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Last Updated:  Saturday, 4 January, 2003, 18:14 GMT
Have Your Say on Holland
Holland end their World Cup campaign on a high note as they win their first ever match in the tournament, defeating Namibia by 64 runs

Can the Dutch be pleased with their showing in South Africa?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails on Hollland's World Cup campaign appears below.

What a great result for the Dutch team. They showed what they learned from being in the World Cup in the match against Namibia. Let's hope that they qualify for the next World Cup.

In the meantime, it would help them a tremendous amount if the teams touring England in the intervening summers would consider playing them, if only in the interest of world cricket.

At this rate, they'll be thrashing England at Test level
Neil Walker, London

Maybe the Dutch should be given provisional ODI status with a guaranteed 6 fixtures a year so they can continue their learning curve!!
Rob Kleinjan, Oxford

The future is bright, the future is ORANGE.
Krishna, UK

Well done to Holland. It's nice to see another European team in the World Cup. At this rate, they'll be thrashing England at Test level (before you laugh, note that the world darts champion is a Dutchman).

Time will tell if cricket becomes a major sport in Holland (or even beyond) - problem is, the game's rules are too complicated and when there are more "accessible" sports around like football, basketball...
Neil Walker, London, UK

I don't think Holland should get Test status. They need more time.
Md. Fakhrul Abedin, UK

It's ridiculous to suggest that Holland be given test status ASAP. Cricket in Holland is a poorly followed sport, where it enjoys no coverage in the sports press or on national TV.
ally, Netherlands

A solid performance of the Dutch team against Zimbabwe. At last, some points for a side that has performed better than could be expected.
Keimpe Miedema, Hoogeveen

Finally, a well-deserved victory for Dutch cricket
Robin, London

Well done Holland. An emphatic victory over Namibia and the spirited performances against the big guns in Group A have shown that this young Dutch team has a lot of potential. I am already looking forward to the next World Cup!
Rob, Surrey, UK

Finally, a well-deserved victory for Dutch cricket and in what fashion! All teams played Namibia, so the high score, the monster partnership and the two centuries do count for something.

Hopefully the Dutch can take it from here and follow the Kenyan example during the next World Cup. Errmm, perhaps I am getting just a little bit carried away ... ;-)
Robin, London

Hurrah! The first win! And with such high scoring - breaking a Dutch record and almost a tournament record! Let's hope that in future tournaments the orange cloggies will do even better!
Pieter van Namen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Congratulations on a deserved win over Namibia. And on overall good performances during this World Cup.
Marcel Hubregtse, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Congrats to the Dutch team. You upset Namibia. Well done! You deserve so much more credit. Next time it's the World Cup. Go for it, you can do it.
Nora, The Hague, The Netherlands

Well, the Dutch showed today they can win. OK, now give them the chance to play one-day matches and one would be amazed how good they can be.
Alie Holscher, Groningen NL, the Netherlands

Their culture and determination can allow for a fast-track rise to the top in any sport
Steve, UK

Well done the boys in orange! At last, you got the result you deserved. I hope the people back in the Netherlands take notice and give them a homegoing worthy of their achievement. You've done well boys!
Rick, Belfast

The Dutch can go home as heroes. As they did in 1996, they have played well against all the big teams and have been outstanding in the field.

Those who dismiss the Dutch should tread with care, for it was the Dutch who reached the football World Cup final twice in the 1970s, emerging from nowhere, having never even qualified before. This shows how their culture and determination can allow for a fast-track rise to the top in any sport.

For an amateur side they have performed extremely well at this tournament. The ECB should do as much as they can to allow teams like Holland and Denmark to compete more often, perhaps including them in some of the ODI series against touring Test teams every summer. World cricket owes at least this to the minnows. This will only serve to strengthen the game in the future.
Steve, UK

YESSS, our first win, against a team suspiciously many Dutch surnames in their side. I hadn't thought that Holland could score so many runs: last-but-one match, more than 200, against Namibia more than 300! Great entertaining finish of an entertaining tournament.
DJ, England

Finally a win. What a batting performance, and after a bad start also a great bowling performance. If we get the opportunity to play the likes of Zimbabwe, Kenya, Canada and Bangladesh more, we can be quite a good cricket country.
Ben van Hoeve, Eindhoven (NL)

Give the Dutch kids a chance too, ICC
Johan Schölvinck, Amsterdam

What a glorious way to finish off a fantastic World Cup! We have exceeded everybody's expectations and broke a couple of records while registering our first World Cup win.

Can Dutch TV now please take us seriously or will they continue to spend our tax money on korfbal, a world sport only in Holland, on marathon broadcasts of ice skating, a world sport in a handful of countries, or - even worse - American Football, a world sport in The US alone?

Give the Dutch kids a chance too, ICC, and spend some more on your development money on the Netherlands. No country has annihilated us, we've done very well, and we are a proud cricketing nation.
Johan Schölvinck, Amsterdam

Hip Hip Holland!! Your playing makes me proud of my foster country.
Yumna Hari Singh, Indian living in the Netherlands

A brilliant and deserved victory!!
Derek, UK

At last, some pride back for the Dutchies. 314-4, a total that no one in Holland should have expected against Namibia. Now we go for to win this match. That would be the first ever win for Holland. Come on lads. And for Roland, sorry that you couldn't play your last match for Holland. Thank you for everything.
Chris Koning, Holland

Good job Dutch! I think the Dutch have made the cricket audience stop and take a look at them in this World Cup. The team has done a wonderful job here, proving that they are not going to give up to their bigger opponents just because they are small.
Rajesh, Amsterdam (India)

How wrong I was to say that the Dutch, Kenyans and Canadians shouldn't be allowed into the 'Big Boys' competition. I've watched cricket for 40 years and they have given me as much pleasure as 80% of teams.

The way forward for the Dutch national side is to become eligible to play in the minor county league in England and Wales
Wim Meijer, Culemborg, The Netherlands
If we believe in cricket we must make every effort to give them all the practice and support they need to make the step up in consistency & game craft needed to join the international circuit. Thanks to you both.
Keith Morgan, Wirral

We're very proud of the team's performance in this World Cup, but I think cricket as a sport has a basis in The Netherlands. For instance, we haven't seen a single ball thrown on TV and only a very small coverage of the tournament in the written press.

That should change to get more people interested! In summer we play cricket with children on a field in our neighbourhood and they all like it very much, so maybe there's a bright future for the sport after all!
Stefan Klaassen, Veldhoven, the Netherlands

I think IF the ICC are considering giving The Netherlands test status, they shouldn't wait for cricket to get professional first. It won't go professional without a little help.
Pieter, The Hague

Hoera! Its great to see our Dutch team won their last game. Any team that goes out and does their best even against the odds are great!.
Lynne Geraeds, Kiwi/Dutch, Zuid Limburg, Netherlands

Dutch - test playing status. No way, much too early. The Kenyans are having to wait, and they are certainly first in the deserved queue.

Namibia are hardly amongst the top dogs. However good result all round from the Orange crew.
Michael, SW London

I read a few of the comments on this page and I am pleased to see that there are quite a few Dutch fans. Cricket is not a big sport in The Netherlands, but it has a rich tradition, which goes back many decades and us Dutchies can be proud of that.

I think the way forward for the Dutch national side is to become eligible to play in the minor county league in England and Wales. With the experience of the NatWest trophy in recent years this seems like a league where a Dutch side can be competitive.

Also it will give them a chance to play for a full season against different opposition and not only in the Dutch league.

From this young players will be encouraged to stay in the game instead of choosing for a study or career. And most importantly they will be an experienced side once the ICC Trophy or the World Cup comes a long.

And what's in it for cricket? Well, more competitive cricket for one. And maybe the chance of a second European test nation.
Wim Meijer, Culemborg, The Netherlands

Their batting has let them down and meant that they have not pushed sides as hard as they should
Mark Kidger, Tenerife/U.K.
To all those who think that Holland deserves Test status - batting second they lost by an average of 85 runs to the other Test playing nations in their group. Batting second they lost by 6 wickets to England (England needing only 23.2 overs). By any definition these defeats are considered a thrashing.

Holland vs. Namibia was a game between minnows, don't read much into it at all. Until Holland can beat a Test playing nation at one-day cricket they are undeserving of Test status.
B. Choksi, United States

I think, Holland should be given a 3-5 year preparation time and be inducted into ICC mainstream. ICC - Don't do what you did with Bangladesh, they don't deserve to be playing with the big boys. The Dutch Do!!
Swami, USA

The Dutch have showed that they can compete at this level, but while their bowling has been consistent, their batting has let them down and meant that they have not pushed sides as hard as they should.

If they can work on this batting deficiency and get some A tours from the big sides they could well merit one day international status in the near future.
Mark Kidger, Tenerife/U.K.

Winners of previous ICC tournaments prior to previous World Cups, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, now have full international status. Does this mean the Dutch could be next? A good effort, but are there enough young players coming through if Roland Lefebrve retires.
Edward Buckle, Australia

In response to Pascal Culverhouse, Alie Holscher is right; the Dutch federation are wrong. Printing 'Holland' on the shirts is a strange effort to comply with international errors.

I am proud of the effort my compatriots have put in this World Cup
name here

The country is named The Netherlands, Holland is just a part of it, much like England is a part of the UK. The players represent the Netherlands, and not just its western part Holland, so it should be 'The Netherlands' on their shirts, and on the BBC website.
Frans, The Netherlands

I am proud of the effort my compatriots have put in this World Cup. In none of their games have they given less than 100%, something some of the more recognised teams could learn from (Pakistan for example).

I am realistic enough to understand that elevating Holland to Test status would be premature but I would make the point that Holland are certainly no worse than Bangladesh.

In Tim de Leede, Holland have a class operator who, like most of the others in the Dutch squad, comes across as earnest about his and his country's cricket.

The boys in Orange have given a good account of themselves and I am proud to have had the opportunity to cheer them on. They are without a doubt there on merit. Hup, Holland, hup!
Marc Ng, Kent

As a former cricket player I have kept track of results in recent years... with the score as it is right now I can only expect a big win for the Dutch team...can't wait to tell my roommate from Bangladesh his team didn't get a win and mine did!
Volkert, Trondheim/Norway & Utrecht/Netherlands

Frankly, cricket is about as popular in the Netherlands as rugby league. Saying that, with 314 on the board, they are going to post a big WC win today so maybe Feiko Kloppenburg Klaas van Noortwijk will keep Kluivert and co off the back page for a few days.
Simon, Amsterdam

Stellar performance from the Dutchies!
Mark Delico, Sydney

Dutch made a great start against Namibia, I think they might have won their first well-deserved points.
Albert Huiting, Australian/living in Holland

Well, isn't that something. A batting performance like the one just put on display against Namibia would probably have earned the Dutch four points against India. Still, a first WC win should be a formality now. Well done!
Martyn, Netherlands

Stellar performance from the Dutchies! They deserve Test cricket status as from today!
Mark Delico, Sydney

I really hope the Dutch win this match against Namibia. Their bowling is quite good and if they can concentrate on the batting side for the future then I can definitely see the future being Orange....
Richard, Northern Ireland

I expect the Dutch to excel in their last group match. They have done extremely well in the previous matches. What's more, they are on a par with Namibia. As long as the Dutch stay levelheaded, which means every one concentrating on what he is capable of doing, I back them to upset the Namibians.
Bill Monkau, Middelburg - The Netherlands

Oranje boven!! I do think that the Dutch lads will get some points. They're bowling and batting is average-to-good.
Niels Fundter, Netherlands

Cricket should be promoted more here in the Netherlands
Sergio, The Netherlands

The performance of the Netherlands was way beyond everybody's beliefs. They played very well against India. Their bowling/fielding was great. The Indians could learn a lot from that bowling/fielding.

Batting isn't good in the Dutch team. Though van Bunge hit 62 and Tendulkar only 52, it wasn't good.

The idea I read here to hire Shane Warne is stupid. Shane Warne is a bowler and there's nothing wrong with Dutch bowling or fielding. They should hire a great foreign batsman.

Cricket should be promoted more here in the Netherlands. Most people don't even know that the Dutch are appearing in the World Cup. I think that has something to do with the image of the sport. A lot of people think cricket is a sport for rich people, but it is not.

Cricket will never be as popular as soccer, but they can improve the status of cricket here. I am certain that the Netherlands will beat Namibia and then the sport might get some attention in sport programs.
Sergio, The Netherlands

I think that the Dutch play towards their ability. They play like Dutch lions. Unfortunately, that's not enough against the powerhouses of cricket. But our lads should be proud of their achievement.

The Dutch really deserve a win this World Cup
Dennie Viator, Amsterdam

In Holland there is never a cricket game on the telly. Young kids don't learn the rules or play cricket in school. If cricket can ever succeed in Holland then the schools should pay more attention to this great sport.

And for the talented players, maybe they can become an apprentice in England? With some financial help from the Dutch government we can send our talents to England.
Robert Dekker, Venezuela

Well, I've been looking for a sport to try, and I might consider cricket now that it looks set to become a serious Dutch effort. I have to be grateful for having a cricket club nearby though; not all are this lucky in the Netherlands!
Tim Zijlstra, Zuidhorn, Netherlands

I think the Dutch are doing well. It is a pity that we do not see anything of it on television. Also, comments show that the Dutch results are not appreciated enough. It is a missed chance to give this great sport a boost in Holland
Theo Schaper, Den Haag Holland

The Dutch really deserve a win this World Cup. Their efforts so far against the Test countries have been very encouraging, and for their morale a win would do them good - and they won't have to return home empty handed.
Dennie Viator, Amsterdam

It's nice to hear all the praise for the Dutch team. And if Tim de Leede had caught Flower early in the innings, the match was on for a big upset. But until now, The Netherlands have played and lost all ten games in the World Cup.
Marko Koning, Groningen (NL)

I think they should get Test cricket status as soon as possible
Anantha, London

I wouldn't be suprised if Holland are to upset Zimbabwe today. Holland are bowling well at the moment and anything can happen. Anybody who says that Holland are just here to make up the numbers, can think again. This side has potential!
Justin, Norway

To take Dutch cricket to the next level, Holland should do the same as South Korea did when they lifted their soccer to another level. Holland has to hire the "Guus Hiddink of cricket". Maybe Shane Warne is interested in this vacancy.
Jonty, Amsterdam

The Dutch team should be happy about their performance in the World Cup. The people back home should be pleased too.

The big question now is what now? Where to go from here? How do we improve our game? To be contented with the performance doesn't raise a team to newer heights. There has to be zeal, determination and passion for the game.

The team can go back home and ponder deep into itself and make ways and means to spend the next four years.
Suresh, Hyderabad, India

The Dutch are doing great. They have embarrassed all the 'big' teams they have played against - although they haven't won. I hope they go on to because a big upset in the tournament. I think they should get Test cricket status as soon as possible.
Anantha, London

I think that the Dutch have great pride in going out onto the cricket pitch even if they know that they will lose the game. I think that they will pick up their first points in the game against Namibia.
Donald Goodjohn, Kettering

I do not believe Holland deserves test status as yet. Cricket would have to become professional first and unfortunately, I do not believe the Dutch culture will adapt to this sport
Hans van Henten, Surrey
Well done once more. Maybe no wins yet, but still a good result against Pakistan. Maybe next game?
Astrid, Netherlands

The Dutch certainly hold their own in the bowling and field department and are probably the most impressive fielding side in the tournament at the moment. I read that they have a South African fitness and fielding specialist working with them called Allistair McCaw.

It certainly is a fine performance! WELL DONE HOLLAND!
Jeff Madsen, Surrey

Good bowling performances with erratic batting. We are a youngish side, so with proper coaching, consistency will creep in.

I do not believe Holland deserves test status as yet. Cricket would have to become professional first and unfortunately, I do not believe the Dutch culture will adapt to this sport.

Shame, well done Oranje and keep it up by beating our cousins from Namibia.
Hans van Henten, Surrey UK

Congratulations to the Dutch XI for performing so admirably in SA. Cricket here could improve even further were more to play themselves. I ask all those living in The Netherlands writing in this forum to get off their backsides and get involved.
Steve Tovey (ex pat umpire), Spijkenisse, Zuid-Holland

The Dutch are playing the game in a way they can hardly ever win a major game. There's not much to gain from defending while balls are on offer to despatch.

All they appear to understand about cricket is to try and bowl maidens and/or just defend their wickets. They are much better off by playing to win.
Bill Monkau, Middelburg, The Netherlands

Again a great performance, this time against Pakistan. They never had a real chance, but don't forget the US lost everything the first time they played World Cup soccer.

Televising the matches in the Netherlands and granting the Netherlands Test status would benefit cricket.
Inzaman, Amsterdam

Holland are the best of the minnows because of their discipline in bowling and fielding
Nimish, Leidschendam

Sooner or later this Dutch side is going to cause an upset. The bowling attack clearly worried India and in Daan van Bunge they have a potential big run maker. Good luck against Zimbabwe.
Simon, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I think so far the Dutch can be pleased with their performances. They haven't embarrassed themselves at all.

It would be great if the Netherlands took up cricket in a big way and I think the ECB would do well to encourage this. Perhaps the Essex and/or Kent second XIs could play in the Dutch league to help them.
Daniel Smith, London, England

Why don't we give a bat to Van Nistelrooy, Bergkamp, Kluivert, Hasselbaink, Mols and Makaay. Maybe then we'll get a decent score.
Eric Kortschot, Utrecht, NL

Very impressed with the Dutch. Test-playing nations, especially England, have a duty to the game to support countries like Holland and give them every opportunity to play at a more demanding level and develop their game.
Tom, London

In response to Ms Alie Holscher about calling the Dutch team "The Netherlands" instead of "Holland". Well, it says "Holland" on their shirts and surely the Dutch federation decide what is written on the shirts?
Pascal Culverhouse, London

Well done Holland! Great performance in all the matches so far. Holland are the best of the minnows because of their discipline in bowling and fielding. And I'm sure they'll win against Namibia.

Special credit must go to Tim de Leede and Daan van Bunge. Both have displayed some good performances against the more established teams. And I'm sure the young Daan van Bunge will be a much stronger force in the next World Cup.
Nimish, Leidschendam

I think considering how good the Aussies are, Holland did pretty well - better, I suspect than we will!
Philip Hockley, UK

What a fantastic bowling performance
Mark Kidger, Tenerife
Very impressive show put up by the Dutch. Actually, the younger generation should get the inspiration and should take the Dutch to greater heights in cricket. I am sure if they plan correctly they should use this World Cup as a launching pad for a win in either 2007 or 2011 World Cup. All the best.
Suresh, India

Call me picky and ignorant of the D/L method, but does anyone else find it strange that Holland's target was 28 runs higher than the Aussie total, and off the same 36 overs? Poor Dutch, think you guys are great!
Jon, Germany

What a fantastic bowling performance again by the Dutch and especially Lefebvre and Esmeijer to limit the Australians particularly to just 15 off the last 4 overs. It should still be enough runs for Australia to win comfortably, but it has been a great effort.

And in reply to Martin Murray, the Dutch already play in the NatWest Trophy, but it would be hard (and expensive) for an amateur team like the Dutch to fly over to England to play every week in the National League.
Mark Kidger, Tenerife/U.K.

Teams like Holland and Namibia should be granted Test status after their extremely good performances in this world cup. They even put the brakes on the might Aussies. Full credit to them. Decades back, the Dutch have defeated a full string Aussie side and South African sides and also the England A side at The Hague. They certainly have a bright future
Sanjay, UK

The Dutch team has performed very well and it goes to show that the game of cricket has more followers today than ever before. With competition coming from such diverse teams from Europe and Africa, the game will benefit.
Arvind Agrawal, Singapore

I think Agnew got it wrong, Holland are definitely the best of the minnows and so far have not been embarrassed by anyone. They've played well! would be good for the game if it could continue. Bas Zudierent should play more games for Sussex as well.
Ed, U.K

You are best of the rest and improving all the time
Marianne, Netherlands
It is good to see the Dutch team making the big boys work very hard. One of the saddest things is that the Dutch are never given encouragement.

The ICC should aim to give them at least "B" one-day international status and have them playing regularly against the best of the weaker sides such as Kenya and Bangladesh, with the aim of one day getting them full one day international status.
Mark Kidger, Tenerife/U.K.

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