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ICC World Cup West Indies v Kenya: West Indies v Kenya
4-03-2003 at Kimberley

West Indies beat Kenya by 142 runs
West Indies 4 points, Kenya 0 points

West Indies won the toss and decided to bat
West Indies
246 for 7 (50.0 overs)
104 all out (35.5 overs)

 West Indies First Innings
 Batsman Runs  Balls  4s  6s 
 C H Gayle c D O Obuya b J O Angara 119  151 
 S Chanderpaul c J O Angara b C O Obuya 66  72 
 B C Lara c D O Obuya b S O Tikolo 10  30 
 M N Samuels c B J Patel b M O Odumbe 14  17 
 R L Powell c K O Otieno b M O Odumbe
 C L Hooper st K O Otieno b J O Angara
 W W Hinds b M A Suji 10 
 R D Jacobs not out
 V C Drakes not out
 Extras 0b 0lb 3w 0nb 3  
 Total 50.0 overs (for 7 wickets) 246  

 Bowler  Fall of wickets:
 M A Suji 10.0  38   1-122 [ S Chanderpaul, 109 mins]
 J O Angara 7.0  53   2-158 [ B C Lara, 22 mins]
 P J Ongondo 5.0  17   3-182 [ M N Samuels, 18 mins]
 M O Odumbe 10.0  62   4-196 [ R L Powell, 8 mins]
 C O Obuya 10.0  48   5-222 [ C H Gayle, 16 mins]
 S O Tikolo 8.0  28   6-224 [ C L Hooper]
           7-245 [ W W Hinds, 17 mins]

 Kenya First Innings
 Batsman Runs  Balls  4s  6s 
 K O Otieno c M Dillon b V C Drakes 16 
 R D Shah c C H Gayle b M Dillon 12  22 
 B J Patel c B C Lara b V C Drakes 11  30 
 S O Tikolo lbw b V C Drakes 12  27 
 H S Modi c R D Jacobs b V C Drakes
 M O Odumbe hit wicket b J J C Lawson
 D O Obuya c R L Powell b V C Drakes
 C O Obuya c R L Powell b J J C Lawson 13  35 
 P J Ongondo b R L Powell 24  43 
 M A Suji c S Chanderpaul b W W Hinds 13  32 
 J O Angara not out
 Extras 0b 3lb 8w 1nb 12  
 Total 35.5 overs (all out) 104  

 Bowler  Fall of wickets:
 M Dillon 10.0  31   1-8 [ K O Otieno, 15 mins]
 V C Drakes 10.0  33   2-26 [ R D Shah, 20 mins]
 J J C Lawson 8.0  16   3-34 [ B J Patel, 24 mins]
 R L Powell 4.0   4-34 [ H S Modi]
 S Chanderpaul 2.0   5-43 [ S O Tikolo, 14 mins]
 W W Hinds 1.5   6-43 [ M O Odumbe]
           7-54 [ D O Obuya, 18 mins]
           8-62 [ C O Obuya, 20 mins]
           9-102 [ P J Ongondo, 40 mins]
           10-104 [ M A Suji]

Umpires: D R Shepherd, S J A Taufel

West Indies
C L Hooper (capt), R D Jacobs (wkt), C H Gayle, W W Hinds, B C Lara, M N Samuels, S Chanderpaul, R L Powell, V C Drakes, M Dillon, J J C Lawson

S O Tikolo (capt), K O Otieno (wkt), R D Shah, B J Patel, M O Odumbe, H S Modi, D O Obuya, C O Obuya, M A Suji, P J Ongondo, J O Angara
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