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Monday, 29 July, 2002, 12:46 GMT 13:46 UK

Manchester shining?

English gold medallist Jonathan Edwards says the noise in the City of Manchester Stadium is comparable to the Sydney Olympics.

But is Manchester taking your breath away?

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On 'Super Sunday', Paula Radcliffe, Mick Jones and Jonathan Edwards were cheered to victory by a vociferous crowd.

Edwards himself reckoned the 38,000 people in the stadium generated as much noise as the 100,000 Australians in Sydney for the Olympics two years ago.

So how have the Games, and Manchester, been for you so far?

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I think this all needs a bit of perspective. I'm sure it's fabulous in Manchester at the moment, but 10% of the medals at the Olympics were won by Commonwealth countries - that hardly makes the CG's a 'world-class event'.

"London does not have the infrastructure or the local support or will to stage such an event. We'd be the laughing stock of the world"
Ethan Retrick,Tunbridge Wells, England

I've watched the Games on TV and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Manchester has done an amazing job and should be very rightly proud of themselves. To see 38,000 people singing the English anthem is truly amazing.

People are saying bring on London 2012 - I sincerely hope we do not get the Olympics. London does not have the infrastructure or the local support or will to stage such an event. We'd be the laughing stock of the world.

It'd cost millions, wouldn't work, and wouldn't be supported, just like our other momentous debacles: the Dome, Wembley, the London Eye, Millennium Bridge, Picketts Lock etc...

Manchester should be allowed to bid for the Olympics and all National Stadiums should be moved out of London, so the nation as a whole can enjoy them, not just Londoners, who don't really care anyway!
Ethan Retrick,Tunbridge Wells, England

The stadium and atmosphere is fantastic! It is such a shame that it will become the home of Manchester City. British Athletes really need a home.

We had a fantastic time at the new stadium for the Sunday evening session. The atmosphere was electric, the facilities are superb and everyone was happy and smiling. The local volunteers enthusiasm added to the whole experience.

"I'm sure Manchester is doing a fine job but its time for a reality check"

Adrian from Oz might want to know that the next games are in Melbourne and not Swaziland, and if Nigel thought the action was dreary, he should stop watching athletics!

Typical...always the sour cynical note in the middle of it! Manchester has done a better job than London has managed to do in years. The Wembley debacle has cost more since it closed than it cost to build the new stadium in Manchester! Stop talking and get on with it, southerners!

Is anyone taking these games seriously? The fact that the Australian swimming team don't even bother to attend the opening ceremony should say something. Most of the track athletes are leaving after this week, not waiting for the closing ceremony.

I'm sure Manchester is doing a fine job but its time for a reality check. The Commonwealth games are a third rate event. Here in Australia no one really seems to care...

These comments make me remember why I am proud to have been raised in Manchester. Well done!
Connie Cummins, USA

This weekend was one of the best this city has ever had. The place was just buzzin'. The atmosphere in Piccadilly Gardens was wonderful. London - read this page and weep!
Nick, Old Trafford, England

The Commonwealth Games have shown what British sport can do given the chance. Bring on London 2012!
Allister Webb, England

"I can honestly say that the organisation of the Games has been on a par with Sydney"
Andrew, Australia

The pictures I'm seeing on the 'netare wonderful. To those who think thatthe Commonwealth Games are second-rate, youshould take the time to see them too.
Dean Thomas,California, USA

You've done just great as far as we can tell from here in Perth, WA! Sunshine all the way and not a black puddin' in sight!
Julie Harper, Australia

As an ex-pat watching the Games from down-under, I can honestly say that the organisation of the Games has been on a par with Sydney, the weather has been better (everyone in Sydney seems to forget that it was only sunny for the first week of the Olympics) and the enthusiasm of the crowds beats anything I encountered in 2000.

Watching the Australian coverage of the Games is like pulling teeth. They dubbed Manchester "London's ugly sister", they have taken every opportunity to mention the suspect weather and have been desperately boring in their coverage.
Andrew, Australia

Adrian in Australia should be reminded that the Olympics have both bowls and table tennis and the next venue for the "second rate" Games with "no reason for existing" is Melbourne. In case Adrian hadn't realised, that's in Australia!
Rob Heywood,UK

With every day we hold our heads higher and higher. Manchester is showing the rest of the world who we are. We have arrived "Big Style".
Gary, England

"Well done for a brilliant spectacle - and how's this weather? "
Bridget, Manchester, England

It's interesting that the negative comments regarding the absolutely stunning games that Manchester are hosting seem to be from rather bitter Londoners. It's about time they realised that other parts of the country have as much to offer, if not more, when it comes to being friendly!
Kim, England

I was in the stadium last night - breathtaking it was! And fantastic organisation - huge thanks to everyone who made it happen!
Gael, UK

I moved to Manchester from South Africa four years ago. I called home and said "Hey guys, take a look at my home town". I never thought I could feel so proud. Manchester - my new home - well done for a brilliant spectacle - and how's this weather?
Bridget, Manchester, England

As an Aussie living in England, I want to separate myself as far as possible from the comments of Adrian from Australia below! I think the Commonwealth Games are always a brilliant occasion and I know many Australians who think the same!

I believe one of the best things about the Commonwealth Games is the fact that competitors from smaller countries get the chance to represent their country at a large sporting event - this is something that clearly means so much to them.

The crowds have been fantastic - I was in the crowd on the Sunday morning that the marathon took place and the reception that Aussie runner Kerryn Mccann got from the mainly English/British crowd as she ran into the stadium was fantastic!
Greg, England

I see that Nigel from London says no-one takes the C'wealth Games seriously and Manchester is a drab city. People take the World Championships seriously and London couldn't even manage to build a stadium to host them.

"I've never known Manchester so happy"
Andy Hutton, England

Also, has Nigel been to Wembley? This has to be the most dreary part of the UK and London are making a complete cock-up of building a stadium here. Hopefully these Games will prove that London doesn't need to host everything and Wembley will be scrapped and a National Stadium built at the NEC where most people want it.
Neil, England

Having lived in Manchester all my life, I can definitely say that there is a real excitement about the place at the moment. Not since the days of the Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays, and Bryan Robson has there been such a buzz.
Wes, England

It's wonderful, I've never known Manchester so happy. Can we keep the atmosphere of friendship after it's all over?
Andy Hutton, England

I think the comment I saw on a T-shirt today whilst walking round Manchester summed it up for me: "Manchester has everything except a beach". It's difficult not to feel positive about Manchester at the moment.

The weather is good. The Stadium and the Games in general are excellent and I've never seen the place so clean or so many people sitting outside and having fun. Long may it continue!
David Pope,Manchester,England

I went up to Manchester at the weekend. I've never been before but will definitely be returning. The city was clean, the people very friendly, and the organisation was excellent. Well done you Mancs!
John Green, Richmond, England

"The atmosphere in the stadium was electric"
Jenny, England

Does anybody really take the Commonwealth Games seriously? They're hardly the Olympics, more like school sports day isn't it? A dreary spectacle, in what is after all a very dreary city!
Nigel, London

We were at the Opening Ceremony and the first two athletics sessions...wonderful!
Dave Wootton, England

I'm sure that Manchester has done a stirling job of hosting, but let's face reality, the Commonwealth Games are second rate and no longer have a reason for existing. How can any event featuring lawn bowls and table tennis be taken seriously? No wonder Manchester were the only applicants to host the games. Where next, Swaziland?
Adrian, Australia

I went to the morning session on Sunday and had a wonderful time. All the volunteers were friendly and helpful, welcoming the crowds. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric, even though most of the competitions were heats.

There were standing ovations for the marathon medallists, cheers when the Norfolk Island marathon runner came in an hour after the other runners and huge welcomes for all athletes on the track and field.

"Fact:38,000 Mancs are louder than 112,000 Aussies"
Steve Thomas, England, UK

I wasn't in Sydney but I can only hope they gave the welcome and support to the athletes that the crowd in Manchester did yesterday.
Jenny, England

Fact:38,000 Mancs are louder than 112,000 Aussies.No wonder the Aussies are their usual bitter selves. As for London wanting us to bail them out of their hopeless bids, they should be so lucky. Come on Manchester!
Steve Thomas, England, UK

Manchester is doing England proud - never a doubt that it would as the people in Manchester are probably the friendliest in the country!
Brian Rothwell, England

I think the atmosphere in the stadium was unique in British athletics. As a Mancunian I was worried that the whole event might not live up to the hype and expectation but it has proven to be a huge success so far.

And the fact is that 40,000 Mancunians can make as much, if not more, noise than 100,000 Australians!
Mark Walton, Manchester, England

As a Mancunian I would say there is a definite buzz about the place.The city centre's looking good, the sun's shining (for now at least), we have thousands of visitors who seem to be enjoying themselves wholeheartedly and absolutely fantastic, brand new sporting facilities, especially the new City of Manchester Stadium which is the new home of my beloved Man City. Couldn't be better.
Matt, England

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