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Saturday, 27 July, 2002, 14:11 GMT 15:11 UK

O'Hara denies bite attack

Northern Ireland's Kevin O'Hara has hit back at Peter Ashton's claim that he bit the Welshman in Friday's featherweight contest.

Ashton defeated O'Hara 24-7 but alleged the Belfast man bit his shoulder in the third round.

But O'Hara said: "I would never even think about biting an opponent - no way did I bite him and I want him to take that back.

"If I had bitten him he would have known about it - I would have taken his shoulder off!

"I have a bit of stubble, maybe that's what he thought was a bite.

Miserable NI start

"I don't know but it reflects badly on me and that's not fair.

"I'm disappointed that I lost - he had a very awkward style - but I'll bounce back."

Ashton showed off a tuppence-sized abrasion on his left shoulder after his win and the Welsh team said they would file an official complaint.

O'Hara's defeat contributed to a miserable day in the ring for Northern Ireland as their other hopefuls Cathal McMonagle, Liam Cunningham and Shane Curran all lost.

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