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Last Updated:  Thursday, 13 February, 2003, 15:59 GMT

Send your tributes to Jonty
South Africa's Jonty Rhodes may have played his last international cricket match as he pulls out of the World Cup through injury.

Send us your favouite memories from Jonty's superb international career.

Although an accomplished batsman by trade, Rhodes has made his name on the back of his incredible fielding exploits.

Since taking a dramatic dive at the stumps to run out Inzamam-ul-Haq and stop Pakistan in their tracks at the 1992 World Cup, he has carved out a unique position as the world's top fielder.

He announced his retirement from Test cricket in 2001 in order to stretch his career to a fourth World Cup.

But a broken bone in his hand, suffered during the 10-wicket victory over Kenya, has caused an premature end to his swansong.

Send in your tributes to a South African great.

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appears below.

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's Jonty! That was the headline I read when Jonty made the famous run-out of Inzi of Pakistan.

I am a fan of Jonty and I wish him all the very best for the future. He raised the bar for fielding in modern cricket and I pray we see more of what Jonty started.
Kashif, Melbourne

Cricket will never be the same without Jonty - you are a class act and an absolute joy to watch. Best of luck for the future.
Nicky, UK

I met Jonty when he played in Holland against Kenya in 1999, and was blown away by his patience to my son who considers him a hero.

Fielding should be known as Jontying...
Maulin, Pensylvania, USA

The photo of my son and Jonty is proudly displayed and as an ex-South African I am proud to have seen him play and wish him all the best for the future.
Anon, Netherlands

You are the greatest fielder to have graced the game of cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is arguably the world's best batsman, Wasim Akram is arguably the world's best bowler but you were beyond doubt the best fielder; the Don Bradman of fielding. Hats off to Jonty Rhodes, who gave a new dimension to cricket.
Muhammad Umer Shafqat, United States

Rest assured Jonty that you will have a place alongside WG Grace, Bradman and Sobers as the true immortals of cricket history. You have transformed the menial job of fielding to the most joyous occupation in a cricket field.
Trailokya Jena, India

You gave fielding a whole new meaning and the Gibbs and Pontings of this world owe a lot to you. You also played some valuable innings against Pakistan as I remember. Good luck in your endeavours for future. I hope South Africa has a good replacement for you.
Saulat, USA

Fielding should be known as Jontying...
Maulin, Pensylvania, USA

Fielding became the new cool because of you Jonty - you set the standards for the teams of the future.
Parag Gajendragadkar, Cambridge, England

I think on average you have saved 40 runs per match... simply the best I have ever seen in last 30 years I have been watching cricket.
Asif Siddique, San Francisco, CA

My best wishes to the greatest fielder the world has ever seen. Thanks for all the entertainment.
Prashant K, India

This was the man who changed the face of cricket by defining and changing the limits of fielding. Hats off to the South African, who will reign in our hearts as the monarch of international cricket. Good luck with all you do mate!
Pele, Exeter, UK

Still the man!! You will not be forgotten. Thanks for all the great moments.
Tielman, Scotland

I cannot forget that dive of your to run Inzimam out, in 1992 World Cup. No doubt that you have had brilliant catches and performances but for me, that run-out stretch was the best cricket moment that I enjoyed about you.
Abdul Basit, Minnesota, USA

You are the greatest fielder that the world of cricket has ever seen
Chris Dewing, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK

Jonty Rhodes was worth a least 80 runs to South Africa. Saving 40 runs in the field and scoring a quick fire 40 with the bat. A very, very hard act to follow. Good luck for the future.
Ray Lane, South Africa

Jonty because of you there are more and more players who are not afraid to get dirty and injured. You are the greatest fielder the game has ever seen. Thanks for all the great moments.
Manu, UK

You are the greatest fielder that the world of cricket has ever seen. Some of your displays of flexibility and accuracy have wowed cricket fans around the world, and you have been a great advertisement for the game.

I wish you good luck with your position at Gloucestershire next season (they're my home team!), and I wish you every success in the future.
Chris Dewing, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK

Get well soon Jonty. The World Cup will not be worth watching without your super class fielding.
Chami, England

You have always been great in cricket. You are a great fighter and I wish you best of luck for all your future endeavours.
Nimi, California, USA

Thank you for all the great memories
Ahmad Razak, Auckland, New Zealand

Although I'm not much of a cricket fan, I've always followed your game with passion. It's incredibly sad that this should happen now. But I'm sure you will do very well, all the best.
Anne, India

I met Jonty Rhodes when he was a no name man. In Bloemfontein 1990 when he made a trip to our school to give us tips on batting, couple of years later I saw him wacking out sixes in the World Cup. He is a man who made a Korean love cricket.
Doh Young Jeong, South Korea

Jonty, you've been a good ambassador, a real hero of our time!! I wish you the very best of luck. Thanks for the great memories.
Indike Amarasekera, Kottawa, Sri Lanka

Jonty: Thank you for all the great memories. You have had a great career and have touched many lives. You will always be remembered for your brilliance and heroics on the field.
Ahmad Razak, Auckland, New Zealand

I named my firm after this man
Simon Brereton, Germany

Jonty Rhodes made fielding "sexy"! We have known many great bowling stars in recent times like Akram and Warne, batting stars like Lara and Tendulkar, but Jonty was the first true fielding star... I would go miles just to watch this guy field!

He has revolutionized the concept of fielding in cricket and will remain in memories for ever! Thanks Jonty... You are certainly one of the most-loved cricketers around!
Farrukh Koraishy, usa

Jonty, you are the greatest - a Christian warrior and a cricketing maestro who has always set an example in the world of cricket. The cricketing field will never be the same again. I wish you all God's blessings for the future.
Your greatest fan, Sri Lanka

I named my firm after this man, because I wanted to always be reminded of his honesty, integrity, endeavour, energy and the ability to reach goals others thought impossible, but that he showed can be achieved through dedicated effort and the will to win.
Simon Brereton, Germany

Not only did he rewrite the rule book for fielders in the modern era, but was inspirational in his sheer joyous enthusiasm for the game. You'll be missed Jonty!
Joe, England

Thanks for a great career, superb entertainemnt, some wonderful match winning and awe inspiring perormances.

Thanks for a great career, superb entertainemnt, some wonderful match winning and awe inspiring perormances.
Brendan, Jo'burg

I think it is a great tribute to your character that you will be remembered as much for the person you are, as for the best fielding the world has ever seen.
Brendan, Jo'burg

Jonty is the benchmark by which other fielders are and will be measured, but this talented sportsman offered more than just electrifying fielding. Great enthusiasm, and a more than useful middle order batsmen. Thanks Jonty for 11 years of great ODI memories
Adam Cox, SA in England

Jonty, you are my best player and it is very sad that your career ends like this. I will miss you every time I watch South Africa play.
Fahad Qayum, Pakistan ( Abbottabad )

Jonty Rhodes: the name that breathes a man diving parallel to the ground, fully stretched and three feet over it, will be missed for the rest of the World Cup.

He is one of the few players who is fun to watch play. Like McEnroe or Maradona in tennis or football respectively. I hope he continues playing county cricket in England and I pray for his speedy recovery. The World Cup won't be the same without him.
Sam Lucic, Brit in the USA

Jonty you made something exciting out of the dull art of fielding. You were inspirational and will be missed sorely by all cricketing fans.
Jay, UK

Oh no! Cricket fans shall miss the greatest fielder of all time. You are courageous, humble and cheerful. We love you and shall miss you a lot.
Dr.Sadiq Mandviwala, Pakistan

Thanks for all the pleasure you gave to the cricketing world. All the best for the future. Thank you.
S A Alim, UK

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