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Swimming Friday, 2 August, 2002, 18:48 GMT 19:48 UK
Thorpe's six of the best
BBC Sport Online details Ian Thorpe's six gold medals at the Commonwealth Games.

Swimmer Ian Thorpe may have missed out on the magnificent seven, but his super six gold medals at the 2002 Commonwealth Games still earned him a place in history.

The 19-year-old, nicknamed 'Thorpedo', became the first man to win a total of 10 Games titles following his four triumphs at Kuala Lumpur four years earlier.

Gold number one:
400m freestyle
Tuesday, 30 July

Thorpe opens his gold account by winning in a world record time of 3mins 40.08secs. He finishes more than three seconds ahead of compatriot Grant Hackett, with Scotland's Graeme Smith a further six seconds back.

1 Ian Thorpe (Aus) 3:40.08 (WR)
2 Grant Hackett (Aus) 3:43.48
3 Graeme Smith (Sco) 3:49.40

Gold number two:
4x100m freestyle
Tuesday, 30 July

Thorpe swims the anchor leg as Australia win in a Games record of 3mins 16.42secs. They finish two seconds ahead of South Africa, with Canada coming home third.

1 Australia 3:16.42 (GR)
2 South Africa 3:18.86
3 Canada 3:19.39

Gold number three:
200m freestyle
Wednesday, 31 July

Thorpe is pushed all the way by Hackett but has enough in reserve to win in a new Games record. Canada's Rick Say takes bronze.

1 Ian Thorpe (Aus) 1:44.71 (GR)
2 Grant Hackett (Aus) 1:46.13
3 Rick Say (Can) 1:49.40

Gold number four:
4x200m freestyle
Thursday, 1 August

Thorpe effortlessly guides Australia to victory in a new Games record and moves over the halfway mark in his seven-gold quest.

The result is never in doubt, especially when Thorpe embarks on the final leg with a healthy lead over Canada.

1 Australia 7:11.69 (GR)
2 Canada 7:17.17
3 England 7:22.56

Gold number five:
100m freestyle
Friday, 2 August

Thorpe sets yet another Games record to cruise to victory, more than half-a-second clear of team-mate Ashley Callus.

He turns marginally ahead of his rivals before coasting to another comfortable win.

1 Ian Thorpe (Aus) 48.73 (GR)
2 Ashley Callus (Aus) 49.45
3 Ryk Neethling (Rsa) 49.71

One that got away:
100m backstroke silver
Saturday, 3 August

Matt Welsh is always the danger to Thorpe and so it proves as the backstroke specialist sees off his fellow Australian.

Thorpe is behind from the start but overhauls Alex Lim of Malaysia to take silver in the home stretch.

1 Matt Welsh (Aus) 54.72 (GR)
2 Ian Thorpe (Aus) 55.38
3 Alex Lim (Mas) 55.44

Gold number six:
4x100m medley
Sunday, 4 August

Thorpe swims freestyle as he anchors Australia to a comfortable relay victory over England, and collects his sixth gold medal.

1 Australia 3:36.05 (GR)
(Welsh, Piper, Huegill, Thorpe)
2 England 3:38.37
(Ruckwood, Whitehead, Hickman, Kidd)
3 Canada 3:38.91
(Janes, Knabe, Mintenko, Hayden)

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