he drops a sharp chance off Martin Suji. Kenya: 173-8

45th over: Dilhara takes up the attack and keeps the pressure on, conceding just three runs.

44th over: The batsmen scamper through for a quick single and pick up an overthrow as de Silva fails to get a hand on the shy to the non-striker's end.

43rd over: Vaas once again contains the Kenyans, as their run rate drops below four an over.

42nd over: Arnold takes a stunning catch as Odumbe tries to smash the ball over the head of the short mid-wicket. Another wicket for Muralitharan.
Kenya 163-7

41st over: Odoyo can consider himself very lucky as his edge to first slip bounces ahead of the grasp of Hashan Tillakaratne and runs for four. But his wicket falls the next ball when he nicks Vaas to Sangakkara.
Kenya 163-6

40th over: Muralitharan gets the ball to straighten and hit Odoyo's pads. His pleas for the wicket fall on deaf ears.

39th over: Vaas runs in with six deliveries of sublime line and length. New batsman Thomas Odoyo and Maurice Odumbe have little response.

38th over: Muralitharan gets Modi in knots. He attempts a reverse sweep but is beaten round his legs and bowled.
Kenya 156-5

37th over: Chaminda Vaas is surprisingly brought back at the City Road end. His fifth delivery brings a defeaning appeal from the Sri Lankans but Russell Tiffin quickly dismisses their hopes.

36th over: After failing to get to grips with a catching opportunity in the previous over, Arnold does little to enhance his reputation with an average over, which includes a wayward wide.

35th over: Modi breathes a massive sigh of relief after just missing the oustretched Arnold at third man with his airborne strike. It runs for four instead.

34th over: Russel Arnold is the latest bowling alternative from Sri Lanka and shows few signs of being a major threat. Five runs come off the first five balls. Drinks are now being taken by the players.

33rd over: Three runs come from the over to take Kenya's run rate down to four.

32nd over: Modi shows better awareness of the fielders from De Silva's latest over. Maurice Odumbe, in contrast, has employed only the sweep shot in his brief innings to date.

31st over: Sri Lanka are keeping the over rate ticking over with Jayasuriya and De Silva working in tandem.

30th over: After an inauspicious start, Modi finally finds the boundary rope with the 39th delivery of a lacklustre innings. He charges down the wicket and lofts it over De Silva's head.

29th over: Jayasuriya picks up another maiden. Kenya are under increasing pressure now, having managed just 14 runs off the last eight overs.

28th over: Otieno smashes the ball for four but tries to repeat the feat the next ball. Instead of finding the ropes, Murali takes the catch for De Silva's first wicket.
Kenya 112-4

27th over: Two runs and a wide bring an end to an uninspiring over by Jayasuriya.

26th over: De Silva beats Modi straight after being introduced to the attack. Sangakkara fails to take the ball and a stumping goes begging. The bowler gets a maiden for his efforts.

25th over: Jayasuriya tries to make amends for his error of the previous over but the Kenyan pair still manage to keep the scorecard ticking over.

24th over: Modi offers Jayasuriya a simple chance off Murali but the skipper is not up to task.

23rd over: Twice Modi sets off for quick singles and twice he is sent back by Otieno. The 100 finally comes up for Kenya as Otieno finally agrees to run between the wicket.

22nd over: Muralitharan continues his spell and Otieno and Modi pick up a single each. Jayasuriya is getting his players to hurry the Kenyans in the field.

21st over: Sri Lankan captain Sanath Jayasuriya brings his brand of spin into the bowling attack. But Otieno smashes him to deep square leg for his seventh boundary.

20th over: Otieno's half-century comes up in less than convincing fashion as he mis-times Muralitharan down to square leg.

19th over: Otieno nears his 50 in unorthodox fashion, slapping a half-volley two bounces to the boundary. The next ball he adeptly blocks out an attempted yorker by Fernando.

18th over: Neither Otieno nor Modi look comfortable facing the spin of Muralitharan, who is getting a lot of turn.

17th over: While Hitesh Modi finds his feet, Otieno continues to go on the attack. He cuts the ball high into the air but clears Aravinda de Silva, who does little to halt the inevitable boundary.

16th over: Muttiah Muralitharan joins the attack and succeeds almost immediately when he has Tikolo out lbw. It seems a harsh decision.
Kenya 75-3

15th over: Otieno comes close to the second six of his innings but the ball bounces just shy of the boundary. His effort brings up a drinks break.

14th over: Tikolo shows his desire to break loose with a stunning cover drive to the boundary ropes. He follows suit with a similar shot with the last ball of Nissanka's over.

13th over: Dilhara Fernando comes into the attack and his only brief blip brings up a Tikolo single, which is deftly turned to fine leg.

12th over: Vaas leaves the field after his latest over as Nissanka continues from the Forest Road End and earns himself a second maiden.

11th over: Vaas is showing signs of tiring. Otieno and Tikolo pick off a single apiece with the over's opening two balls. Otieno continues his fiery knock with a massive six over long on, which clears the stadium.

10th over: Nissanka varies his line and length to pin Otieno down and only concedes his first run off the penultimate ball of the over.

9th over: Vaas gives away four runs as Otieno and new partner Steve Tikolo begin to settle.

8th over: Nissanka enjoys his best over to date, bringing up a maiden in the process.

7th over: Otieno opens the over in spectacular fashion with a delightfully swept six off Vaas. Patel fares less well and is back in the pavilion after being caught behind by Kumar Sangakkara.
Kenya 46-2

6th over: Nissanka is dispatched to the boundary with a rising half-volley by Otieno on what is looking an increasingly good batting wicket.

5th over: Vaas sends down two short deliveries in quick succession to pin down the Kenyans for the over. Just one run comes off the over.

4th over: Nissanka once again shows a slightly inconsistent line and length but looks more assured than his opening over.

3rd over: Otieno continues Kenya's aggressive approach as he splits the Sri Lanka fielders and picks up another four.

2nd over: Otieno whips a leg side half-volley to the boundary. Brijal Patel follows suit, with an exquisite four two balls later, in a dubious first over by Prabath Nissanka. He concedes a total of 13 runs from it.

1st over: Chaminda Vaas appeals for lbw off the first ball of the innings but Kennedy Otieno survives the early scare. Ravindu Shah is less lucky, though, and falls foul the next ball in exactly the same fashion.
Kenya 1-1

Kenya: KO Otieno, RD Shah, BJ Patel, SO Tikolo (capt), MO Odumbe, TM Odoyo, HS Modi, AO Suji, CO Obuya, MA Suji, PJ Ongondo.

Sri Lanka: MS Atapattu, ST Jayasuriya (capt), HP Tillakaratne, PA de Silva, DPMD Jayawardene, KC Sangakkara, RP Arnold, WPUJC Vaas, RAP Nissanka, M Muralitharan, CRD Fernando.

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