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Last Updated:  Saturday, 4 January, 2003, 18:14 GMT
Have Your Say on Sri Lanka
Sanath Jayasuriya will stay on as Sri Lanka captain after chricket chiefs refuse to accept his resignation.

Is it the right decision?

Sanath Jayasuriya handed in his letter of resignation following Sri Lanka's World Cup semi-final defeat atthe hands of Australia.

Despite reaching the semis, Sri Lanka's campaign was marred by a group-stage defeat to Kenya, and many considered it a poor World Cup showing.

But the Board of Control for Cricket in Sri Lanka refused to accept the decision, persuading the 33-year-old to stay on.

Jayasuriya is now set to skipper the side in the Sharjah Cup, a triangular tournament involving Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Africa, which starts next week.

Are you glad that Jayasuriya will stay on? Or should he have stuck to his original decision?

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Poor batting is not only Jayasuriya's fault but the entire team. Strengthen your nerves; that is what you lack.
Nihal Dharmatileke, Denmark

I think that Sri Lanka's middle order batting let them down, especially Mahela Jayawardene, who promised so much in the Natwest Series in England. As for the captaincy, I think it is harsh on Jayasuriya to be dismissed. He and Atapattu performed. The others did not.
Nikhil BT, USA

Keeping in mind the next World Cup, I think it would be the right decision by Sanath. However, Sanath has PLENTY of cricket left in him, hence, he should remain in the team and guide them. Marvan Atapattu or Russel Arnold seem the right candidates for the captaincy.
Pratheep, USA

Loeuy, from Ireland so how is the Irish Cricket team doing these days...down and out with no place to go. Sri Lanka are the ONLY team to have beaten Australia on anumber of occations.

Sri Lanka were down, but not yet out, and I think would still have won if it hadn't rained
Rob, London

Sri Lanka were not good enough, so they did not deserve to go to the final. I hope India beat Kenya. Then two of the best teams of the whole tournament are in the final. Sri Lanka need some all-rounders who are reliable, and the middle-order batting has got to improve!
Thamba, Norway

I think it is an absolute disgrace that the spare day was not used for the semi-final. Sri Lanka were down, but not yet out, and I think would still have won if it hadn't rained. Why should the Aussies be given the win just because they were marginally in front when the rain came?
Rob, London

Sri Lanka only have themselves to blame, what a pathetic performance. They should not have played Pulasthi and Mahela, even playing Mubarak would have been better. I hope the next time will be better.
Rohitha, Canada

Sri Lanka should consider themselves lucky to reach the semi-finals. They reached this level more due to India rather than their own performance. Bye Bye SL!
Bobby Deol, Dubai

Sri Lanka only have them selves to blame
Sarva, USA

Sri Lanka only have them selves to blame - not to take anything away from the Australians: Sanath Jayasuriya made a mistake in letting PW Gunawardane bowl and Sangakkara missed a stumping opportunity which could have been the turning point.

Australia will go all the way now, the Indians will panic and roll over as well, even if Sachin does well.
Sarva, USA

Well Sri Lanka have proven themselves to be unworthy today. They are second-rate at best. How did you ever expect to beat Australia when you can't play pace?
Loeuy, Ireland

As expected, Sri Lanka under performed against Australia. We could not get Andrew Symonds out in good time.

The rain saved use from further humiliation. It is time for the whole Sri Lanka cricket establishment to take stock of the situation. We need a few young (17-20 years of age) allrounders and we need to undergo training in Australia.

The average age of our team is 30. Wake up Sri Lanka. Cricket is a scientific experiment not a game or a sport anymore.
Ravindra Wickremasinghe, Sri Lanka, studying in London

Sri Lanka went through a rough patch up to the semis. But having restricted Aussies to 212 at Port Elizabeth, they have displayed a major comeback, and who knows whether it's the two neighbours - India and Sri Lanka finally left to fight for the cup! Well done South Asians!
MHM Salman, Sri Lanka

We are the only team to beat Australia, and just like in 1996, we'll do it again! C'MON SRI LANKA!!
Wajeesha, UK

The Sri Lankans are doing a pretty good job with the Aussies at the moment, but they're going to have to work their socks off to beat them after lunch. I hope they can do it because I'd very much like to see a Kenya v Sri Lanka final and get rid of those smug Australians.
Lyndsey, Yorkshire, UK

I will be very surprised if the Sri Lankans lose to Australia
Sultan, Birmingham

Sir Lanka, WOW, they might just be able to beat the Ausies...I mean, 212, come on - what kind of a score is that for the Aussies? They should have made 250+ easily. Sri Lanka have won, I think...
Bilal Khan, UK

I will be very surprised if the Sri Lankans lose to Australia. They are totally focused a very good unit. And I think that no team can stop them now, definitely not the Aussies.
Sultan, Birmingham

Yes! They will show today what actually they are. There were some lapses here and there during this World Cup but they are lions and they will prove it today. There is a chance of snatching the World Cup this year.
Samiuddin Ahmed, Saudi Arabia

Sri Lanka are a class act when they are on top of their game, but they play like "minnows" when their not. Sri Lanka are more than fortunate to be in the semis. I just hope they have the gusto to take their chance.

Australia are not undefeated by chance, but our players are mentally strong and technically gifted. Cricket is a funny game, I hope it's a cracker.
Duc Pham, Australia

I think SL would win as far as the probability is concerned - the Aussies should fail somewhere, maybe this is the time.
Kithsiri, Colombo

I think our boys have the guts to beat the Aussies in the semis. Now the boys are very confident after beating Zim in their last Super Six match. Come on Sanath you can make our country proud.
Shan Dharma, Sri Lanka

I'm an Aussie, I have one thing to say...!!! Who is going to beat us? Not the Sri Lankans or the Indians. It's going to be a walk over again...!!
Mark, UK

In their current form Sri Lanka would struggle to beat Holland, let alone Australia. They are just lucky to be there in the semi finals.
Chris, UK

If Australia beat Sri Lanka, I think that they will go on to win the World Cup!
Mohummed Docrat, England

Sri Lanka hava a good chance. But we have to win the toss and bat first. If we bat second, even chasing 190 against the Aussie attack is not easy. We need to bat first and should score around 265plus. Even though Mahela is not in good form we have to take a gamble and put him into this game. Because he is our number one batsman. I have a feeling he will come up with a match winning performance.

Also Aravinda will be the key. I sense he will deliver when it matters most. Murali is the key when stopping such an awesome Aussie line up. We need to take Heyden, Gilcrist and Bevan before they settle. I think Ponting, Martin and Symonds are easy pickings for Murali. But the toss is so crucial. If we bat second I believe SL's chances are around 20% and if we bat first it will around 65%

Best of luck Guys. We are praying for you. Nalin Rajakaruna.
Nalin Rajakaruna, Sri Lanka

I think that Sri Lanka will give Australia a good run, but I think that Australia have the upper hand on them, so if Australia beat Sri Lanka, I think that they will go on to win the world cup!!!!! thanks very much!!!
Mohummed Docrat, England

Don't know if they can beat Australia or not. BUT I sure hope so!!
Jimi Balushi, UK

Sri Lanka are likely to lose big time to Australia. I am surprised that we even got to the super six stage, in spite of our poor batting, bowling and fielding. Muralitharan is underperforming and so is Jayasuriya. Jayawardane is a liability. We are playing a very defensive game. In fact Sri Lanka is playing a Test match inside the one day game.

If we cannot make a respectable score in the first 15 overs tomorrow we should get ready to head home. Australia is playing psychological warfare and we do not even understand it. Good luck, Sri Lanka.
Mr. Ravindra Wickremasinghe, Sri Lanka, studying in London

It's World Cup semi-final! And it is against Austrailia!! What a joy to all Sri Lankan's.. No doubt big headed 'cricket owners' are feeling like '1996'.
Rahula, UK

Their weaknesses will show again when they play the Aussies in the semi-final
Arjun, USA

We know that y'll can beat bigheaded Australia in style, let's keep our fingers crossed that Sri Lanka makes it this time.
Chrisanth, London

Sri Lanka have always been a threat to Australia and in today's context if any team can really set the Aussies out of the cup it is the Lankans. They shouldn't forget that a couple of months ago the Lankans scored the highest ever total on Australian soil.
Girish, Australia

Mr Jayasuriya don't afraid of the Australia bowlers. Sri Lanka have the beating of Australia. Good luck lion's
Atula Basnayake, Milan- Italy

It's funny that Sri Lanka are in the semi-finals after being absolutely thrashed by two other semi-finalists; Australia and India. Their weaknesses will show again when they play the Aussies in the semi-final.
Arjun, Western Michigan University, MI, USA

Sri Lanka is an ideal team with high potential. Australia will experience their first defeat in the coming semi-final.
Thomas J, Kuwait

I am Sri Lankan but honestly we have no chance against the Aussies

If Sri Lanka bats first in the semi-final against Australia, they can beat them. In the recent major cup clashes Sri Lanka have beaten the Australians convincingly. They have the experience and the talent to overcome the Aussies. Watch out for Muralitharan and Atapattu in this semi.
Bagirathan, UK

This will be a very interesting match and I think that the real battle will be in b/w Jayasuria and Brett Lee. The first fifteen overs will be the deciding factor.
Noman Palekar, Pakistan

I am Sri Lankan but honestly we have no chance against the Aussies. We don't have the batting line up to compete against them or India.

Chris is an idiot! It's a spin-wicket and Sri Lanka will win. Sri Lanka have been the 3thid best team in the tournament!!!
Andy, UK

Sri Lanka have only just got through to the semis by winning their crucial games against weak opposition. Whenever they've faced a strong team in this tournament they have got thrashed - this will happen again against Australia.
Boris Forey, Australia

From an Australian point of view, Sri Lanka are the most feared team (they would rather have played NZ, India or Kenya in the first wemi-final). All SL has to do is to play their natural game, with as many singles as possible. The format they followed against Zimbabwe was superb and should be applied again. For Sri Lankans there is no other joy than beating the Aussies.
Don Dissanayake, Indonesia

Finally the batsmen found the patience to stay at the crease and score runs steadily
Gajen, Canada

Sri Lanka should play Mahela Jayawardane in place of one of its fast bowlers, either Pulasati or Dilhara. The wicket is going to be slow and good for spin and they don't need both fast bowlers.
Siv, Singapore

At last some sensible batting by Sri Lanka. If they win the toss and bat like that, then with Murali SL has a very good chance of getting an upset. Before that however, Jayasuriya should be warned that he will be sacked as captain if he gets someone run out.
Imran Hussein, Singapore

Well done guys. Finally the batsmen found the patience to stay at the crease and score runs steadily. All that stands now between us an the World Cup final is Australia. I'd be happy (and so would many fans here in Canada) if Sri Lanka could teach a lesson to the big-headed Australians. Why Dilhara isn't given the new ball with Vaas is still puzzling me. Good luck Guys!
Gajen, Canada

The loss to Kenya must have given a hard knock to the team's ego. They've done well to sneak into the semis, but they've got to get their act together. Don't start slow and don't think too much because that's how you get bowled out!

This goes out to the coach, management and Jayasuriya - whatever you do, don't bring Mahela Jawardane back into the side. He is out of form. He's just a big 'talented' name on paper. I wish you well in your match against Australia.
Bashir, Dubai, UAE

Well done Sri Lanka! Having defeated Zimbabwe, now all you have to do is beat the Aussies! In my view the final is going to be between India and Sri Lanka.
Anil Antony, Freeport, Bahamas

Finally some sense of justice as New Zealand go home thanks to this Sri Lanka win. After bringing the game into disrepute by not travelling to and playing Kenya, it would have been a shame if New Zealand went on to win the Cup.

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