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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 19 February, 2003, 13:20 GMT
Have Your Say on Canada
John Davison puts in a dazzling all-round performance, but Canada fail to capitalise on a good start and are beaten by New Zealand.

Can Canada be proud of their World Cup performance?

This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails on Canada's World Cup campaign appears below.

Now that Canada has lost to NZ, and effectively knocked themselves out of the World Cup, I have many questions to the selectors and coaches.

Canada should be proud of what they've accomplished during this tournament
Wesley Willis, Ottawa

Was this team representative of the best Canadian talents from coast to coast to coast? Why was Seebaran selected? If he is a batsman, why was he sent in at no.11? If he is a bowler, why is he not in the statistics?
Friend2, Canada

I grew up playing my cricket in NZ and every year I play cricket in Toronto. The standard of cricket is very good, the facilities are fantastic and the hospitality even better.

Canada have nothing to be ashamed of, they have performed admirably against the Test-playing professional nations. Professionalism and the ability to play at a higher level on a regular basis will do wonders for Canadian cricket.

Finally, until someone scores a World Cup century in less than 67 balls, the record books will always show that distinction belongs to a Canadian!
DC, Philadelphia, PA, USA

What a splendid performance by Canada. They should be proud of what they've accomplished during this tournament. There's been a noticeable improvement in their play throughout the tournament.

Coming into the tournament, I had hoped for them to bat late into their innings and to take four or five wickets a match. With the exception of the Sri Lanka match, they did just that.

The Sri Lanka match aside, none of the big guns turned over Canada easily
Mark, London

Obviously there's lots of room for improvement, but it seems that great strides have been taken for Canadian cricket. Once again, well done John Davison. He proved that his batting performance against the Windies was no fluke, and he also bowled very well.

Congrats to New Zealand as well on their quick run production.
Wesley Willis, Ottawa, ON

Well done Canada, you made us all very proud, and great service to the game of cricket in North America. Maybe your efforts will be recognised by the media and the game of cricket will climb new heights in Canada.
Arun Garg, Belcarra

Nnadit, Toronto - I think you can now eat your words. The Sri Lanka match aside, none of the big guns turned over Canada easily and Davison was really dangerous with the bat.

Top that with an excellent win over Bangladesh and there is no way that you can say that Canada should not have been in South Africa. They were entertaining to watch and I hope we see them again in the World Cup.
Mark, London, UK

Canada, you have become the find of this tournament, fantastic against New Zealand the strongest team in this World Cup.
George Best, Ontario

It is good for cricket if these minnows can upset big teams or score big totals. Canada has performed beyond expectations. The other minnows Kenya, Netherlands and Namibia have done their share, showing better performances than the Test nation Bangladesh.
Pamidimukkala, New Jersey, USA

Davidson showed some great verve against NZ
Tim Hurd, New Zealand

Scrolling down the ball-by-ball online coverage of the game, I must say I'm very pleased. Another great knock by Davidson as well as the stubborn batting display of the tail end sure made it worth while for me to stay up till three in the morning.

Congratulations Team Canada on a fine effort. I am very proud.
Darian, Toronto, Canada

And now Davison has given New Zealand a taste of the same medicine served to the Windies. What a player! Why oh why can't you play like that for South Australia?
Da Egg, Australia

I'm impressed. Minnows they may be, but Canada are certainly proving they have some growth potential. Davidson showed some great verve against NZ, and I watch this space with interest. Who says North Americans can't get their heads around the sport?
Tim Hurd, New Zealand

Canadians have proved time and again that they can turn their hand to anything in sport and, with time, compete. They have done this with spirit and I hope, 20 years from now, we'll be talking about how quickly they've become a regular Super Six nation!
Derek, Australia

Canada are doing really well at the moment (2-74) after 11 overs. Davison is batting well. I hope he smashes the record for the fastest century, which he set the other day. If he stays in there, I think Canada have a very good chance of winning the game.
Justin, Norway

I think that Canada should have had matches with teams that are at or almost at the same level as Canada. After all, this is their first time in the World Cup since the '79 World Cup.
Kokul Shanmugharajah, Sri Lanka

We have put on a splendid show against some big guns
Mujtaba, Ontario

Well done against South Africa!! In fact "extremely well done" in the whole of the Cricket World Cup! Every one of you deserves a medal for your play and your sportsmanship!! I think I may even take up playing the game this summer, and to hell with overpaid hockey players. Well done again guys!
Howard Tweed, Nanaimo BC, Canada

I should praise the Canadian team perfomance in the World Cup. We have put on a splendid show against some big guns but unfortunately we failed against Sri Lanka.

We are new to the game but the authorities should promote the game of cricket which will improve our standard in future international assignments.
Mujtaba, Richmond Hill, Ontario

It is really pitiful to see people criticise Canada for playing the 50 overs rather than trying win the match. For me Canada has, apart from the disastrous match against Sri Lanka, put in one of the most creditable performance of all the minnows.

They defeated Bangladesh, gave West Indies a run for their money and lasted through South African bowling. What more can you ask for? When bigger, better teams are collapsing for 150-odd or less, full marks to Canada for playing 50 overs.
Ch V Kalyan, India

Well done Canada! Let's see the Brits take a game at the next ice hockey Olymics! Seriously, the ICC has to encourage the 'minnows' to keep at it and give them the opportunity to improve. The minnows cannot become sharks without food.
Dave Palmer, Norwich

Canada have shown they have the talent and guts to be in the tournament
Todd Besant, Winnipeg, Canada

A simply wonderful performance by Canada. Making South Africa sweat in their innings and then showing bottle by not giving away cheap wickets during Canada's innings. Good stuff!

If Canada can show this kind of mental grit and patience, there will be a future for Canada in the Test arena - all we need now is the TV exposure and bit of money to get the ball rolling.
Debasish Datta, Calgary, Canada

Maybe 1% of the population of this country have any idea about cricket and our team in the World Cup. So when we beat Bangladesh and then frighten South Africa when they are 23 for 3 what more could we ask?

It makes headlines in our sports pages when a member of the team hits the fastest century, albeit on page 5, but a picture even! Great stuff guys! Minnows can always show up the inflated egos of the big teams!
Geoff, Canada but born in England

I'm new to following cricket and having Canada in the World Cup is giving me a greater education about, and appreciation of, the sport (although I'm still working out the lingo.)

Team Canada is doing us proud. They didn't crumble after their horrible showing against Sri Lanka, which shows they do have the talent and guts to be in the tournament.
Todd Besant, Winnipeg, Canada

One of the highlights of this World Cup has been the so-called "minnows" giving the so called "big guns" a run for their money. No less so than Canada who have not only played the game in the right spirit, but have shown that they have some real talent. Good on you Canada and I hope to see you back at the next World Cup.
Geoff, Portsmouth, UK

Here's what has to happen for Canada to beat New Zealand. A start like we had against SA in the field, with a finish to match. Then Davison, Chumney, Billcliff to have good knocks, anchored by Ishwar, with a nasty wag in the tail.

I am a native Canadian, who grew up playing football, baseball and rugby. Ishwar Maraj taught me my cricket. An unbeaten 53 had me jumping for joy for my former skipper.

As a few nations in the world have learned on multiple sporting fields, if it wears a maple leaf, look out. You may outclass us, but you will never outwork or outplay us. Cricket's Crazy Canucks belong!
A Freund, Toronto

I find it rather disappointing to hear the negative comments on Canada's participation in the World Cup.

During the Olympics, World Championships, etc. for ice hockey, I have never yet heard anyone here say that certain countries should not compete. Canadians are the defending Olympic Champions, male and female, and account for over 50% of the NHL.

We dominate that sport by a greater extent than Australia's hold on Cricket...and yet I would welcome an Australian ice hockey team's participation. In all cases, it should be about the game, and how it's played.

As an aside to my Aussie friends, my nephew is a fantastic ice hockey player, and has dreams of being a professional - and his last name is Warne. Maybe we're not so divided after all.
Brent Cameron, Kingston, Ontario

The North Americans have played brilliantly. They're very disciplined and work well as a team. I'd rather watch them than SA, any day!
Jon, Eng

Given a few more years, this nation of global citizens could be a formidable contender
M D'Souza, Vancouver

Who would have thought it? If the South African bowlers misfire, Canada can give them a real fright. Wonderful effort by the Canadian bowlers. This team has shown once again that they deserve to be at the World Cup, whatever the critics might say about it.
Mark Kidger, Tenerife/U.K.

Some fantastic performances by the Canadians. They, and to a slightly lesser degree Kenya, have enriched the tournament.
Michael Owen, England

Canada is made up of people from all over the world and it is a fairly young nation at that, especially when compared to the other Test nations in international cricket.

Canada's showing at this year's World Cup could be the spark to ignite interest in cricket by Canadians from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Given a few more years, this nation of global citizens could be a formidable contender in international cricket ... an all-star cricket team if you will - represented by 'Canadians' from all over the world! Watch out...
M D'Souza, Vancouver, Canada

What a show against the Windies! Well done guys. Imagine your potential if you can combine some tight bowling with a few more runs down the order to compliment a knock like Davison's... you would have had the West Indies sweating.

Experience will get you there soon enough.
Chris, Perth, but from Vancouver

John Davison's century showed what the team can do
Akib, Toronto, Canada

Absolutely superb batting by John Davison today. Congratulations on a terrific performance. I watched the Canadian innings, it was so exciting! I'm sure most Canadians won't be able to appreciate the significance of what Davison achieved today, but we should all be aware of what a buzz this will surely create in many parts of the sporting world and feel proud that a Canadian holds such a distinction.

I was a bit disappointed that the rest of the team couldn't score more runs after Davison got out. There was a point where the idea of Canada actually winning the match didn't seem so far fetched, but the guys that followed him in the batting order couldn't do much at all.

Part of it seems to have been that the West Indian bowlers started bowling a lot better after taking JD's wicket with a fantastic catch. I wish Thuraisingam had been included in the side today. He seems to have been one of the more effective bowlers in Canada's previous matches.

Best of luck to the Canadian team against South Africa and New Zealand. Let's try and improve upon today's performance.
Wesley Willis, Ottawa

I think the display against the West Indies has been one of Canada's best even though they didn't win. Scoring over 200 against one of the best Test playing teams is a good accomplishment.

John Davison's century showed what the team can do. Just because they aren't a Test playing team doesn't mean they can't win. I hope you guys make it to the next round. We are all behind you.
Akib, Toronto, Canada

Despite the crushing defeat against Sri Lanka, they have proven they have a chance among the giants of cricket. There is a great future ahead of them if they continue with this form.
Shavindra, London but from Sri Lanka

A cracking innings by Davison but when the Windies are in this kind of form they are going to be hard to beat. Back to the nets Canada and don't give up! Given time you will be up there with the best.
Al Whiting, Australian in Sweden

Well done Canada. What a fantastic response to a huge loss. So much for the 'they should not be here' brigade. I hope you keep up the form showed against the Windies for the rest of the tournament.
Trev, UK

I think this World Cup has been all the richer for the presence of the Canadians
Ray Nolan, Adelaide

Well done to John Davison for his brilliant century against the West Indies. I'm sure all South Australia Redbacks fans such as myself are proud to see him doing so well for Canada at the World Cup.

The Sri Lanka disaster aside I think this World Cup has been all the richer for the presence of the Canadians - more power to 'em!
Ray Nolan, Adelaide, Australia

The brave countries of Canada, Bangladesh, Kenya, Holland and Namibia risk humilation, while promoting their cause on the world stage. What a great effort.

We still remember the huge losses Zimbabwe and Ski Lanka endured years ago. Also remember how Pakistan lost the last World Cup final with a very low score in 1999.
Gran, Australia

It was great to watch local Gordon junior, John Davision, make a century against the West Indies. Davo was unable to crack it into the NSW team and moved to Victoria and then to South Australia, his present state team. Good on you mate!
Michael, Sydney

Fastest 100 in one-day World Cup! A nice turn around from lowest score and something for those pessimists who have indicated we should not be playing in this tournament. Way to go!
Samantha, London, England

Superb knock by John Davison. I wish Pakistan batsmen could learn something from him.
Anver, Canada

All you Canadians in this forum who have insulted the Canadian effort should be ashamed of yourselves. We all know cricket takes time.

Given that we only have the weather hot enough for about four months and that we are playing on mostly matted, or moist turf, we have done relatively well in the World Cup.

There may be better players in Canada, but politics is no stranger to sports anywhere. Hang in there boys. The Sri Lankans weren't that far behind us about eight nine years ago. We are exceeding expectaions!
Darian, Toronto, Canada

For all the comments made about the Canadians in the World Cup, they did match Bangladesh - a so-called Test nation. It is fantastic for cricket that the likes of them, Namibia and the Dutch are in the World Cup. From time to time you are going to have your shockers, but if the standard of cricket in developing nations can improve then it will be better for the game worldwide.
Gregs, Australia

This is truly an abomination, don't make lame excuses
Friend, Toronto
Good job Team Canada and you have to be proud to be a part of this World Cup Tournament. Do not take note of negative comments or do not be discouraged by the loss against Sri Lanka.

This is a learning process and every sport has its ups and downs and I believe one day you will excel to be a great team. Good luck for the rest of the tournament and be focused.
Christine, Scarborough

Canada is learning and doing great in this tournament. They were too confident against Sri Lanka, and that match must have brought them together and I am sure they will do better in their remaining games of this tournament. Hey, the Indian team went down for 54 couple of years ago against Sri Lanka even though they play all year round.
Dan, Ottawa, Canada

This is truly an abomination. A developing country, one of the 7 superpowers must be held accountable for such a putrid display against SL. The selectors and coaches are to be blamed for funnelling funding resources into worthless black holes of talents. Canada is not a baby in the game as Australia first played in Toronto in the 1870s. And even in 1975 I saw Dennis Lilee bowling against a Canada side. So don't make lame excuses.

Barring poor wickets, bad conditions etc. no team has any reasonable excuses for making only 36 runs when the other side managed to perform superbly. It is truly a blessing that I missed the game. It would have been traumatic. Even hearing about this lousy result smacks me with a touch of PTSD.
Friend, Toronto, Canada

It was a hard game guys. It is a huge achievement that we are in the World Cup and we have already achieved unprecedented success in the form of the win over Bangladesh. A loss like this against Sri Lanka though heart breaking, is only a stepping stone. Even I remember when Sri Lanka were walk-overs till the early 90s!! There is no shame in loosing to a former world champion.

Cricket is as exotic here as bobsledding in Jamaica
Keith, Ontario
You guys have already brought the game into focus here at home and soon enough, I am quite certain, we will be able to have greater success. You guys are pioneers and there is nothing but respect in our hearts for each one of you. And to the dude from Northern Ireland: pardon me, I dont see a team from Northern Ireland in the world cup! Maybe YOU should stick tożerrrr, wait, there is no sport Northern Ireland is good at! Sorry....
Vivek, Toronto, Canada

Canada playing in the World cup is a waste of everyone's time. They should never have been allowed to play in the World Cup.
Sid, USA

Huge respect to Canada and the other less well known teams for competing in this trophy and playing this fine game. I hope you stay with it and come back next time bigger and better for the experience. Good luck to you.
Pete, UK

Bravo to the Canadian team for giving it a go! Believe me; cricket is as exotic here as bobsledding in Jamaica. Few people here would even know what a score of 36 means (I don't). You gotta give the guys credit for going out on a limb with the best in the world.
Keith, Ontario, Canada

D-oh! I didn't expect them to do THAT badly. Let's put this match behind us and clobber the Windies, South Africa and New Zealand. Not!
Wesley Willis, Ottawa, ON

You played with some flair at the weekend and showed a fighting spirit
Steve Lewis, Unionville, ON Canada
Better to play a world class team and be beaten than not have the opportunity at all. Canada can only learn from this, and in the end it improves the game worldwide. Just keep learning Canada!
Keg, London

Canada are possibly the worst team ever to have been in the World Cup. You should have stuck to Ice Hockey!
Gareth McCarter, Armagh, Northern Ireland

I totally agree with Mark from Sydney. Sykes has got it wrong - Cricket will only expand if the smaller teams are included. Well done Canada for everything you have achieved. I look forward to seeing you progress in the future.
Paul Deegan, Bristol, UK

Tough game to take guys, but all part of the growing process and nothing to be ashamed of. Sri Lanka are an experienced side.

You played with some flair at the weekend and showed a fighting spirit. We're still pulling for you all.
Steve Lewis, Unionville, ON Canada

I appreciate the Canadian team. They tried their best to fight against a strong Sri Lankan team. My best wishes always for Canada.
Shamoon Sabri, Italy

It is lovely to see Canada competing at the world stage along with Namibia
Akhtar, Karachi, Pakistan

That Canada beat Bangladesh is enough to tell the cricket world that it would be in reckoning in the next few years. They are doing well and they have nothing at all to lose. Well done Canada.
Vincent, Singapore

Canada you're still young, you have lots to learn, but never give up. All the best in your next game.
Rocky, Jean & Aeri, Japan (Sri Lankan)

Mr Arun from Mumbai, I wonder if you would include India into your poor quality list - 54 all out against Sri Lanka just a few years ago. New teams should be given the experience of a World Cup. Well done ICC.
John, Netherlands

It is lovely to see Canada competing at the world stage along with Namibia. Both teams have shown promise and would be the ones to watch in future. Anybody with memories of Sri Lanka of the yesteryears would appreciate this?
Akhtar, Karachi, Pakistan

Sri Lanka went through this kind of thing
Shavindra, London, UK but from Sri Lanka

Team Canada don't let this defeat affect the morale! Keep up the spirit!
Dinesh, Delhi

It's early days. Sri Lanka went through this kind of thing but we won the World Cup with flying records when people never believed we could.

You are all trying hard. It's an impressive win against Bangladesh; it shows you have a future.

Work harder, push yourselves because not today but some day you will be able take the cup home as Sri Lanka did in 1996.
Shavindra, London, UK but from Sri Lanka

Thanks for putting the Maple Leaf on the cricket map!
Lex Thavarajah, Vancouver, BC

Canada go home! You do not deserve to be in this World Cup, you make a joke of official records. Leave the game of cricket to teams that can at least make more than a few runs. The Sri Lanka / Canada game is a disgrace to world cricket.
Jimmy Simms, Australia

Thanks for putting the Maple Leaf on the cricket map! Win or lose, we love you all for trying your best on the world stage.
Lex Thavarajah, Vancouver, BC

Good fight, Team Canada! Against Kenya you proved you have fighting spirit. Keep it up boys, we are with you.
Qasim, Toronto

Way to go boys! You made Canada proud with your great performance. Before this I didn't even know we HAD a national cricket team. You certainly helped put cricket on the map here at home!
Christian C, Winnipeg Canada

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