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Last Updated:  Tuesday, 18 February, 2003, 10:43 GMT

Should Vaughan replace Hussain?
Batsman Michael Vaughan says he would be keen to succeed Nasser Hussain as England captain.

Who should become England's next cricket captain?

Speculation over the England captaincy increased after Nasser Hussain hinted that he was becoming increasingly disillusioned with the role.

And whilst insisting that he - and the team - fully support Hussain as captain, Vaughan says he would be happy to be considered as a replacement after the World Cup.

Other players who could be in the running for the role are Mark Butcher and Marcus Trescothick.

Should Hussain step down? And if he does, who could fill his shoes?

This debate is now closed. A selection for your e-mails appears below.

We need to build towards the next Ashes series and Vaughan is the man to do it
Clive, England
I feel one person in the team that plays with pride is Ronnie Irani. I would like to see him as captain despite his age. I feel Vaughan cannot be moulded as a great captain because I do not see the hunger in his eyes.
Pervinder Gujral, england

No, no and no! Nasser is the best captain we've had for years and years both on and off the field, so let's encourage him to stay on as long as possible. Vaughan has potential for the future, but I think Trescothick's abilities are way, way overrated.
Dan, UK

No. Now that we have a batsman who actually has the potential to go on and become a really world-class, all-time great player, let's just let the guy bat. The one thing in the England team to cheer about should be left alone.
Simon Horrocks, UK

It is time for a change. We need to build towards the next Ashes series and Vaughan is the man to do it. It must be somebody who has an established place in the side.
Clive Berrington, England

This sort of speculation is like burying someone before they are dead - and equally damaging! Nasser has done a good job for England, in spite of recent bad luck, and should be encouraged to continue. The issue of replacing him should not arise until he resigns. But please stop using Stewart as captain when Nasser is injured. Whatever talents Stewart had are on the wane, and leadership was never his forte.
Tom, UK

I'm a huge fan of Michael Vaughan, and after watching him take it up to Australia in a losing Ashes team he has the potential to be a good leader, BUT some lazy and ordinary fielding performances of his are not the ideal attitude to display to the younger guys coming through.

Sharpen up the attitude and Vaughan is the man, I honestly don't believe anybody else deserves the security of being a 'sure thing' in the English team (well perhaps Trescothick)...

Another point, your best performers do not need to be your best leaders i.e. Matthew Hayden, Glenn McGrath and Adam Gilchrist - all great players but also likely to be spared of the captaincy burden.
Chris, Australia

Hussain is the best thing that ever happened to English cricket in the last decade. Too bad the English cannot appreciate it. Without Hussain England are worse then Zimbabwe.
Jai, USA

No, he does not have sufficient experience in international cricket. This can affect his batting and put additional pressure on him. He and Trescothick need to be left alone. Perhaps Stewart should continue for sometime and build up a team in the next two years or so.
Ajit S. Gokhale, USA

Mark Butcher has an astute cricketing brain, and yes he should also be the captain of the one-day side
Seymour Keane, UK

Mmmm, another one bites the dust! Whose turn will it be now? Trescothick's form lets him down, Vaughan has no experience, Stewart has too much experience. The man for the job is, wait for it, Mark Butcher. He has an astute cricketing brain, and yes he should also be the captain of the one day side, the middle order needs stability, where players like Collingwood, Flintoff and Blackwell can play around him. His medium pacers can also cause many a side trouble. Yep look no further, the man we want and need is Butch. Vaughan can wait in the wings to take over, if he can sustain his form.
Seymour Keane, UK

Be it Hussain or Vaughan, this England team is not going to prosper. A captain is as good as his team. If England could import some of the players from Australia, Pak or India, then whoever be the captain, he is bound to be successful
Vasu, USA

Hussain has shown that he is capable of true leadership under extremely difficult circumstances, which has earned him the respect of a large part of the cricket community. The ICC will fear him for that, which is exactly why he should stay on.
Rob, Surrey, UK

England finally has a batsman who is undeniably in the world's top five, possibly three. With the possible exception of Graham Thorpe, we have had no-one near this in the last 10, painful, years.

So - here's a good idea - let's burden him with the England captaincy!! Come on...
Dan, England

Hussain has been an excellent ambassador for English cricket and an exceptional captain for the national side both on and off the field. His actions and leadership throughout the World Cup saga have been exemplary.

I have nothing but admiration for this man doing a very difficult job very well. The authorities of cricket have disappointed Hussain and this should be noted. They have also disappointed many fans of the game.

If Hussain steps down from the captaincy surely English cricket will suffer just as it is really starting to move on from its troubled years.

Perhaps a bowler should be considered, I've not heard any of their names mentioned
Rob, England

Natural successors do exist but are not ready for what is one of the most demanding roles in sport. I would be very sad should he step down and once more disappointed in the ECB for not addressing these problems and supporting him properly.
Oli, England

Nasser Hussain is the only leader of English cricket, the fools at the ECB have let him take all the flak for the Zimbabwe fiasco, they left him out in the open to fight the political stance and the security stance.

Not one of the ECB members should still have jobs. England prospered with a fighter like Botham and England has prospered under a fighter like Hussain.
Marcus, England

It seems to me that any England player showing any kind of regular form with bat or ball is hailed as the new England captain.

After all, Tresco was hailed as the next skipper a year ago, Butcher after his ton at home v the Aussies; it's always the same. Keep Nas on; there's no-one ready for the poisoned chalice yet!
Phil Lendon, England

Yeah, Nasser should definitely stay. He has been a brilliant leader on and off the pitch. There is no clear candidate to replace him; Vaughan is doing so well we should not burden him with the extra pressure and Tresco and Butcher need to focus on their batting.

Perhaps a bowler should be considered, I've not heard any of their names mentioned.
Rob, England

Hussain has shown himself to be a fantastic cricketing captain and if that is what England want then he should be asked not to step down.

Unfortunately Hussain has also shown himself to be a yellow, spineless man who, under the incompetence of the ICC, ECB and British government, has cowered away from making the one decision that he knows he should have, and that was to not play in Zimbabwe on moral grounds.

It's no good him claiming there is no link between sport and politics, or that he didn't want to get involved in the problems facing the World Cup and England in particular.

If he had half a brain, or was half the man of either A Flower or H Olonga, he should have stood up and been counted a couple of months ago. He, along with Tim Lamb, should be sacked, not asked to stay.
Alasdair Heath, UK

It would be a shame to push the still inexperienced Vaughan into the captaincy
Ben, England

I'm sure Vaughan will make a very good England captain in the future, but his time has not yet come. Hussain has come out of the Zimbabwe incident with nothing but credit, and should be persuaded to stay on in the Test job until the inevitable influx of new players (Harmison, Foster, Anderson, Bell) has settled.

However, I would support his decision to stand down as one-day captain after the WC, so that this position can be used to groom his successor in the way the Australians have done with Ricky Ponting.
Dave, UK

English cricket needs strong leaders and the only strong leader (playing or non-playing) is Nasser. If only the ECG had one ounce of his leadership quality!
Tom, England

It would be a shame to push the still inexperienced Vaughan into the England captaincy while Nasser is still clearly the man for the job.

Vaughan will undoubtedly make a superb future captain but at the moment he is still learning his trade. Let him cement his position as the best batsman in the world, under the guidance of Hussain, and then we can talk about him taking over the captaincy.
Ben, England

I think the next captain should be Trescothick. Vaughan is the best batsman England have and giving the captaincy to him may put some pressure on him and affect his batting. Nasser should have quit long before the Ashes tour.
Dushy, Canada

I believe the captaincy should go to whoever wants it. Too often previously our side has been burdened by the best player having to undertake the captaincy, purely because the old captain fancies playing with less pressure again.

Michael Vaughan should be patient, set a few more records and establish himself as a true great, then undertake the captaincy if available. It is what's best for the team.
Matt Cover, England

Vaughan would be a good captain for England for long periods as he has shown his class as a wonderful batsman and occasional bowler.
Enam, Birmingham UK

Right now, Michael Vaughan would get my vote as the next England cricket captain - but only if the position was vacant. It isn't, and I hope Nasser Hussain overcomes his dismay to continue in the role for as long as possible.
Nigel, England

A captain's duty and support towards his players is both on and off the field and ironically Nasser has excelled himself during the Zimbabwe saga, gaining even more respect from his players, and I hope stays on as skipper.

England has a bright future if Nasser stays on steering the likes of Vaughan, Tresco, Collingwood, Flintoff, and a talented bunch of youngsters like Anderson, Jones, Harmisson, Bilal Shafayat and Ian Bell etc.

Personally I'd love to see England have another go with these players at Australia before Nasser steps down.
Asad Siddiqi, Berkshire, England

Anyone saying that Hussain should go obviously knows nothing about cricket
Andy, England

Hussain is a brilliant captain who has done very well over the years as a player and captain to gel this team as a unit. I believe they don't have a leader of his calibre in their ranks and therefore he must continue as a captain for at least another year or so.
Rahat, Blackburn, UK

Hussain should stay on as England captain. I think that members of the ECB need to look at their involvement in this matter and consider stepping down themselves. Nasser and the squad have been let down in a big way by a group of people who should know better.
Paul, UK

Anyone saying that Hussain should go obviously knows nothing about cricket. A fantastic servant and captain for his country who has turned English cricket around.

If he does go - and I hope he doesn't, as Vaughan needs time to develop into a great captain - it will be a great loss to England. STAY, NASSER, England still wants and needs you to teach Vaughan, Trescothick and others how to fight for every win.
Andy, England

There is only one person who can fill Nasser Hussain's shoes - Hussain himself. Please look at the alternatives; English cricket needs a strong, passionate, talented cricketer who is selfless.

Somebody who does not worry about his own cricket, but the cricket of his team, somebody who is an excellent fielder and leads by example - that sounds to me like Nasser Hussain!! It will be a backward step for England if he steps down!!
Aidan Chester, Ireland

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